Keeping Candles Burning

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Keeping Candles Burning
Date of Cutscene: 04 January 2020
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Avengers are missing and Wasp is calling in all the troops
Cast of Characters: Wasp (van Dyne)
Tinyplot: Surviving Infinity

Janet hasn't slept or left the Avenger's mansion in the 48 hours since half of the team-- including Steve Rogers-- disappeared during the brawl that erupted around Stark's NYE party. Her black leotard lends her an especially severe look, as the only thing visible besides the segmented gold armor on her torso is her face. The expression is not a particularly nice one, and her cheekbones are leaner with stress and exhaustion.

Multiple Avengers support staff are hard at work in the Situation Room, reserved only for times of great emergency. With nearly half the active team disappeared, Janet had marched straight into there from the party and declared such an emergency in effect. From there, the search for the missing Avengers was on.

Her assistant brings Janet a cup of coffee, which she accepts without a word and sips heedless of the heat. How Janet is still awake and alert is anyone's guess, but it probably has a lot to do with a fast-burning metabolism and a lot of pharmacological assistance.

"No word back yet from Wakanda, ma'am," one of the aides informs Janet. He hands her the checklist of names. "We'll keep trying them. All the other stations we've contacted haven't had any luck locating the team, yet."

Janet stares flat at the fellow. "Then why are you wasting your time telling me there's no news? Get back to work," she orders him. The fellow skitters off, just as happy to be away from the impact radius of Janet's vexatious temper.

"Keep sending all our telemetry to Dr. Richards. I don't want Reed getting distracted by something shiny and forgetting what he's looking for," she orders someone. Anyone. Janet's not much for the 'one on one' leadership style. "Hank Pym, too, for that matter. If any of our magical friends get an inkling then I want to be able to move fast. You--" she arrests someone walking past with a pointed finger. "Go down the Reserve roster and make sure you've contacted everyone. Then anyone who hasn't responded, call *again*. And then anyone who said 'No', you tell them either they come in now, or I'm going to come fetch them."

"Yes'm," the fellow says, and quickly backpedals away from Janet.

She looks at a global hologram suspended in the air. Satellite images of known extraterrestrial locations are scattered around it-- Asgard, Knowhere, a few other hubs of interstellar activity. "C'mon, Steve, get on the damn radio. Send me a signal," she breathes to herself. "Anything. Morse ****ing code if you have to."

She sips her coffee, but makes a face when she finds it's empty. "And will someone *please* keep a fresh pot going?" she bellows, irascibly.