Marcetti's Lawyer

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Marcetti's Lawyer
Date of Cutscene: 15 October 2017
Location: Outside Blackgate Prison, Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cyberdragon

The Fact that he had gotten SHIELD involved was a benefit. It put pressure on the people who hired him. A lawyer hired by a philanthropist, with ties to De Beers diamond mining operations in former French-occupied Africa, should have been more subtle. And as a result Despite the disapproval of his tactics by SHIELD, Cyber and John have her scared and she will no doubt go running to tell her bosses of this.

Exactly what the dragon wants. So what he's done is found her Car in the Lot of Blackgate. Wasn't hard, checking the plates and tags.

The Model made it stand out like a sore thumb in the place. So he had used a small container of metal and placed part of the Cyber suit into it. Then carefully put it into the engine block. Even if he lost it, it would disintegrate in seven days.

But he could home in on it like a tracking device. Allowing him to Follow the lawyer without a problem, locate her and then creep in to see where she was and who she would talk to. This investigation has gotten started now.