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Misha (Scenesys ID: 7042)
Full Name: Misha Zemli
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Ursine Theiramorph)
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Police Detective, SPECTRE unit (BPD)
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Bludhaven
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice, Gotham University, Gotham City
Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 24 September 1989 Actor:
Height: 185.92 cm Weight: 102.05 kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Blue
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Misha Zemli is a Detective for the Bludhaven police department. After a year of being a proper thorn in the corrupt department?s side someone upstairs decided to put an end to it. In an attempt to quickly get rid of the troublesome officer Misha was promoted to detective and swept into the SPECTRE unit.



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When asked to describe Misha in one word , most would settle on "burly." Standing at 6?1, and weighing in at 225 lb. Misha truly defines the word. His broad shoulders and stocky build are layered with thick slabs of dull muscle, a contrast from the neat and sculpted bodybuilder muscle. Though he has a slight gut, to hear him tell it the extra flab does nothing to hinder his movements or slow him down, a statement backed up by an impressive, if volatile, record during his years with the Bludhaven P.D. Misha sports a short (and slightly receding) haircut, his dark brown hair flowing into a full beard so common amongst the hardened men of the Alaskan wilderness. Due to his profession, Misha tends to stick to his (now BPD) uniform while on duty, however, he prefers more loose-fitting clothing as well as a navy blue BPD baseball cap given the opportunity. Upon closer inspection, one will find several scars scattered across his body as well as heavily calloused feet and hands, (due to his more survivalist upbringing.)


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Misha was born on September 24th to Robert and Mita Zemli. His mother went missing that winter during a blizzard, and though her body was never found she would be pronounced dead during the search the following spring. So Misha was raised by his father Robert Zemli, a local sheriff, with the help of his brother Gregor.

Misha first discovered his power when he was 10 while he was asleep. though he remembers little of his dream, when he awoke that morning he found his father sitting on his bedside and that he was no longer human but a bear. After being calmed down by his father Robert explained to him that he was a shape-changer and that Robert and his father before him were shape-changers as well. Robert would teach Misha how to control his animal instincts. Taking trips into the wilderness both as a man and as a bear with his Father and Uncle. Though Misha enjoyed his time in the wilderness as a boy, it was nothing compared to his time as a bear. He was taught to cast aside the crutch of his eyesight and learn to sense his surroundings with his ears and nose, how to track pray, forage, and fish, and how to manage his bear form.

Two years later Robert would be killed during a robbery of the local general store, leaving only his uncle, Gregor to take care of and train Misha. Though his father taught Misha how to be a bear, by overseeing his transformation from boy to man; it was Gregor that brought the meaning and value to who Misha would become.

After successfully obtaining his high school diploma, Misha would finish his training with Gregor. Then at 19, Misha would follow in his elder's footsteps and join the Marine Corps serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his last tour Misha's unit was attacked while transporting civilian aid to more remote Afghan villages. Misha, along with volunteers Jim McCulloch and Folson Goodman, moved around the attackers drawing fire and allowing the civilians and his unit time to escape. Though the three men fought valiantly Folson would be killed and Jim and Misha were surrounded, captured, and taken to the insurgent's base.

After weeks of torture, their captors gave Jim a choice, either give them the information they wanted or they would shoot Misha and burn Jim alive. Jim caved and gave them half-truths, holding up to their end of the deal their captors gave both of them food and rest for the day, and that is all Misha needed. That evening Misha used all of his will and strength to transform. As a Great Bear, Misha had little trouble ripping through the metal door, and began a rampage through out the network of caves giving Jim time to release the other prisoners held there and overwhelm their captors, making their escape in a cargo truck. After one month in captivity Jim and Misha and the other prisoners staggered into a red cross field hospital. For his service to his country and exceptional valor, Misha and Jim would be awarded the Navy Cross and a Silver Star, while Folson would be awarded the Medal of Honor for valor in service to his country.

Misha would then be shipped back to the states to work as a combat training instructor. For a time, Misha was content with teaching, the free time gained from being back in the states allowing for introspection. In the end he knew that his time in the military was at an end, that he had the base needed to continue in the path of his father. After 11 years of service, Misha would receive an honorable discharge returning to Alaska for a year before making preparations to attend college in Gotham City.

Despite the rocky transition from military to civilian life, Misha threw himself into his studies, finding a passion for learning that he never knew he had. After 4 years Misha was able to complete his BS in Forensic Psychology, attending the police academy that fall. After graduating, he joined the GPD working for a few years as a beat cop before being slated for SWAT. When the time came he turned it down, instead taking a lower paying position with BPD in Bludhaven.


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Stoic and aloof, Misha tends to keep to himself executing his duties efficiently and quietly never wanting to draw attention to himself. And though people may see this as very off-putting this is in fact only at the surface level. In the company of his close friends he opens up a great deal, relaxing his stoic demeanor for a warm and friendly one. According to these few true friends, Misha is a true believer. He believes in justice, uncompromised by the details of status or convenience and in the rule of law to ensure that such justice is brought to bear. Such unwavering faith was nurtured by the words and actions of his father, a small town sheriff in Alaska. Though his father was killed in his duty, Misha knows that Robert died protecting others, and Misha intends to continue his father's work.


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In his bear form, Misha can takes quite a bit of punishment. While escaping the Afghan insurgent camp, Misha sustained and barely walked away from multiple boxes of 5.56×45mm NATO, belt fed automatic rifle fire. Despite what the insurgents at the time thought, this form is far from invulnerable. Nothing, not even magic can escape the laws of physics, so Misha's weight and mass change when going between his human form and his much larger bear form. As this mass needs to come from somewhere, he uses ectoplasm taken from the Spirit World to allow for this increase in the size of his body. With his will, Misha gives this ectoplasm a physical shape in the form of muscle mass. Though the damage is felt and shown in his bear form when he changes back into his human only damage sustained to his own physical form will remain. For instance, if some big creature rips a chunk of muscle from Misha's leg and Misha transformed back to his human form, there might be a few scratches where the beast cut into something truly physical. that said, if the beast broke Misha's arm while in bear form, as this is not conjured from ectoplasm, when Misha reverts, his arm will still be broken.

Due to his relationship with magic, Misha can recover from injuries better and more completely. Though not nearly as quick or as potent as a full blown wizard, Misha still has enough prowess to tap into this regeneration. Given enough time Misha can recover from injuries that would be permanently disabling to most mortals. It is important to note that this regeneration can not recreate your skeletal structure, so if Misha would lose an arm or leg, though the stump would heal up nicely he would not gain his limb back.

Due to Misha's relationship with magic, he has a longer than average lifespan. Though not nearly long as a wizard, Misha lifespan increases to the 150-200 year range, his grandfather Igor Zemli lived to be 275 years old before he pass away. His father died when he was 110.

Due to his Magical gifts and being raised by two other theiramorphs, Misha is able to faintly sense magical energies that linger around after the use of magic. In his human form he has a lot of trouble sensing magical energies, only being able to sense excessive magical energies or magic that has happened recently. In his bear form this scene increases drastically, being able to sense magic as well as a sorcerer. This scene does not give any knowledge of who cast the spell or even what the spell was, he just able to sense the magical footprint left behind by the casting of magic.

Misha's abilities stem from his innate ability in magic passed down through his family. It is important to note that this innate ability only applies to the application of shapeshifting and does not hold a candle to a wizard. Though he like most humans have the ability to cast and sense multiple forms of magic, Misha following the teachings of his family, focused this ability solely into the application of shapeshifting neglecting all other forms of magic.

In his bear form, Misha is gifted with strength beyond that of the average Alaskan Brown Bear. In this form, he can bust through reinforced doors and walls like a battering ram. His greatest recorded feat of strength would be lifting up and tossing a truck weighing up to 3000 lbs.

In his bear form, Misha has the regular scenes of a bear, he can smell 7 times better than a bloodhound, hear twice as well as your average human and in more ranges of sound than a human, and can see in the dark better than a human, being able to see up to 200ft in the darkness. Unlike his strength and padding, Misha keeps some of these senses when in his human form. His hearing remains at an improved state over a regular human, being able to hear a full conversation at 300 meters or a gun being cocked at 50. He also retains a great deal of his sense of smell, being able to track via sense of smell alone for miles. Though his eyesight does not improve in normal daytime conditions, Misha can see better in dim conditions, although not complete darkness.


Misha, as well as the rest of his family, has the ability to magically change into the form of bears; which resembles a rather large Alaskan Brown Bear. Ever since Misha showed his talent, it was horned by the teachings of his elders Robert and Gregor allowing Misha to use and understand the senses, strength, and reflexes of a wild bear and tie them into his own human intelligence. In his bear form, Misha is essentially a larger, and stronger, 1000lb+ bear with the intelligence of a human, while his human form retains his bearlike auditory and olfactory senses , allowing him to smell and hear better than most baseline humans. It is Important to note that, though this ability is innate, it is triggered magically, so anything that prevents or grounds out the manifestation of magic can prevent Misha's transformation. Due to focus and training, it takes Misha only a couple of seconds to fully transform.


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Though he has no love for the tools, Misha has and keeps up his varied forms of firearms training from the basics, taught to him by his father and uncle; to the more combat focused training gained from the USMC. He is no John Wu action hero, but he is competent, disciplined, and combat-tested, which at the end of the day tends to be more than enough.

Using his bachelor's in Forensic Psychology, Misha followed in his family's footsteps by working as a lawman. Misha has proved himself an able officer and investigator, using his calm intellect alongside his heightened animal senses to work through cases. With this work history comes official training in investigation, interrogation, local law, defensive driving, etc.

"One mind, any weapon" is the motto for Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, a martial art that combines aspects of other martial arts (i.e. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Jujutsu, Sambo, Krav Maga, etc...), warrior culture, situational awareness, tactical and strategic decision-making, and Operational Risk Management into a practical system that allows a person to be armed at any time, even without an actual weapon. Due to his background in high school boxing and wrestling as well as his abilities gifted to him as a Theiramorph, he excelled at MCAMP, ending his military career as a black belt instructor.

Enlisting at the age of 19, Misha spent 11 years with the Marine Corps. Misha served a total of 6 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 2 years stateside as a Combat Instructor, and 3 years as a Martial Arts Instructor. Though his ability allowed for a higher sensory awareness and strength, it was taught for the viewpoint of a wild predator. The rigid training and discipline of military life sharpened his already exceptional senses, strength, and reflexes to the peak of both his human and his bear form.

Ever since discovering his gift, Misha has researched and scoured for information regarding his and others with similar gifts. Though Misha's childhood research did not hold a candle to the knowledge he gained when given access to proper internet connection and the resources of a college library, hiding in plain sight as simple modern philosophy books, or old religious texts. This has allowed for Misha to have a basic grasp of the Occult and supernatural knowledge but as he learned after joining SPECTRE, even his extensive research is not nearly enough. He is not a walking encyclopedia of the occult lore, but he knows enough to get by in his job. If something comes up that he doesn't know, he usually knows where to look or who to ask about it.


Growing up in one of the harshest climates, one learns to never rely on the general store (or the quartermaster) for survival. His father and uncle both made sure to stress the importance of self-sufficiency, from learning simple gardening methods, hunting, and trapping to being stranded in the woods with only a knife and the clothes on your back. During his time at home, he spent multiple winters in his grandfather's trapper cabin (a shack in the middle of nowhere) and once an entire year as a bear. During his time in the military, Misha received S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) training levels A through B, which combines traditional survival skills with methods of stealth and evasion while in hostile territory.


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Standard issue in the USMC, Misha carries one instead of his sidearm when off duty.

A small toolbox in your hand, ever since his military days Misha has always had one handy.

A family heirloom passed down from father to son. Though Misha's father Robert would not be able to keep this tradition, Gregor gave Misha his father's sidearm before deploying to the middle east. Ever since then Misha has kept this old tool of violence by his side surviving his time in the military and in law enforcement; ever a reminder of Gregor and Robert. He carries it in a hip holster on the job and carries 2-3 extra magazines of .45 ACP

Because being able to transform into a bear does not excuse one from the demands of glorious Capitalism, one still has to pay the bills. Misha receives a salary from the City of Bludhaven, limiting his resources after personal expenditures are taken into account. Despite the money Misha saved working for the Government, he would be in financial trouble if something were to jeopardize his job.

Always a Marine: Misha retains a close correspondence with the surviving members of his unit going so far as to at least have a face to face every couple of months. He has been to hell and back with these guys and knows that if he was truly in need, he knows they would back him up.

His father's old red tank of a truck, he uses the little car knowledge his uncle taught him to keep the old tank still going. It may not be the best looking vehicle nor the most fuel efficient, but it WILL get you from point A to Point B. Misha keeps any supplies he would need in the installed truck box.


Much like the military, the members of the police maintain a close relationship with each other. However Misha's Idealistic, and no-nonsense view of Justice has made him plenty of enemies in the Bludhaven Police Department. Some of his more influential enemies, got him moved from his current post and moved Misha to SPECTRE unit, as some sort of political exile. Seeing themselves as cut off from most of the BPD, the men and women of the SPECTRE have learned to rely on each other for support in their fight to protect the citizens of Bludhaven form the darker side of the supernatural.


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When it comes to the Law there is no ifs ands or buts, Misha truly believes that the Law is put in place to help people and baring extreme circumstances, he will play by the rules and win by the rules.

Despite his ability and training Misha is and always be human. What will put a mortal down will put him down. He will live for a fleeting time and then die, as is the fate of mortals.

One of the many traits Misha inherited from his father, Misha truly and deeply cares for those close to him as well as those unable to or too weak to help themselves. Going so far as to feel responsible for their safety.

Though Misha's shapeshifting ability is innate, it is triggered magically, so anything that prevents or grounds out the manifestation of magic can prevent Misha's transformation.

During his service, Misha has seen and done some things he may never forgive himself for. This is compounded with his animalistic nature, which makes Misha more in tune with his subconscious, as a side effect his dreams are much more vivid and focused and harder to control. Through mental discipline he can put them out of this thoughts during the day or when awake, he has little control over what his dreams show him.

Due Misha's heightened senses and the limited sensory capability in his human form make his heightened senses hard to ignore. Very potent smells or very high pitched sounds are hard for Misha to ignore and can be agitating.

Another trait Misha inherited from his father. Misha knows what he knows, and is slow to come around to new ideas at times.


When Misha shapeshifts, though he may not be exerting himself physically, using magic is still very much a draining experience; similar to an extensive, high energy physical workout. The strain of transforming into and from a bear usually leaves Misha tired and hungry, using it too much in a short period of time will cause blackouts due to extreme exhaustion.


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