Mount Sinai Aftermath

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Mount Sinai Aftermath
Date of Cutscene: 11 May 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre

Morrigan was just as stunned with the events of the evening as the security guards were at Mount Sinai hospital in New York City. The only difference was Morrigan hadn't been subdued and tied up while her the intruder went about looking through the pathology lab.

It's no surprise to her that as soon as the Doctor had woken them up and cut their bonds they'd called the NYPD. There wasn't anything that the redhead could do to persuade them not to either.

It was four in the morning when the police had done their initial cataloging of things. Nothing was taken. No one was shot in the process. Not even if guns had been in plain view. The security guards would recover completely and Morrigan wasn't hurt in any way. The CSI unit was probably glad they didn't have to take pictures of any dead folks this early in the morning.

The last image on the security tape is of Albert Wesker getting past the security guards stationed on the floor. Its played over and over again and the Irish woman keeps insisting that she doesn't know who he is.

And really she doesn't!

So its with the first rays of dawn that Doctor MacIntyre sits in her lab as the police clear out. One officer leaving his card for her in case she remembers anything. A look is given to her still empty cup of coffee before she gives a tired snarl at it and proceeds to pack up her things and head outside.

She takes a deep breath of the fresh morning air and her eyes flick to the roof of the building that's across from her lab, maybe she thought she was going to catch a glimpse of the man from a few hours ago.

Or maybe she was making sure she wasn't being followed by anyone that might want the information she had...