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Nebula (Scenesys ID: 1775)
"You were the one who wanted to win. And I just wanted a sister! You were all I had, but you were the one who needed to win. Thanos pulled my eye from my head, and my brain from my skull, and my arm from my body... because of you."
Full Name: Nebula
Gender: Female
Species: Luphomoid
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Master Assassin
Citizenship: Luphomoid
Residence: Various
Education: Trained by Thanos
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Guardians of the Galaxy
Other Information
Apparent Age: 51 Actual Age: 51
Date of Birth 10 December 1975 Actor: Karen Gillan
Height: 185cm Weight: 84kg
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Unwanted", by Avril Lavigne


Taken in at a young age by Thanos, the Mad Titan, Nebula was raised as one of his "daughters". Unfortunately, given Thanos, that meant less "warm fuzzy cuddles" and more "being raised as an assassin", and being put into competition with her "sister", Gamora. Thanos forced the two to battle for superiority, time and again. And each time another piece of her got replaced with cybernetic upgrades. Whether you believe it was a punishment or an attempt to upgrade her to have a better chance of success...well, either way it was unpleasant. And it hurt. A lot.

Now away from her father's service, Nebula acts as a mercenary, a thief, an assassin, a pirate and more...each time trying to improve her own situation. To say that she has a lot of issues to get over would be one of the biggest understatements in the galaxy.

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Standing nearly six feet in height, Nebula would be considered quite tall for a human woman. But then, it's also painfully obvious that she /isn't/ a human woman. Her skin is a bright blue, her eyes are a solid black, and there's not a single hair on her head...though it's dubious if that last is because of her race, or because of the multitude of cybernetic implants she sports, many of them on (and in) her head.

Her form is extremely athletic; though still curved enough to mark her gender, it's obvious she falls in on the active side of the line. Here, too, though, she's marked with a number of cybernetic implants, including her left arm, which seems to be entirely cybernetic. Of course, to anyone familiar with the who's who of the galaxy, recognizing Nebula, Daughter of Thanos, is not going to be exceptionally hard. She rather stands out in a crowd.

She's dressed in a purple sleeveless bodysuit that hugs her form appealingly. Her right arm has a sort of half-glove, leaving her fingers bared but otherwise covering her to the elbow. Dark lines cover her skin in places; the segmentation points allowing access to her internal mechanical components, while straps and belts of a darker purple cover her body in places, and provide attachment points for her weapons. Boots of a purpley-brown cover her feet, the chunky heels adding /another/ 3" to her height, taking her well over six feet in total.


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Nebula barely remembers her parents, just vague blue blurs that were there before Thanos, before the pain. What she does know is that they were foolish enough to cross paths with Thanos and his minions and died begging for their lives. Nebula would have died with them if she hadn't picked up a knife and tried to stab Thanos with it. The attack was doomed to failure but the attempt impressed the Mad Titan and he spared Nebula's life making her a 'daughter of Thanos' alongside Gamora.

No mere Luphomoid would be enough to serve Thanos as she was, so Thanos had Nebula modified, implanting her with cybernetics. A process which continued throughout her life as Thanos pitted Nebula against Gamora time and time again, with Nebula losing each battle and with every loss, Thanos 'improved' Nebula by adding yet more cybernetics to her body, often while she was still conscious. That plus Thanos' training, turned Nebula into a living weapon, a sadistic killer who served as an extension of Thanos' will, while all the while fostering a deep need for Thanos' approval and Gamora's love, while at the same time hating them.

All this came to a head when Gamora turned on their father and was left for dead, Nebula was at once horrified at having lost her 'sister' and at the same time glad to be out from under her shadow. She leaned into the latter becoming Thanos' right hand, until word reached them that Gamora was alive and Thanos sent Nebula to capture her and bring her home. It did not go as planned. Not sure to be furious or relieved that Gamora had survived, Nebula chose the easier of the two, fury, and tried to kill her sister, rather than bring her home. The plan failed, and knowing Thanos would be furious at her disobedience, Nebula did not return to his side instead drifting about the galaxy working as a pirate and mercenary, holding onto a festering hatred of both her father and sister, while at the same time wanting nothing more than to be taken back into their good graces.


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Nebula comes in with high marks on the "nurture vs. nature" argument...which is to say if you take a child, give them to a genocidal madman to raise and force her to fight for her life against her sister on a regular basis, what you get back is going to be...really screwed up.

Almost everything in Nebula's psyche is a tangled mess of emotions; a conflicting mess of love and hate. There's a large part of her that wants to get a "well done" and approval from Thanos, the only father figure she's ever really known. And then, there's a part of her that's as big or bigger that wants revenge for a twisted upbringing and decades of torture. Similarly, there's a part of her that wants the warm familial reassurance of a relationship with a sister, but that's all tied up with bitterness and resentment and hatred towards Gamora for constantly winning their duels, and what that meant for her.

Ninety percent of the time, Nebula is running on pure ego. She sees something, she wants something, she takes something. She feels justified...after all, if life has dealt her such a crappy hand, why /shouldn't/ she hurt others the way she's been hurt, or take what she wants like things have been taken for her. Given her capabilities, this makes her very dangerous. But she's even more so in that other ten percent. She's been trained as a killer and an enforcer, and when she can set aside her rage issues, it makes her even more deadly.


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Nebula has a number of abilities which come from her cybernetic enhancements, and by this point she is more cybernetic than organic. Most of Nebula's abilities are on a par with her sister Gamora, as they were given to her so she could match her 'sister'.. Her abilities break down in the following general categories:

Speed: Nebula can run at roughly 60mph

Reflexes and Agility: Nebula has superhuman reflexes capable of dodging bullets and thrown weapons.

Strength: Nebula is capable of lifting up to 80 tons.

Sensor Suite: Nebula's cybernetic package gives her sensors capable of seeing in total darkness, and hearing things outside the range of normal humanoid or animal hearing.

Durability and Regeneration: Nebula's cybernetic skeleton and regeneration implant allow her to take hits and survive falls that would kill lesser creatures. She is able to take hits from space level heavy weapons (outclassing most handheld weapons on Earth) and be able to recover within minutes, resetting bones and healing wounds, though the process is painful. In addition her modifications make it possible for Nebula to live in the vacuum of space for up to ten minutes.

Tempersteel Claws: Each of Nebula's hands are fitted with retractable tempersteel claws able to pierce most standard metals, allowing her to latch onto the hulls of starships.

Cybernetic Arm: While both of Nebula's arms contain cybernetics, her right one, is openly metallic and is the most heavily modified, containing a potent power source, a grappling line, and a computer interface, allowing her to connect her synaptic drive to most computers that can be found in the galaxy and overcome all but the most advanced encryption given enough time.

Image Display: Nebula can project back images stored in her Synaptic drive, as a hologram.

Cybernetic Communicator: Nebula has been fitted with a built in communications device, that allows her to communicate at a range of hundreds of miles without an external device. The signal from her internal comms can piggy-back off other means of galactic communications to transmit data across the galaxy. The communicator is also fitted with a standard translator chip, which allows her to speak most of the galaxy's languages.

Synaptic Drive: Nebula is able to store vast amounts of information in her synaptic drive, a cybernetic hard drive wired into her brain. This gives her the equivalent of a gifted intellect and effectively perfect memory, able to record events and replay them in her head or externally through her image display. Unbeknownst to Nebula or Thanos, if Nebula were to be duplicated or a Nebula from the past or future were to enter the same time as Nebula their drives would link and the two would be able to share memories.


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Trained since a child to be one of Thanos' assassins, Nebula has been taught a great deal about how to end lives. Her synaptic drive is loaded with files on the anatomy of most sentient beings, she knows how to circumvent security systems and pick locks, and while she prefers to take on targets head on she also has extensive training in poisons and explosives.

Nebula has trained herself to repair her own cybernetic parts and can do so as long as she can reach and see the part in question. For other parts she either needs to rely on the skills of others or, walk them through the process of repairing them.

Is it skill or is it programming? It's hard to tell anymore, but Nebula's synaptic drive is loaded with the code types and security methods of most of the major races in the galaxy and Nebula is practiced in their use able to directly access and hack many systems through her cybernetics. However, some more primitive cultures (such as Terrans) will take time to adapt to, after all she can only dumb down her programs so far.

Hand To Hand Combat:
Nebula is probably one of the galaxy's deadliest hand to hand fighters, favouring a brutal and efficient style, that speaks to her pragmatic nature. She is able to take out whole groups of trained fighters without breaking a sweat, and using the knowledge in her synaptic drive she can take down opponents using pressure points and nerves. However, despite all her skills there are at least two opponents she's never been able to defeat hand to hand, he father Thanos and her sister Gamora.

While Gamora may be able to seduce people to her side, Nebula has no such talents, she instead uses brute force and the power of her reputation to cow people into listening to her and doing what she wants.

Nebula is capable of flying everything from a hover car to a capital ship, but if given her choice she prefers single person ships or starfighters for their agility and firepower. She is also well trained in the maintenance of such ships and can act as a serviceable mechanic on most types of spacecraft to be found in the galaxy. She can also sabotage them. Just FYI...

Nebula's cybernetics make her extremely hard to detect, she can regulate her body temperature and heart rate and through training, keep her footsteps nearly silent, able to board even her father's vessel and reach his inner sanctum without being detected.


Nebula is a skilled markswoman, able to make difficult shots with little or no aiming, and is skilled in everything from knives to heavy weaponry. Her particular interest however is stick fighting, favouring a pair of shock sticks that can be used as a staff when in close combat.


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"borrowed" Ships:
Some people like Peter, cherish their ships and would never dream of abandoning them. Nebula on the other would say she goes through them like Kleenex (if she knew what that was). A ship is just another weapon to Nebula and so she rarely bothers to pay for them, instead she steals what she needs (usually small, fast and heavily armed) and uses them until they're destroyed before getting a new one.

Electroshock Batons:
A pair of collapsable batons made of a highly durable material and able to put out a massive amount of electric current, enough even to make Thanos take notice, and fry lesser beings entirely. The charge put out by the batons is adjustable allowing her to simply stun or amp things up to lethal levels. As well the batons are strong enough to turn hits from Godslayer, and punch through some forms of armour when driven by Nebula's cybernetically enhanced strength. As well, Nebula is able to combine her batons into a staff and she can call them back to her hands magnetically through her cybernetic implants.

Equipment Caches:
Whether created by herself or by Thanos, Nebula knows where a number of caches of weapons and assassination gear can be found. The ones she set herself are reliable, the ones set up by Thanos, are less so and can easily be trapped or monitored. However, so far, Thanos hasn't made a move to stop his errant daughter from raiding them.

Nebula prefers to work alone but when the situation calls for it she can usually scrape the galaxy's gutters for a few disposable minions to provide muscle, information or equipment. Most of what she finds are usually serve out of greed, fear or a combination of both and hold no particular loyalty to Nebula herself, just her bank account and what she could do to them if they failed.


Nebula may no longer be a Daughter of Thanos, but most of the galaxy doesn't know that, and those that do also recognize she is still Nebula, one of the galaxy's most feared warriors, which has a cache of its own. Few people will choose to mess with her if they've got a choice, and having that kind of rep opens doors in some less than savoury places.


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Nebula is completely alone in the universe, she's estranged from Thanos and Gamora, doesn't care about the rest of the Black Order and those she meets along the way tend to be seen as useful pawns rather than potential allies. This means, when the chips are down she has very few places to turn for help and those places require knuckling under to Thanos again or, ugh, trying to make up with Gamora.

Nebula is more cybernetic than organic and while that gives her considerable abilities, it is also a weakness. While her parts are shielded from EMP and her Synaptic Drive has a robust security suite installed, she can still have her electronic parts disabled and her brain hacked if the right tools and skills are used. As well, her parts were installed by Thanos, and so, she can never be fully sure he hasn't tampered with them, though she's nearly diven herself insane checking for any signs of that kind of tampering.

Emotional Issues:
Nebula is f'd up. She's a ball of rage, daddy issues, jealousy, sadness and loneliness, and she mostly expresses these issues through violence. As a result she tends run on emotion more than logic favouring whatever lets her get out the most of her feelings over what the most practical method of dealing with a problem, be that throwing down weapons to go hand to hand or crashing a spaceship in order to have a better chance at finally defeating her sister.

Nebula's relationship with Gamora and Thanos is best described as complicated. She both loves her sister and hates her and she both wants Thanos' approval but also wants to inflict every bit of pain he inflicted on her back on him. Both Thanos and Gamora are weak points for Nebula and cause her to respond with emotion rather than thought often taking stupid risks to protect, impress or destroy them depending on the situation.


As a Daughter of Thanos and one of the most sadistic women in the galaxy, there are a lot of people would would like to see Nebula dead. She has bounties on her head in numerous systems and she's rated a "Universal' threat by the Nova Corps making safe systems harder and harder to find.


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