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Colin King (Scenesys ID: 9739)
"Why is it whenever I employ a stratagem, the idiot I use it against labels me a coward?"
Full Name: Colin King
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Ninja Superspy
Citizenship: English
Residence: King's Castle (Leicester, England)
Education: Oxford University, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Fort Monckton
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 23 September 2001 Actor: Sean O'Pry
Height: 182.88 (6'0") Weight: 83.9 kg (185 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Colin King is Ninja-K or Ninjak, one of the world's foremost intelligence operatives, weapons experts, and master assassins, borne from MI-6's Ninja Programme. A wealthy son of privilege, Colin King comes from a long line of intelligence operatives and both of his parents were clandestine agents of MI-6 before him. Now, he follows in their footsteps, though he does so with a mercenary's sensibility, offering his services for hire, rather than out of a sense of duty to Queen and Country. As Colin King, he is a wealthy socialite, globetrotting playboy, just as at home in the seedier casinos and nightclubs of the world's underbelly as he is in the grand halls of the wealthy elite. A true international man of mystery, most people know of Colin King only through reputation rather than through firsthand interaction.

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Ninjak is a shadow in the dark. A sleek figure of inky black and royal purple, it seems as if he is born from the stuff of darkness itself. Wild, windswept hair crops his skull, held in check only by an armored mask that obscures his face. All save for icy blue, dreadful eyes. His lithesome form is covered in a form fitting, armored bodysuit consisting of banded metal, over which purple armored plates have been affixed in strategic areas for more durable protection. The styling is modern, but undeniably inspired by the shinobi of old from where his training lineage originates.


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Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Colin King seemed destined to have a blessed life. On the surface, the King family were a happy family from old money with a noble background in antiquity. In reality, Colin's home was cold and uncaring. His parents were inattentive at best, and emotionally abusive more often than not. Colin's mother made a point to inform him of her regret in not having had an abortion. His father treated him as nothing more than a burden, and would physically abuse the boy at the slightest provocation. Mostly, he was left in the care of Alain, the family butler, who was brutal, stone cold and spiteful. Needless to say, Colin never knew happiness in his childhood. He never saw a sign of warmth, empathy, or compassion. At a young age, he discovered that his parents were deep cover espionage agents with MI-6, and that their marriage was mostly a cover story. Alain, the abusive butler that Colin had tried to kill numerous times, was actually a former Russian KGB operative who Colin's mother had targeted with a honeypot operation for intelligence. After she wound up pregnant, Alain had leveraged the Kings into allowing him to be a part of Colin's life.

Liberated by the knowledge that his entire life was a lie, Colin fled King's Castle. He traveled the world for a bit, attending Oxford University before joining the military, and eventually coming into the fold of his family business. His first mission, still in training, was to surveil a serial killer who seemed to have mystical and supernatural abilities. He wound up falling in love with his handler, and against company regulation, the pair had a torrid affair. Unfortunately, the elation of first love did not last long for Colin. A simple rookie mistake compromised their cover, and their target traced them back to the safehouse. Colin was lucky to live through the encounter. His lover was not so lucky.

Once he had recovered from his injuries, Colin met and paired up with a relative of his deceased lover, also with MI-6. Together, they resolved to avenge the death of Colin's lover and tracked her murderer to a temple deep in the Himalayas. While traversing the frozen and treacherous mountain paths, Colin was mortally injured, but saved at the hands of some monks. Taken to the temple to mend his wounds, Colin in turn joined them under the tutelage of a silent, ageless figure known only as The Undead Monk. While the Undead Monk was silent and unmoving, his will and teachings were known to his students. As one of the Undead Monk's disciples, Colin quickly learned mystical skills to heal his broken body, as well as other mystical and martial arts that he now utilizes as a ninja superspy. And in the process, he found his lover's killer and took revenge. He was banished from the monastery as a result.

Armed with these new skills and abilities, Colin became a prime candidate for MI-6's esteemed Ninja Programme. With his parents having passed away, he has inherited his family's wealth and prestige, and works as a freelance agent and mercenary, though mostly he works through MI-6 and his partner from long ago under the designated code Ninja-K.


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Subject (Agent Ninja-K) displays an uncommonly hard shelled exterior, even for an experienced agent with his experience and training. When pressed for information regarding his formative years, agent employs distraction and digression tactics as conversational techniques. Psyche evaluation interactions are typical of a subject harboring an unusual or traumatic childhood. Further analysis suggests subject suffered traumatic abuse at the hands of parental figures or family caretakers. Profile indicates that this abuse was administered in the form of corporal punishment. Psyche profiles are inconclusive, but indicate a lack of true emotional response to any stimuli. Any "feeling" demonstrated by the subject is thought to be purely artificial. Subject is not susceptible to torture or interrogation techniques due to his inability and unwillingness to tell any simple truths. Subject shows an incredible propensity for pain management, and is unflinchingly - some would say too eager - able to deal pain (both physical and emotional) to his targets. At all costs, subject avoids close contact outside of the mission. Subject maintains his privacy above all else. Demonstrates reluctance to probe into the lives of others around him unless the job absolutely requires it. Subject has established a wide array of contacts in order to shield himself from any unwanted outside personal relationships and/or personal contact. While the agent's inability to confide in others is commendable, his unwillingness to trust agency psych-cleaners will become problematic. Over the years, subject's communication skills have become more and more stilted. Agent only seems comfortable in social situations while incognito. Despite all of this, subject's cynicism seems to be hiding a deep seated and rarely seen core of optimism and empathy. Subject seems to hold his own code of honor, and acts in the service of what he views as the "greater good".


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Body Supremacy:
Colin's intense training under the purview of The Undead Monk has elevated his physical abilities to the utmost peak of human capability.

He is at the very peak of human athletic ability, able to perform such physical feats such as throwing a 500 lb man with one hand, dodge point blank gunfire.

He can hold his breath for several minutes by slowing his heart rate, and can resist fatigue even after prolonged periods of intense physical activity.

He has exacting muscle control, and is able to perform great feats of contortionism and flexibility, with an Olympic gymnast's sense of balance.

He is able to "bypass" the body's natural blocks on his own physical capabilities, as well, deadening his ability to feel pain, though performing feats in this manner may injure him as his body is still made of human flesh and bone, and can only endure the same amount of strain that any other human body is capable of.

Enhanced Intuition:
With Colin's mental mastery of his physical self, he has attuned his senses to incredible degrees. With this, he is able to discern minute details in objects, track people and items by scent, and even isolate and focus on subtle sounds in the midst of background noise. These abilities, coupled with his ability to feel changes in the air acutely, allow him to operate while blinded with minimal loss of efficiency. This ability is not superhuman, and Colin cannot hear things from miles away, or see things that a normal human being could not see, nor smell something when the scent has gone cold, or is too far away to be perceptible to the human olfactory senses.

Colin King is possessed of a truly indomitable will. No amount of pain or suffering sees him break, as he has bolstered this ever since he was a small child. With it, he has overcome attempts at mind control, resists the effects of "truth serums" and other emotional or mental control based substances and even psychic intrusion by powerful telepaths. It is through this unbreakable will that he was able to survive in the Himalayas, and become the most accomplished of The Undead Monk's students. To truly break Colin, one would have to be a powerful psionic telepath to overcome his will and his web of deceits, both inward and outward. Or, perhaps more easily, find someone Colin truly cares about and torture them. Colin is likely to break under the threat of abuse to others long before he'd break due to physical pain or injury.

Colin King is a genius, possessed of a keen mind capable of advanced reasoning and logic processes and a nearly eidetic memory. He is particularly adept with technical thinking, and multi-stage planning. His advanced mental acuity and information retention serves him well in allowing him to pick up new skills easily and intuitively, and keep him quick on his feet when it comes to puzzles of logic and deduction.

Self Healing:
Colin's mastery over his physical form allows him a sort of healing factor.

While nowhere on the level to be compared to mutant regenerators, Colin is able to enter a zen like trance where he focuses on his cells, commanding them to do their job to clot wounds, mend torn flesh and broken bones, and recover from injury and disease in a fraction of the time it might take another human being. Most superficial wounds, scrapes and minor lacerations can be mostly healed within an hour or so. Deeper wounds may take several days, and broken bones a couple of weeks. More severe injuries could take even longer.

With this ability, Colin is even able to will his body to absorb and destroy toxins in his body from poisons and drugs. He does still feel the effects of them until he is able to focus his will and meditate to absorb them, so he is not immune, just able to come back to fight another day.

This ability extends Colin's lifespan, keeping him in his prime for decades and allowing him to live for well over a century while still in fighting form.

Total Recall:

Colin's ability to control his body includes his ability to form a unique connection with his central nervous system and the neurons that comprise it. Since memories are "recorded" through a unique series of synaptic firings to a very specific set of neurons throughout the body, Colin has traveled the synapses of his mind, making each obscure neuron into a well-worn pathway. A process that allows him to access every piece of knowledge he's ever acquired. He can recall every memory, and every experience to visualize a solution nearly immediately. To say that his past experiences and interests are useful to him is an understatement.


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Ever since Colin was a young boy, he was forced to put on a fake face for the world to see. As he grew up, his skills developed, and his training as an espionage agent refined his deceptions with true acting methodology. Colin himself is whatever he needs to be at any given time. Billionaire playboy, corrupt businessman, sleazy drunkard, you name it. Colin can be that and convincingly. One would say that Colin's skill at deception is nearly an obsession, as almost everything that comes from his lips is a lie on some level or other.

Colin King has the physical fitness of an Olympic Decathlete and has trained himself extensively in the gymnastic and acrobatic arts. Coupled with his complete command over his physical form, Colin's reflexes, balance and flexibility are at absolute peak human levels, and he is capable of intuitively gauging distances and leverage points that might allow him to easily traverse difficult terrain, accomplish astonishing feats of tumbling, weave his way through complex laser grids, and all other manner of athletic displays one might associate with a ninja superspy.

A large part of being a skilled espionage agent is good old fashioned, plain detective work. Colin is exceptional at the skills of a detective, from assessing evidence and clues, to surveillance methods, to simply using deductive logic to piece together evidence to create a timeline of events and present feasible motives.

Colin is something of a tech guru, with his mind naturally inclined towards such endeavors. His ability to infiltrate computer systems, bypass security measures, and create code are paramount to his operations as an espionage agent, saboteur and ninja infiltration expert. He's able to crack encryption, perform social hacking and phishing to collect passwords and personal information from his targets, and decipher code and find patterns that make even foreign or alien code relatable.

Colin's got the mind of an engineer, which is reflected in nearly everything he does. However, he also uses it in it's purest form: the invention of new technologies and gadgets for his own personal use. Colin is an understated inventive genius who is able to take existing technologies and create new uses and applications for them, as well as coming up with his own technology with some time and effort, based on an existing need. Most of his arsenal is hand crafted and created by him to fit his unique style and needs.

Colin grew up with firearms, hunting his ancestral estate's grounds for foxes and small game, as well as being trained by his butler, Alain who was a former KGB agent intent on turning Colin into a weapon. His time spent in the military and with MI-6 further refined his crackshot status with firearms to near Olympian levels. That was before his time spent with the monks in the Himalayas. Under the silent care of The Undead Monk, Colin's marksmanship grew to include any and all ranged weaponry, from bows to slings, to his now preferred thrown weapons, the shuriken. Colin's precision with the shuriken is prodigious, and he is able to target groups of enemies with one throw of a handful of shuriken.

Martial Artist:
Under the tutelage of The Undead Monk, Colin King was able to master the arts of hand to hand combat to an extreme measure. He has mastered many forms of unarmed hand-to-hand combat. His expertise has been honed through countless missions and other adventures, leaving him with knowledge of how to disable targets through strikes or holds to their nervous systems, or even stopping a target's heart with a single strike. His mastery has come together into a unique, all-encompassing style that takes advantage of Colin's own unique physiology to better suit his needs at the moment. His skill puts him in the elite tiers of the world's martial artists.

Colin King is a trained pilot, having learned how to operate all manner of vehicles while in his military training. He can fly fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft, man the helm of small watercraft and is an ace wheelman on two or four wheeled groundcraft. Mostly, he uses this for flying his personal, custom jet fighter.

As a world traveling, international man of mystery, coupled with his eidetic memory and keen intellect, Colin is at least conversationally fluent in most of the world's spoken languages. Especially those used on a wide scale basis, such as national official languages, and trade languages in various regions of the world. These include languages such as French, Spanish, Russian, German, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Bengali, Indonesian, Arabic, Urdu, Afrikaans and Portuguese. He has a decent understanding of many other languages, with some he's able to understand but not necessarily speak, and others he might be able to read and write but wouldn't be able to understand spoken or be able to speak them.

Colin is a Ninja Agent for a reason. While many others who trained under The Undead Monk developed various mystical powers and martial arts abilities, Colin's own unique training turned him into one of the world's most skilled shinobi. He is able to seemingly vanish without a trace with even the most momentary of distractions, move without making a sound, even in heavy armor, and leave no footprints or other markings of his passing. His skill at infiltration is absolute, with working and practical knowledge of security measures and how to overcome them, lockpicking, reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance.

Tactical Thinking:
In part due to his eidetic memory, as well as just a simple natural aptitude, Colin King is a masterful tactician, able to prepare and initiate plans based on the strengths and weaknesses of his targets, the environment and many other factors that might shift the balance of an operation in or out of his favor. His quick thinking allows him to adjust tactics on the fly, and he's an expert of using his environment to his advantage. He can determine the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents with just a small amount of observation, helping him to determine what angle of attack will end the fight the soonest.


Colin King's training under The Undead Monk was a more complete and comprehensive training regiment than any mundane martial art school could impart upon a student, due to its mystical nature. As a result, Colin's mastery of weaponry is highly refined, with expertise in nearly all forms of archaic weaponry, from the common such as spears and axes, to the exotic such as the urumi and katar. Colin, being the scion of a noble British lineage, however, has taken up the sword is his primary focus. His skill with long blades is nearly unrivaled, and even eternal warriors from antiquity acknowledge him as a tried and true master of the blade.


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As an international man of mystery, Colin King has contacts across the world in both the underworld and in the upper crust elite society. One might be surprised at how often those two worlds overlap. Whether those contacts be an oil sheik in Dubai or a cartel enforcer in Nicaragua, there are few places in the world where Colin cannot find a familiar face. Note that Colin has "contacts", but those contacts aren't often friends. Colin tends to keep people at arm's length, and often any services he might need will have to repaid in kind.

Colin has long been an agent with MI-6, even if his methods and mercenary nature are considered unorthodox. He has allies within the agency, including his former partner and handler, Neville. If he truly needs information of a sensitive nature that he's unable to procure for himself, he can call on the agency for their assistance.

Most of Colin's files are highly classified, and filled with nothing but long rows of neat black ink that obscures any truly vital information about himself. In addition to this, he has a host of alternate identities and aliases well established, some through official means and even more that he's developed on his own in secret. Any attempts to really track down Colin King will find that he's a ghost in the night, with no fingerprints, DNA, or paper trails to follow. No criminal or personal history. Digging up information on him is a truly herculean endeavor.

The Inheritance:
Colin King inherited a rather large fortune with the apparent death of his parents, giving him access to nearly unlimited funds. His own shrewd business acumen, as well as his mercenary relationship with MI-6 has done little but to fatten his coffers. Sure, there may be plenty of people in the world who might be more wealthy, but Colin never has any need or want that he cannot afford, and that's all that matters to him.

The Kingsguard:
Colin's armor is an amazing piece of technology that he created to perfectly suit his needs as a globetrotting ninja assassin superspy. It is a lightweight, ballistic proof armor that can withstand most small arms fire through micro-paper armor and an impact resistant titanium cage. Anti-materiel weaponry, such as 50mm rounds or larger, will tear right through it, and the armored plating only covers strategic areas and vital organs in the form of breastplate, shoulders, forearms, thighs and lower legs. The hexweave underarmor that covers the majority of his body is less resistant, but does provide a measure of armored protection from most bumps, bruises, scrapes and lacerations.

It includes several parts:

The mask is armored to protect the face and back of the skull, and has a communications suite, voice obfuscation filter and a gas mask filtration system. They eyes and top portion of his head are left open.

Contacts provide Colin a HUD that can display key strategic information, such as case file notes and scan for weapons and technological signatures.

His belt is very much a utility belt that carries an assortment of his gadgets and poisons.

His gauntlets are smart-gloves that contain a computer interface, as well as micro hair-polymers that allow him to stick to surfaces. One contains a launchable grappling hook that also serves double duty as a fiberscope.

The boots of the armor feature electrified micro hair-polymers for climbing and sticking to inclined surfaces, in conjunction with the gloves. They also contain retractable forekick blades.

Of note, the electrified micro hair-polymers are useless when surfaces are wet.


Colin King has a massive arsenal at his disposal, including a number of gadgets and tools that he has invented, refined, or otherwise fashioned himself. These include:

An assortment of microbombs, from flash bangs to smoke pellets, to a sonic pulse bomb.

A vast array of various shuriken, from standard to the exotic. Included are flash bang shuriken, injector dart shuriken, homing shuriken and a wire bola shuriken.

A pair of sai. Fashioned from tool steel, they're exceptionally durable, but otherwise mundane.

A longbow with armor piercing and explosive arrows.

A pair of high frequency vibro-katana, fashioned from a tri-silk alloy supermetal that is stronger than steel or titanium. Each of the katanas have a taser unit in the pommel for less-lethal situations.

Lastly, no proper British Superspy is complete without a weaponized fountain pen, and Colin is nothing if not the consummate English gentleman. His fountain pen includes two center rings that become a micro-garrote, a small cluster of C4 (meant for deployment in the inner ear), a poison suppository, and a single shot, programmable smart bullet.


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Colin is a man of many talents, and sadly, he knows it. His cocksure attitude, besides being ingratiating, can lead him to take unnecessary risks due to an underestimation of his enemies, or an overestimation of his own skills and aptitudes. It can also make him seem like a pompous wretch.

Colin is a globe trotting, high rolling British superspy with a shady past that involves a group of evil kung fu monks with worldwide terrorist ties. Needless to say that he has a lot of enemies around the world. Some he knows about. Others he might not. But wherever he goes, someone is certain to have it out for Colin King, Ninja-K, or both.

Psychological Trauma:
Colin King comes from a broken home, and while he does his best to hide away that pain, it still affects him deeply on a psychological level. He displays narcissistic tendencies, overcompensating for a lifetime of feeling neglected, unwanted, and unloved. Close personal bonds are almost impossible for Colin to establish, and almost certainly impossible for him to maintain with any real length. Instead, he tends to flit from toxic relationship to toxic relationship, creating cycles of self-sabotage and reinforcing his own diminished self-image. Add a healthy heaping of childhood physical abuse at the hands of his butler, and Colin gets to wrap all of this up with some classic signs of true PTSD, including flashbacks and emotional outbursts set off by certain triggers.


Colin doesn't trust anyone other than himself. This means that he often keeps his cards close to his chest. Sometimes this can be a detriment to a mission, as he might withhold pertinent information from his allies and teammates, thinking that only he should be burdened with certain knowledge, or that others wouldn't know what to properly do with said intel.


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Birds and Brits October 13th, 2020 Colin gets lost in the halls, but gets saved by the timely arrival of Clint, who introduces him to Bobbi. Skye shows up and drops a bombshell. Talks of drinks, and lack of drinks ensues.
Monkey Business at the Triskelion October 6th, 2020 New and old agents meet and make contacts.


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