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Date of Cutscene: 20 June 2018
Location: Space
Synopsis: Thor speaks to his people
Cast of Characters: Thor

The ship rocks slowly in the darkness of space, twisting upon its errant thruster. The stars provide an eternal backdrop upon which the pale vessel is eternally cast in shadow save for the small flickers of light that can be discerned through the great windows of the observation deck. It is an old ship, assuredly had been meant for transporting cargo and not the several thousand beings who now make up the entirety of its crew and its freight. Yet it is here, jammed together in a mass of people, that they look up towards the distant raised dais of the navigational station, that seat so much like a throne but one that has been burnt and damaged in the recent battles... much like its occupant.

The steady murmur of voices gives a low susurrus that only lowers when that figure rises. Thor, son of Odin, as haggard as the ship and wearing his cracked armor and scarred visage like the crown and raiment of other monarchs... rises.

His smile is there, gentle, a curious counter-point to the burn mark across his face that took his eye. He steps forwards and away from the throne as the crowd quiets. He lifts a hand in one direction, as if to allay any fears those near might have about this moment, then turns to share a rueful half-smile with one of the soldiers at his side. All warriors who had been marked by the turning of events, and by the changing of the times.

Thor's voice lifts once the crowd has drawn mostly silent, his hand coming up as if in greeting or to reassure them. "People of Asgard!"

Some of the people shift more to attention, their eyes rapt upon the man before them. "We have seen days dark that have preyed upon us. Taken those we loved from us. It has cost us dearly."

The sentiment is echoed in the faces of the lost. The wounded have been tended to, though some recover in the medical wards that have been created in the lower decks. But those that had been at all ambulatory had come to see. To hear.

"But we survived. In us Asgard lives. In us our home shall never dim. We shall travel these lonely lanes. And I promise you. I. Thor, Son of Odin, promise. That we shall set foot upon land that is ours again. We are a strong people, and we shall carve our homeland anew. We have set course for Midgard. We have allies there, and distant brothers. Distant sisters. We shall set matters aright."

There's a pause and his features darken as Thor looks to the side, then back out across the survivors of Asgard. "But for now I must ask you for your strength once again. Our journey will not be an easy one. We will have to be of singular purpose. Singular effort. For survival is our task."

He falls silent as he looks across the wounded, the hungry, the ravaged. His one good eye seeking out each person in turn as if looking into the hearts of those around him. A minute passes... the silence pregnant with potential.

And then his voice lifts as he roars, "People of Asgard, are you with me!?"

The answering cry of all the men and women of the Aesir is enough.