Reflecting on Family

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Reflecting on Family
Date of Cutscene: 27 July 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne)

Damian recently adorned his room in the manor to suit his tastes a bit more. The walls carried weapons of all sorts, none carrying more significance than the katana he had carried into missions on more than one occasion. A futon, kept neatly in a corner when it was not in use. This hardly resembled the room of a teenage boy, it resembled the room of a monk in a monastery. He has a student's desk which he uses to complete his assignments, tucked in a drawer were art supplies, mainly pencils and colored pencils, along with a sketchbook. On top of the desk would be copies of various books from Sun Tzu to Yeates, all of which had their own bookmarks and annotations.

Damian had taken a liking to art from a young age, and as his mother and grandfather kept sending him tutors of exceptional quality, he also learned to be exceptional. His sketchbook had been filled with odds and ends sketches, one of Alfred, at his duties cooking fresh soup for an injured Nightwing. One of a man, dressed in a tuxedo and a domino mask, making an entrance to a party. Sketches of the tombstones of Martha and Thomas Wayne. Scribed underneath both graves were the words Grandmother and Grandfather, respectively. Underneath that he had penned "Damian Wayne" Multiple times, as if he was still getting used to that. Not until this year did he not truly know his name was not Damian Al Ghul.

This was as close to a journal as the young man would get. He wore his anger on his sleeve, and that was usually enough for everyone.

Three handwritten notes sealed with wax were on top of the desk. One addressed to Mother, one addressed to Father, the other addressed to Old Robin.

Mother: mzqD0nY.jpg

Old Robin: ueOhPuC.jpg

Father: jsV5npO.jpg