Return to the Academy

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Return to the Academy
Date of Cutscene: 22 February 2019
Location: Academy of Tomorrow, Metropolis
Synopsis: Emma Frost returns as Headmistress
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost

It was early Monday morning at the Academy of Tomorrow. It was an hour before classes were scheduled to start. The Academy was small, with only a handful of faculty members. Being a private school that secretly specialized in students with abilities beyond the norm, there was no need for more. The message had gone out there would be a staff meeting and thus all were gathered in the auditorium, wondering what the Headmaster had to say.

Exactly on time, a woman in a white business suit emerged from the wings and walked to the center of the stage. There was no podium, but she didn't need it, drawing the attention of everyone in the room with her presence. A few of the faculty recognized her, smiling at her return. Others were new and had known the woman only by reputation.

"Good morning. I will keep this brief as we have a long day ahead of us." She spoke with a Bostonian accent. "I am Emma Frost. After some time away, I have returned to my rightful place as the Headmistress here." She looked to each person in turn as she spoke, making sure they were all given that personalized touch. "Classes have been cancelled. I will be meeting with each of you through the course of the day and we will determine if you will remain on staff." She gave a tight smile. "I promise it will be painless, but I intend to be very thorough in my decision making."