Rosie in a Room

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Rosie in a Room
Date of Cutscene: 18 May 2021
Location: Xavier's School
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Antigravity

Rosie was back at the school. She sat on the windowsill among the houseplants she had adopted in their bright colored pots. The light had faded over the distant forest hills, bathing the Xavier Institute grounds in a twilight violet, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. She hadn't eaten since her return. She had quietly requested no visitors.

She needed to think.

She wanted advice, and providence. She wanted someone to be angry at her, to take her sins and mark it the same way across her flesh that her Grandmother would have, because the harm released the evil that made her disobedient. Fear and obedience were the steps to Love, and pain was the chisel that cut fear and obedience into her spirit.

It was anguish for everyone to tell her she was not violent. Even after so many years of knowing what was in her blood. She was created out of violence and sin, she was told, and her father abandoned them rather than accept a wife he had carved out of violence.

"Lord, Ah know I have been disobedient. I have prayed for You to take these powers from me, or for insight into Your workin's so that I might know my place, and know peace, without trustin' in Your plan. You sent Miss Ororo an' Mister Sam ta teach me, and then Mr. Sinister to offer me what I prayed for -- ta be normal."

She leaned her forehead against the cool of the windowpane, trailing her hazel eyes along clouds as she searched for meanings, for patterns, for answers in the chaos and swirling vapors above.

"... but it felt all wrong. It *all* feels so wrong. Being here feels wrong, bein' with them feels wrong, bein' 'round him felt wrong. Ah am *tired*, Lord, of chasin' for some sort of meanin', for some purpose. Ah cannot be meant to jus' be a housewife an' wash dishes an' wait tables an' get beat up by people who love me."

Rosie kept her eyes skyward, watching as the stars came out, one by one twinkling into existence in the firmament above.

"... You never did talk to me none."

And the sky above was empty and silent -- same as it ever was.