Secret Santa

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Secret Santa
Date of Cutscene: 23 December 2019
Location: Secret Santa
Synopsis: Nick has Wade send off a Christmas Present for him. They doubled.
Cast of Characters: "What are you doing?"

Nick glances over to Wade Shaw before turning back to the box. "Oh just a bit of a Secret Santa gift."

Curious, the elder musician walks over to peek at the contents. "A bit heavy on the theme aren't you?"

"Pez asked for it." Nick replies, giving a chuckle.

Wade nods, considering the contents. "Closet fan?"


"I see. " Wade's lips twist into a conspiratorial grin, "I'll take care of the delivery."

"Thanks Wade."

Over the 23rd, Two separate courriers swing by Sara Pezzini's precinct with packages addressed to her.

The first one comes with a card in Nick's handwriting:

Here is a fan club starter kit. Happy Holidays!- Michael

Inside are copies of his albums. Each of them signed.

The second one has a note in completely different handwriting:

You might enjoy this. Tell no one. -a friend

Inside are two tickets to the last show on the Five Times Novel tour.