Secrets Revealed

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Secrets Revealed
Date of Cutscene: 03 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 1088

"You're lying to me! Stop lying and tell me! Why am I different!" Its the second time in the span of a few days that Sienna had brought up the weirdness. Her parents had spent the past hour telling her its nothing and not to worry about it. She's a normal girl and that these people telling her different were lying to her. "I know what they said is true!" The ground beneath the house begins to rumble. "This is me! I'm not trying it. Its just happening. I know it's me I can feel it and it won't stop!"

Her parents just look at each other. They've experienced this before. They've seen every elemental flare that their daughter has made since she was an infant and yet, here they are. "You're being dramatic. We live on a fault line. You know that!" Her father states.

Her mother singsongs, "Oh, honey, just relax. Its not you. Its just nature. This could be anything. Now stop it. I will go get some flowers and you can press them, How does that sound?"

Sienna frowns. "You... You just won't tell me the truth about this will you?" She looks down and is starting to tear up. As she looks up to her parents, her eyes are glowing with their purple coloring. "A monster attacked me!!" The sound of wind howling fills the air. "It told me I needed to understand! I needed to know something! IT CALLED ME BY NAME!!!" The wind is picking up, whipping around the house. It begins to shake. "WHY IS THERE A MONSTER COMING AFTER ME!!!"

The howling wind is terrifying. Her parents look at their daughter and they can see it happening. They look at each other and frown. "Sienna... STOP!" She snaps out of her state and everything goes quiet. Her father frowns and looks at her. "When you were a baby, Your mom and I were part of a religious group. We worshiped an ancient and largely forgotten goddess named Kesta. She is a Goddess of Magic. We agreed to present you as an offering to her. Not to be sacrificed but so she would bless you. The power went out and when it came back on, your eyes were purple and you've been using magic ever since."

Her mom speaks up as she reaches over and puts her hand on his arm. "We chose to hide it from you because of the weirdness of it all. We wanted you to have a chance to be a normal little girl. Not some priestess or witch. We only wanted what is best for you.

Sienna frowns, "You lied to me. You hid this from me. Mom, I could have killed someone! I almost did! I need to learn to control this. Its getting worse." She frowns and heads to her room. She doesn't want to talk anymore to her parents. Not now. She can't trust them. What is best for her was anything but that.