Sentinels: Unfriendly Actions

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Sentinels: Unfriendly Actions
Date of Cutscene: 07 October 2019
Location: New Jersey
Synopsis: Master Mold v X-Men news article
Cast of Characters: Bastion

Breaking news, from the Renolin Recyling Plant, New Jersey:

Last night the recycling plant, neighbor to the city's power plant, exploded in multiple massive concussive blasts. Rescue efforts are unable to get close, but the fires are being contained from spread into the power plant. Fortunately, there was a parking structure between the two, and the fire has mainly moved into buildings to the west.

Reportedly, the source was one of the biggest sentinels anyone has ever seen standing up within the Recycling plant's main courtyard and buildings. Witnesses from the power plant say they saw a battle waged between the Sentinel and big pieces of "flying debris" that were striking it from all directions. During the attack, the huge Sentinel finally collapsed, and the explosions began.

Sources say that this plant had been taken over by the terrorist group 'Friends of Humanity', and many members of the military group have been arrested. Injuries or fatalities are as yet unknown.

(( +log 9473: X-Men vs. a Master Mold! ))