Several Months Ago...

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Several Months Ago...
Date of Cutscene: 19 May 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Zhao Lin

Zhao Lin's Master is dead.

It was a shadowy, rainy night when Zhao Lin witnessed the death of Master Jin Chun, stabbed through the back by a man with a tattoo on his neck of a serpent surrounded by a skull. They took only one thing from him: The silver necklace he always wore, set with an onxy stone cut in the shape of an octagon. Zhao Lin heard the name 'Xiang' called to get the man's attention, and then he was gone, his Master laying dead in the street.

Months passed and Zhao Lin found himself in the library of a Buddhist monestary, seated alone at a table scattered with scrolls, illuminated by a single candle burned halfway down. He drinks from his canteen as he pours over the scrolls, searching for any mention of the onyx stone. There must be a reason that his Master was murdered for it. Finally, he stops, halfway through an ancient, frail text, and reads aloud.

"These ancient stones, from the eyes of the mighty dragon, are cast out into our world. Falling from a great eye to become gems with eight sides, they will open the seal of power. Our world and the kingdom of the dragons separated. In the eighth month on the fifteenth day, in the full moon's gaze, the stones aligned together, say the spell, the Dragon's Gate will open."

Zhao Lin sits in silence, contemplating what he just read.

"Dragon's Gate," he whispers to himself, curiously staring at the words written on the parchment. He searches further down the parchment, reading more about these stones, and about the location of the Dragon's Gate. Numbers written at the bottom of the scroll lead him to an ancient map of the world, where the coordinates point him towards the continent of North America - and the city of New York.

His destination found, Zhao Lin rolls up the scroll and stuffs it into his coat. He makes his way to Beijing, where he can find ships regularly traveling to America. What little money he has is spent to bribe the Triad faction running the dock, and within the hour Zhao Lin is stepping into a large, metal shipping container with more than a dozen other Chinese men, women, and children. He does not know why they are going to America, but as he watches the doors of the cargo container close them into darkness, he knows one thing for certain.

Zhao Lin must find the man named Xiang.