Shadow Prophecy

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Shadow Prophecy
Psylocke has been experiencing a haunting precognitive vision that foretells a cataclysmic event threatening the entire world. The vision reveals widespread fear, despair and death, with an entity from the clouds threatening to envelop everyone and everything in darkness. Can it be stopped? Or is darkness inevitable?
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Psylocke
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Groups Involved: X-Force
Target Audience: Any
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Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Exclusivity - and Bad Science October 12th, 2023 Discussions were had regarding the Machinations of Improbability, the Dreamstalker and Fate came a'calling. Apparently riddles bring out the sarcasm in both Sin and Nick.
Rainy Days and Long Nights August 22nd, 2023 Luci and Sin travel back to Dublin to pick the Phantasm's brain...and have some good Irish Pub food.
A tisket, A tasket, Apophis Stone in a Basket August 20th, 2023 Lucifer and Sinister invite a Psylocke to come and take a look at the Apophis Stones.
A Force To Be Reckoned With August 13th, 2023 Betsy and Scott green light a new method to defend the Dream. Together, they christen this new squadron X-Force. And Lo let slip the dogs of war.
Patronage and other animals August 6th, 2023 Psylocke got to visit Lux, meet its owner, come to her own conclusion and go psyche-diving into dangerous territory, in search of an answer or two. And meet the Devil in all his glory.
Cafe - Eifel tower view: High tea in style August 5th, 2023 Betsy met Sinister on her birthday. In Paris, france. Because sometimes, the gesture has to live large. There was discussion, honesty and eventually a deal struck.
Talk of the Future August 1st, 2023 Betsy corners Illyana and talks to her about X-Force, and shows her the unsettling vision of the future. The two come to an agreement.
X-Reunions July 8th, 2023 Logan and Betsy play an old game, then they talk plans for building a team over bacon and eggs, before Betsy shares a terrifying vision with Logan.
Welcome to the Devonshire Club July 7th, 2023 Betsy Braddock goes where no woman has gone before, and has an offer that Warren Worthington can't refuse


Title Date Scene Summary
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