Shaw Makes His Move

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Shaw Makes His Move
Date of Cutscene: 01 August 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw

Shaw stands in a strange room surrounded by monitors, the smoke still rising from the guard that lays shot next to him bleeding on the floor. "Very good.." is all he says as he removes a thumb drive from the computer, and puts it into one of his pockets. Gunfire fills the halls behind this man, though it is sporadic, and seems rather one-sided as the men go room to room clearing out the building of any witnesses that might of known what was going on here. Doctors, patients, anyone that just happened to be working at this facility today all get their turn as the place is cleared from bottom to top.

The guard in the room places the device on the computer Shaw got the thumb drive from, and nods to his boss, as the whole group leaves the room to walk down the long hallway to leave the building. As they leave the room there are visible sparks from the place behind them as the data is erased, and the computers fried so no-one else can retrieve it. They keep walking until they reach the exit where a limo is waiting for Shaw, and he gets inside pushing a button to make a call. The phone only rings once, and there is no response until Shaw speaks.. "It is done, start the next step.." as the car silently drives away.

Behind him his men exit the building getting in their own vehicles as there are some "Womp" noises through-out the building itself. The building collapses on-to itself as the people drive away quietly not looking back. The building was the secret facility that Creed had ran on mutant, and sentinel research that he held so quiet for a long time though now it was gone. At the same time his other research facilities would also befall a similar fate, but this one... This one Shaw wanted to make sure he did personally.