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Shen Wei (Scenesys ID: 10097)
Full Name: Shen Wei
Gender: Male
Species: Dixingren
Theme: Original (OSC)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Citizenship: Haixing
Residence: The Illumination
Education: Spotty
Status: Shelved
Groups: Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age: 54
Date of Birth 10 May 1976 Actor: Zhu Yilong
Height: 180.3 cm (5'11") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Shen Wei is a space mercenary and bounty hunter from the Dixing area of a little known planet on the outer edges of the known galaxy known as Haixing.

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This figure is tall and lean, standing at very nearly six feet. His shape is obscured in a hooded black shirt and shin length black tunic. The hood has been pulled up to hide whatever his hair looks like. Sometimes, a black mask with silver swirls covers the upper half of his face, including his cheeks, leaving his nose, mouth, and chin bare. The eyeholes of the mask are covered by dark lenses, hiding what's beneath.

What can be seen of his face below that mask are delicate features. Well defined. Clean shaven. His lips are full and a shade of pink that's neither too dark nor too light. He is often seen with a sabre. But sometimes, his form is obscured with shadows, revealing nothing at all. The hood of the shirt, as well as the shoulders and middle of the back, hold matching scrolls done in black embroider. Beneath the shirt and tunic, a pair of black pants and soft cloth black shoes complete the ensemble.


Shen Wei's eyes are framed by long eyelashes, such that the shape of his eyelids is so clear, they seem to be painted. The outer corners of those eyes taper into a delicate black line, like a brush stroke on an ink wash painting. His eyes are a rich shade of brown, almost copper when the light hits them, save they are several shades darker than copper. Even behind the dark tinted lenses of his sunglasses, his gaze seems almost as though it can penetrate the soul.

Thick, but elegantly arched eyebrows peek from behind dark tinted wraparound glasses that often obscure his eyes. Looking for all the world like something a blind person might wear, they sit perched on his straight nose. At first glance, there seems to be nothing special about him. But on second glance, Shen Wei could be considered quite striking, clean shaven with delicate, well defined features. His lips are full and a shade of pink that's neither too dark nor too light. They look like they could move into a smile at any moment.

Shen Wei's ears neither stick out nor lay entirely flat against his head, and are partially obscured by the fall of his hair sometimes. His dark brown hair has streaks of lighter brown through it. It is about jaw length and shows a bit of a wave to it. It's usually fairly neat, styled only with a part down the middle. He is lean and tall, standing at five feet and eleven inches. At his neck peeks a round braided cord of black leather. What might be on the end of it is hidden. He is dressed in a pale tan long sleeved flannel shirt and a pair of black cargo pants. Over it all, an old black long coat, plain and unadorned but well cared for. On his feet, a pair of black combat style boots.


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Shen Wei was very young when the war first broke out. His parents and that of his twin brother, Li Zong, were killed in the war. After, he and his brother fled the area. On the same night, they met the rebel leader, but aren't aware of who he is. Shen Wei already had the potential for a power to awaken, and awaken soon. The rebel leader wished to possess that power and have him on his side and tried to persuade him. But that potential allowed Shen Wei to see the blood on the rebel leader's hands. He declined, saying the man had killed someone. For his honesty, Shen Wei was thrown off a cliff into the deeper dark as a punishment. Whilst down there, he found a glaive of curious shape, with a dragon's tail tip, and a fluted blade. He found it by tripping over it. He used it to help get himself back to his feet, and back up the cliff.

By the time he reached the top of the cliff, his brother was gone. Not knowing where else to look, Shen Wei went into some of the more populated Dixing territory. Closer to where the rebels had set up camp. Closer to the people who'd killed his parents. He wound up conscripted into the rebel army. He started out as a runner when he was around nine or ten years old. He was taught how to fight and defend himself, both armed and unarmed. He learned how to use what was available. Sword, spear or glaive, bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt. His powers awakened as well.

The first power to awaken was sending messages, and the second to call fire. A power to use shadows to attack, to block, or to make barriers or shields to protect. To extend his senses, the mundane and more, to sense the world around him. To track not only enemy patrols, but to keep a watch on where the less scrupulous of the Dixingren were. Teleportation could take him just out of range of an attack, or into range for his own attack, or away from the battle if necessary. He learned this trick helping the medics get wounded off the battlefield. There, too, he learned to heal, both himself and others. Healing himself was painful and difficult. He learned how to bind another. An ability to link his mind with another's on scouting missions, so they could see the fields of power and what was invisible that he could see but that they could not.

Though Shen Wei saw too much, experienced and witnessed too much, he never found his brother. Sick at heart seeing too many atrocities, too many wrongs, Shen Wei started talking to people. He gathered many who felt as he did. Freedom from Dixing, to be able to go to the surface to help survival, would be a very good thing. But the way the rebels were going at things were too wrong.

Before the right time to defect came around, Shen Wei was already eighteen. With him went a little more than a thousand of the Dixingren rebels. They snuck out in groups and met on the surface. There, Shen Wei sent a message to the Haixingren Leaders to meet up. Thus, the Alliance between Haixingren and Dixingren was born.

Through his fierceness in battle and as the unofficial leader of the Dixingren in the Alliance, Shen Wei became known as Hei'an. Darkness. Someone known for ruthlessness when the situation called for it, but fairness if it didn't. He always fought obscured in shadows, another dark power he figured out. Shadows that helped to keep light from his sensitive eyes, keep it from rendering him too blind to fight on. Something all of his brothers faced, to lesser or the same extent, though not many had light blindness as badly as Shen Wei had. Without something to block out light, he was entirely blind.

Seven years later, the rebel leader fell in battle, and a new leader emerged. The Devourer. Three more years passed before Shen Wei ever saw the face of the Devourer. An event that nearly cost him his life. For the Devourer was none other than Li Zong, his twin brother. Li Zong didn't see Shen Wei's face, for Shen Wei always fought obscured in shadows. It was on this day that Shen Wei first met Bai Guang, one of the leaders of the Haixingren, when the man and his forces peppered those surrounding Shen Wei's remaining meager forces with arrows. Shen Wei survived, but not without injury.

And not without half of his force being killed by Li Zong. The brother that had disappeared so many years ago, who had been sickly and without any power at all, was now /this/. Shen Wei was sick at heart. Such that he didn't stick around longer than to thank Bai Guang for his timely intervention, and then take his people off to be treated. Later that night, he met up with his brother, tried to talk sense into him, only to discover his brother was no longer sane. Devouring the powers of others along with their bodies and souls had destroyed his sanity.

Over the course of the rest of the war, Shen Wei and Bai Guang met, sometimes in battle, sometimes during planning sessions, sometimes outside of both simply to spend what little time outside of the war they could together. It was during one of these times that Bai Guang got out of him the reason for obscuring himself in shadows all the time. It was to hide the fact that he was terrified every time he went into battle. It was pointed out that that didn't stop his enemies from seeing his hands shake. To which he replied, "But of course, my blade must be swift!" It became a common sight to see Shen Wei with Bai Guang, sitting together, chatting, planning, practicing, or sparring.

Plans were made by the rebel leaders. Over the next year, the final year of the war, battles would be fought, as often at night as during the day. The alliance was gradually pushed back and was very clearly losing the war. Shen Wei suggested perhaps they find the objects of power that had won the last war. This was tentatively accepted, and they were researched. Clues followed, until they were finally all found, just days before the final battle. A battle in which Li Zong appeared and was devouring any who came close.

Long into the battle, Shen Wei released the shadows, having no further power to hold them and continue to fight. He fought his way to the front, his the only powers present that were able to withstand his brother's. Perhaps it was the nature of his power versus his brother's. Using one's own inner strength versus stealing it from others. Or perhaps it was because they were twins, and Li Zong recognized him despite his madness. Whatever the reasons, Li Zong didn't devour Shen Wei immediately. Instead, he hesitated. Shen Wei managed to fight him almost to a standstill. Until Li Zong got a lucky hit on him, sending him sprawling. Unable to focus, let alone stand and defend himself, Shen Wei was left wide open to his brother.

As Li Zong's was coming in for the killing blow, Bai Guang appeared, with the four objects of power to hand. He combined them. Their power came to life. Li Zong was judged by the whole and found lacking. Swallowed by the Crystal rabbit, he was not seen again, though it was impossible to know if he was alive, or dead. Shen Wei regained his senses in time to see Bai Guang smile at him, and collapse, the four objects of power falling to the ground around him, no longer joined. Just as had happened in the last war, the combined might of the objects of power consumed a life. Bai Guang's, this time.

After Bai Guang was laid to rest, given utmost respect by both Haixingren and Daixingren, Shen Wei quietly took himself away, followed only by the first Dixingren to join his cause, and his most trusted lieutenant, Xie Yun, who was much more tech savvy than he. The war was over. There were few reasons for him to remain and many reasons for him to leave. Through his contributions to the alliance, he'd been awarded a small ship. It was with this ship that he took himself away. Naming the ship the Illumination, he takes to the stars and leaves that corner of the galaxy.

Over the next twenty-four years, Shen Wei and Xie Yun, who pilots and fixes the ship when it's broken, run cargo, transport passengers, occasionally, do the odd mercenary job, and take up bounty hunting. Mostly he keeps to himself, except when on a job. During these times, he obscures himself in shadows and is known as Hei'an. He keeps the contacts short, for holding the shadows in place is taxing. Much more taxing than it had been on his home planet. Even worse is when he's on a planet rather than within space. The energy necessary to use his powers is difficult enough to find in space. On any planet other than Haixing, it's even harder. Doable, but not without risk.

The Illumination is always kept dark except when there are passengers aboard, for neither he nor his pilot need light to see. They both see perfectly fine in absolute darkness. With passengers aboard, Shen Wei wears dark, wraparound sunglasses, while his trusty Lieutenant wears dark goggles. With any amount of light, if they don't, Shen Wei is entirely blind and Xie Yun is nearly so. On other planets, he also discovered that he can't tolerate alcohol like he could on Haixing. Perhaps it's the gravity difference?

Now, he's on a mission to locate a bounty. A known slaver. Wanted, dead or alive.


Dixingren and Haixingren are part of a long lived species with a 300 or so year life span. They live on the planet Haixing, which is tucked into a remote part of the galaxy fairly distant from anything else. While there is only one species on the planet, at the dawn of their recorded history, this species was at war with itself. Some had adapted to living beneath the Haixing's surface, with the rest living above ground.

Though the Dixingren were fewer in number, they were also far more savage than the Haixingren. They had to be. The dangers within Dixing are many and varied, and often, a Dixingren would find him or herself dead before they even realized they were in danger. Living underground, they developed the ability to see in complete darkness. But for most, any bright light was hard to see in at best, and blinding at worst. The only thing that helped was shielding the eyes somehow, via magic, some sort of power, or specially woven cloth.

With resources of safe food and water beneath the ground being far more limited than those on the surface, the Dixingren often forayed up to the lands of the Haixingren for those resources. Some even preyed upon the Haixingren people. These forays became more and more frequent until an all out war broke out, and the surface dwellers were losing.

A pair of heroes was born on the surface, twins, sister and brother. Some called them deities. Some prophets. They were merely adept in magic use. Together, they created four magical artifacts, objects of power. Bowl of Enlightenment. Compass of Nature. Crystal Rabbit of Karma. Lantern of Warding. Alone, each of these artifacts was powerful enough.
The Bowl of Enlightenment granting one immortality, but at the cost of another's life.
The Compass of Nature, allowing one to trade a portion of their life to save the life of another, or to heal them of maladies otherwise incurable.
The Crystal Rabbit of Karma, judge and executioner, swallowing those it deemed to owe a great karmic balance, but giving nothing to those it deemed worthy of its challenge.
The Lantern of Warding, able to stave off great powers, but would consume the one who sacrificed to save others, burning their soul for an eternity.

Or so the stories go. Whether or not they're true... Combining these four artifacts gave them even greater power, and the heroes turned the tide to drive back the Dixingren. The Dixingren were driven back beneath the surface. But there was a great cost. True to the nature of give and take, sacrifice and earn, the twins lost their lives, consumed by the power they'd used to stop a war and save their people.

Peace reigned for many thousands of years and the great artifacts were lost to the sands of time. Until a Dixingren rebel emerged, tired of being confined underground all the time, never to see the light of the sun. That rebel gathered like minded Dixingren to his side and broke the treaty. A fresh war broke out. But this time, it was brother fighting brother within the Dixingren people, as those who did not rebel allied on the side of the Haixingren.


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Quiet, reserved, almost seeming cold, but cares about what he's doing. He will try to mitigate for a bounty if the reasons they committed a crime are good reasons. There are times when he smiles quite easily, depending on the circumstances. He's protective of the innocent and helpless and people he cares about. He can be utterly ruthless when the situation calls for it, but overall, won't kill unless it's absolutely necessary.


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Dark Sight:
Born in darkness, Shen Wei's people can see where there is no light as easily as surface dwellers can see in sunlight. The drawback, is they cannot see in bright light. They can see in dim light. The brighter the light gets, the harder it is to see.

Fire Manipulation:
Shen Wei can manipulate small amounts of fire. Enough that he can light candles or lanterns, or start a fire with it. Perhaps roast a small amount of food. Curiously, any flame he calls is dark. Blues and purples. Any flame that is already there and manipulated by him takes on the same effect.

Shen Wei can heal others as well as himself. The sense that goes with his healing will tell him what the problem is and how extensive. This gives no instinctive knowledge on how to fix something. Healing others is relatively easy, with enough energy. Healing himself is both painful and twice as hard to do as healing other people. He cannot heal deadly injuries. If someone is dying, he might be able to hold off death until a better healer or a doctor can be found, but this takes power, of which his is limited off of Haixing.

Power Sense:
Shen Wei can sense and see the use of powers or magic around him within a quarter of a mile unless they are masked or shielded. He can extend his senses to the surrounding area, both physical and for power or magic, up to half a mile from his location. This is taxing and takes a lot of energy to do. He can share what he senses/sees with another person, provided he is touching them, or they him. This takes conscious effort. If someone touches him when he's sensing the power around himself, nothing will happen.

Shadow Manipulation:
Shen Wei can call up shadows to obscure things or people. This doesn't take a lot of power, and the shadows have a distinct, dark presence when bathed in light. Within other shadows, they are impossible to distinguish from them. He can make ropes of shadows and darkness to bind a person.
He can send messages of shadow. Shen Wei must know the person he's sending the message to, or it doesn't know who to find. On Haixing, he can send messages anywhere on the planet. In space, within 1000 miles. On any other planets, within 50 miles.
He can create shadows to block or deflect attacks. On Haixing, he can protect up to six people at a time with this. In space, three people. On other planets, two. This is not a high level power. He cannot stop a tank or a space ship with this. Nor anyone with super strength. At the very outside, he might be able to deflect a laser blast or torpedo, but it would take much of his power to do so.


Shen Wei can teleport, limited to places that he can see. Distance is irrelevant, so long as he can see it. Mountaintop to mountaintop? No problem. One room to the next with a wall in between? Not gonna happen. He cannot teleport from memory. He can take people with him. Up to six on Haixing. Up to three in space, no more than two on any planet other than Haixing. He does not need to touch someone to teleport them with him, and he can teleport someone independently of himself if he can see them. Doing this is twice as hard as teleporting with them. When teleporting another, whether with himself or just them, he still has to be able to see where he's teleporting them to.


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Bounty Hunter:
From hunting out information, to hunting down elusive fugitives, to capturing said fugitives, Shen Wei has become quite good at what he does. If he takes a bounty, he always brings back the target of that bounty, and in the shape the bounty calls for. Alive, usually in one piece, unless it specifies dead.

Shen Wei is not on par with any chef, but he at least won't get food poisoning eating what he cooks.

Shen Wei learns very easily and rapidly. He can often understand something after reading it or seeing it once. Usually well enough to duplicate a process or recite back what he'd read. He has knowledge in many areas, ranging from philosophy to mathematics and a lot in between. He's had a lot of time to read and watch videos. He's not an expert in everything he knows, but he can understand what people are talking about in most cases. Except advanced technology. He can't make heads or tails of most of the advanced technology out there and can barely work email. His trusty Lieutenant still has to set up videos for him to watch.

Martial Arts:
Shen Wei is versed in unarmed combat, fighting with swords, and fighting with spears and is good enough to hold his own against skilled opponents.

Sometimes, using his healing power is not feasible for the treatment of wounds. Sometimes it's better to use mundane ways. Minor stitching, bandaging, folk medicine and remedies. Shen Wei has learned many of them. For things that require more than his skills allow for, he can always use his healing power.

Although his stitches aren't the prettiest to look at, when needs must, Shen Wei can repair his clothing and other basic items.

Projectile Weapons:
Shen Wei learned how to use bows and crossbows during the war on his planet. While he's no marksman, he can usually hit at least close to where he aims at. Projectile guns he's decent with. Anything more advanced is out. No energy weapons for Shen Wei unless they are literally point and shoot or plug and play. Settings? What are those?

Putting together the clues and other information that is gathered are what makes it possible to find what or who Shen Wei is hunting for.


Shen Wei is a fair hand at tracking through many environments. Though he'd learned initially in the mountains and forests of his planet, he has since put that knowledge to use in many terrains.


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Because Shen Wei has been doing bounty and mercenary work since he left Haixing, he has built up a fair network of contacts. He gets news and information, and any warnings there might be, along with jobs from them or they know about.

A sabre who's hilt can grow to become a glaive with the same blade as it has when it's a sabre. This seemed to be a mark of who he was on Haixing. And serves to be a mark of who he is as a bounty hunter. This blade is often in use when taking bounties. The blade has black scale-like spots speckling its surface and is easily sharp enough to slice through bone. It has a graceful curve to it that is as deadly as it is beautiful. The hilt of the sword as well as the butt of the glaive look like the tip of a dragon's tail, with black scales and aged gold fins flowing from the tip. The glaive's shaft holds graceful swirls of deep grey, whilst the shaft itself is black. He is bound to his sabre and can summon it to his hand and dismiss it back to where it came from. It disappears into shadow when dismissed, and emerges from shadow when summoned. This is very fast, and can be done fluidly enough to then block an enemy attack.

The Illumination:
Shen Wei's small ship. It's a five passenger ship, but can fit a few more in a pinch if they don't mind sharing a bunk or sleeping on the couch or floor. It has small pulse cannons, for the asteroids it can't avoid. Limited shielding, mostly for space debris. It is, afterall, ostensibly a mining vessel. Because it was a mining vessel, it has grappling arms.

The Poor:

Shen Wei, in his guise as Hei'an, is well known throughout the communities of the down and trodden upon as someone who will help if you need help. He helps them, donates a lot of what he earns to make sure they are fed, clothed, and sheltered, and rescued on occasion. And in return, they pass him information.


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Alcohol Intolerance:
At full energy reserves, he gets drunk faster and more easily than most people. If he's been energy or has used his energy to fuel his powers, half a glass of alcohol will get him so drunk he passes out.

Alien Physiology:
As an alien from another planet, Shen Wei does not have the same physiology as other species from other planets do. Though he looks humanoid, he very much is not.
He has two hearts and two sets of lungs. This can be blamed on the lower oxygen content of his world. This isn't much of a problem on his home planet. Off his planet, he might suffer from too much oxygen intake if the world is rich in oxygen. He might also suffer worse effects from toxins or contaminants that are breathed in.
His world is also one of lower gravity than most. A consequence of this is that Shen Wei is not much stronger than your average human. Nobody from Haixing is.
The hair of one from Dixing differs from one born of the surface. The dangers of Dixing are many and varied. Many thousands of years ago, the debilitating effects of damage to their hair simply stopped occurring. These days, it still grows like the hair of a Haixingren, at about two inches per week, but it never stops growing. Cutting a small amount is painful enough to knock a Dixingren to his knees. Cutting a lot at once will render him unconscious.
His species lives for 300-400 years. Though his species has a long lifespan that may make them seem nigh immortal, they are not. If they are cut, they bleed. Only, they don't bleed red. Their blood is a dark blue that is faintly iridescent in the light.

Away From Home:
Haixing's magnetic field is not like that of other planets. This is where the magical powers of its inhabitants stemmed from. On Haixing, Shen Wei's powers are the same as off Haixing, but he has access to the planet's energy. Off of Haixing, he can rely only on his own energy reserves. In space, his energy reserves are not inhibited. On any planet that is not Haixing, because the magnetic field is not like that of Haixing, his energy reserves are halved. The higher gravity of planets other than Haixing also affects him, both physically and with his powers. Using magic can cause extreme fatigue and internal injuries if he's not careful and sparing in its use.

Blinded By the Light:
Literally. In bright light, such as sunshine and bright artificial light, Shen Wei is entirely blind unless he's wearing dark wraparound sunglasses, goggles, or has used his power to call shadows to cover his eyes. The light from fire, candles, lanterns, magic, if it's not high intensity light, Shen Wei is fine. He might not be able to see well, but he can see.

Shen Wei is, sometimes, forgiving to the point of being a complete idiot. When it comes to himself, nine times out of ten, no matter what is done to him, the person is forgiven afterward. Perhaps after a warning, but little else. This can, and has, been used to take advantage of him on more than one occasion, and surely will be so used again.

Protective Instinct:
For Shen Wei, protecting the innocent is what he does. At the risk of his own life, he will protect another. And if it's someone he cares about, he will walk through fire to protect them, even if it costs him his life.


The modern technology of the universe as a whole tends to be as good or more advanced than what had been to hand on Haixing. Even worse, it's way, way more advanced than what had been available in Dixing. Shen Wei has trouble relating to this modern technology. Simple things he can handle. If it requires programming of any sort, he's out of his depth. He can barely handle email. Give him a fight and he'll be happy.


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