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Date of Cutscene: 22 April 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Zachary learns of Bruce Wayne's death
Cast of Characters: Zachary Lightwing


Zachary put the newspaper down on the table in his spartan apartment. He stared down at the headline with horror in his face. As someone who has a fondness for heroes both mundane and fantastical, this hits him really hard. The name 'Wayne' has been a fixture in his home city his whole life and he liked keeping tabs on all the news stories revolving around that billionaire... he really had very little else to do with his time.

He considered leaving it alone.

After all, people die all the time, and Wayne doesn't deserve anymore special treatment than the homeless and the criminals.

No, Zach can't leave it alone. He wants to know how it happened. He'll need to investigate the site, the corporate building there. He'll need to see if he can listen in on police activity on the premises.

First, he'll gawk at the building as a mundane person. Everyone else will be and he won't look any different...