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Snowbird (Scenesys ID: 1489)
Full Name: Anne McKenzie
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Royal Mounty / Adventurer
Citizenship: Canada
Residence: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Education: Complicated
Status: Dropped
Groups: Alpha Flight
Other Information
Apparent Age: Mid to Late 20s Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 1 January 2020 Actor: Julianne Hough
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 73 kg (160 lbs.)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Black and White
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Snowbird is one of the founding members of Alpha Flight. The Canadian answer to the Avengers. Her heritage is divine, her power undeniable. She protects the great white north with all her might.



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The woman stands slender and petite, all of five four and maybe a buck sixty soaking wet. Her skin is perfectly smooth and soft, pale and almost luminescent. This woman is by nearly every standard there is, stunning. With shimmering golden blonde hair falling in waves to her back. Unbound and framing high cheekbones and beautiful black eyes, her pupils pure white. Her face is angular, and her lips are pleasantly pink and voluminous. Her chin is narrow, and her nose slender. Her jaw leads into a trim neck, seeming almost sculpted in how it trails down into strong back and shoulders.

She has the body of a dancer, slender but powerful. The classical kind, you dirty birdy. Hands that haven't known the kiss of hard work, callus free and delicate.

Her body is shown off and accentuated by the snow white outfit she wears. A snow white bodysuit topped with a cloak in the shape of birds wings. The pattern extends down between her cleavage and becomes the V shaped bikini pattern over the bodysuit. Similarly, her hands are gloved nearly to the elbows and her boots rise nearly to her knees, both with the scallop design. Her mane if hair is held back from her face by a winged headpiece which frames her face. A single sapphire rests in the forehead.


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To know Narya.. the Snowbird, you have to look back in time farther than is comfortable for most. Back to the time when Gods and Goddesses and Primal forces vied for ruling the Earth. In the great frozen north, the Inuit gods of the Arctic battled against the primal Great Beasts. After millennia of war, both parties were exiled from Earth into different dimensions. However the Arctic Gods were unwilling to leave without an insurance policy of sorts.. And so they sought to create a guard against the beasts return, one blessed by all the gods. To that end, Nelvanna, Goddess of the Northern Lights took a mortal form and descended into an Inuit village. She met a man, and nature took it's course.

That child, was named Narya. The Snowbird. Half divine, half mortal guardian of the Frozen Arctic. She fought against all manner of despoilers of Canada's lands, from hunters who lacked respect, to the Primal Beasts trying to breach the barrier and return to Earth. But all of this was over a thousand years ago. Snowbird was the unsung champion of the north, until her assassination nearly 5 centuries ago.

Who and why and the how are unimportant, but it left Narya dead on the field of battle, dead and eventually buried. But the divine side of her soul, was unwilling to give up the fight. It took over 500 years, but her spirit regenerated her body and she has returned from the grave to a new time. Her memories of the time before are fragmented at best, but she is learning to adapt. Her new friends in Alpha Flight have found her renewed purpose. She has a life, a job with the Royal Police of Canada. But when she is called. Snowbird will answer.


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Anne's personality is an ever fluid thing. She has a childlike bubbly personality usually but if crossed, the fury of the arctic storms will rain down on those who did the crossing. However.. when she shifts in her animal forms, she takes on the more dominant personality traits of that animal. Staying in one form too long runs the risk of her losing herself to the bestial side, body and mind.


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Snowbird has the ability to compel others to ally with her and even fight for her. The effect is temporary, lasting only an hour or so, and is taxing on Narya's energies. Not mind control per'se, but suddenly the person views her as their best friend. The compelled will remember everything that happens, and probably realize she 'bewitched' them if they are even moderately intelligent.

NOTE This can be used on PC's only with their OOC consent. This player will ask in page if it's ok beforehand.

Snowbird can fly! She's not really sure how she does it, but she can defy Earth's gravity at will and soar through the air with the greatest of ease. Her current clocked 'top' speed is just over Mach 2. She did this to catch another flyer in midair.

Narya can generate an aura that greatly stimulates cellular regeneration, temporarily giving herself an advanced healing factor of sorts, rivaling those of her more feral teammates. Normally this only affects herself, but she has proven to be able to extend the aura to others by touch, healing their wounds. However doing this is heavily taxing and will exhaust her quickly. She can only affect one entity at a time, including herself. This ability invokes a sort of trance, rendering her vulnerable while healing. The healing is limited to restoring the beings body as it is currently.

She cannot fix genetic quirks or deformities (or mutations). Nor can she regrow limbs or even digits. She can however, greatly accelerate the healing process for the individual to level comparable to Wolverine. Bruises vanish in moments, cuts nearly instantly, broken bones heal in a few minutes, though if they require setting this must be done beforehand. Massive injuries take longer and tax her that much harder.

Being a Demigoddess, literally half divine, makes Narya a supernatural being. Partly through her heritage and latent talents, and partly through training and practice, Narya has become a proficient spellcaster. Spells and rituals and incantations related to the frozen north of the arctic.

These all hail from her origins in the Arctic Pantheon. Summoning ice and snow to a localized effect. This equates to roughly a hundred yards around her, up to whiteout conditions. Ice shards can be summoned and thrown around 30 feet. (these do not form instantly unless she has a ready supply of water)

Telekinesis effects up to half her human physical limit, so roughly 1000 lbs.

Gifting others with temporary flight. Up to 5 others with a top speed of 20 MPH within line of sight of her. This can be exceeded but only by binding them to herself with spells and setting up wards against the wind and cold, then she can fly at roughly half speed, pulling them along.

Defensive elemental warding and force shields capable of defending against most small arms fire and like level physical blows. (These take prep work.)

However, she is essentially a talented amateur. She lacks the brute force of someone like Dr. Fate, or the nuanced elegance of someone like Zatanna. She cannot cast spells against her nature, like fireballs or lightning. She cannot teleport or cross dimensions with a few words.

As part of her talents, she can sense other magic at work though typically she lacks the training to tell what 'flavor' it is. Simply that it's present. She can try to actively resist magical effects being cast on her.

Snowbird possess the ability to look into the recent past in her immediate area. Covering around 40 feet in all directions centered on her. Only she can perceive these visions, she cannot share them unless someone is in her mind with her. She can look back up to six hours, but no further. She becomes a witness to the recent past, able to view the scene from any angle she chooses.

Linked to her magical abilities, Narya can shapeshift. But only into creatures native to the arctic. And she is always a snow white version, albino if you're not looking carefully.

Grizzly bears, Black bears, Polar Bears, Wolves, Cougars, Moose, birds of all kinds. Humpback Whales and Orca are well within her purview, as are a few species of Shark. She can also become very, very small, field mice and Pika's and Marmots.

However.. Last but very definitely not least, she can assume the shape of the arctic Yeti, the Wendigo and even the great beast Tanaraq (described in his own section).

The Yeti, the abominable snowman, the white bigfoot. 8 feet tall, thickly muscled, thick furred beast hailing from the frozen tundra. They can bench press cars, and hurl snow boulders with uncanny accuracy. Inch long claws to rip and shred frail flesh not unlike a bear.

Wendigo are the stuff of nightmares for the people of the north. Humanoid were-elk around 8 feet tall with long dexterous fingers tipped in talons for slashing. It's snout filled with teeth and it's head topped with a crown of antlers fully ready for impaling it's victims.

In her base human form, Narya is deceptively strong, able to deadlift approximately 2000 lbs. However, shifting into her various animal forms gives her the strengths of that particular species. This strength is magical and doesn't wear her out as quickly as those with raw muscle.

In her animal forms, she retains this level of strength, as it is magical. Imagine an owl in flight capable of lifting a car.

If the form is larger, with mass magically added, her strength rises accordingly. Bears and Elk can go head to head with most passenger vehicles, Yeti and Wendigo can toss around your average Semi Truck (without trailer, 17Tons). Tanaraq is on a whole other level.

The Great Beast Tanaraq is one of the Gods of the Elder Night, embodiment of the feral. 10 feet tall, and built like the Hulk, he is easily one of the physically strongest beings out there. His powers levels equate to an enraged Hulk, with similar durability, strength, and power set, just with fur and claws capable of shredding steel. He is also highly intelligent and keenly aware of his status as an immortal god. His senses are on par with Wolverines, hearing, smell and sight.

Narya can take his form in times of great need and use his power as her own.

However, this tempts a terrible fate. Staying too long as Tanaraq invites him into her mind and once here, he will overwhelm hers and the body stays his. Effectively allowing him into this world from his.

PLOT POWER only used when all else fails. End of the world type scenario. Also invites possibility of Snowbird/Tanaraq being the bad guy following a big plot.


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Anne is a competent fighter, having been trained by Wolverine, and Puck. She can handle herself just fine before she resorts to her other abilities.


As Anne Mckenzie, she has been given training as a Royal Mounted Officer. She can handle the Beretta 9Mil with decent accuracy. This training also covered the clerical duties she now performs as her human self Anne.


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The Canadian Avengers. Her family for all intents and purposes. They found her after her resurrection and created the fictitious identity of Anne McKenzie for her, got her enrolled in the Cadet Training for the Royal Mounties.

Through Alpha, she has access to the funds and connections of Department H, a branch of the Canadian Government created to deal with superpowered threats. The main Alpha Flight base resides on Tamarind Island just outside Starling. Access to her on site living quarters, gym, food.. anything and everything she could want (within reason). Government supplied.

The AlphaJet, Alpha Flight's answer to the Quinjet of the Avengers. Stocky and compact, but highly maneuverable at low speeds, it seats 12. With a nearly global range and speeds up to Mach 3, the team can be anywhere on the globe in record time. Equipped with a cutting edge retro-reflective panel technology, they are able to cloak themselves from both radar and the naked eye from far enough away. You'll hear it well before you see it, even with the whisper drive set. The whisper drive use high tech speakers and microphones positioned at key intervals along the body and an AI backed analysis suite to monitor external sounds and counter them with white noise. The craft has no onboard weaponry or defensive capability. Fast and Silent.


Narya is Anne McKenzie in her unpowered form, a simple Royal Mounted Police file clerk, based in Starling. She makes around $55K a year. This job provides both a day job, because you can't be super all the time.. as well as immersion training with other people. This is important being she spends much of her time in her other uniform in the minds of various beasts. Her training and time spent as a cadet and then as an officer are legit, even if Anne isn't. She carries a Canadian Government issued sidearm, badge and uniform.


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Despite her body being that of a late twenties dancer, Narya is in truth only around 6 years old. While highly intelligent, and quick learning, she is incredibly naive with some things, and she's hasn't had much time to catch up.

In a day and age where everyone has a digital footprint of some kind, she doesn't.

Only those in the highest echelons of Canada's Department H and her immediate team mates know the truth.

Anne MacKenzie is a lie. A fabrication created for her true name. Narya, daughter of Nelvanna, Goddess of the Northern Lights.

She has zero digital footprint aside from a very recently created social media page with a couple of pictures of her smiling in various places in Canada. No childhood photos, no names of parents or next of kin.

Officially she is a child of the Canadian system, and any official inquiries will reflect that and her status as a Royal Mounted Police File Clerk. Just that. Most everyone else will be denied under the highest levels of Canadian Top Secret security clearance.

A side effect of the magics that transform her from human to beast, she gets the bestial mind as well. The instincts, the senses. However if she stays too long in a form that is not human, she will slowly start to lose her mind to the beasts. Too long and she remains a beast forever, forgetting her human life, her human identity. Barring divine level interference, this is permanent.

Snowbird's abilities are largely magical in nature. Entering a null-zone, or having her abilities suppressed by stronger magic is possible, though difficult given her divine heritage.


Despite her intellect and body being around her mid to late 20's, she really is a child. As an emotional child she can lash out when angered and it doesn't take much. She really is trying but a naive mind coupled with a beast's instincts is a recipe for trouble.


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