Starfall off the East Coast

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Starfall off the East Coast
Date of Cutscene: 25 March 2023
Location: Tri-State Area
Synopsis: Summary needed
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Midnight's passing was business as usual. At least as far as could be seen from the infinite black. A familiar glint of a G-class body sings from the symphony of ages played by so many countless others before and ahead of it. A beacon that signals time to adjust course.

Asking a star is not so easy a feat to perform while hurtling in its grip, pulses of light in their song, reading what answer lies hidden in the chaff of their gross incandescence. A precise report on where the third one is, the one with all the noise and strangeness. The blue one inside the belt.

More energetic pulses to ride the answer of that friendly body, singing praises and worries for those it has borne. The span of time between hitting the edge and being shorn between the smaller spheres in Sol's space, and then hurtling into the dark ocean eclipsing the star is relatively short.

Rather than a pulse, a strong burn of mass towards the oncoming darkness, slowing the fall and shining brilliantly before sinking deep into the darkness.

A few hours pass and the monarch stands on sandy shore, trudging on to see what has happened to the world since his last check-in. Business as usual again.