Stark's Holiday Party Video

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Stark's Holiday Party Video
Date of Cutscene: 21 December 2017
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Iron Man

((This is a video on youtube taken 12/20/2017, from a partygoer at Stark's holiday event.))

The video is decent, considering that the cameraperson is clearly having a bit of shaky-cam since they are holding a device aloft to record the event. The view looks like a rock concert, with a massive stage spire lit up like a golden firecracker. The ceiling is open in sections, technology cleanly unfolding and rotating, while dancers spin on long golden ribbons without harnesses. It's dizzyingly dangerous and beautiful.

"This is insane," a woman next to the camera-holder remarks, and the focus of frame is on her briefly, showing her open-mouthed at the golden stage. Around her there are richly dressed, black tie guests, and most of them also looking at the spectacle, many of them also with phones out. "Are you getting this?" The camera returns to it. "Yeah."

The music reaches a crescendo, and the performers spin out wide, and there's an explosion from each of the circling ceiling panels of shimmering snowflakes, that burst out and start to shower towards all of the guests. But then something happens. And the camera tilts up to ceiling.

The snowflakes catch in the air as if on an invisible ceiling, a patterned flow of the snowflakes seeming to hover overhead on that pane, which then slowly start to descend, like natural snowfall.

"Presenting a new development in force shielding, capable of reducing speed without disrupting even a snowflake's shape, and, most importantly, keeps these performers perfectly safe," Tony says from the stage center, with a gesture, smiling, to the applause at the rather beautiful snowy show. One of the performers lowers herself on a golden ribbon, and clearly has assistance from the tech to slow her ease to the stage. Tony catches her and applauds her. "Wonderful performance, well done, Flying Dragon Dancers," he says, as the dancers bow, and Tony starts down from the stairs.

"I'm getting closer," a female voice that is clearly the camera-person says, and there's a lot of camera-wobble as she scampers between people to get up close to Tony. The camera gets a massive smile and wink at it before it gets a lot of Tony's profile as he calls for a drink from a waitress. The camera is jumbled at that point in a mess of people around him, shaking hands as people ask about the safety applications for things like car accidents or use in firefighting.

The snowflakes start to really filter around, and the camera aims up to look into them, the delicate flakes floating down into the lens.

That's where the video ends.