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Tesla (Scenesys ID: 8870)
"You humans do think so highly of yourselves. In spite of our being the product of nature's invention, you assert the right to decide our future. You've done it time and again to those who differ from the majority. No longer, I say. We control the primal elements. We defy the laws of physics. We bend reality to our will. You struggle to do any of these things through mechanical innovation, whereas we wield these powers as our birthright. I think the difference speaks for itself as to whom the Earth has granted its inheritance."
Full Name: Angelo Michaels
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Disciple of Magneto
Citizenship: Genosha
Residence: Genoshan Residence
Education: College Equivalent
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 12 May 2005 Actor: Nicholas Hoult
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 68 kg (150 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "O Fortuna"


Who was Tesla originally? No one who knew still lives, and those who might have every reason to believe he's dead, with legal documents supporting the fact. Either way, he appeared one day in Genosha, proudly bearing the mutant moniker Tesla. The word is both a unit of magnetic measurement and the name of a brilliant human, which is an irony for someone so ardently pro-mutant. Perhaps there's a reason for that?

Tesla's made no secret of what he is or what his agenda might be, the latter being securing mutant liberty and rights by any means. The young man conceals his fanaticism behind the typically villanous veneer, genteel and so capable of prying into the psyche of others. His actions reveal who he truly is, however. Aiding pro-mutant demonstrators, openly opposing legislation such as the Mutant Registration Act, and even allegedly attacking military bases he claims to have been holding mutants hostage.

Tesla still lives in Genosha today, aptly placed as a disciple of Magneto, master of magnetism and an ideal teacher for someone with his gifts. Whatever his revered mentor requires, Tesla seems to trust in.

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Five foot eleven, a fairly light build. He's nothing too impressive in that sense, but the young man nevertheless carries all of his stature with tangible confidence. He has fair skin marred by a number of scars, most meticulously concealed, and straight black hair kept to a sharp cut at the nape of his neck. A faint line or two would be perceptible alongside his blue eyes, which speaks to his possibly having led a stressful life. Crow's feet at so young an age actually makes him look a bit older than is true. All else about him is manicured to professional quality.

Attire is where things take an odd turn, because he's certainly not wearing ordinary clothes. The cut of the cloth is quite elegant, but the tunic fitted to his body has long sleeves, a high and fitted neckline, and wraps around with unseen clasps and a black belt. Tailored trousers of the same black hue as his tunic extend to narrow toed boots of the same color. Black seems to be the trend, as it features yet again in a cape draped about his person, extending nearly to the floor. However, it's at least lined with maroon silk, along with a silver or platinum chain to secure it beneath the neckline. Refined black gloves complete the ensemble.


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Tesla was once Angelo Michaels, young inheritor of the American dream. A suburban childhood, white picket fence, good income, 4.0 GPA, giving parents who rewarded his efforts at school with much at home. That was life until he turned thirteen. Then, evolution saw fit to awaken within him something new. Something he would later see as superior.

Tesla had an ordinary family life until he developed his mutation, which was the ability to manipulate metal in a variety of ways. Magnetokinesis. Further, he later discovered that he could reach beyond this, controlling even metals which weren't ordinarily magnetic. He maintained the ruse that he was still an ordinary human until he was sixteen, and a neighbor spied upon a place he'd thought of as a haven in which to practice using his powers. The cops were told. They laughed until they saw it, too. The government was not amused, but they /were/ interested. Tesla was promptly kidnapped in the dead of night and his house destroyed by a 'freak gas leak' to conceal the evidence, his remains supposedly lost in the ashes along with those of his parents. That spying neighbor, too. He died bravely trying to save them, or so the official paperwork says.

Tesla spent the ensuing five years at a government black site. While there, he was experimented upon by the United States government in a quest to unlock the key to his powers, or at least a way to counter them. Metal is everywhere, after all, an integral components of countless vital devices and structures. The building blocks of the modern world. Tesla endured in silence and, during the many quiet hours, he worked at honing his mutation under his captors' very noses. Tugging at metal wires in electronics on the base. Bending them, learning to shape them, moving instruments from one room to another. He bided his time and explored with new senses, eventually finding the tanks on base used to hold adamantium. That metal truly resonated with him.

When Tesla sensed more adamantium in the shape of human skeletons, he realized what was being done with it. This brought about the decision to have had enough when the moment was just right. That's when he became Tesla and left Angelo behind. As for the right moment, that came when the corpse of another failed recipient was wheeled past his room in error. The moment the body was near, Tesla tore the adamantium from its bones and used the shards to cut his door to ribbons, much like anyone who tried to stop him as he walked out of the base and disappeared into a low profile life.

When he first saw Magneto speak on television, Tesla was enthralled. This was someone like him. Not just their mutations, but how he'd come to view humans. How he thought philosophically about the right to exist, and indeed, to be the next great thing in evolution. Tesla found his way to the Brotherhood, which took him in with enough interest to present him to Magneto.

So it goes that Tesla became disciple and loyal, obedient follower of the master of magnetism. Together, they explore not only their similar yet different mutations, but also their varying takes on philosophy and world events. He lives well in Genosha as one of the great sapiens superior, thinking himself on a higher plane than the ignorant savages who had decimated his early life.

Why Tesla? It's not just a unit of measurement in magnetism, but the name of a brilliant figure in history who understood magnetism. He's convinced that the human Nikola Tesla was actually a mutant, naturally, in a time before their existance wasn't widely known and understood.


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Tesla has a complicated personality. Most of the time, even in the midst of causing trouble, he presents himself as a genteel and well-spoken man with a sense of wit. Opponents may find him to be atypically civil, and in the case of mutants, one to even make passionate speeches about the legitimacy of his pro-mutant cause in hopes of swaying them away from a violent confrontation. He has killed and likely will again, but it's more the last option than the first unless his life is in immediate peril. To kill everything in his path would make him no better than the barbaric humans who held him captive, and Tesla avoids lowering himself to that level until he has no alternative.

He just can't think highly of humans or trust them. When he was young, maybe, but not after his capture. Tesla now lives by a mixture of Magneto's rhetoric and his own sense that humans are lesser beings. Who has truly inherited the Earth, he often asks, when mutants command the primal elements and defy physics as a matter of birthright? This doesn't mean that he can't walk down a street packed with humans without acting completely normal, though. That's entirely within his ability, as the humans who most tug at his angry aspect are very specific.

Tesla is interestingly philosophic in nature. He's raised himself up post-captivity to be more of a curious intellectual, this supporting the assertion that he's better than the common human. The young man respects Charles Xavier for his efforts in protecting mutants and helping them to understand themselves, yet he could debate the flaws in his ultimate goal of humant-mutant coexistence for hours on end. He loves to use historical quotes when he speaks, as relevant to the conversation, from those few humans he thinks of as having been somewhere above the masses.


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The one unique magnetokinetic quirk Tesla has manifested is countermagnetism, or the ability to control metals which don't ordinarily generate magnetic fields. This effectively means he has the ability to control all metals, no matter the type. His magnetokinetic limitations still apply, however.

By altering the magnetic fields surrounding his own body, Tesla is capable of simulating flight. He simply needs to think it to will forth the power. Alternatively, he could fly by flattening out a piece of metal into a disk and standing upon it, levitating said disk. This power is limited in that he can only fly as high or as quickly as what the human body could reasonably tolerate.

Magnetic Projection:
Though there are many creative ways by which Tesla might use metal offensively, the most direct is via simple projection of an object. He levitates whatever metal he intends to use, within his limit of five tons, and then alters the magnetic field in use to propel said metal forward at anywhere from damaging to deadly velocities. He doesn't have to kill to use this power, and usually doesn't (surprisingly), but it's an option of last resort.

Tesla's primary mutation is the ability to manipulate metals by way of tearing them apart, mending them together, merging them, using them as weapons or shields, means of transportation, etcetera. It's very much about creativity, and he's light on his feet with the applications. The magnetic fields he generates to accomplish this are powerful, and his control over what's done with them is finely honed.

The catch is that Tesla is limited by something of a ceiling to his power, though it may be lifted with practice and time. He's no Magneto at the moment, not by light years. Tesla can lift about five tons of metal and his powers extend out to a mile at best. Whether this will improve in time remains to be seen.

NOTE: Unless approved by staff, the only exotic, comic-based metal Tesla is capable of controlling is adamantium.

Metal Sense:
Tesla can sense the presence of metals of any kind within a mile's radius and down to the precise location. He can further assess the metal's mollecular composition. As far as discerning exactly what the metallic ping actually is, the sense functions like sonar, sending back a detailed mental mapping of the object's shape.

Metallic Camouflage:
As a product of his Countermagnetic talent, Tesla is capable of distorting magnetic fields to conceal the presence of metals. This is useful for passing through metal detectors or evading the senses of entities who'd pick up on the material. Inevitably, it also helps with concealing allies who might have such tools as armor, swords, and technological devices on their person.


Tesla's understanding of metals on a mollecular level is a mutation in itself. This sixth (seventh, in his case) sense grants him a finely tuned understanding of the composition and structure of metals of all kinds. He can merge them together using this information to create alloys. Pairing his senses with careful application of academic knowledge and magnetokinesis, he can create entirely new metals with their own unique properties. A handy talent for creating new technological wonders. NOTE: Unusual Properties beyond those of common metals and alloys requires TP/staff approval prior to creation and use.


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Tesla has the equivalent of a college education in several fields. Books were the only luxury afforded him during his imprisonment, after all, most of them aimed at teaching him about magnetism and metals. This way, his captors felt that they'd coax forth new mutations to experiment upon. Tesla continued to study after his escape, aiming always toward functionality in the cause of mutant freedom and rights.

Tesla's studied to college equivalency in the fields of physics, metallurgy, electronics, history (particularly as it pertains to displaced minorities), mechanical engineering, military science, and philosophy. He also has a good bit of practical knowledge about genetics in relation to mutants.

Tesla commands a broad range of technical knowledge centered around engineering new technologies with the aid of magnetokinesis. His ability to fashion new materials with exotic properties enables him to theorize on the invention of numerous wonders.

His engineering knowledge also extends to the function and structure of other modern technologies. Computers, mobile devices, vehicles, weaponry, things of that nature. Truly important technologies, really, that he may need to manipulate for the mutant cause.

Tesla is well read on contemporary American literature, as well as history and the epics of old. For many a day, he had nothing to do but read, and he soaked these in as much as he did metallurgical texts and technological diagrams. He's able to hold a fine conversation about many famous and storied books, fiction and non-fiction.


Tesla collects one thing other than metals, and that's quotes he considers to be enlightened and impressive. The humans (sometimes, suspected mutants) who've spoken these words across the ages tend to be a notch above the masses on his scale of respectability. When he can, Tesla employs quotes as relevant to ongoing conversations. It's just a habit of his, but sometimes the words of ages past might well inspire useful ideas.


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Tesla has in his possession a relatively small quantity of adamantium shards which he shapes as needed. This would amount to a small handful in what seems to be their native shape. Why that happens to be shards, as if broken apart, is anyone's guess.

Tesla has what he considers to be the great honor of being apprentice to the master of magnetism, and potential heir to that title, should he survive to see the day. Recognized by Magneto as being a prodigy mutant whose control over types of metal exceeds his own, the ruler of Genosha has taken Tesla under his wing and guides him in refining his magnetokinetic mutations. He is at once Magneto's apprentice, shield, and sword as situations deem necessary. There is obviously a certain sense of awe about it all, for Tesla even attires himself in elegant attire similar to that which his teacher favors. They also have a common past detailed in tattoos not so willingly placed upon their wrists.

Tesla has been granted citizenship in Genosha, using his mutant name and identity as part of identifying his legal status there.

Tesla is a disciple of Magneto, which is beneficial in that it offers him a connection to a powerful world figure. Whether or not he'll get what he wants on a given occasion is naturally Magneto's decision, but it's through him that Tesla can accomplish things his own mutations can't, reach world leaders, even communicate with the world through the master of magnetism's control over satellites. It's a fine enough reward for being a loyal servant that he's able to make any such request.

Although not superhuman in its extent, Tesla's intellectual capacity is vast. He's taught himself to a point of functional understanding regarding such complicated subjects as high technology and philosophy, all to push forward his agenda and broaden the applications of his mutation. A quick learner, likely owed to an eidetic memory, with a vast curiosity about both the human/mutant and material sciences. Mathematics and mollecular compositions compute like one plus one for Tesla.


Tesla is a collector of metals, including rare and even unique metals, some of them precious and highly valued. In fact, he has a literal vault of the stuff in Genosha. If he were to ever liquidate his vault into cash, he'd be wealthy beyond any one man's needs. He only does this as necessary, though, and it usually takes only a small portion of his collection to fund a scheme. He can always just take replacements from someone or somewhere else at a later time, Tesla figures.


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Tesla's angry about what was done with him to the point of being myopic. It gets down to his very bones, the fury inspired by how casually his native government broke him down in search of the key to his power. Most of the time, he doesn't express this anger like a raving lunatic, but it's yet another engine driving forwrad his pro-mutant activism and extremism. When he's faced with other examples of victims facing the same crime, all the world seems to fall away in favor of exacting vengeance. Here, the true wrath which simmers beneath the surface defies the genteel veneer. In these moments of perceived revenge, when he strikes down humans playing their part in the slaughter of mutantkind, he'd not deny feeling like a god.

It goes without saying that, in being so fervently pro-mutant, Tesla has adopted the hypocritical tendency of being anti-human. He can't help but see them as savages who suffer at the hands of mutants only because they first seek to oppress and harm said mutants. In some way, everything's their fault, whether it's what they're suffering or what's being suffered by his own species. They'd have to abandon virtually all of their prejudiced experimentation, laws, and views to stand a chance at changing his mind and avoiding the consequences of bias. Throw the Mutant Registration Act on the pyre, right on live television, and humans just might have more than a fraction of his ear for a change.

Tesla has certain self-declared enemies who, given the chance, he can't resist going after. He literally can't resist, setting aside even orders and plans to seize the moment. Those on his Most Wanted List include:

* Sentinels: See one? It gets torn apart. Better still, turn it against its masters and /then/ tear it apart. The little note of irony amuses him.

* Bolivar Trask. Enough said. The same for Trask Industries in general.

* Mutant Containment & Experimentation Sites: How dark a history Tesla has with these. With strained effort to wait for Magneto's leave, without waiting at all if unsupervised, Tesla will attack these locations once found. One facet of the attack always consists of freeing the mutants, noting that they've had a taste of what humanity has in store, and then inviting them to see the mutant perspective in Genosha.

Tesla may be thought deceased by whatever remains of his original family and acquaintances, but not by the United States government. Their black budget includes funding toward his capture following his violent escape, and yet more with each attack he wages upon their secret detainment and experimentation sites. Tesla enjoys relative safety in Genosha, but anywhere else, he must always be mindful that he remains a treasure to be kept in the eyes of his former American captors. They watch actively for an opportunity to reclaim what was lost, and Tesla is only a more complex and valuable a subject now that his abilities have grown a bit.

Tesla is mentally unstable as a result of five years of often torturous experimetation at the hands of the United States government. Perhaps understandably, but nevertheless, this often distorts his view of what's pragmatic and sound reality. Beneath the genteel veneer, the damage is done and precious few methods exist to mend the wounds. Tesla's instability colors his every view, preventing him from finding a better path and instead driving forward his radically pro-mutant agenda. That humans might ever accept mutants or change for the better in general is something nearly beyond grasping. Tesla's delusional inability to accept that mankind might evolve can only lead to disaster down the road. They're just lesser creatures from the perspective of his maimed psyche.

Should Tesla learn about the location of a black site holding mutants, his first instinct is to break down the doors and set those mutants free himself. In fact, he's done so on occasions where Magneto hasn't stringently objected. That others would go what he went through infuriates him and twists his objectivity. Tesla rips those imprisoning doors away and, after noting to the imprisoned mutants that they've seen what mankind has in store, offers them the human perspective by way of residence in Genosha. All the better to spirit them away from lives they no longer have, so far as he's concerned.

Magnetic Interference:
Tesla's magnetokinetic abilities can be subject to difficulties related to his magnetic senses. How severe the interference is varies according to where he is. Essentially, the more densely packed an area is with metal, the more difficult it can be for Tesla to pick out a specific object.

In an open area with minimal development, Tesla can sense specific targets with ease. The same would not be true when standing in the middle of a dense metropolis, however. In those situations, his senses become reliable after about two blocks out. At that point, if he tries to push or pull a metal object, he may end up pushing or pulling /all/ objects of that type of metal in the direction he's focusing on.

Magnetokinetic Range:

One of the fatal flaws of Tesla's magnetokinesis is its reach. He can ordinarily exert control out to a mile's radius in any direction. Further, he can lift up to five tons worth of metal. This is very powerful, but still far, far beneath the might of someone like Magneto. At least the potential exists that he might one day do more.


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