The Family's Reaction

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The Family's Reaction
Date of Cutscene: 10 November 2019
Location: Guthrie Farm, Cumberland, Kentucky
Synopsis: TMZ airs information about Jay Guthrie and Andrea Jackson being seen together. The family reacts!
Cast of Characters: Rage, Icarus

Elisabeth and Melody Guthrie are doing their chores cleaning up the living room. The nice thing about having this chore, you can have the TV on. Today they have on TMZ, and while it is mostly just normal news of celebrities being caught stopping a mugging, or one who got a DWI over the weekend, but right before the commercial they flash the hook.

"In the arms of an angel! Mutant princess of pop Andrea Jackson was seen dancing and canoodling with a mystery man with red wings at Club Evolution! Does this mean Andrea is finally over the bad boy of pop Mason Steele?! We'll definitely be following up on this soon to come!" This comes with a picture of Andrea Jackson and Jay Guthrie dancing at the club. She is wearing a stunning silver dress while he is dressed in a tank top and a pair of jeans. Definitely an odd couple.

The two girls turn as they hear the name Andrea Jackson as they are heading as a family to see her in concert soon, but upon seeing Jay, they squeal, "Ma, Ma, Ma, come see this Jay is on TV!!" Elisabeth will call out, as Melody quickly thinks to hit the record button on the TV. Lucinda comes in from the kitchen drying her hands on a hand towel she has tucked into her belt, as Jeb, and Ray Jr. come leading the rest of the little ones in, and they all gather around the TV as the show returns from commercial.

Harvey Levin comes on and says "It seems the Teenage Disney Mutant Princess, has started to go out and have a night of dancing and perhaps put Mason Steele behind her. Tonight at Club Evolution in Bushwick New York one of the premier clubs that does not care if you're human or mutant, Andrea has been announced a while back to have a concert coming up at the club, and seems she was out scouting the venue, and the busboy! Early in the night she was seen with Alejandro Escobar a second generation Soccer player for the New York Bolts. <Insert picture of Alejandro kissing Andrea on the cheek, and a picture from another angle shows Jay brows raised seeming upset>

"This red headed young man is a bit of an unknown, but an inside scoop told us his name is Jay, and he is a busboy at the club. The two appeared to be very close, as Andrea danced by herself most of the night except for three times when the young man seemed on break. <insert picture of Andrea and Jay dancing, and a video clip of him wrapping her up in his wings> Has Andrea Jackson found someone she is into after Mason? Has she decided that as a Mutant she should be with another Mutant? She was recently seen at the birthday party for Lorna Dane, the heiress of the self claimed King of Genosha, Magneto. Let us know what you think in the comments down below, and we will keep an eye on these two! Is it too early to call them Jandrea? You heard it here first!"

Back to the Guthrie's family the little ones are all excited and singing "Jay and Andrea sitting in a tree", practice for tormenting their brother later on, the girls talking about Andrea's dress, and Jay having his wings out. Jeb looks over to Ray Jr. "Ok, first Sam and Lila and now Jay is dating Andrea Jackson, man, I gotta get enrolled in that school. Ma, can I go to Xaviers?" And as for Ma, she watches it all quietly with a bit of a smile showing on her face, as seems she made the right decision sending Jay there to help him heal, but she will have some more questions for Sam on the next phone call.