The Kidnapped

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The Kidnapped
Date of Cutscene: 07 July 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 1088

Day 2...

As the cloaked goddess entered the room, she took note of how Sienna was coping. The young girl has been crying her eyes out since she was brought here. "You need to stop. Your tears are not going to get you out of here. I brought you here because you need to learn." The cloaked woman sits down on the bed beside Sienna who is lying there soaking her pillow. "A long time ago, there was a civilization called the Keru. They lived on a small island and worshipped a trio of deities. There were my brothers and myself Ardos whose realm was order, Viktos whose realm was chaos, and then there was me, Kesta whose realm was magic and mystery. When a great storm erased the Keru from existence, the knowledge of my brothers and me vanished. When a small group of explorers discovered a few artifacts we revealed ourselves to them. They began worshiping us. They brought your parents into this religious circle and when you were born, you were dedicated to me."

She notes that Sienna is paying attention before continuing. "Your parents failed me. They did not explain these things to you. As such. They failed you as well. They allowed you to go through life with your blessing unchecked. That is why I have intervened." She frowns as she looks at the girl. With a quick motion, she summons a book. "This is the book I began writing concerning magic. I began it when I realized your parents would never follow through with guiding you in the ways of magic. Read and learn." With that Kesta left the book and the room all together.

Day 4...

There is a distinct lack of things to do in this strange room. No TV. No phone reception. Nothing. There is the bed. A bathroom. And books, many of which are written in a language she's never seen before. Sienna has been spending her past few days reading the strange book that Kesta left her. In it, is the basics of magic. She's even attempted to use her magic to an improved degree. Its very interesting to her. As she reads, the door opens. Sienna quickly gets to her feet. "I want to go. You can't keep me here!"

Kesta smirks as she looks her over. "You've been studying dear. As for you leaving, you are not ready to leave. you must learn if you will ever bring my name to humanity once more."

Sienna frowns. There is rage in her eyes as a ball of fire forms in her hand. "LET. ME. GO!" She throws the fireball at Kesta. Kesta simply raises a hand and the magic is soaked up.

"Well done. Keep practicing and you will be ready to show the world our power."

"No! I won't! I won't be your little pawn!" Sienna sighs and frowns. "But, It doesn't matter what I want, does it?"

Kesta frowns and walks over toward the girl and embraces her, "Oh Sienna, you will find soon enough that things are not as bad as you think."