The Peacekeeper Project

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The Peacekeeper Project
Date of Cutscene: 06 January 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Lex Luthor
Tinyplot: Peacekeepers

It was months in the making. Tests, prototyping, revisions. NDAs, finding the right volunteers, signing the contracts. The technology was solid.... but the firmware needed more input, more debugging. It was an entirely new platform to base a cyborg on, after all.

LexCorp had made it a priority to make the cyberpathic interface as streamlined as possible for the brains they'd be connected to. Lex wanted a system capable of being used by the average citizen on the street, ideally. It would make finding more prospective conversions much easier for future employees.

That was the long term, though. Today, Lex Luthor would be pitching the project to Pentagon officials for a military contract to start field testing what he did have available.

The conference room was at the main project complex in Metropolis, where Lex, the lead project director, Mercy and Hope, and a number of other staff -experts in their own fields- awaited the arrival of Major Douglas Thorne, the officer assigned to evaluate the viability of what was being offered. Lex had been talking to him on and off for some time about the project, but this would be his first face to face meeting. Lex wanted to be able to read the Major personally for this pitch... and right on time, the doors open.

"Welcome, Major, and thank you for your time, Sir. I know you're a busy man, but I hope you'll agree this project and it's implications will be a great boon for all of us." Lex walked over and shook his hand. For his part, Major Thorne nodded, "The Joint Chiefs have read your preliminary pitch, Mr. Luthor. It's very impressive stuff." Lex gave a smile to this, "I'm sure you're very interested in the video of the general testing we did, alongside the recent test against a magnetic based power. We're still in the revision stages for the latter, but for a general field test, I do believe what we have will be sufficient for the military to begin their own tests."

Both men moved to sit down in their respective chairs around the conference room table, and a holo-projector popped up in the middle of it. Soon, a projection of the first large scale test at the LexCorp testing complex popped up. A number of mercenaries were shown, alongside a separate test of six bigger looking Peacekeepers. It goes on for about a minute, showing various highlights from various fights.

"As you can see, the Riot-Class Peacekeepers are effective against your standard human adversary quite well. I'm also confident they can take on most forms of metahumans, mutants, and enhanced alien lifeforms. The Hunter-Class Peacekeepers are much more high end, and I expect them to fill in as the more elite workhorses." Lex glances to Major Thorne, "I'm sure you'll have your own people check the effectiveness of both during your own trials." After a few more moments, the Major nods, "So far, it's well within what I expected from LexCorp, Mr. Luthor." He glances to Lex and gives a smirk, "Which is to say, very impressive."

There's an amused chuckle from Lex, before he brings up a remote and clicks, switching to another video, "These are the tests for the magnetic attacks. As you can see, the shield takes the blasts quite effectively." Once the video is finished, he turns and looks to Major Thorne. "So. What do you say, Major?"

Major Thorne stands, walks over to Lex, and holds out his hand, "I think we have an arrangement, Mr. Luthor. I'll notify my superiors that my recommendation is to proceed with the field test."

Lex gives a winning smile, "Excellent. Let's get down to the details, then."