The Story of Brandon Coh

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The Story of Brandon Coh
Date of Cutscene: 10 May 2017
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 257

Deep in the sewers under Gotham, Copperhead sits at a computer putting together a set of files and collection of videos while singing to himself a cheerful song and bobbing his snake head along with the music,

~"Jack and Jill, went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, sso they ssay. Their sssubsequent fall wass inevitable they never sstood a chance, they were written that waaay!

Innocssent victimss of their ssstory like Romeo and Juliet, t'wass written in the ssstars before they even met, that love and fate, and a touch of sstupidity would rob them of their hope of living happily!

The endingss are often a little bit gory, I wonder why they didn't just change their ssstory? We're told we have to do what we're told but sssurely, sssometimes you have to be a jussst little bit naughty.

Just because you find that life's not fair it, doesssn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it, If you alwayss take it on the chin and wear it nothing will ever change! "~ The files are journal entries started just weeks after he was transformed into the monster he is today. He goes back to edit them while he sings.

Day 1, I'm starting this journal to keep a record of what happened and honestly to help me keep my mind straight. Days ago, I'm not sure how many, I was just a normal guy. I was part of a test for some kind of new Anti-Psychotic medication based on snake venom. Given my history with snakes, when my shrink recommended it I thought it would be ironic if that was the thing that made me normal. I joined the trial thinking maybe if my wife saw I was trying she would give me a second chance. She stopped seeing me while I was in prison. I can't blame her. She moved, changed her number, it's like she doesn't want to ever talk to me so I wanted to show her I could be more than just a thief. Turns out I could be more, I could be a monster. It was the third day we were there when it started. We changed into some strange hybrid of snake and human. Some of us more snake than human, some of us less. It was chaos, we lost our minds for a while. I remember gun fire and blood, I think I killed someone but it was all a blur. The thing I remember most was the sound of crying. A young boy, Brandon Coh was caught in the crossfire. He's a great kid. 12. He was changing too but for some reason he didn't turn completely. He was terrified and trapped, I don't know why I saved him but I did and now I'm taking care of him. It's.. it's difficult for us. He didn't change all the way. He's only half snake and his snake half is at war with his human half. I'm hungry almost all the time but he is starving. I think he may be still changing. I've been bringing him animals to eat as fast as I can, I'm barely eating myself and that's making me cranky but I'm afraid if I stop feeding him he'll die.

Day 13, Brandon and I have learned to deal with the hunger pretty well as long as I keep finding meat for us but he's not growing any more. He seems to be trapped half human. I don't know how to help him. The doctors who did this too us might kill us I take him back to them. I can't imagine this was what they intended. Why would they make us such monsters?"

Day 72, Something terrible happened. I returned from hunting and found two dead men in the lair. Brandon is in shambles. He didn't mean to kill them. They scared him and his instincts took over. They look like utility workers. They must have stumbled onto him while I was out. We'll have to move. It's not safe here. Getting rid of the bodies is going to be problematic. He was so hungry.

Day 113, I have been doing research the only hope I have of finding a cure for Brandon and getting him back to his family is to turn him over to someone I can trust to take care of him. I've never been big on trust. It's funny how much I've come to care for the boy. My only two real choices are SHIELD and WayneTech. I can't trust shield not to just dissect him. I'm looking into WayneTech their medical stuff is suppose to be the best in the world. Maybe they can do something for him. A cure...

Day 176, I did it. I set up the meeting with Waynetech and handed the boy over to them. I'm sending this journal and the pictures of the two men's IDs who died down here in a file to Wayne. He needs to know what happened. Brandon needs better psychological help than I can give him. I'm just a thief, I'm not a father figure and those men's families deserve to know they are dead. I just hope Wayne will use his lawyers to get the charges dropped. It wasn't Brandon's fault. He's not himself. People can't understand what the change does to you. Maybe WayneTech can prove he wasn't in his right mind when he killed those men. Keeping him out of prison will be much easier than helping him learn to live with what he did. We're killers now. God have mercy, it's so hard not to be.

Uploading the edited files to a public file sharing site, Copperhead sends a link to the phone he gave to Bruce Wayne as he chuckles a dark, hissing chuckle then sings that one line again, ~"The endingsss are often a little bit gory, I wonder why they didn't just change their ssstory?"~ the snake sings to himself as he leaves his laptop on the table next to his bed and turns out the light relaxing with an even wider smile on his face than normal.