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June Covington (Scenesys ID: 7921)
"Bleed out everything else. Steal the tech, p@#s in the refrigerator and poison the potted plants. Mama wants to send a message."
Full Name: Theresa June Covington
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Geneticist / Researcher
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Specialized Education
Status: Dropped
Groups: Thunderbolts
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 11 January 1994 Actor:
Height: 173 cm Weight: 64 kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Dr. June Covington is a geneticist with a couple small problems. Namely, she is obsessed with genetic perfection and she doesn't care how she achieves it. As such, she combines a genius level intellect and sociopathic tendencies to further her research, which may not be the nicest methodology to follow. This has gotten her in trouble with the authorities...and now, perhaps, she is working to redeem herself.

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Standing at 173 cm, the blonde woman before you, with hair falling to about the middle of her back coupled with bright blue eyes, resembles yet another typical blonde coed. However, upon closer inspection, there is something that doesn't quite seem right to her. Perhaps it is the way the lips curl into a smile that just doesn't quite reach the rest of the girl's expression. Perhaps it is the gleam in those blue eyes. There is intelligence behind those eyes...a cold, calculating intelligence that causes one to wonder just what she is thinking. It is a predatory icy, detached stare that only adds to the manic mystique of the woman. Her mannerisms seem proper, following all the normal social protocols, but it is that look that just radiates the sense that there is something just a little twisted about the person before you.

At the present time, the figure is dressed in what looks to be an ordinary everyday most people would consider rather casual. A long brown sweater covers the upper half, with the sleeves covering her arms fully, cutting off at her wrists. The sleeves are loose enough to hide whatever muscle definition she may have, but leaves her hands bare. Her hands are petite and dainty in appearance, with the exception of her fingernails, which are about a half inch long each and filed to appear almost razor sharp, a deep red in color. A loose belt is slung over her hips, drawing attention to her small waist. Below the belt are a pair of tight blue jeans, which seems oddly out of place with the brown sweater and belt combo, as if the figure just grabbed the first pair of jeans available. The denim is well-worn, almost threadbare in places, but do show off a shapely leg, betraying that the woman may have as least some athletic prowess to her. The feet are adorn with dark red sandals, the same color as her nails.


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June Covington was always a disturbed person. Even in childhood, she exhibited signs that her particular outlook on life, and the people that encompassed it, was slightly askew. At the age of 12, she ran over her father with a tractor. She was upset that he just disciplined her on a minor issue in her mind and she really didn't think it was that big of a deal, really. After all, she only broke his leg. It could have been much worse.

This detached view of her life in comparison to others carried with June. As a post-graduate student in New York, June was both ambitious and directionless. She was extremely intelligent, genius levels, so she was told, but she had no focus...nothing to apply that intellect to. She was gifted, especially in the realm of genetic research, and was on the verge of a medical breakthrough. But, she just didn't have the last piece of the puzzle. That is, until she meant Edward Wynne.

Edward Wynne was a biologist at the top of his field. In June's eyes, he was also genetically perfect, with the exception of a slight birth defect. It was at this point that June found her focus...the missing piece of the genetic puzzle. She theorized that, if biology could be imperfect, then it is possible that it could also be perfected. Using this as her basis, June created her Genetic Plug-In Technology and used herself as her first test subject. She was content to correct the genetic accidents she had suffered since childhood, but then she started experimenting with others. After a year of her work, June felt she was ready to show Edward her findings and help him along the patch of genetic perfection.

Of course, people just cannot appreciate perfection. Once Edward was shown June's research, he was so appalled at the terrible implications of it that he summoned campus security, called an emergency meeting with the dean of the school to have her expelled, and suggested she received professional help. This extreme reaction didn't deter June from her research. She just passed it off as an insight that not everyone is deserving of the perfection her technology could provide. June remained in New York after her expulsion, working in an underground laboratory funded by black market resources and corrupt businessmen.

Several years later, June ran into Edward at an expensive fundraising party. At this party, she pretended to be apologetic and remorseful in regards to her past actions. She was seemingly able to convince Edward of her false sincerity and had him accompany her to her lab a few weeks later to have him review her new more humane work. But, her acting wasn't quite good enough. Edward had contacted the authorities almost immediately after the party about his suspicions. They had started an investigation...and found June was planning on doing a little more than just show some of her work. She was conspiring to murder the one person that spurned her attentions...her efforts to help him achieve genetic perfection. Using Edward, the police were able to raid June's lab and, using evidence there, arrest her on conspiracy, possession of multiple illegal substances, assault and battery (she wasn't especially happy to have been set up), and practicing medical procedures without a license. Needless to say, it was enough to have her convicted and, given her ability to give herself genetic-based superpowers, have her locked up in a high security facility.

If it wasn't for the particular need for the high security, June might have gone unnoticed and left to sit in prison for her crimes. However, because of her unique skill set and the assets June brings, mainly her Genetic Plug In technology, the good doctor received the attention of the federal government. In particular, one Thaddeus Ross. The general was in need of a medical resource to support his new Thunderbolts Project, a team of metahuman individuals gathered to be the government's response to the other teams out there, such as the Avengers or the Justice League. And June was a good fit...for she had all the skills and also the unique circumstances to want to work for the government. For, it meant a lab, resources, and freedom...three things she was sorely lacking in prison. was really a simple decision. June will join the Thunderbolts...and use them as a means to an end, just like the government plans on using her. After all, turnabout is fair play.


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June has little concern for anything that does not directly benefit her or her pursuits. This obvious lack of concern for her fellow man (and woman) is plainly visible with her actions. To her, a person is nothing more than a stepping stone...a tool to be used for advancement. And, like any instrument that has lost its usefulness, there is only one thing left to do. Toss it aside.

Once June sets her sights on something, it is hard to dissuade her from her path. This focus has led her to perfect her Genetic Plug in Technology and has made her formidable in her pursuit of other quests, of both the scientific and the physical types. Given a specific goal in mind, June's focus, coupled with her intellect, will push her until June reaches a satisfactory resolution, regardless of the damage left in her wake to do so.

June is extremely self-centered, typical of most sociopaths. There is nothing that June does that does not benefit herself in some way or another. Be it furthering her quest for knowledge, or just seeking the melioration of her own particular situation, every action is calculated to June's benefit. There is no chance of June doing something for a person without expecting some sort of compensation for herself in return.


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As part of her genetic tinkering upon herself, June has added glands within the back of her throat that allow for two different functions.

First, the glands can secrete an chemical antiseptic that can be delivered via breath or saliva. This will kill bacteria and other micro-organisms efficiently. This is especially helpful for treating wounds while out on the field as well as prepping for medical procedures.

In addition, by concentrating the chemical makeup, June can produce a poisonous breath that can effectively kill larger organisms, as well. This is only effective at full concentration and only within immediate close range. Anything less will not cause any lasting harm to anything with significant size. She is, of course, immune to her own poisonous emissions, but only uses this rarely, as it requires her being in rather close proximity to the victim in order for the poison to reach him or her before dissipating.

June has augmented her body with the addition of glands that excrete a powerful drug she dubs 'Relaxin'. These glands produce megadoses of Relaxin, allowing her joints to dislocate with ease. Having the ability to dislocate her joints at whim allows June to absorb massive trauma without major injury.

In addition, June is difficult to contain. The ability to dislocate her joints allow her to work her way out of bonds and tight spaces that otherwise would incapacitate a regular person. Dislocating a shoulder, similar to how Houdini engineered his escapes, is usually enough to provide the wiggle room needed to escape from conventional restraint devices such as straight jackets and other typical methods of bondage.

June's bones are able to diffuse impact by softening. This acts as a built-in shock absorber, allowing for June, in combination with her other genetic modifications, to withstand severe trauma without major injury to herself.

June is able to generate containment fields, which she can utilize for offensive and defensive purposes. The fields can impede the kinetic force of large objects, but are not air tight. This allows for not only air to pass through, but also anything that may be suspended in the wind currents, such as water vapor and airborne toxins. The containment fields can thusly be used to restrain a subject long enough for June to introduce an airborne pathogen without having to relinquish the force field. In addition, she can use the fields generated as a shield, deflecting potentially damaging blows.

June is only able to establish the containment fields if she concentrates. With proper concentration, June may be able to deflect a bullet. However, if June loses her concentration, the containment field will drop instantly. Repeated assault upon the fields place a strain on June, making her more susceptible to lose her concentration. In addition, she can only establish the fields within line-of-sight and only in rudimentary shapes, with the most common being a rectangular wall with the maximum dimensions of 244 cm high by 304 cm long and a dome with the maximum dimensions of 274 cm from the center to the outer edge. Anything larger causes too much strain upon June and will not remain substantial for any significant length of time.

Given June's expertise in genetics, she has developed an adaptation that allows her to be able to sense and track a person via his or her's specific DNA signature. June only needs to have a sample from the target in order to be able to track them. A strand of hair is all that it takes for June to get the scent and, provided she is not distracted, she should be able to track the signature. As in most tracking, it is easier for June to follow a recent trail. The more time that passes, the colder the genetic trail becomes and the harder it is for June to track. Generally, anything within 24 to 48 hours old should be relatively simple for tracking purposes, though it drops dramatically afterwards. Trying to pick up a genetic trail between 5 to 7 days old would be extremely difficult, with anything outside of that time frame too degraded to be useable.

Through June's tampering of her own genetic code, she has enabled herself to withstand more pain than a typical human. This does not equate to an actual healing factor. Instead, the enhanced pain threshold allows for June to continue to function with injuries that would normally incapacitate others.

A side effect of her containment field generation ability, June is able to concentrate her power to a singular point, effectively focusing the same energy that comprises her force fields into a blast of kinetic energy. As with her containment fields, June's energy blasts have no effect on gaseous objects. These blasts of kinetic force emanate from June's hands and are able to cause considerable damage to all but the most resilient of targets. The strength of these blasts are enough to cause structural damage to reinforced concrete up to 10 inches in thickness. However, the range for these kinetic blasts are limited to line of natural sight only. In addition, if June does not have sufficient enough concentration, she will not be able to generate any kinetic blasts. Excessive use of the kinetic blasts may cause June fatigue, also.

June's blood contains a neurotoxin that June herself is immune to. However, the neurotoxin, when delivered, will cause paralysis, starting from the toes, eventually leading to death. This is a fast-acting toxin that will paralyze most individuals within 10 seconds of being exposed. Death will occur within 48 hours unless an antitoxin is delivered within that time frame, mostly due to the prolonged effects of the paralyzation.

June's preferred method of delivery is via her fingernails. To this effect, June's fingernails are razor sharp. A simple scratch that draws blood from her victim is enough to inject the neurotoxin. The neurotoxin must be introduced into the blood for it to be effective. Ingestion will not suffice as the toxin needs to reach the nerves in the most direct fashion, requiring the blood-born delivery method. This also means that, if June has need to use the neurotoxin she carries within her, she must be able to gain access to her own blood, either through existing injuries or harming herself to the point of drawing blood.


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June has a basic, unrefined style of fighting that resembles more of a brawling tactic than anything in the realm of martial arts. With her stamina improvements granted by her genetic tampering, she is usually able to take the abuse, wearing the opponent down simply by refusing to fall.

June has a doctorate in biology. Her knowledge in this field grants her enough familiarity to pass for a medical doctor when necessary. Her expertise in biology is mostly used for the manufacturing of toxins that elicit specific reactions within subjects, as desired by June.

June has a doctorate in Biology, with particular focus within the field of genetic research.

Due largely to her ability of dislocating joints at whim, June is able to escape from most forms of conventional restraint. Handcuffs, straight jackets, and other similar bondage methods will not hold June long. It isn't necessarily that she can pick the locks, but a more simple approach of just sliding out of the restraints.

As an extension of her knowledge of biology, June has studied how to 'improve' upon genetics. Through this research, she is able to target a person's unique DNA makeup, creating genetic modifiers that can either improve a person or kill. Her level of genetic manipulation is refined to the point where she has almost complete control over the genetic changes. Of course, accidents do happen.

OOC Note - Genetic modifications will not be performed on Player Characters without the expressed approval of game staff.


June has some basic gymnastic skill that she developed. It is certainly not to Olympic-class level, but it is enough to allow her greater mobility than that of a normal person.


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June has a genius intellect and is a skilled scientist in the realm of toxins and can manipulate them for use in ways that most couldn't even imagine, let alone consider. This has lead her to experiment with herself, creating different concoctions of injectables that has given her powers that she has dubbed Genetic Plug-Ins. She is also able to fabricate 'designer' toxins, specifically keyed to an individual's unique DNA structure, using the same genetic technology. She continues to perfect and create new compounds that directly affects her genetics, strengthening her powers or creating new ones time and time again with her Genetic Plug-in Technology.

OOC Note - As previously mentioned, genetic modifications via use of Genetic Plug-In technology will not be performed on Player Characters without the expressed approval of game staff.

June has her own laboratory, in which she continues her advances in genetic manipulation. This lab is based off the lab she had as a graduate student. This lab is funded by the Thunderbolt project and is included as part of her agreement to join the team.


As a member of the government-sanctioned team the Thunderbolts, June has access to all the resources, tech and facilities that come with the role.


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As a graduate student, June had no direction until she stumbled upon the concept that if genetics can be imperfect, then it can be perfected. From that point, her primary ambition was to seek genetic perfection. This singular goal drives June to push the limits up to and beyond the realm of human decency. All other circumstances fall by the wayside. There are no such things as consequences within Junes world. There is only the finish line and the shortest path to it.

June was incarcerated for conspiracy to commit murder, practicing medicine without a license, illegal substances possession, and other related crimes. As such, she is known to authorities. Her criminal record can be used to identify her and, with those with few scruples, is a means to control her.

Far from insane, June is perfectly capable of compassion -- when it suits her -- and is completely aware of right and wrong. However, Junes regard for human life is almost nil, caring only for those she feels deserve to live. If that means murdering an entire prayer meeting just because she wants to, so be it. Their lives, to June, are simply unimportant. This has and will get her into trouble with law enforcement.

The two most powerful weapons in June's genetic arsenal, her Antiseptic Breath and Toxic Blood, depend on the susceptibility of the individuals to toxins to function. As such, anyone with a toxic immunity, biological or magical in nature, will not be impacted at all by June's blood or breath. In addition, those with said immunity are safe from any sort of designer toxin that June may have been able to create.


June has a tracking device implanted within her person, as a condition for her being part of the Thunderbolts project. This will allow those that know it is there to track her movements, which may make it more than a little difficult to perform any extracurricular activities.


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