Training At Sanctum

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Training At Sanctum
Date of Cutscene: 06 August 2019
Location: Sanctum
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre

Morrigan's practice was getting difficult for her sometimes with not having enough time between work and other crisis events. She'd decided that since things had calmed down that it was time to focus more on training...and less on problems with relationships, work and other weirdness.

She'd wandered her way over to Sanctum and into one of the training rooms, just so she wouldn't muck up anything outside.

Strange wasn't in at the moment, so she'd just started simple and kept at it. The redhead speaking to herself as she goes along with her motions and remembering what she's supposed to be doing.

Which is generally don't do anything stupid or elaborate. Don't rip holes in time and space. Don't set anything on fire. That works, right? She was learning how to do this slowly. No reason to rush when she wasn't going to go around wielding magic when she knew so little. She'd stick to the what she was learning for the moment. Not to mention Angel was helping out with the sword training. Poor Mister Blood kept getting called out to do things, so it wasn't like it was interrupting training there with him, but she missed him. Even if he did have that little problem with a demon.

Was a little stability such a bad thing to ask for?