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Umbra (Scenesys ID: 1715)
"You have to treat your weapon with respect. You never know when it will turn on you."
Full Name: Zana Xandrix
Gender: Female
Species: Nebulon
Theme: Marvel (OC)
Occupation: Space Merc
Citizenship: Nerbulos
Residence: SS Subsonic
Education: Nebulos
Status: Shelved
Groups: Space
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 05-01-1984 Actor: Rachel McAdams
Height: 6' Weight: 190lb
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: One Green One Blue
Theme Song:


Zana Xandrix is not from around here. She is from a far away world named Nebulon. Having escaped an alien war brought to her planet with her husband, Piston, the duo have taken up as mercenaries in the cosmos. She also has a penchant for liking to steal technology and old relics.



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Standing at about six feet tall, Umbra is lithe and almost willowy in appearance. She moves with a quick grace and deterity that is not normal, but she looks it. Pale skin and full lips she is in her later twenties. With golden blond hair that is usually pulled back into a simple ponytail. A single bright fuschia streak goes back from one temple. Her eyes are unusual in that one is blue and the other is green, heterochromia it's called.

Most of the time she wears a dark purple body suit. In fact it looks like what you might think someone would wear beneath a space suit or some other larger armored equipment. This suit itself has parts that are armored and attachment points for something.


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There is not much of interest in the life of Umbra, aka Zana Xandrix, on Nebulos before she became a world-class engineer as well as the most-wanted relic thief on the planet. She was no one special growing up and made her way by her wits and he skills. Dexterous and lithe with nimble hands and a quick mind she easily fell into the underbelly life of the technologically advanced planet. Under the tutelage of a world-class conman she was tutored and trained and eventually made her own name.

     It wasn't all bad of course. She met her husband at the tail end of her training. They married a year after she graduated. Unfortunately it was in that year things changed. And shortly after their marriage that the Decepticon Subsonic made an offer to Mr. Xandrix. Her husband, a brilliant mechanical engineer in his own right, had gotten the attention of Scorponok. Wanting to perfect the Target, Power, and Headmaster technology for their side, he sent Subsonic to offer Dross the choice. Work for the Decepticons, or be watch his wife be killed.
      Given a day to decide to two argued heavily. Zana wanted to go to the Council of Peers, but Dross was convinced the Decepticons would win in the end. Having been hired by their government to assess the potential damage these new enemies could bring, he eventually won her over. Though they both had reservations when Subsonic returned Zana told her both of us or neither. The Decepticon liked the fire in the woman and so decided to take them both.
      Dross and Zana underwent the unpleasant and painful genetic modifications to be able to conform and wear the specialists 'Master' suits. Zana and Subsonic were bonded together as Targetmasters. Dross was made a Powermaster to another Decepticon. Lucky for Zana Subsonic was tired of the war. Tired of the idiocy of the Decepticon leadership and just wanted to get away. The married couple and Subsonic hatched a plan to escape Nebulos and the conflict. 
      It was not a pretty fight. They were able to take out Dross' bot, but not without a lot of damage to Subsonic. The pair were able to hold her together through their combined expertise. And having been working with the transformers for a year at that point they were familiar with their technology. After all they had been perfecting the binary-bond technology. When Dross fast-bonded with Subsonic he also overpowered her. Their FTL jump sent them into a part of space no Transformer has been to before. Or Nebulons for that matter. Subsonic is in a state of stasis and stuck in her 'alt' mode. That of a small, sleek, and fast spacecraft. Zana and Dross have done what they can do wake her up, but she is never able to stay conscious for more than a few minutes at a time. So they don't try it often, unsure what sort of damage they are doing to their friend.
Two years have passed since their escape and the two have found themselves in a different life. Still stealing and selling the goods to the highest bidder, they have a whole galaxy and universe in which to practice their trade of theft and the occasional hired gig.


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Kana is passionate and brilliant, quick with a smile or a sneer. Yet she is always in control of herself. She relishes life and sometimes takes risks, but they are not reckless or not thought out. With a bit of a theft problem and a mind that hungers to know more she is always seeking, always curious, always wanting to know more.


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