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Vector (Scenesys ID: 992)
"A vector is a quantity defining both velocity and trajectory. Right now my foot's vector is kicking you straight into next week."
Full Name: Eliza Lee Harmon
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Superhero?
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Metropolis
Education: On a Scholarship to Metropolis State University
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 21 August 2002 Actor: Victoria Justice
Height: 162 cm (5'4") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "It's Been Awhile" by Staind


Liz Harmon was just a Biochemistry major at Metropolis State University once. Enamoured with speedsters her entire life she found herself working on a project to imbue the target with metahuman powers. Eliza ended up being the first target.

Now Liz is Trajectory. She might even be faster than the Flash. But she can't figure out how to slow down for more than moments and her mind Never. Stops. Racing. Unable to find anything else to help she turns to hardcore drugs.

Strung out or high out of her mind, depressed or so manic she can't even think at the same speed as another human Liz is faced with the fact that she will soon lose her scholarship. Her job. her life. No one wants to hang out with a junkie.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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While not actually especially short at 5'3" 23-year-old Latina Eliza Harmon is very thin. She has an athlete's build but is nearly a beanpole, with a bit of curve on an extremely petite frame. She could probably use a few sandwiches. There are bags under grey eyes on an otherwise very pretty heart-shaped 20-something face, as well as lines from worry and stress.

Liz likes to wear blue jeans and babydoll t-shirts, but it varies depend on what she wants to accomplish. Dresses are far from out of the question.


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Trajectory was a bright kid who was obsessed with speedsters. The Flash, Liberty Belle- she loved them all. They were her heroes. She wanted to be one of them so badly it hurt. She eventually got a LexCorp scholarship to Metropolis State University and decided to pursue a project to attempt to give metahuman powers to people. It worked. She decided to agree to be a test subject.

It worked but the side effects turned out to be horrifying. She got her speed powers... And couldn't slow down. Especially not her mind. Right now Liz is working with LexCorp to try to cure herself but she deeply resents them for her condition. In the meantime she's started buying drugs and it's beginning to affect her daily life.


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Kind but somewhat of a perfectionist Lizzy is also a rugged individualist who doesn't conform for anyone. She tends to be stragihtfroward and honest, standing up for people weaker than her. Not great at deception one of her biggest faults is a tendency to fly off half-cocked when she feels threatened. She's not great at sharing emotions. She will put fist through a bad guy's face when she can and outthink them only if that won't work. Liz also loves pranks and harmless mischief but she is never malevolent. It just gives ideas for when malevolencce is the point and not a prank.

Oh, and then there's the drugs. No one is the same on drugs.


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Mental Resistance:
Unless Liz has disabled her powers somehow she naturally thinks too fast for any telepath to actually read and process what she is thinking, making her effectively immune to telepathic attacks of any kind.

Speedster Biology:
While Liz does not regenerate at a rate noticeable in combat she has tremendously increased metabolic rates and healing. It allows her to shrug off most toxins and diseases and recover from even lethal injuries in mere hours. She also has nearly unlimited stamina and only tires when running at the highest speeds.

Lizzy's senses are attuned to things traveling at her tremendous speed; sometimes, when hypermanic, she has trouble observing things that are too much slower than her but never does she have issues with things that are too fast. Liz and anything she carries are protected by any harm or damage that would becaused them due to friction from movement and other deleterious effects.

Super Speed:

Thanks to the Speed Force Liz is one of the fastest beings that could ever exist. She can move faster than the speed of light- though doing this could cause tremendous destruction and so is avoided. Due to her unique disability Liz is actually capable of going faster than most other Speedsters. It's hard to tell who is fastest.

With this comes attendant super feats like vibrating through matter (which she might even do accidentally), supernatural reflexes and agility, running on water, up buildings, et cetera. Her supernatural momentum allows her to generate extreme physical force and momentum, readily defeating normal humans and even many supernatural beings.

Liz has been known to create tremors by running at the correct momentum and placement, threatening to bring down a large suspension bridge. She can also generate electricity like all Speedsters, throwing lightning bolts or stopping electronics. Hers is blue.

In theory Liz could use other speedster powers, such as generating vortices in the air, flight, dimensional portal opening, and time travel but she has never attempted it.


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Vector has rudimentary combat skills. She is super fast with incredible reflexes but no one's taught her to throw a punch. She's picked up the basics.


At 15 Trajectory finished college. She is a hyper-intelligent biochemistry student well on her way to a Doctorate despite her youth and can synthesize most any drug if she can even get a small sample or part of the ingredients list. She also has a degree of polymath- she's studied anything she can find on the internet or in libraries, in part due to superspeed letting her read through things as fast as her internet connection would go. LexCorp has fantastic computers.


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Academic Community:
As a researcher Liz makes an alright income, has researcher connections, and a lot of support. She can find physicists and chemists to help her with ease and other highly educated professionals are quite available if they visit universities.

Lexcorp Connections:

As it was LexCorp project that gave Trajectory her powers she has some sway with them and can call in favours. These could include money, drugs, smuggling asistance, and other extremely valuable but ultimately smallscale work.


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Can't Slow Down:
While it is possible to overcome this limitation for short bursts Liz is perpetually stuck in overdrive- she is moving so fast she can't interact with other human beings, all the time. The best she can usually manage is to physically stop moving and let her mind run away wih her to the point other people barely exist as more than statues. With extreme force of will she can control this completely for mere moments (or perhaps a scene) but ordinarily she requires outside aid. Typically drugs. Drugs, of course, can make them difficult to access at all. It's a hard balance to strike.

Mental Health:
Liz suffers from something similar to Bipolar Disorder. If she's not rushing so fast she can't think she's usually depressed; really, she oscillates due to the means needed to slow her down. She's just (understandably) depressed under "normal" conditions. She also suffers serious drug addiction to downers as they let her control her powers to some extent and so she takes them far too often. Even when it might not be needed or wise.

Molecular Instability:
Overuse of Trajectory's manmade connection to the Speed Force could cause her to lose control over her abilities completely at which point her molecules will vibrate in different directions and she will literally disintegrate. The beginnings of this will cause her trauma and pain rather than instant death. As a result while Liz can be as fast as pretty much any Speedster and similarly fast to the greatest of them exceeding them could quickly become untenable and even keeping up could cause her some harm.

Speedster Metabolism:

Liz requires incredible amounts of food to replenish her energy reserves. Far more than she can afford, really. Worse yet, the drugs she uses to control her powers burn through her system in moments. She has to take enough downers to kill a whale.


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