Who Ya' Gonna Call

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Who Ya' Gonna Call
Date of Cutscene: 21 April 2017
Location: New York City
Synopsis: An Advertisement airs for the Ghostbusters!
Cast of Characters: 159

~ Darkness creeps onto television screens everywhere. A dark, looming, overdramatic cloud of darkness! It rolls like a cloud of evil and eventually expands overtaking the entire screen. Of course, in the background, spooky music is playing lightly making this whole introduction seem to be more scary than it actually is. ~

If There's Somethin' Strange, In Your Neighborhood...
"Who Ya' Gonna' Call?"

~ In the distance, a green blob seems to be speeding towards the screen. It's hard to make out, at first, but it actually looks like this thing has arms. That definitely counts as something strange, no? ~

If There's Somethin' Weird, And It Don't Look Good...
"Who Ya' Gonna' Call?"

~ The green blob gets closer... closer... before it swivels around and ROARS at the screen. Nasty, brown and yellow teeth are bared and his eyes are narrowed in hatred. He drips ectoplasm all over the place and seems about ready to destroy everything in his path... until... a piece of chocolate cake pops up from the bottom of the screen! This causes the green blob of free-floating evil to calm down quickly and his expression becomes much more docile than before.

Holding the plate up is the illustrious, sexy and all around greatest guy ever, Dr. Peter Venkman! He's decked out in his Ghostbusters uniform and smiles out at all his fans. He winks. "That's right." He smirks and tosses the plate up into the air where Slimer's tongue flicks out and grabs the goodies, swallowing them whole! Peter smiles and shrugs his shoulders helplessly. He's just too good. And cue the words... ~

1 - 800 - 555 - BUST

~ Zoom in on Peter as he crosses his arms over his chest and says heroically, "We ain't 'fraid of no ghost." The moment he finishes Slimer beams happily and smashes himself into the side of Peter's face, hugging him tightly and sliming him yet again. Peter's rage ignites as the slime drips off his face. Slimer bolts. Peter chases. Fin. ~