With a Little More Feeling

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With a Little More Feeling
Date of Cutscene: 06 April 2019
Location: Central City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 208, Red Hood

Iris West always felt safe in Central City. With the Flash and his group running around, the city always seemed to be calm, even in the middle of chaos. It caused her not to always be on her best guard at night when she was coming home from her reporting job. It's why she didn't feel quite as afraid as perhaps she should when she entered the alleyway that was the shortcut to her home.

There were two hoodlums in the alley - they had snuck out, hoping to score a quick hit before the Flash express came through. Noticing the young woman entering the alley, the smaller of the two nudged the larger and gave a nod with a smile. They started to step out of the shadows to approach Iris, who suddenly realized the mistake she had made. "Uh. Sorry, wrong turn?"

"You have no idea, lady. The purse and the jewelry."

Just as Iris started to hand it over, the larger man grabbed her wrist. "This one's kind of cute. Maybe we should have some fun."

"Oh. I like fun. Can I join in?" The voice was a dead-ringer for Flash's. But the next move was not. The zipline lashed out, grabbing the smaller man into the shadows, and there were several hard punches, before the man is thrown out into a lump on the ground. "Can I cut in?" comes the question, the flare of lens, and the unmistakable red helmet.

Pulling out a knife, the large hood holds up the blade to Iris' throat. "I'll cut her, I swear! No-Not another step!"

"I'm not taking another step."" came the Hood's response, before there was a flash of a gun, and a shot that ripped through the hoodlum's wrist, and the jacket of Iris, the man's blood spraying on the side of her and causing her to scream and nearly collapse. It was all that the Red Hood needed.

Rushing in, Iris is unconscious from fright for the next several minutes. When she awakens, she finds herself staring into the lens of the Hood. "W-what do you want?!" she demands of him.

"You're a reporter, right? Report this. Long and loud. That Red Hood is coming to town. And I don't have to follow the Gotham rules here. Make sure that they know. There's a kid that thinks he's Impulsive? He has /no/ idea."

Firing a zip line to head out, he pauses on the edge of the catwalk. "You're close to Flash. Tell him he owes me one now. Keep the kid out of town. Or I'll set up shop. And bring my friends with me."

With that, he's gone.