Young Hero and a Dragon's Wisdom

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Young Hero and a Dragon's Wisdom
Date of Cutscene: 28 November 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cyberdragon

John Coltan didn't know what was going on in Washington DC, all he knew for sure was that Magneto Leveled A charge of Murder against the President. Showed evidence, the attack damage, and then word of the president being shot and left in critical condition.

And For that he knew where there would be retaliations, Mutant Type, So right now he and Cyber have merged, and rocketed over to Mutant Town. And the Dragon Perched as High as he could, Mutants were scared, he could see that. Many of them respected Magneto, some also realized that he may have most likely mad things worse.

//~It is human nature to fear what they do not understand. Magneto's goals may be noble, but he acts without foresight. This will hurt and fuel the hatred against mutants for some time to come and will not be so easily forgiven.~// As he stands on the Top of a building wings spread. Like a guardian, he watches down on the ground.

John could only agree. "Either way, there has to be a better way. But how can he be made to see it?"

//~The question is do you hate mutants john?~//

"No I don't, it's why we are out here, not all of them are to blame for the actions of one."

//~Magneto believes that it is impossible for normal humans to accept mutants. But this is not a battle that can be won through Violence, it much be won through peace. Perhaps only the young can stop the Violence.~//

"What do you mean Cyber?"

//~If we can show Magneto that children can be open minded and can learn not to fear and hate mutants, he may realizes that peace is an option.~//

"And Just how are we going to do that?"

//~Do you trust me John?~//

"Of course with my life."

//~Then Leave that to me.~//