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Yulee Jefferson (Scenesys ID: 312)
"How dare you, good sir, insinuate that the people of Metropolis REQUIRE the help of a man like Superman to save them!"
Full Name: Yulee H. Jefferon, Esquire
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: District Attorney of Metropolis
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Status: Shelved
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 62 Actual Age: 62
Date of Birth 11 June 1963 Actor: Patton Oswalt
Height: 173 cm Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Rockin' In The Free World" - Neil Young


Yulee Harrison Jefferson, District Attorney of Metropolis, Connecticut. His father was a university professor from Metropolis that moved to North Carolina with his wife in the 1950s, to take part in the struggle for civil rights in the American south. Yulee Jefferson, named after the first Jewish Senator elected to the United States Congress, a Southerner of distinction despite his controversial views, was born the eldest son of this pair, during the height of the struggle. Yulee learned how to bring people together and how to fight the hardness in the hearts of man with clever tactics, his father giving him his name so he'd never once give a someone his confidence in falsehood. And when Yulee became a lawyer and went back to his home state to become a prosecutor, his father couldn't have been more proud. Despite being short of stature and unintimidating of face, he carved out a personality for himself, an actor above all, becoming the most terrifying barrister possible in seeking the truth on Metropolis' legal team for dealing with supervillains, high level espionage, and paranormal criminals. A father himself, he ran for the office of District Attorney with the blessing of his predecessor, and won, with the promise of bringing a touch of the country to Metropolis. The savvy politician in him knew to invoke Superman's candor as a hero to win public office, and the social activist in him knew not to do so directly. For even a Superman was beholden to the people he protected, and it took a man like Yulee Jefferson to keep the promise afforded to Americans by the Founding Fathers.



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Yulee is a self-trained actor, having developed an image of a hard bitten, dry, word twisting country lawyer, when he is really just a very earnest man of humble means and origins trying to help people, if they'll have him. His sense of rejection goes very deep, but he never shows it, instead surging forward. The name his father gave him, Yulee, taught him that even when people can't be around for you, whether it's your father dying or a friendship ending or the people you once helped turning their backs, you'll always have the lessons they taught you. And David Levy taught this man one major lesson, by taking the last name Yulee, after his Moroccan ancestors, despite having political aspirations in the American South: your past matters more than you think. It's a part of who you are. And Yulee's father was once a Captain in the Armored Cavalry, in World War 2, relieving soldiers at the Battle of the Bulge. That is always his inspiration for who he shows himself as. He knows the end is the haunted face his father had when he'd recline on the porch. Little does Yulee suspect, he has the same face, when he reclines to watch the news in his humble townhouse, with his wife and children.


Yulee has a juris doctor from Duke University in North Carolina, graduated top of his class. He has practiced as a prosecuter since the 1980s in Metropolis, in their department for extranormal affairs, bringing his unique eye to the various aspects of Metropolis. Galactic weaponry in Intergang's hands, alien superheroes and villains, corporate industrialists with deep pockets and government ties that are too strong to fight, laboratories studying the amazing and arcane, criminals a class above anything the world has ever seen, even apocalyptic threats. He has developed a simple tactic: minimizing every individual that has an extranormal classification, and maximizing every potential counterbalance. It is an excellent teaching technique, the he figures anyone can understand, talking down to earth.


Yulee's father was a professor of political science that fought a civil rights struggle for most of Yulee's formative years, in North Carolina, and Yulee himself holds a bachelor's in the topic from a liberal arts college near Raleigh. He knows political activism in Dixiecrat terms, the use of multiple interests that on the surface seem to disagree, leveraged together in temporary alliances due to mutual need. It is a tricky skill to pick up for a northerner, but he knows how to get multiple groups to work together towards the same goal, against mutual enemies. Yankee politics are very cut and dry, there are different groups, and you need the support of one major bloc of constituents. Dixie politics are very diffuse, there are a lot of different crossovers of opinion based on family ties, personal experiences, and opinions, and one needs to rely on political ground games and trust of the public perception for them to work. In the backroom, Yankee politics are controlled by support by civic institutions. In the Dixie backrooms, however, one requires the support of private institutions.


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Yulee Jefferson, as District Attorney, has a force of prosecutors, experts, a line to the Mayor, a working relationship with Metro PD, potential police bodyguards, and access to the state and federal functionaries of the United States. He has the choice whether or not to prosecute, plea, free, or cut deals with any individual that he has legal juris prudence to do so. He can order investigations into government functions, he has a rolodex of all the major players in Metropolis that have public identities, and he has lengthy files on each of Metropolis' more colorful personalities. He has press access, ultimate power over selective prosecution, and is the leader of a complex network of the people's representatives in the legal system.


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Yulee grew up a lonely child, and he has odd tastes. He has a particular taste in music that is often arbitrarily insulting in a good natured way, or at other times revealing in his personal secrets. His jokes are often only known to his family, observations about the family's enemies over the generations, passed down from parent to child. And most of all, his humor is dry, misunderstood never, but merely having layers that are unpeeled over time.


Yulee has a wife, two children, a sister, and two nieces. His family's locations aren't hidden from view, and he is at his weakest when his loved ones are threatened. There is not a speck of heroism in him when it comes to his loved ones, something most people don't realize unless they are ruthless.


If Harvey Dent was 'Apollo', Yulee is 'Haphaestus'. He lacks looks and polish, but has poise and humor. People don't often take him seriously, but the slick, suave image is for a city lawyer. Yulee is a country lawyer, his method is looking approachable. Ruthless manuevers are for the city attorney. Condescending maneuvers are for the country attorney. And because of this, Yulee is often a target for political cartoons, television skits, and standup jokes.


Being a Gotham City prosecutor involves taking on mobsters, madmen, and conspiracies. Being a Metropolis prosecutor, on the other hand, involves taking on corporate crime, aliens, and monsters. Yulee is in a very dangerous position, especially with his outspoken nature, and he has fear, just like any other man, perhaps more, his fearless nature only applying until his armor of public office is stripped aside.


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Title Date Scene Summary
A Small Man, A Large Storm September 7th, 2017 During the aftermath of Intergang's art heist gone wrong, District Attorney Yulee Jefferson rallies his soldiers to track and prosecute the offenders, while also learning grim news indeed from a local magician: a daughter of Krypton is in the hands of Intergang's mysterious extraterrestrial backer. Yulee's hand is on the phone, one call away from a man in a basement in Washington, D.C., who has cabinets worth of information related to the sadness of space, and too much time cooped up playing Chip's Challenge.
Ghostriders in the Sky May 17th, 2017 Summary needed


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