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Zealot (Scenesys ID: 1131)
"Can't make an omelette without killing a few people." - Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere
Full Name: Zannah of Khera
Gender: Female
Species: Kherubim
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Queen of Assassins
Citizenship: Kheran Noble
Residence: Mobile
Education: Experience
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 2 January 1475 BCE Actor: Charlize Theron
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 69 kg (152 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Battle Ready" by Otep


Founder of the legendary Coda order, noble of the ancient Kherubim, avenging angel, Zealot has worn many masks over her millenia of life. She is a flawless, murderous ice queen, always armed to the teeth and ready to lay waste to anyone and anything that gets in her path. Currently, she works as a freelance assassin for hire, but always has her own agenda to pursue.

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Zealot's hair catches the eye-first, white as the peak of Everest, grown long and drawn into a high-set ponytail that hangs down to lick between her shoulder blades. Her features are striking, angular and gorgeous, with bee-stung lips and sharp cerulean eyes. Red paint marks her lips and then again at her cheeks, a set of almost tribal markings, completed with a dot set between her white eyebrows. Her voice has a rich, sonorous quality and carries easily without being raised, a voice of aristocracy, authority and confidence.

Her carapace armor consists of a breastplate, shoulderpades, and long gauntlets that reach the length of her bicep. The crimson metal, taken from her native world, mingles flexibility and durability, plates interlocked just so to give her protection and flexibility. The armor offers protection but leaves skin on display, at her cleavage, the steel rigidity of her abdomen, before sheathing her legs again leading down to treaded boots. Her seductive qualities may be mitigated, however, by the numerous blades - no fewer than three swords on her back, of varying lengths, Japanese in style, along with specialized, curving blades seemingly designed for throwing. She's often armed in more modern fashion as well, not in the least averse to carrying firearms or explosives at a moment's notice.


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Zannah was born nearly three thousand years ago on the alien world of Khera. Becoming one of the most prominent warriors of her people, she, along with others of her race, were stranded on Earth during ancient times while pursuing the alien Daemonites, shapeshifters who were able to integrate themselves and hide amongst humans. Zannah herself became a part of Greek society, passing on her own unique Kherubim training to found a caste of female assassins known as the Coda. In time, however, Zealot and the Order became disillusioned with one another and she was cast out.

Conflict with a powerful sorceress lead to Zannah being imprisoned and enslaved for nearly a millenia. She emerged in the early part of the 20th century to find the world greatly changed. As always, she adapted. She played her part in world wars and then found herself getting deeper into the grittier words of espionage and spycraft. Resuming her old role as an assassin and mercenary for hire, she continues to hunt her Daemonite enemies, try to help those she deems worthy of help and kill anything that gets in her path along the way.


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Zealot sublimates most of her emotions to maintain a business-like, cold facade. Some might say that she's empty, that centuries of life have drained her capacity to feel. Maybe they're right. She does feel numb, much of the time, her life of training and discipline continuing to lead her to fight her enemies, even as much of the passion for that fight has left her. To others, she seems calculating, bloodless and often even cruel. This cold persona conceals both the softer feelings that she's buried deep in herself and the endless cauldron of rage that she's desperately tried to suppress.


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Zealot is a full-blooded Kherubim, a member of an alien-race biologically compatible with humans but more physically formidable. She is much stronger, faster and tougher than a human being, well into the superhuman range. She can lift approximately five tons, exert herself for twenty four hours or more without growing tired and has reflexes sufficient to block bullets with a sword. Her skin is resistant to low-caliber bullets and basic knives, although high quality weapons can still do damage. She's extremely resilient against blunt force, capable of surviving multi-story falls unharmed or even getting hit by a speeding car and get up unscathed.

If wounded, she can heal minor wounds in minutes, major wounds in hours. While not immortal, she is extremely slow-aging, appearing to be only in her late twenties despite being nearly three thousand years of age.

Zealot spent a millenia enslaved by and in service to a powerful witch. During that period of time, she assisted and participated in numerous acts of magick, foul and fair alike. While she rarely relies on such abilities, preferring instead to use her martial skills, she possesses a mild aptitude for the mystic arts, primarily summoning, minor healing and warding, having often been used as the Witch's assistant in her dealing with magical entities. She also possesses a rather wide range of occult knowledge and far exceeds her actual ability to practice magic.

War Goddess:

Zannah has a hundred lifetimes of training in all forms of martial combat. She's an expert in hand-to-hand, melee and firearms of every conceivable sort. She invented some forms of blade and hand combat, in fact, some proto-forms that have long since been folded into other traditions. Her expertise is such that she can often deconstruct and dissect the fighting styles of others, finding their weaknesses and taking them apart with often cold-hearted rigor. Merciless and efficient, she is an absolutely implacable force in combat, so utterly honed and highly trained as to be essentially superhuman in terms of fighting skill itself.


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Coda Assassin:
he Coda assassins represent the pinnacle of stealth and skill in the art of silent murder. Almost everything the ancient order knows it learned from its founder: Zealot. She can remain undetected against even some supernatural senses. She's a master of vanishing in the blink of an eye and any stealth skill traditionally associated with the ninja. Locks and security systems can largely be bypassed with ease, excepting bleeding edge super-technology. She's capable of setting lethal traps and ambushes. She has been one of the world's most elite killers for thousands of years and her mastery of stealth and the arts of murder are an essential part of it.

Zealot's soul and mind have been honed and forged through centuries of conflict and adversity. She survived hundreds of years of slavery. She's seen almost everyone she's known and loved bleed and die, sometimes in her arms. She's endured physical pain unimaginable to most living creatures. Her will cannot be broken by mere torture or pain. Her mind cannot be controlled by a conventional will. Attempts to do so will usually result in her teaching her enemy the true meaning of suffering.

Zealot is a founder of the Coda and an experienced combat leader. While she may be a bit of a rough taskmaster, she can take command with ease and confidence and knows how to drive people to do what she needs.

Zealot speaks dozens of languages, largely with a European and Asian basis. She also speaks multiple alien dialects.

Zealot is an expert at infiltration, going undercover and the general arts of espionage. She can disguise herself with great skill. She can play up accents, play a role and alter her voice. She's familiar with the customs and methods of the world's various espionage agencies and can operate effectively in that covert world.


Zealot is an expert tactician and strategist. She's experienced virtually every form of combat and conflict, big and small, and could easily serve as a general. She has specialized somewhat in small unit tactics and organization, usually with covert methodology, in recent years.


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Zealot has developed numerous contacts throughout the world during her lifetime. She knows smugglers and black marketeers, spies and soldiers, doctors and lawyers, prostitutes and warlords. She can use these contacts to get material for missions and to provide succor in times of trouble.

ealot possesses several sets of bulletproof battle armor, designed specifically to her frame. She has high-quality weapons of virtually every type, including extremely rare and ancient Japanese swords and blades. Her Clef blade is perhaps her trademark, a shimmering spear of pure metal, Kherubim in origin, capable of cutting through solid steel with a well-aimed thrust. She has a large cache of firearms and explosives at her disposal and will use them liberally to get the job done.


Zealot is a Kherubim noble, a Lady of station and respect. While that doesn't mean anything to your average person, it does to other Kherubim (and to the Daemonites who hate them). Her noble status gives her authority and demands respect in intergalactic situations.


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Zealot's persona tends to be businesslike, cold and even cruel. This applies to allies as much as enemies. She can have a hard time making friends and compatriots. She can often alienate those who do manage to earn her trust. Put simply, she's spent a great deal of her hundreds of years utterly alone and her personality is no small part of that.

She has a lot of enemies. Some ancient, some modern. Prices on her head range into the millions. Not to mention the Daemonites and the Coda on top of it all. Zealot's always got someone looking to take home her head, but being used to it doesn't always make it easier.

Zealot's lived a long time. She doesn't back down from a challenge and she doesn't feel as though she has a great deal to lose. While she doesn't have a death wish, she isn't like to be intimidated and is more than capable of biting off far more than she can chew.

hile tougher and stronger than a normal human, Zealot isn't impervious. Her skin can resist low level bullet fire, but higher calibers can still penetrate her skin, as can most well-made blades. She bleeds, she breaks bones, all of that. While she heals quickly, she doesn't have the massive regeneration of a true healing machine, meaning that while it might help stabilize her wounds, they don't tend to heal up mid battle or go away immediately.

Zealot doesn't forget or forgive. She will pursue a vendetta across generations. She isn't quick to forgive anyone and will put herself at great risk to put the scales back to right.

White Hair:

Zealot's snow-white hair tends to catch the eye. While she's become adept at wearing wigs or hiding her hair, her Kherubim locks resist dye or other attempts at disguise and make her stand out in a crowd when she might wish to go unnoticed.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Predation Night January 15th, 2020 Zealot kills something and gets P3 all bloody
Deal With It July 17th, 2017 Summary needed
Ten Daemonites Walk Into a Bar July 7th, 2017 Priss is doing her professional stripper thing, and Creed comes by intending to do a politician thing. Suddenly a pack of Daemonite-ridden humans show up with heavy weapons and make a mess. Thankfully, Zealot shows up too and helps take them down before it's too late.


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