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Tobias Kessler (Scenesys ID: 10417)
Full Name: Tobias Kessler
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Handyman/Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Xavier's Mansion
Education: Homeschooled/attending high school
Status: Shelved
Groups: Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 18 March 2013 Actor: Karl Urban
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 86 kg (190 lb)
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Raised by militant members of the organization Friends of Humanity, he was expected to join the organization. When he turned 14, he was expected to kill a mutant. The stress triggered his own mutant powers and he fled his parents. Being on the run for four years, he was discovered in New Orleans during a battle between the organization and him. The X men came to his defense and saved him, bringing him to Xavier's to finish his schooling.

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The man before you is just barely a man. He has blue eyes and Dirty Blonde hair which goes down to his chin with slight stubble on his face. He is very athletic in build, with Caucasian skin with a slight tan.

He wears a white button up shirt under a grey hoodie and black leather jacket with red lining. The hoodie is zipped up and often times the hood is pulled up to hide his face. The Jacket is open to reveal the hoodie and the collar of the button up shirt. He wars blue jeans and combat boots with metal plates under it on his feet. He carries a backpack on his back


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Tobias Kessler was born to a military family, both of his parents being anti mutant supporters and members of the Friends of humanity. Despite the military upbringing, his love for climbing and parkour showed at the young age of 8. His parents taught him how to survive in an urban environment as well as basic self defense skills. It wasnt until he turned 14 when he would put those skills to the test. The local friends of humanity found a mutant supporter and he was expected to kill the person. His powers triggered instead and he managed to get the supporter and himself out of the city. He has traveled all around the united states, never sleeping in the same place twice and always moving from city to city. For four years he spent his life on the run as well as figuring out his powers.

He learned that he could manipulate, absorb, and control electricity. He also learned that if he absorbed electrical current, he could heighten his healing factor which let him shrug off wounds and blows that would have killed people. He can also launch electrical blasts and learned how to wield electricity like an energy whip.

He moved from place to place, helping those in need but never staying long enough to be found by the friends of humanity, or so he thought. It happened in New Orleans, a couple people grabbed a mutant and were going to lynch her. So he tried to save her only to discover, almost too late it was a trap to lure mutants out and a mob surfaced to deal with him. He tried to fight them off but he was out numbered and the only escape was in the ocean. He leaped into the water, only to learn when submerged his powers shorted out and he couldnt use them. He remembered being held down in the ocean and that his life was draining out of him as he lost air.


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Tobias is paranoid and secretive. He does what he is told, applies for jobs under an alias and keeps his real name a secret. When people earn his trust he Brave, Compassionate, and willing to sacrifice his life for other people.


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Tobias possesses the ability to generate/absorb and Manipulate Electrical Current. He can control this ability fairly well thanks to his four years of practicing his powers in private during his hiding. He can also resist or straight out absorb electrical based attacks, meaning that he has to be hit with a Massively powerful blast of electricity to even break through his defenses. He can fire blasts of electricity or charge his limbs and weapons to be similar to a taser. He can also bend and manipulate blasts of electricity like a whip. He fire blasts of electricity up to 50 feet away from him.

When the body goes to heal, it uses a bio electrical field to accelerate the healing process. Tobias is able to manipulate his own bio electrical field to accelerate healing. While he cannot regrow limbs, Broken bones and torn muscles heal in a couple weeks instead of months and cuts and scraps heal in a matter of hours instead of days.

Radar Pulse:

Tobias can 'Sense' sources of electrical current. This can be as small as a mouse to as large as a transformer or house. This sense is Omnidirectional and a range of thirty feet. He can even sense people and machines. Sometimes he can tell who a person is based on their bio electrical signature but this requires consent from the other player.


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Ever since he was 8 years old he was always interested in climbing things. This started with rock climbing till he realized he could climb buildings just as easily. He has 10 years experience on climbing and parkour so he knows how to traverse cities and land safely from falls of two stories.

Self Defense:
He only has basic self defense skills. He knows how to throw a punch and kick and how to defend himself against a single target. He has a harder time against groups of people.

Urban Survival:

His parents taught him how to survive in the city, how to make money, how to blend in with the people in a city and vanish. He knows how to hide in a city and unless someone knows him, he knows how to evade authorities and how to look for under the table work.


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Odd Jobs:

Tobias does odd jobs and under the table jobs. While it isnt much, this allows him to maintain a small budget to exist on his own on, thanks to his survival training


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Tobias cares about animals and people. He believes life is sacred and only when people do the most evil of things will he ever agree that their life needs to end. He will sacrifice his life to save a kitten from a fire.

Insulators can redirect his blasts and even kill his electricity totally. Things like rubber shoes can make his blasts nonlethal or nothing at all.

Low Energy:
When he uses too much of his electrical powers, he runs the real chance of draining his own bio electrical field down to the point he becomes weaker then an average human and becomes sluggish, slow thinking and slow healing.

When he absorbs too much electricity it knocks him out if he doesnt lose the massive amount or discharge it.

Trust Issues:
Tobias has trust issues thanks to his upbringing. He doesn't trust humans because they could be friends of humanity wanting to kill him. He doesn't trust mutants because he is afraid that they will find out about his upbringing and will wanna punish him for it. Overall he is worried that everyone will try and hurt him in some way. He is friendly, and will be social, but never telling anything about himself.


Water can drain his electrical powers, causing him to lose his charge. While being wet only drains his powers a little bit, being submerged CAN drain it to the point that he will become lethargic and lose his ability to function.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Lightning on a lake November 5th, 2023 Breakstone Lake.
Saving Private Kessler October 4th, 2023 The X-Men rescue Tobias Kessler, a young mutant being attacked by the Friends of Humanity. They offer him a home at the Institute.


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