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Jester In The Snow
Date of Scene: 30 December 2019
Location: A snowy park in Queens
Synopsis: Spider-Man fights Scorpion and interrupts a perfectly good winter day at the park. So rude.
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Spider-Man

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty has the day off and a nice heavy snowfall overnight and into the morning has left the city with that brief, clean white-washing that winter manages. Until the dirt, grime and exhaust manage to catch back up with it.

Kitty bundles up in winter clothing and heads for a park with Jester on a leash, and Lockheed flying overhead with his image inducer on. The walk to the park is quiet by New York standards, a lot of people off work today but staying in if they don't have to go out.

Kitty crosses the street at a light and then she and Jester head into the park. Once over into a fenced in dog area, she lets him off the leash and takes off running. What was once a tiny pup is by now a young dog. He chases after her, bounding through the snow, until Kitty plops down in the snow to let him hop on her, intent on licking her face. Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!

She laughs and rolls over, getting out her phone and getting it ready and then picking up snow and dumping it on the young golden retriever. As he shakes to dislodge it, she snaps a photo and sends it off to Peter.

> Shake shake shake!

Spider-Man has posed:

Spidey swings through the streets of New York on his way home after a chilly day of fighting crime! The crime don't stop just because the snow fell, if anything it seems to embolden the crime element to more crime elementals!

"Come on man, why are you making this complicated?"

*THWIP!* Spidey fires a line and pulls, turning his body into impossible angles as the metalic Green tail of the Scorpion slashes dangerously close to his face, chest, and legs.

"Seriously, I'm just trying to sell you some Avon.. what do you have against personal hygene products at affordable prices?"

The fact that they're only a block away from the Park where Kitty is sending off a picture of Jester playing in the snow aside.. "That's my girlfriend..." Landing on a lightpole, side flipping as the massive tail snaps out at him and only barely misses clipping his legs, "You're going to ruin my night and have me sleeping on the couch, friend... this is not cool... bro code... bro code.."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty rolls up a large snow ball, packing it together with her gloves, then making it a bit longer, more like a cylinder of snow. She lets Jester sniff and paw at it, but he loses interest after a few seconds. Kitty then rolls it slowly through the snow, letting more accrete to it and grow it in size. Before long she has a small barrel shape of snow that she stands up on its side, and then begins the process a new.

Before long she's stacked a few on each other and has a big shapeless lump of snow statue before her. "Ok, now we need some tools," she tells Jester. Kitty runs over to find some branches and waves one for Jester, throwing it across the dog park. He bounds off after it as she grins and moves back to the snow sculpture. Lockheed is sitting on it, looking like a large raven. "Never tried this before, but how hard could it be?" Kitty says, in a tone that says, she thinks it'll probably be hard and turn out horrible. But she proceeds to start removing snow from it with the sticks while Jester chases back, having recovered his own quarry.

Spider-Man has posed:
The combat is moving steadily in Kitty's direction, rest assured! This isn't one of those situations where Peter does a bunch of stuff and never actually shows up in the scene in a meaningful way!

"Just..." Dodge right in a hand spring, "...Let..." Backflip avoiding a tail slash, "Me answer..." *THWIP!* web fired right in Scorpions face, "..The phone.. What if it's important, ya know? I promise I'll still play with you!"

Scorpion growls and snatches at his face, pawing the webbing off and wards the Wallcrawler away with three savage thrusts of his sharp edged tail.

They're in view of hte park by now. Spidey swinging to get distance and firing two lines, one at a tree and another at a lightpost, to yank himself into a double kick that sends Scorpion sprawling through the snow. RIGHT over the fence leading into the Dog Park.

"See what happens?! You see what happens when you mess with the WARRRRRIOR?!"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's managed to remove enough snow to leave a headlike lump on the top, and is beginning to form what look to be shoulders and arms. Michelangelo has no worries of her unseating him, but it's starting to look somewhat humanlike.

The sound of sirens in the distance only draw her attention partially. They aren't exactly uncommon in New York, but it does prompt Kitty to pause long enough to pull out her phone. She bites down on the fingers of her glove, holding them in her teeth as she pulls the glove off to better work her phone.

She's just in the midst of checking the log of police channels in the area when a large shape comes flying over the fence and slides through the snow to a stop. Scorpion. Oh, that's probably the cause of the sirens.

As Scorpion starts to rise, Kitty behaves like any New York dog owner would, picking up Jester and running away, heading for the fence of the dog park. Her little hand motion is probably missed by everyone but Lockheed. The raven swoops around in a circle overhead, moving around behind Scorpion and then winging over and gliding down as if on an attack run, with Spider-Man on the far side of Scorpion from where the disguised dragon is approaching.

Spider-Man has posed:
Spidey spies Kitty and his masks eyes go wide with sudden apprehension! This definitely makes the situation a little too close to home, what with it potentially causing harm to his lady friend.. but after a silly wave, that almost costs him when Scorpion swings his tail out in a razor sharp slash aimmed for his shoulder, he also spies Lockheed the Raven headed in on an attack run!

He's picking up what Lockheed is putting down!

"COME ON Guy... we can talk this out like gentleman, right? You're Latin American, I know a few Latin Americans..." Alternating hands moving back and forth between the pair of them while Scorpie pulls himself up out of the snow. "Let's not be crazy, okay?" I'm American you twat! ... "Oh, yeah, right... you gotta admit the Scorpion gimmick just /screams/ mexicano..."


Spidey dives backwards just as the tail slashes out at him, close enough that it could shave the stubble on his jaw if he weren't wearing a mask! "I really need to learn you guys' names..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Scorpion swipes his tail at Spider-Man, trying to smash him. We could say like a bug, but probably more like a spider. Or at least decapitate him.

Whatever form of villainy was intended, it gives Lockheed's time, the raven-like appearance swinging to the left for a moment before he wheels and comes in from Scorpion's side. The cause for the change in angle is more obvious as the raven breathes a plume of hot fire down on the back of Scorpion's costume, able to aim for the lump that looks it probably houses the batteries and controllers, without the man's body also being directly in the line of fiery breath.

Though, there's enough it's going to be felt, and probably hurt, as Lockheed tries to melt enough to disable his tail.

Spider-Man has posed:
Oh he feels it! Scorpion feels the heat rising as the breath runs down his back and growls viciously when he tries to take a swing at the Raven puffing up the magical fire! Only his suit is depowered after the battery is overheated, so it's more like someone punching in jello. He tries, though, the ol whipper snapper.

Spidey rolls out of his backwards leap with a back covered in snow, into a three point stance. "What's the problem, pal? Performance anxiety? Happens to the best of us... especially around pretty ladies." Double finger guns at Kitty. "No, please, no pictures..." Hands up, one of which is pointed at Scorpion and firing webbing right into the center of the villains chest. A yank both pulls the armored criminal forward and himself towards... right into an upper cut.

An upper cut that sends Mac arcing up into the air with bone shattering force and then down into the snow in a heap... Spidey landing atop him just as the police cruisers round out beyond the gate of the dog park. "Hey guys! Over here..." waving them over with both hands, "He tripped and fell on some dog poop someone didn't clean up despite the signs saying dog poop is the owners responsibility... ALWAYS have to work in a poop joke." Aside to nobody.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty vaults over the fence, one hand gripping the top, the other clutching Jester to her chest. He's aware something is going on and starts barking, perhaps just spotting the familiar form of Spider-Man, or maybe sensing Kitty's anxiety.

She gets them over near to a tree they can duck behind if needed, and watches the plume of fire coming out of the bird, who flies off to land in a tree after lending a helping wing. As Spider-Man makes his quips, the young woman he refers to smiles at being called pretty. "Seriously, why be such a bad guy when you could help people?" she yells towards Scorpion. Helpful New Yorker.

And after the final quip. "I swear we baggied and disposed of it," she says, patting Jester on the head. She watches as the police rush over towards Scorpion to take him into custody. She moves off towards another part of the park, after casting a glance over towards Spider-Man first. She moves on to an area on the other side of some bushes so she'll be out of sight of Scorpion.

Spider-Man has posed:
Spidey looks relieved seeing Kitty has gotten herself and Jester out of harms way, but the damage is done and the day is won! The police brought the special wagon to cart off the criminal in powered armor, thank Spidey, promise to arrest him next time they see him (as is customary) and then go about their business.

Rather, they leave him to go about his.

His business just so happens to be swinging over to a tree where Lockheed is perched, "Thanks for the help, bud... Imma go plead my case with Kitty, I could probably use an assist in not getting dog housed in the dog park..."



Loweeeeeeer to hang upside down infront of lady and dog. "Heeeeey... babeeeee.... and Jester... hey guys... what's up, hey..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Lockheed gives a few little flaps of his wings in response, the hologram covering him making it look like the raven is flapping a bit. He gives a nod of his head and then flaps into the air, heading over with Spider-Man towards the slightly more private rendezvous.

Kitty looks up as her two men arrive. Well, two of her three men, she already has Jester with her. As Spider-Man lowers down she grins at him. "Seriously, other guys just bring their girl flowers. Maybe some chocolate. But you bring me super villains. What's not to love about this situation?" she asks.

She reaches up to brush the side of Spider-Man's face through his costume. "Though my Spider-Man snow sculpture I was making got knocked over in the fight it looked like. It was going to just be vaguely humanish at best, I think, so the art world probably shouldn't mourn yet," Kitty tells him. "What'd Scorpion do? Come after you directly? Or just up to no good?"

Spider-Man has posed:
Spidey is mostly hidden by a tree from the general populace, but he'd be easily spot if anyone were looking. Dangling infront of Kitty now, feet running along the ling being held in both hands, "I heard you like weirdo animal themed villains, so I brought you weirdo animal themed villains..." Weak, Parker. "Uhh... I don't really remember, I'm sure he was doing something nerdowell and I broke it up.. it was just him this time though... more than anything, I'm curious how he's already out." Glancing around the tree with just the slightest of turns to see the Police loading a depowered Scorpion into the back of the wagon, "He should have had another few /years/ on his sentence after that last spat... but here he is."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty hrms quietly as she peers around the tree towards Scorpion being lead away by New York City's finest. "Hrm. If he was hired before, maybe the person behind it got him sprung then? If we look into how he got out, might lead back towards them?" she suggests.

"Want me to start doing some poking? See who his lawyer was, we can start looking into them? I have a boyfriend who works for a newspaper so he might be able to look up things in their files," she suggests, giving Spider-Man a wink as she shows off Peter Parker's occupational perks.

Jester knows who it is of course, even if it wasn't for seeing him in costume, he'd know that scent anywhere. He's pawing to try to get over to him, and Kitty holds him out so he can get a few licks in on the mask, or Spider-Man can take him if he likes.

Spider-Man has posed:
Spidey wraps Jester up in an arm, easily holding the pupper close to get his licks in, laughing as Kitty speaks on their various methods of information gathering, "Good idea... Hey..." Mixed convo, one to Kits, one to Jester.. "Okay, okay, yeah... I'm coming home now.." Glancing around Jester he's holding back out to Kits, "Maybe twenty minutes... probably more like an hour. I have to pick up dinner for my girlfriend..." His mask doesn't wink, but they eye does get smaller when the man beneath it winks.

"I'll see you three there shortly? While I'm gone, take a look at his legal files, see if we can dig up a lead."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods in agreement, and her face lighting up when Spider-Man speaks of grabbing dinner. "You have a very lucky girlfriend, Spider-Man. She should probably tell you that she loves you. Often, and a lot," she says with a smile. She checks around them and then leans forward to press a little kiss to his lips through the mask.

She takes on Jester then. "Come on, let's get you home, boy," she tells Jester. "Try not to run into Rhino on the way home," Kitty teases. She smiles and rubs her fingers over the side of his face through the mask before finally moving away, clipping the leash back on Jester and setting him down so he can trot alongside her through the snow as she heads off at a quick walk for home.