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{{Log Header
{{Log Header
|Date of Scene=2020/05/23
|Date of Scene=2020/05/22
|Location=The 8-Bit Arcade in Metropolis
|Location=The 8-Bit Arcade in Metropolis
|Synopsis=Jean and Shannon meet with Jeremy to discuss coming to Xavier's. Jeremy plays his trap card in the form of Supergirl having his back.
|Synopsis=Jean and Shannon meet with Jeremy to discuss coming to Xavier's. Jeremy plays his trap card in the form of Supergirl having his back.

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Come into my parlor, said the Spyder to the fly
Date of Scene: 22 May 2020
Location: The 8-Bit Arcade in Metropolis
Synopsis: Jean and Shannon meet with Jeremy to discuss coming to Xavier's. Jeremy plays his trap card in the form of Supergirl having his back.
Cast of Characters: SpyderByte, Shannon Lance, Phoenix, Supergirl

SpyderByte has posed:
As promised, Jeremy would meet those who would come to the 8-Bit Arcade and Pizzeria. It's a retro, throwback style with 80's posters, arcade machines and music. It does not get a lot of foot traffic, sadly, but just enough to keep it up and running. It's a fan favorite for some of the older crowd who wants to live out their teenage glory days and show off the relics to their children.

There is a room in the back that Jeremy has occupied, his laptop set up in front of him. He is hunched over it in a rather timid manner, his hair hanging in front of his dark eyes, a bit of a tremble quaking in his frame. He has a mix of adrenaline and panic slamming into each other, fueling his emotions. He chews on his bottom lip, though his eyes glance upwards and all about at times, as if he could see something whizzing by catching his attention. His eyes track at a speed far faster than most should be able to, almost as if he was filled with micro-impulses.

His fingers blur along the keyboard as well in front of him, glowing green keys that light up with each precise strike.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     While normally, Shannon wouldn't bother with her image inducer, this time, she actually considered it. En route to the 8-Bit Arcade, she glances over at Miss Grey. "I'll trust your judgement on this one. Inducer on or off? Just so I can give Jeremy a heads up." Yeah, no, she wasn't too keen on repeating the other day, and scaring him badly enough to run. She still felt badly about that, her cheeks flaming with chagrin at the memory, heart aching even more for Jeremy's situation. She's in her blue sundress, daisy toe flip flops, and has left her hair long and loose save for her signature blue braid on the left side of her face.

Phoenix has posed:
"For now, turn it on and let him know. Given his fears, I'm sure he can understand the need for discretion in a public place." Jean Grey responds to Shannon as the readheaded woman drives. "We'll be there in about five minutes." And in due course, she'll pull up their horrid cargo van in the parking lot. "And remind me when we get back to see about setting up rental contracts with some of the major companies." Sure, she could have someone construct a super secret car that folds under the jet somehow, but there were some business trips you just needed to roll up in something less futuristic.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Nodding once, Shannon pulls a discreet-looking silvery wristband from her little brown leather bag and slides it on her left wrist. With a couple of taps, her wings vanish from view, and she looks like any normal teenage girl. The only way someone would find out otherwise is if they got close enough to physically touch her back. "Yeah, I usually hate the thing, but not knowing how mutant-friendly this section of Metropolis is, well..." She shrugs and cracks something of a smile, slipping her phone from her bag and tapping out a quick message.

     <<We're about five minutes out. My wings are hidden this time. Unknown location, erring on the side of caution to blend in.>>

     With that, she taps the scren of her phone and sends her message into the void, watching for a reply. "Here's hoping." She sighs softly, settling back in the passenger seat, running her fingers through her hair. "I hope a day comes when things like that won't be necessary. So... y'all are stuck with me, 'cause I plan on staying put and doing my part."

Phoenix has posed:
"I hear ya." Jean says quietly, even perhaps a bit sadly. "That's what we're fighting to see, a future where we don't have to hide, or feel shame, or fear that some shadow entity will steal our children in the night. We're fighting for the peace to just live. I hope you get to see it in your lifetime." Shannon's lifetime, but not her own? "Alright, we're here."

She puts the van into park and waits for the text to be acknowledged. This time, though, she doesn't wait for a response. More chance for him to get cold feet. "Well if we have time, we can at least get something to eat. I don't know about you, but I'm starving! Come on. Let's hope this time goes a bit smoother."

And to the front door she goes.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Hey, better still in your lifetime, then we're both covered there, miss Grey." Shannon smiles and briefly rests her shoulder upon the headmistress' shoulder, with a gentle squeeze for reassurance. Ever the optimist. Maybe she was in a bit of a fantasy world, but dreams are what kept one going sometimes.

     "Yeah, I did kinda fowl up a bit the last round." Oh hail no. Shannon didn't just go there, did she? The offer food sounded absolutely heavenly, and the young woman can't help a grin. "Plus, I've got to hand it to Jeremy, he picked an awesome spot." She does keep her phone in hand, so at least she'll know when the message is acknowledged, and hopefully replied to.

SpyderByte has posed:
A message immediately is returned the moment she hits enter.

<< Inside. Back far left. I disabled all the cameras to give us privacy. >>

Once they finally arrive, his dark eyes lift upwards to peer through the mop of hair, watching them. His entire body grows rigid, his thoughts a jumbled mass of static that sounds like a dial-up modem going off. Loud pings and chirps. There is obviously fear in his posture. Anxiety.

Both of their phones light up once they enter the room. Pinging.

<< Hello. This is where I study when I need to get away from the noise. >>

Yet, this place is quite noisy. Lots of arcade machines rattling away at their welcome screens. Ploop Ploop Ploop Bong Bong Bong! Space Invaders. Pac Man. Asteroids. Super Mario.

Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey passes her phone a glance before she steps inside with the merry chime on the door, though it's barely heard over the electronic din. She looks right over to where Jeremy is and makes her way past the arcades with a look that's clouded and caught somewhere in the grey area of ambiguous wistfulness. "Hey, heck of a place here. Nice to see retro is still appreciated."

She takes a seat at the table next to his, enough that there's space but not so much as to disrupt talking, and pull out a chair for Shannon. "Thanks for agreeing to meet with us. I'm just here to talk, you're free to choose what you want to do after. I take it you figured out who I am?"

Shannon Lance has posed:
     She knew well that audible 'noise' wasn't what Jeremy meant at all. She acknowledges the message with a light smile, sliding into the proffered chair. "This is a really neat place you picked," the young woman says, her voice ringing with genuine appreciation. "Bet you'd wipe the floor with me in Pac-Man, though." Her eyes twinkle with playful challenge as she glances over at Jeremy, her lips curled upwards in a smile. Just a little bit of normal in a world sometimes lacking in such simple joys.

SpyderByte has posed:
<< I don't play many games. >> Their phones ping as he slumps further into himself, drawing his computer closer. He isn't even holding his phone, nor is he typing away on the keyboard. The messages just show up. His eyes are looking off to the side and mostly at the top of the table.

<< You are Jean Grey. >>

As the messages come through, his lips move slightly, though he isn't making any noise. He is just sitting there, curled up within himself, trembling slightly.

Phoenix has posed:
"I am." Confirms Jean with a nod of her head as she glances between him and her phone that rests in front of her. "Headmistress of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." Though who actually uses the term youngsters anymore? "That's why I'm here. I know the world isn't always a safe place for those born apart from the rest of the world. Our school exists to give those kids a safe place with others like them, to learn about themselves, what they can do, and how to live in this world."

She tips her head towards Shannon as she continues, "Shannon came to us because she was worried about you. So I'd like to extend you an invitation, if you want. The nature of our school is secret, appearing as any other prestigious private school on the outside. We even have scholarships of all sorts to help provide cover for those students who can't be open with their families."

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon just smiles faintly as she listens to miss Grey, glancing between her and Jeremy. Her heart went out to the young man. His fear was almost a palpable thing, and it was all she could do to not reach out to him. "If any of this has caused you undue distress or trouble with your family, please let us apologize. It was never meant that way." Her voice is soft, perhaps just audible above the din of the arcade. A glance is spared for her phone, as she leaves the apology there, letting miss Grey ride point on this one.

SpyderByte has posed:
There is a few moments of silence as Jeremy gives a glance to the laptop, then reaches up slowly with a hand, looking to snag something from mid-air, slamming it down on the table quickly. There is a rapid flicker of his eyes before he tilts his head to one side, going back to his curled up state.

<< I live my life between the cracks. Hidden in the shadows of 1's and 0's. No one knows what I am. I thought I would be invisible forever. It's easy. >>

He draws the laptop closer so that the bottom tucks against his chest. Still, he's not typing. He's just clutching it with both hands as his knuckles bleed white.

<< I am not special. I got too curious. It destroyed my family. Put me away behind bars. They did things to me there. >> There is a flash of images in his mind. Strong ones. Terrifying ones. Juvie Hall is not a kind place for weak nerds like him.

<< You are a mutant school? >>

Supergirl has posed:
There is the sound of a loud boom outside. Sonic, far up in the atmosphere, but enough that the windows rattle a little and the echo of the noise seems to go on forever.

A moment later, the front door is opened and in walks a figure that doesn't seem fitting with the arcade. The one and only Supergirl, in full costume, her red cape flowing out behind her in the wake of her speed as she walks into the building. She knows right where she is going. There is no hesitation. No pause. She pinpointed her target before she had entered, thanks to x-ray vision.

She walks up and takes in Jeremy's expression, his posture. "What are you doing to him? Move away now. Or. Else."

Phoenix has posed:
"Curiosity is not a crime, nor is being what we are." Jean says with quiet conviction as she nods to him. "It is, and strictly that. It's not just a school, it's family, and we protect our own with every resource available to us."

Further discussion, however, is interrupted as a very obvious certain someone comes marching in and over to the table. "Excuse me." She says to Jeremy as she slowly and calmly turns in her chair to look towards Supergirl. She doesn't get up, only lifts her chin faintly as green eyes fix on the other woman. "Or else you'll cause a very public incident that will make things even more difficult? We are sitting here and talking, that's all. He's free to leave at any point he wishes. I'm here to offer him a safe place, but that choice is his.""

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Oh, great. There were a few people in the world you /really/ didn't want to piss off. One of them just barreled in out of the blue. Shannon holds her hands up, leaving her phone on the table for the moment, and her hands empty. "Hello, miss. It's as miss Grey here said, we're just trying to talk to him."

     She glances over at Jeremy and grins wryly. "And you were trying to tell /me/ about contacts in the community the other day?" Glacier blue eyes bear a hint of a twinkle as she glances amongst the three present.

     However, her brows were slightly furrowed with concern. What would miss Grey do? How would she try to defuse the situation? She's silent for a few moments, considering the options present. The most sensible of them, however, was one she hoped miss Grey would not kill her for opting to use. "Please, if you'd like to join us, miss?"

     Yeah, the evening just got a whole lot more interesting.

SpyderByte has posed:
When Supergirl makes her explosive entrance, Jeremy's dark eyes peer up from behind his bangs. All three of their phones ping at the same time.

<< Miss Jean Grey is from Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. They are mutants who say they run a mutant school. They want me to attend. >>

He shifts about as he relaxes the grip of his laptop, as if the presence of Metropolis's savior makes him feel better.

<< Supergirl is my friend. We work together to protect Metropolis. I am not a hero, but I help her. I wanted her here, as insurance in case this may be a trap. I calculated the odds and felt they would be in my favor. >>

His eyes glance slightly over to Shannon, giving a slow nod of his head. His lips slowly move, his voice finally makes an appearance. It's raspy, quiet and submissive.

"H.. He..llooo.. Sss..sssuper... /girl/. I.. I... I... a.. aaaaaaahm.. s...ssssooo...sss.." He lets out a heavy breath, clenching his fists. "SORRY." He barks out loudly. "T.. To sssssca..a...re y-y-ou."

Supergirl has posed:
Supergirl continues to stare right at Jean Grey. When she sees Jeremy relaxing a little in her peripheral vision, her posture relaxes. Just a little. Then she hears the ping and pulls her phone out from her belt, glancing down to read the message. She looks from it to Jeremy and back to the two women.

One she recognizes. Shannon had helped with the rescue of Superman. While she was not the strongest of fighters, she had guts for miles. Even had tackled Enchantress during the battle. Though it might not seem like it, Supergirl did remember.

Then Jeremy is speaking and she glances to him. She has heard him before, thus is prepared for his speech patterns. The stutters, then the bursts of words at volume as he tries to get them out. "I was worried about you," she says softly to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I thought they had like a white van and were trying to tote you off." She gives him a soft smile then looks to the other two women.

Now her smile is more sheepish. "Spyder is my teammate. I will protect him if he's in danger. Which he doesn't seem to be. I know Nightingale is on the side of the angels. No pun intended," she adds quickly. "I figure she would not be associating with someone who is otherwise. I apologize for my entrance, Miss Grey. I hope you understand. Unfortunately, I fear I may already have caused a bit of a public incident with my presence, so probably should not stay. You have a place he can go where he will be safe?"

Phoenix has posed:
The van. To hell that thing. By the controlled yet strained pull on Jean's face, it's only by sheer will that said van doesn't erupt into a fireball right then and there. Slow breath, Jean. There's a deposit. "We'll be having words with the company about that van." The Phoenix is not the Karen you want asking for your manager.

"But yes, to answer your question, we do. A place I and many others would die to protect, along with everyone in it. No apologies needed. I can respect loyalty like that and it's not ill placed."

She reaches into the pocket of her pants and pulls out a slim card folio, withdrawing one matte ivory card with embossed black words outlining the school's information, along with her own name embossed in gold. "Here, my direct line is on there. You're welcome to check in on him, we just ask any... obvious guests check with us ahead of time before visiting. Discretion is necessary for everyone's sake."

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon smiles at Jeremy, cocking her head slightly as she listens to his voice. It was raspy, disused, but still had a pleasant quality to it, behind all that. "It's all good," she replies. "Sounds like we've got some stories to swap one of these days, if you want."

     Turning to Supergirl, she cracks a wry smile, finally lowering her hands as one of the saviors of Metropolis seems to simmer down. "Can't blame you for worrying. You don't go it alone, and you never leave a teammate behind." She pauses, inclining her head just slightly. "Or family." Her smile widens, her eyes twinkling. There were so many questions she wished she could ask, but this was neither the time or the place. "Who knows, maybe we'll see you around one day?"

     To miss Grey, Shannon just grumbles slightly. "Next time, anything but that godforsaken van! That thing is just... just... ugh!"

SpyderByte has posed:
Ping: << They seriously showed up in a rape van. I tracked the license plate back to the rental place. According to their files, the car they originally looked to rent was mistakenly out and this was all they had at short notice. >>

At least Jeremy has a sense of humor as their phones ping, though he is continuing to just sit there at the table with his laptop against his chest, looking like a submissive puppy.

<< If Supergirl thinks it is a good idea and if she trusts you, then I can consider enrolling. My mother though does not know what I am and she comes from a strict, conservative and religious background. I also nearly bankrupted my family in legal fees. She will want to know what type of school you are, how you found me, what will it cost. She works for a powerful law firm and is very detail oriented. She /will/ do a background check on the school. >>

As he pushes himself upwards to his feet, he slides the laptop into his bag, his hair hanging in front of his face in that shaggy, unkempt manner. He inches around the table, then leans forward to give Supergirl a quick hug before peeling away. "T-th-aaa-nk.. y... yooou..f-f-for.. c-c-c.. COMING." The last word comes out sharply, causing him to duck his head away. A few customers who were scattered about was already staring, but loud voices will always catch more attention.

Supergirl has posed:
"What? There actually is a van?" Supergirl asks, incredulous. She considers a moment but realizes it doesn't mean anything.

Kryptonians have a lot of gifts. Telepathy is not one of them. However, they have amazing senses. Enough they can pick up heart rate, respiration, O2 content in the blood and so many tiny things. All the things that a lie detector machine monitors are in their abilities to just sense. She knows Jean isn't lying. Or if she is, she's a very good liar because there are no signs otherwise.

She takes the little card, giving it a once over then giving a nod. "I probably will want to check in on him. I'll likely come incognito but you never know, I guess. I would ask ahead of time, unless it was an emergency."

She tucks the card away with her phone into her belt. "You're welcome, Spyder. That's what teammates and friends are for." She glances over to Shannon, giving her a nod. "I'm sure you will see me again. Someday. Hopefully under better circumstances."

She looks back over at Jeremy. "Do what feels right. If it is a safe environment where you don't have to hide what you are. Your Mom doesn't need to know until you are ready for that step." She gives another squeeze of his shoulder then turns. "I should go. Probably gonna have to explain to my cousin the sonic boom." She looks sheepish herself. Off she goes for the door, making her exit not nearly as quick as her entrance had been.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Regards to your cousin, okay? And please remind him not to be so darn surprised when people step up for him." Shannon just smiles warmly, chuckling as she settles back. Yeah, no, she wasn't getting involved in that little family discussion. Sonic booms? What sonic booms? She heard nothing, knew nothing. Nope. She just keeps that Cheshire Cat smile on her face as she looks amongst Supergirl, miss Grey, and Jeremy.

     What happens in Metropolis, stays there. Right?