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Dinner for...
Date of Scene: 09 May 2021
Location: Kitchen - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Dinner and a few friends. Just a casual thing.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Pixie, Nightingale

Warpath has posed:
It's been established on multiple occasions Jimmy doesn't cook much. He does have a trick or two, but over all he doesn't cool much. So it is he is standing at the oven, waiting on a skillet to get very hot under the broiler. Dressed more casual in a pair of black sweat pants and a white tank top. Style...he doesn't have much it seems.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn had rather enjoyed a couple of hikes over the weekend, even going back for more the next day after the bear attack thingie, although she chose to hike in a different, lower risk area the second time around.

Unfortunately, it had started to rain and even hail a bit as she climbed up higher, and eventually she decided to turn back, to head home. Of course, by the time she got home, she was pretty tired and pretty hungry, which meant she was headed for the kitchen to fix a quick snack before heading to her room to cuddle up with a good book.

Still wearing a green windbreaker over black cardigan and blue jeans, she yawns and stretches as she heads for the fridge, searching for some bread and peanut butter, nose twitching at something tasty smelling. "Ooh, Hii, Mister..Uh, James. How're you feeling? Whatcha cooking?"

Warpath has posed:
Glancing towards the new arrival, he points at some steaks that are on the counter gaining some temperature. They have been seasoned with somthing,"Steaks. It's one of the few things I can cook." he admits,"I never was much of a cook."

For his part the wounds are pretty much healed, but it is still possible to see where the injuries occurred. He indicates the plates and comments,"Three steaks if you want one. I will probably only eat two." They are pretty large after all.

Nightingale has posed:
     "You generally don't do that badly, shik'isn," comes a familiar voice from the doorway. Shannon's leaning in the doorframe, her arms crossed, and a wry half-smile on her face. "That one-sheet dinner you did with some roasted veggies and meat was actually pretty damn good." She's in some sturdy black sneakers, blue jeans, and a rather intensely tie-dyed black t-shirt with rainbow sunburst patterns all over. She's got her hair pinned entirely up as if ready for digging in and getting to work.

     "I won't even ask how you got those scratches last night. Did you at least get her number?" she teases Warpath, chuckling and staying well out of his reach. "Heya, Megan... how's it going?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn oohs, shutting the fridge and peering at the steaks. "Well, I can't say no to Steak! Especially after that whole thing in the mountains.." she giggles, and glances towards Shannon, smiling, "Hii Shan! How's it going?" she gives a little shrug, "Hmm we were hiking and ran into an angry wounded Mama bear..Which James chose to single handed lay tackle after we got the thorn out..Didn't get to check on the Cubs though, I hope they were okay.."

Warpath has posed:
Glancing back towards the door, Jimmy smirks and replies,"About all I can cook shik'isn. You know that." He walks over the the refrigerator to produce vegetables to go with the steak,"One trick pony. As for the other, missed the number."

He glances to Pixie and shakes his head,"Oh sure. Make it sound like it was dangerous or something." he teases midly. Of course, it really wasn't the smartest decision,"The bear was coming after local life because it was hurt. I think she'll be fine now and so will her cubs, but I will be going back out to check on her in a few days on my own. Check from a distance.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon just stares at Pixie for a moment, one eyebrow lofting, then the other. "What. The. Fuck. Let me get this straight. You got in between a mama bear and her cubs? Do you have a death wish or something?" She just shakes her head, incredulous as she pushes away from the doorframe, heading for the cabinets. She stops to looko over Megan with a critical healer's eye, and breathes a sigh of relief, her wings ruffling and giving a little flick as they settle flat against her back. As she's gathering up a few covered containers and some basic soup ingredients to put in the contaners, she adds, "You're lucky to be alive, let alone without a scratch."

     She smiles a bit at Warpath, shaking her head. "Doesn't sound like a number you'd have wanted to keep. Too much baggage. It's a real bear sometimes."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn rolls her eyes at Shannon. "Nooo, of course not! We tracked her to her bear cave, because she was wounded and there were reports of her attacking people." eyes narrow, hands clenched. "She got in between me and James and when she started to charge me, James took action.."

She smiles and nods to him, "Thanks for that, I should have known you could single handed lay tackle a bear, but it was pretty impressive to watch with my own eyes! I'm also worried about the Cubs.."

Warpath has posed:
The words and intensity from Shannon causes a raise of a brow, a surprise. Not judging, just surprised. The angry, injured bear mother was less dangerous than the potential of the two mutant women,"We tracked her down to figure out what had injured her paw and fix it."

In battle he's fierce, but in this setting he'd rather not deal with it. Instead he looks at the time and goes to take out the skillet. He places a steak into it and lets it sear on the hot burner.

Nightingale has posed:
     Forgotten for the moment, the door to the fridge remains partially open, and the container partially filled with soup ingredients as Shannon turns about on one heel. Marching right over to Megan, she catches the other girl up in a massive hug. "Don't you scare me like that again. If Jimmy got dinged up like he was last night, that bear would've made short work of you. Who the hell else am I gonna drag along on weird adventures with me, huh?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smirks and shakes her head, "Hey, I'm no slouch either, Yknow? I may not have super strength or powerful blasters, but I've been practicing..I put that angry mama to sleep! It was the only way that weird speedster guy who kept calling me..What was it? Anyways, he managed to pull the thorn right outta the bear's paw.."
rStill, Megs smiles and hugs her back, "But thanks for the sentiment." she giggles.

Warpath has posed:
Flipping the steak to sear again Jimmy nods,"She did get the bear to sleep. The next time I have an incomnia run I'm calling her." Yeah. That probably sounds a lot more wrong than meant, but he doesn't catch on. He chops some butter and puts it on the steak and into the oven with it.

"Snagglepuss. You should look that up." he snorts softly and starts to get the vegetables ready and tossed into some olive oil. Completely, utterly oblivious to saying what he did,"That injury will heal though. He was useful whoever he was. He vanished pretty quick too."

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon steps back a little bit--but not, however, before whapping Megan very lightly upside the back of her head! "That was still incredibly stupid to go after the bear like that! And don't lie, you'd be chewing me out the same way! You're just lucky the pixie dust didn't turn into a bad trip for the bear instead of putting her to sleep, that stuff's potent!"

     Pulling away, she heads back over to the fridge, and finishes putting soup ingredients into the plastic container. That, plus a fresh loaf of bread, and some butter, all go into a bag to be carried out with her, and she smiles somewhat. "Sounds like you had quite a time out there, both of you. Wonder who this mystery man is, though?" Her eyebrows loft at the mention of the old cartoon, and she just chuckles a little. "Heh. Snagglepuss. Now there's a classic."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn makes a face. "Snagglepuss..Right!" she makes a face, "What's that even mean?" she shrugs and giggles, hungrily sniffing the air. Shannon's given a shrug, "Well,, I sure as heck wasn't gonna just leave a poor, injured bear, though I wouldn't have tried without backup either. Still, my sleep spell is totally different from my faerie dust, and after the practice I've put in, and help from Doctor Strange, I have enough confidence to know it wouldn't have failed.."

Still, she's right, Megs would likely be just as worried if she'd heard Shan had been in a similar situation..

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon just smiles, gathers up the bag with the soup fixings, and turns towards the door. She just smiles at Warpath and dips her head, knowing better than to hug him in front of anyone else. Hey, a man had his image to uphold, you know! "What do you say we catch supper in the lake soon and have a fish fry on the shore? I've just got to get out to the cabins with this stuff and see if I can convince our guests to eat a little something again."

     With that, she ducks out the door, edibles in tow, heading on out towards the lake and two patients in a cabin on the far side of the shimmering waters....

Warpath has posed:
"An old cartoon character." he explains to Megan. A big pink cat as I recall." He takes the pan out after some time and then flips the steak over before putting it back into the oven to cook some more. He tosses the vegetables in olive oil, preparing to fire it in the oven after the steaks.

"Regardless, I'd be mindful if you are around him again. I don't know who he was, but he was helpful. Still." he shrugs. Some people don't trust easy,"Be safe shik'isn."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn nods and waves to Shan, "See you later!" she settles down in a chair after putting the kettle on and pulling out some mugs and a box of cinnamon roobios tea, "Sooo, how a bout a cup of tea with the steak? Mmm they look good and I'm starved! Didn't know you were an established cook, but I guess there's a lot I don't know..Like your badass survival skills.."

She peers at him curiously, "Heey Mister..Err James, do ya think you could teach me some of those survival skills? Could come in handy some day.." she nods about the Snagglepuss thing and makes a face. "First I'm called butterfly girl, then giant big cat. Sheesh, I'll be careful though.."

Warpath has posed:
"I don't cook too much." he replies,"Very basic and this is about as fancy as it gets." Counting the time he nods and takes the steak out of the oven. He starts to sear another and tents some aluminum foil over the first one to rest. He puts the vegetables into the other oven to cook and after prepping the steak it goes into the oven to cook.

He leans against the counter and nods,"I can teach you, but it isn't easy. It's not something I just woke up doing." he explains,"As for the names I wouldn't worry about that too much. You'd be amazed the things I've been called in the past. Most of them are still alive, though some aren't quite as intact as they were before." Those big hands make huge fists after all.

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn smirks and nods, "Always nice to have basic cooking and survival skills..Imm, I think it would be nice to learn stuff like, how to trap, how to make a fire, or a shelter. I really do love hiking and being in nature..Maybe it's just my faerie nature.." she peers hungrily at his cooking, "Oooh is it almost ready?"

Warpath has posed:
He counts of the time to flip the steak and reaches into the over to do that. He nods and takes the other steak to her,"It's ready. The vegetables not quite. The meat looks rare, but it is hot all the way through." He goes back to check a few things.

"As for the rest, we will start to sort things out." he tells her. The night can start to wind on through. He explains at few basic survival things, but only the things he can tell. It's mostly hands on. Still he teaches her a few things tonight. Others will follow.