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Megan Gwynn (Scenesys ID: 248)
"Nobody here but us monsters, love!"
Full Name: Megan Gwynn
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Great Britain
Residence: Westchester County, New York
Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Status: Dropped
Groups: X-Men, Xavier's School, X-Corporation, Mystic Arts-OOC, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 2 April 2010 Actor: Zoe Kravitz
Height: 159 cm (5'3") Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Very Bright Pink Eye Color: Very Dark Pink
Theme Song: Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield


A transplant from Wales, Megan Gwynn - otherwise known as the Pixie - is an obvious mutant that takes shelter in the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. With that said, she's not unknown in the magical community, especially around New York - but mostly as a cheerful, colorful neophyte that people perhaps overestimate in terms of actual magic ability. C'mon - she looks just like a faerie, right?!

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A transplant from Wales, Megan Gwynn - otherwise known as the Pixie... doesn't really look the part. What she does look like is a bubblegum pink-haired fairy from the tales of yore, dressed in modern fashion and generally always wearing a smile on her lips. She's a slender sort of girl, with dragonfly wings sprouting from her back - doesn't look like she weighs too much either.

Probably helps her fly, or something.

Oh, and she's a fairy. There's magic probably afoot!


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As far as histories go, Pixie has a fairly boring one. Born in Wales, in a quiet little mining town called Abergylid. She was a bright young woman (with red hair at the time), and was often the apple of her father's eye. Cheerful, she made a great many friends - but her world was shaken when her father died in the mines when she was about twelve years old.

(Her father, as she knew him, wasn't her real father - and she didn't really know her mother - but as it would turn out!! Her father was actually a supervillainy mutant. And her mother was a fae, who tricked her father into believing the child was his, from a long-ago dalliance - not that Megan was ever told any of this.)

ANYWAYS, unknowing of all the stuff going on in the background of her life, she was moved to her grandparents to be raised. Which worked fine, for a time.

At least, until she turned about sixteen or so.

Hair turned brillantly pink, and her wings sprouted on her back. Now - her grandparents had suspicions about her mother already, so one can imagine what this might do to their half-right preconceptions of Megan's ancestry. But you know how little towns are - word spreads quickly, and Megan was soon confined to spending days beneath her grandmother and father's protection, pulled from school to study the Bible, and only really allowed to go out at night.

But this sort of thing couldn't last - Megan was far too curious a girl. Leaving a note, she fled the home in the dead of night, wearing a bicycle helmet for fear of bonking her head during her unfamiliar flights of flying.

Thankfully, she was soon discovered on Cerebro by Professor X, and given an offer of moving towards the States - where, well - her adventures would only begin.

In one of her adventures, Pixie, along with some other New Mutants, were kidnapped and taken to limbo where they were attacked by demons. They were saved by the Mutant known as DarkChylde, who recognized the innocence in her soul and used it to fashion the Soul Dagger to help her fend off the demons.

Unfortunately, she failed to tell her until after the fact, that it had left a hole of sorts in her soul, which was filled with Dark Magic. Pixie now had the potential to use dark magic, and she used it to fend off the demons. With Illyana's help, she also learned a teleportation spell, which she used to help herself and the others escape. This also left her with the potential to learn more magic, but also with a bit of a dark streak, as illustrated by the streak of black that appeared in her hair and in her wings, as well as a slightly darker personality than before.

However, she was commended for her bravery and after they returned, she was promoted to X-men.


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At first blush, it might be all too easy to write Megan off as one of those bubbly, empty-headed sorts. But the young woman has a fierce intelligence, in spite of how cloistered she has been in the few years before coming to America. Smiles spring easily to her face, and she is usually equipped with a positive remark in response to just about any situation.

But she has a quick and fierce temper, as well. Like the stereotypes of the pixies of her namesake, she has a quick and capricous manner - chasing away her temper with a biting remark at the source of her ire, before bouncing back to more positive landscapes again. Her parents - being religious sorts, instilled her with a more traditional, if open-minded morality - but she has flitted away from that in more recent years, 'loosening up', in her own words.

She misses them terribly.

Pixie is also an active young woman - physical activity coming easy to her - she loves sports and just motion, and hates activites where she has to sit still for too long - video games and studying aren't her strong suits. With that said though, she can force herself to sit still if she needs to - she isn't hyperactive or ADHD at the least. She just likes to /go/.

And beneath that bubbly spirit might be something darker. One can see it sometimes in the way she ruthlessly wins a game sometimes - before laughing and offering a hand up. Perhaps something a bit wicked. Perhaps she is born of a fae, after all...


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Drug Resistance
Although it doesn't come up much, at -all- - Pixie might find she has a resistance to all kinds of drugs. Blame the fact that she's leaking what is basically a hallucinogen behind herself all the time. If she ever tried to smoke something, she might find that it doesn't give her a buzz, at all, and find it silly. Prescription meds and things like caffeine won't work on her, but then again, neither will tranq dart guns. So it's all relative.
Magical History
Pixie is quite a mystery, even to herself. The truth is, her real father is a certain illusion manipulatin supervillain. Her mother is in fact a Faerie of some kind, although she does not know any of this. However, this means that she is part fae which, along with the hole in her soul (which is filled with black magic) has granted her the ability of innate magic. She has already learned a couple of spells. She also has some level of resistance against some magic effects, as well as sensitivity towards magical spells.

Pixie Dust
The sheddings of her wings appear as pink sparkly 'faerie dust', and are quite capable of producing powerful hallucinogenic effects, that not only affect one's visual perception, but their auditory awareness as well. The dust can affect people through skin to skin contact or inhalation. She can easily affect large groups of people at once (affecting an area of approximately 15 metre diameter at the most), although she has little control over what people will see. Usually this has to do with the individual person and their thought processes. Usually the visions will produce a calming effect and are quite pleasant to the senses. However, at other times they can produce fear and terror as well. It really depends on the person. She can also illicit a 'high' in people, elevating their mood much like powerful hallucinogenic drugs. Finally, Pixie can produce a colorful light show with her dust. At the upper limit, her dust may last up to 10 to 15 minutes at a time (up to three poses), dependant on an individual's metabolic rate and ability to shake off hallucinogens much like with drugs. Likely it would be harder to shake off at higher altitudes. She does have a limit as to how much dust she can shed at a time. She can go through maybe two rounds of dusting before exhausting herself and will need to rest at least 20 min before she can generate more pixie dust.

Pixie Wings
Megan possesses a pair of wings upon her back, resembling iridescent dragonfly wings. While they initially appeared like rainbow colored butterfly wings, as she matured and took on a slightly darker persona, so did they, often appearing a bit more blackenned when she is angry or upset, and more brightly pink when she is feeling happy and cheerful, although they can have iridescent sheens of just about any color from time to time as well, like a mood ring. Her wings can flutter at quite high speeds, capable of keeping her airborne, allowing her to hover or dart around at high speeds, approximately 200 mph if she really concentrates. They appear delicate but are actually quite hardy and cannot be easily damaged without, say, an axe or hammer when used with great force. And even if they were damaged, they would grow back, although this may take some time (up to a week or two if really badly damaged). She can only fly as high as she can breathe, approximately 10,000 feet or as high as a migratory bird. If she really pushes it she can glide up to 20,000 feet for maybe 10 minutes at a time before air pressure and drastically low oxygen and colder temperatures get to her and she risks passing out. In general, Pixie can sustain flight for up to 1 hour at a time before exhausting herself and having to rest at least 20 min before she can fly again. Also note that she is not super strong and cannot carry much more than maybe 40 pounds max while in flight, or roughly the weight of a small child at the very most. Even doing this would take significant effort and she could only hold that weight for up to 15 min at a time, dropping her flying height to maybe 100 feet at the most, and cutting her speed to maybe 30 mph.

Soul Dagger
Forged from a portion of her soul, the Soul Dagger is a mystical glowing dagger that can cause great damage to the supernatural. It can be summoned or dispelled at will from seemingly thin air. It has the power to do great harm psionics as well as supernatural beings, including demons, ghosts and magical creatures. It can also disrupt magical spells - such as for instance, breaking through or significantly weakening a magical barrier, or breaking an enchantment on another person by nullifying the effects of a spell. For instance if someone is magically or psionicakly possessed, stabbing them will bring them back to their senses. Stabbing a magical shiel May create a hole in it. When it comes to mundane creatures (Humans/Mutants/Robots), the dagger is less effective and seems to have minimal effect. At most it may stun them or cause brief, moderate pain. This is a relatively new skill and requires focus and a calm mind to summon. If she is stressed or distracted or scared, she simply cannot summon her soul dagger.

Spell Casting
Pixie is still learning about herself, but it seems she has developed an innate ability to cast and be sensitive towards magic. So far she has learned the following spells:

  • Teleportation: By uttering the incantation - "Sihal novarum chinoth!" - she can teleport herself and up to 15 people from one city to the next and can even teleport to limbo, although any other dimensional teleporting would require staff approval. She seems to have quite the skill at this spell, however, if she is distracted/tired/upset, it can have disastrous results (This is highly consent based of course, when being used on another PC). This spell can be exhausting and she can only teleport maybe 4 times per day before depleting her reserves.
  • Sleeping Spell: By uttering the incantation - "Mists of Morpheus, go!"- She can put a single person to sleep for up to ten minutes at this time. She is less skilled at this spell and it does not always work that well, but she is getting quite skilled (This is also highly consent based). It may eventually become more powerful under the right tutelage.


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Megan has always been an avid party goer and it usually pretty up to date on the latest gig. Not only this, but she's a fairly energetic and graceful club dancer, who has also taken some informal lessons in hip hop and even some ballroom dancing. In addition, she dreams of becoming a famous singer like her lifelong idol, The Dazzler. Megan has done a lot of karaoke and has a fairly decent singing voice but she is no professional. She is also slowly teaching herself to play guitar but again is nowhere near professional level.

Maybe it's a throwback from her fae nature, but Megan loves the great outdoors. She even joined Girl Scouts briefly as a child, granting her basic survival skills such as how to start a fire, how to cook and basic first aid. She also has a decent sense of direction and is good at reading maps and compasses, able to find her way fairly well on a hiking trail. She tries to keep at least fairly fit and enjoys regular hikes, always pushing herself.

So. Strange things have been happening around Pixie most of her life, and that's only grown worse since her mutation. So she's gotten a sense of how to research some of these strange things. Is she as good at it as a Watcher? Probably not. But things are getting easier with time and practice.


One of the things the Xavier Institute teaches its kids is self-defense. And Pixie followed those classes more or less dutifully. She's kinda small and light - but she knows how to throw a punch if she needed to - or more importantly - protect herself.


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Xavier's Institute

Xavier's place will likely always be a home and a place of sanctuary for her - and she considers them friends and allies - and would help anyone from that place out too, if they wanted it.


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Specifically, the being underground kinda claustrophobia. Megan doesn't /like/ spaces where she doesn't have space to stretch out her wings, but... Megan has hated mines since her father died. Flashes of what her father must have felt like in his final moments go through her mind in those dark places, and she starts to panic. It's not something easily gotten over.
Drug Resistance
While being able to fend off negative effects certain of drugs can be a blessing, it can also be a great drawback. If she is sick, medicine is less likely to work on her and she can become gravely ill or need to rely on her own immune system to heal from many sicknesses. Naturally this may push her to turn to more magical remedies as a result.

Fae Nature
It's muted, due to her halfie nature - but there. True Iron is something she can handle, but it feels unpleasant to her, and gives her a queasy feeling in the back of her heart. More telling is her true name, whispered into her ears by her mother before she gave her up, as a baby, to her father. Even she doesn't know it, but it would serve as a ward against her own magic, if inscribed on something. Put it on a hat, and Pixie can't effect the wearer with magic, at least. Inscribe it on shackles, and she can't use magic to pick them, stuff like that. Not to mention that she will 'ping' to those in the know that she kinda-sorta feels like faerie. But not exactly.

Megan's real parents are the villains Mastermind and a Fae woman. Her sisters are both villains as well. She does not yet know this but perhaps one day they may come back to claim her or try to sway her to their evil ways. With Megan's slightly darker tendencies, this may be easier than it once was, especially as they may possess answers to many of her questions like her mysterious fae and magical abilities, not to mention discovering that her real family is alive. Will her loyalties to her family prove stronger than her loyalties to the xmen? Only time will tell.

Hole In Soul
The hole in her soul seems small and of little consequence on the surface. However it makes her just a bit more vulnerable to evil influences. She is more likely to give in to selfish temptations and impulses such as seeking to punish her enemies rather than show them compassion. She also tends to hold lasting grudges such as her grudge against Illyana for the part she played in blackening her soul. Her self control is also affected. Megan is already somewhat short tempered, and the darker spot in her soul makes her more prone to blind fits of rage where she might lash out at even friends from time to time under pressure, maybe even doing things she might regret later such as hitting someone a little too hard in practice or saying words that were a bit too cruel. This is all new to her and she lacks some of the self control that Illyana May possess with her dark soul issues.

Magic is pretty cool but also like an addiction. The more she uses it the more curious she becomes. The more curious she is, the more she wants. She is already part Fae and already susceptible to dark magic. It is likely that the more she uses it the darker her soul will become as well. Also using too much magic can exhaust her physically and even give her headaches.

Power Limitations

Her powers are quite limited. Her Pixie Dust only affects the living and is useless on robots. For those with high drug resistance the effects are minimal at best. As for her dagger, while it is extremely effective towards supernatural entities, it is not very useful against robots, either passing harmlessly through them or if she is lucky it may briefly stun them. As for non magical creatures it can do little more than stun them briefly or cause a headache at the most. Most often it passes harmlessly through them. Those with psionic powers however seem to experience extreme pain from her dagger however, for some reason.


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Frozen Feelings November 14th, 2020 Megan and Shannon discuss the spooky events of the previous night that touched a nerve.
The Cure: House of the Living Dead November 13th, 2020 Lost loved ones are reunited..But a more dangerous evil lurks beneath the surface.
Ruminating in the Recroom November 10th, 2020 Megan meets a new student and tries to stay awake
The Cure: Creatures of the Night November 8th, 2020 A bat lady wrecks havok on Gotham zoo, releasing a swarm of bats on terrified onlookers. Various heroes come to the rescue. So do mysterious people dressed in white.
Halloween Homecoming November 1st, 2020 Dancing, music, food, family, and fun are enjoyed by all at Homecoming! Crazy costumes and fantastic displays of geekdom abound!
Getting Ready for Halloween! October 29th, 2020 Some Xavier students get together to prepare for Halloween!
The Cure: Megavolt October 21st, 2020 Four meta human criminals are broken out of a prison transport truck. One is defeated after a gruelling battle.
Fractured Fractions October 20th, 2020 The kids gather around to talk about math and dances.
Magical Bookworms October 13th, 2020 Illy returns. Megan is surprised.
Mutant Squatters: Starlight To The Rescue October 11th, 2020 Shannon and Megan pay Andrea and Nevada a visit to see if Starlight can assist the mutant children and families from the incident in Bryant Park two nights prior. Plans are made, and gummies devoured.
Mutant Squatters October 10th, 2020 Mutant squatters are attacked by thugs. They receive unexpected help from some heroes.
Atlantis Meeting October 9th, 2020 Concerns for the Atlantis field trip are raised and addressed. Xiomara bows out. Fears are raised and confronted.
The Cure: No Place Like Home October 7th, 2020 Metaforce ruins a construction site. Avengers send them packing.
How to rescue a fairy from certain death October 2nd, 2020 Nevada intercedes to help save Megan's mom from certain death.
The Fireman Gala October 1st, 2020 At the Fall Wonderland-themed Firefighter's Fund Gala, chaos occurs when the unexpected happens! Attacked by electric squash, a little creature of darkness and a booming voice swearing the downfall of the rich, Megan Gwynn, Conner and Dazzler end up fighting a creature of darkness while Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Andrea and Phoebe Beacon make sure the site gets evacuated!
Flowers and Faeries: Our Quest Begins September 29th, 2020 Nevada drops Megan some unpleasant news and they begin to formulate a plan to come to the rescue of one Mama Gwynn.
The Cure: Burning Man September 26th, 2020 Metaforce sets fire to anti mutant HQ, and comes up against resistance in the form of numerous heroes!
Let's Play Pirates! September 23rd, 2020 Kurt teaches Megan some swordplay n' swashbuckling!
Annual AvX Basketball Classic '28 September 22nd, 2020 Teamwork! Matching Uniforms! Triumphant Victory for the X-Men!
Post Audtion Review September 19th, 2020 Megan finds out how her audition went
Post Battle Anxiety September 19th, 2020 Megan is a bit anxious after the latest attack against mutants.
Before the Concert in Mutant Town September 15th, 2020 Andrea, Shannon and Megan get together for some catching up before the big concert tonight. They got to meet Conner and talk about careers.
Homeward Bounds 3: All Dogs Go To Heven September 13th, 2020 Our Heroes follow Lockjaw to Heven. It's strange there. They don't like it. They come back.
The Cure: Enter Metaforce September 11th, 2020 A field trip is interrupted by anti-mutant protestors and the villainous Metaforce.
Passing The Football September 10th, 2020 The X-Men successfully transfer Blurr into the hands of the Avengers. It's Christmas in September for Tony.
Enjoying a warm night. September 10th, 2020 Andrea and Nevada spend some time at the club to burn the night away. Joan drops her phone in the sink. Megan and Sam make an appearance.
Homeward Bounds September 9th, 2020 Avengers and Co. get swept up in a dazzling story of romance, intrigue, and... actually they just get teleported by Lockjaw to a supervillain bar.
A minor emergency.. September 7th, 2020 Megan crash lands in the gardens, Josh comes to her aid.
Happy Birthday Jeremy September 5th, 2020 The New Mutants get together for Jeremy's surprise birthday party. He tells them his dark secret and gets cool presents. He's on top of the world.
Who's that playing in the park September 5th, 2020 A walk in the park turns to chaos as demon hounds target Megan. Fortunately her friends come to the rescue!
War Room Meeting: A56234 September 2nd, 2020 The X-Men get a very long briefing on various plot threads.
A robot in the wilderness August 30th, 2020 Megan and Shannon watch over Blurr in Avalon while planning their next step.
Winter meets Summer August 29th, 2020 Megan receives an unexpected message and meets a familiar face once more.
A little (Big) problem.. August 26th, 2020 Megan has a little (big) robot problem that requires the attention of Jean and Scott.
Upon Reflection I August 25th, 2020 A discussion in the library about Child Soldiers involves Shannon, Pixie, emma, and Piotr
A Mysterious Signal August 23rd, 2020 Blurr's Terran friends help come to his rescue, only to run into Lockdown.
Poolside with the Mutants August 22nd, 2020 Alice, Alexis and Megan are out by the pool, and discussion about why so many students stay during the summer occurs. Sam Guthrie joins in
A magical meeting of mystical minds..Maybe August 21st, 2020 Megan introduces Morgana to Conan and plans to help her search for magic artefacts
Brainstorming and stuff. August 18th, 2020 Megan seeks information about Dr Strange and a benefactor from Tony. A tour is given.
Medbay Siryn August 17th, 2020 A night spent in the medbay to make sure Terry is OK. The next morning begins the next day of life and what may come.
Lost Siryn found August 16th, 2020 What started out as a rescue mission turned into quite the adventure, complete with appearances by The Winter Soldier and The Juggernaut.
Dagger fighting with a Ninja. August 14th, 2020 Megan starts learning how to Knife Fight from Betsy. Sam watches from afar while taking notes.
MT shenanigans August 14th, 2020 Megan goes for a stroll in Mutant town with Conner. Icream and swimming is had.
The Conqueror Cometh: He Speaks August 13th, 2020 Conan briefs mighty heroes on the foe they face! Shawarma is enjoyed by all.
A Pixie, Beast, and Le Diablo Blanc walk into a Mall... August 11th, 2020 X-Men go shopping and conversation.
3F Warning! August 8th, 2020 Fin Fang Foom came to New York looking for his ex. Turns out it was the Statue of Liberty. They took the Bifrost Express to Muspelheim.
Morgana's Mystic Magic Musings August 6th, 2020 Megan and Josiah visits Morgana
Curling up with the good book August 6th, 2020 Josiah and Megan talk
Backyard BBQ August 5th, 2020 Some Xavier students gather in the backyard to relax.
Commune Conundrum August 3rd, 2020 The X-Men save the day at a legal pot farm out West that's under siege by a Crimson Dynamo ripoff, a pair of villainous mutants and a bunch of guys with guns.
Summer Days at Xavier's July 30th, 2020 Indi finds the pool and everyone gets to hang out and talk for a bit. No one got electrocuted!
Teleporting Practice: And not a Vulcan in sight! July 30th, 2020 teleportation Training with Nightcrawler and Pixie -- catch me if you can!
Getting Some Exercise July 28th, 2020 Dazzler, Pixie and Shadowcat meet in the back yard. Cool drinks and gossip!
Movie Night (or: The Spoof To End All Spoofs) July 27th, 2020 An evening of watching Spaceballs turns into talk of movies, life, and dreams. Plans to attend the fall Renaissance Faire in Salem Center are made. Jeremy finds out about the fine art of wearing a kilt in true Scottish style!
Happy Birthday Shannon July 25th, 2020 The Xavier girls get together for Shannon's birthday and talk a bit. Andrea has a new penthouse.
The first cut is the deepest... July 24th, 2020 Remy and Megan spend an hour throwing knives. No one is hurt...well except a tree.
Night out at Evo July 22nd, 2020 Megan dances with Conner and gets to know him some more.
Making Adam into a cool mutant. July 16th, 2020 Friends hit up Club Evolution for some hanging out and food.
Danger Room session aka Somebody isn't funny July 11th, 2020 Everyone got a chance to work out...really hard. Everyone got a chance to fall into some freezing cold water as well.
Mind the Gap July 9th, 2020 Megan begins teaching Nevada to dance. Lesson 1: It's a Rumba, not a Roomba.
Attack of the Mallrats! July 8th, 2020 Megan and Kitty go shopping and talk about boys.
Button Mashing July 1st, 2020 Friends meet up in the arcade to chat about soundtracks, back breaking combos, and linguistic cheat codes.
How to get Inspired.. June 24th, 2020 Megan meets a dog in the park...That turns out to be Andrea's brother!
At Da Club June 22nd, 2020 Friends gathering at Club Evolution for talks of fashion, music and a family bombshell. Shannon sang the blues, Andrea did some pop-rock, Nevada ate everyone's food.
Movie Date for Realz June 21st, 2020 Megan and Conner FINALLY manage to have a normal date. Without gremlins, super-villains, magical curses or even mutant-hating fanatics.
Kitchenwerk with Kurt June 21st, 2020 Kurt in the kitchen with the silver spoon, Megan (Pixie) joins Kurt for some talk in the kitchen while the German mutant makes pepper cookies
Costumes and Stuff June 19th, 2020 Megan and Alice discuss costume designs.
Danger Room Session: Alpha15364CZ June 18th, 2020 The X-Men have a Danger Room Session against a potential future Sentinel. Explosions happened!
Pixie, please report to the office June 14th, 2020 Welcome to the X-Men, Megan.
Protesting people proceed in postirior pummeling, June 14th, 2020 Mutants get into a fight and win!
How to free a Pixie...or a hundred. June 14th, 2020 Megan visits Morgana about freeing the pixies from the enchanted sword.
A Family and Familiar Faces June 13th, 2020 A post-graduation celebration, Andrea, Alexis and Jay Guthrie have a trio performance. Megan and Sam meet someone close to Alexis
Xavier's Graduation 2028 June 11th, 2020 It's graduation day for the latest round of Xavier's students. Party time!
A walk in the park. June 8th, 2020 Megan meets a strange man in a park.
Afternoon at the pool. June 7th, 2020 A small get together around the pool provided James an opportunity to see a few of the new students. He didn't really get to know them so well, but he saw them. A good interaction for everyone.
I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me June 4th, 2020 Secrets are learned. There is someone monitoring Betsy's world. Jeremy helps block the watcher. For now. Megan joins and more information is learned from the students, leading to perhaps more questions than answers.
Finders Keepers! June 3rd, 2020 Megan's sword is stolen and she goes on an adventure with E.V.A. to get it back.
In The Summertime June 3rd, 2020 A fallen angel meets an angel winged mutant and a bat winged faerie.
Gremlins: Post Battle May 30th, 2020 Megan, Conner, Jean, Scott, Logan, and Shannon arrive home after the mission to recover Megan's soul dagger. Good-byes are said, wounds are healed--and some over-extend themselves in the process. But everyone made it back alive!
Gremlins: The Final Battle May 29th, 2020 The X-men and friends confront the Goblin Prince once and for all!
A letter for Morgana May 27th, 2020 Conner delivers an important letter to Morgana.
A Fairy's Tale.. May 26th, 2020 Lyra sheds some light on the Wilder fairy war.
Pixie calling earth.. May 25th, 2020 Megan contacts Conner to send a message to Morgana.
A Breath Of Fresh Air May 23rd, 2020 Shannon and Megan clear the air, and both decide to keep their distance from Josiah.
How to Stay Sane May 21st, 2020 Megan visits Kitty about her growing worries.
Waiting for Butterflies May 18th, 2020 Some chatting in the garden.
Math is an Eternal Threat May 16th, 2020 Participants decide to investigate SpiderByte.
Hiding in the Shadows May 13th, 2020 A possessed Megan attempts to attack Shannon. Jean and Psylocke intervene and send the shadow packing.
Faerie Musings May 12th, 2020 Megan and Josiah talk more about forgiveness. Late night tea is served.
Dark Fairy Attack--The Aftermath May 9th, 2020 Help arrives, harsh words are spoken, some wounds of the heart healed--but some fresh ones left in their place. Plans to help Megan are made, hope is renewed.
The Dark Fairy May 9th, 2020 Megan is suspicious of Morgana. Things go south quickly.
Two Green Thumbs May 9th, 2020 Megan seeks advice from Ororo on making her garden bloom.
Never tick off a Fairy! May 8th, 2020 Megan and Fantomex search for the Pixie Dust Harvesters. Things get interesting.
Nightmare Session May 7th, 2020 Megan's new powers are analyzed. A dark presence is detected.
A nice day for flying! May 5th, 2020 Megan tests out her new wings with help from fellow fliers.
Flying lessons May 4th, 2020 Josiah and Shannon practice flying.
Like a Bat out of Hell May 1st, 2020 Megan catches up with Superboy after the latest Gremlin attack.
Let's do the Limbo (DR session) April 30th, 2020 Danger Room antics happen!
The Fairy and the Queen April 29th, 2020 Megan is reunited with Morgana after the attack. Questions are asked.
Let's not kill ourselves today! April 29th, 2020 Scott presents Shannon with a Vespa and a helmet and talk with various friends.
Light in the Darkness April 26th, 2020 Megan talks to Josiah about her fears, brings her back into the light.
'Fence'd In Gardens April 26th, 2020 Alexis opens dueling a student name Simone in the gardens as a bit of tutilage in Fencing, with Sam Guthrie making sure that it doesn't go overboard with powers. Scott Summers and Jean Grey get the chance to get some air in after reviewing paperwork, and Shannon arrives fresh out of the medbay. Josiah is introduced to Alexis, and all comes to a stop when Megan Wynn, and her changed appearance, prompt a full stop.
Back in the Backyard April 25th, 2020 Alice, Kitty and Megan laze around and discuss things....and Megs' changes get noticed.
Gremlins: The Aftermath April 24th, 2020 Josiah picks Megan up from Strange's Mansion and they chat on the way home.
Sailors Fighting In The Bar Hall, Oh, Look At Those Cavemen Go April 23rd, 2020 Kitty goes to scout potential mutant friends, her and Alice run itnto FoH and deal with them in Alice's unique ways
Post Evo Attack April 20th, 2020 Megan cleans up Evo after the latest gremlin attack, and bumps into Conner again.
Scared Straight. We'll See About That April 19th, 2020 Logan makes a second attempt to scare Megan and Shannon straight. The session goes awry, and quick thinking is needed to help Logan end the Danger Room program without massive injury.
Gremlins: Dark Night of the Soul April 18th, 2020 A hiking trip takes a dark turn as gremlins attack once more. And something precious is stolen.
Dance like no one is watching you. April 18th, 2020 Dagger come to Club Evolution to try and be normal. It poses to be too difficult.
Pardon my Pixie Dust! April 16th, 2020 Megan is attacked by Mutant Scavengers, Fantomex comes to her rescue.
Musings of a Fairy April 16th, 2020 Shannon learns a bit more about Lyra and defends her from another Gremlin attack!
Down the Rabbithole April 13th, 2020 Some talk about... mutants?
Many Hands Make Light Work April 11th, 2020 Shannon and Pixie run into Colossus in the garden, for some companionable chit-chat. Many hands do indeed make light work!
Lady of the Lake April 9th, 2020 Megan meets a familiar face..And makes a potentially dangerous deal.
Staying Grounded April 8th, 2020 Kitty hangs out with friends in the rec room
Of Pixies and Muscle Cars.... April 7th, 2020 Shannon and Megan talk about recent events. Josiah joins them later for talk of some down home Cajun cookin'!
In the Shadows April 5th, 2020 A shopping trip with a stop at the Bronx subway station turns into a chaotic misadventure when Pixie follows a fairy down an abandoned tunnel...
Checking on the Club. April 5th, 2020 And things are learned, and places are cleaned
Whose Birthday is it, Anyway April 2nd, 2020 A birthday party is thrown for Megan (And Logan). Cake and gifts are had!
A quiet afternoon walk March 31st, 2020 Flex helps Pixie out of a spot of trouble.
A snack for late night. March 31st, 2020 Food and friendship are had by all.
Gremlins: This Little Light of Mine March 31st, 2020 A Talent Show turns to Chaos when Gremlins once again Attack!
Searching for Faeries! March 27th, 2020 Megs looks for faeries and bumps into an old acquaintance.
Gremlins III March 27th, 2020 Megan comes in search of the Doctor to update him on strange happenings, but discovers he is dealing with the Dark Dimension.
When inspiration Strikes.., March 27th, 2020 A fairy seeks refuge with Shannon, offering to be her muse in return
Little Costume Shop 6 March 27th, 2020 Kitty sleepwalks into the Little Costume Shop. Luckily, she has friends looking out for her.
Mooks and Gremlins March 26th, 2020 Kitty runs Megan and Shannon through some training exercises, then they go out for ice cream!
Cinnamon Buns and Secrets! March 25th, 2020 All it takes is a single bump to bring a group together. Concerts are advertised, secrets are spilled, and cinnamon rolls are had. If one thing can be taken from all of this, be it that pixies are not subtle.
Musical Musings March 24th, 2020 Megs and Shannon discuss concert plans
Lets go on a Field Trip!! March 24th, 2020 Megan wanders into Morganna's realm and they have a little chat.
Spring Festivities March 18th, 2020 A Spring Festival turns into a goblin attack on a fairy. Heroes show up and goblin soup is served. Huzzah!
Words and (Pixie) Stix March 17th, 2020 Morgana meets Pixie and Strange, shows off magic to Pixie
Dancing up a Storm March 13th, 2020 Megan and her entourage of young musicians discuss playing at Sam's club.
Just dropping by! March 12th, 2020 Pixie meets Dr. Strange, and invitations are extended to an exclusive Magic Academy!
Spring is coming..Maybe March 10th, 2020 Some X-ers head out early to check the Spring festivities. A fairy ring is discovered and spicy food is talked about.
Out of the Frying pan... March 3rd, 2020 Megan meets Kory and they stumble into limbo.
Fun in the library February 26th, 2020 Studies and socialization in the library for two healers and a pixie in a bit of a time crunch for a term paper!
Parade of Wonders February 24th, 2020 A cosplay parade turns into a fight for her life as Megan and Nick encounter real vampires.
Enjoying the Scenery February 23rd, 2020 Crashlandings, Metal villains and chocolate!
Little Costume Shop 4 February 22nd, 2020 Pixie is on the hunt for a costume for ComicCon!
House Call February 20th, 2020 Doctor Banner makes a house call. Pleasant talk and coffee is shared, and a mentor is found.
Valentine Cat February 14th, 2020 After having bee made Typhoid Hairy by Cheetah, Ivory get wrecked havoc upon by Pixie, Nightwing and a silly 'yote.
Lost in Yonkers February 14th, 2020 Summary needed
Echoes in the Snow.. February 7th, 2020 Megs right nw into a spot of trouble, Alex and Shannon come to her rescue.
The things that go Bump in the day February 7th, 2020 Diana, Megan, Nick, and Thor save the day. Felicia watches.
DR-GA-1 February 5th, 2020 And Gwen almost made it to the button.
Angel in the Snow.. February 5th, 2020 A snowy miracle is interrupted by unexpected visitors.
Lunch with Kaida February 4th, 2020 Kaida and Gwen talk over lunch
Know when to hold'em... February 3rd, 2020 Cards are held, foldeded, some walk away, others run. No one counts there money while sitting at the table.
Teen Burger Night February 2nd, 2020 X-Students meet a Power Pack member and giant burgers are tackled.
Little cooks in the Kitchen! January 31st, 2020 Pixie tries to make cookies. Uninvited guests arrive.
No More Room For Jello January 29th, 2020 Day 2 of Shannon's unplanned vacation in Club Med(ical) begins with Jello, and ends with good company, plus hope for a more constructive direction for her healing gift.
Girls Night Out! January 28th, 2020 Pixie and friends sneak into an exclusive rock concert.
A Danger Room Flight January 22nd, 2020 Megan and Gwendolyn 'borrow' the Danger Room for a quick flight on the beach!
Waking up on the extended weekend January 21st, 2020 Stepford Twins confuse Gwendolyn and meet Megan.
The Last Pudding Pops January 20th, 2020 Kaida makes introductions with a number of students and staff, and more talk about the missing Tony and Cap.
Chatting and maybe a movie. January 19th, 2020 The new student is met and may have a new room mate.
Magic and Muscle January 12th, 2020 Martial Artists and Magicians meet and greet at a boxing match!
= Evolution is Boom boom boomin' January 11th, 2020 Nick comes in to rest, ends up with the makings of a classroom
Hunting for fairies January 10th, 2020 While chasing down a fairy, Megan meets Piper, who saves her from falling from a tree.
Log 10643 January 5th, 2020 Cyclops is not eaten by a gummy bear. Remy, Illyana, Shannon, and Pixie save the children! But not from the earworm!
Post Christmas Funn December 31st, 2019 Megan exchanges gifts with Shannon and Gwen and do some stargazing on a cool winter night.
Hello Up There! December 25th, 2019 Some Xavier students meet on the roof patio of Xavier's School - then more come, talking about flying, Christmas, small dragons, and the like.
Christmas Eve Eve December 24th, 2019 Gwendolyn and Megan both finish wrapping their holiday presents in the rec room. Shannon joins in by playing some holiday tunes, and Bean rests from his stint as an unwitting apprentice of St. Nick. Captain Rogers stops by for a bit of holiday cheer, and Warren Worthington proves once and for all to Shannon that yes, indeed, there is a face to go with the name!
Not A Blessed Clue December 22nd, 2019 Bean manages to clear up Shannon's confusion about his prior lesson on firearms. Perhaps there is also an 'unofficial' student? Plans are made to gradually introduce the manison's resident furry friends to each other. Shannon could not be prouder of how far Bean has come in his time at the school!
A little trouble December 20th, 2019 Nadia and Selene stop mutant hating goons from attacking Megan.
Genoshan Holidays December 14th, 2019 Magneto and Emma reveal their relationship to Lorna. Megan teleports into an awkward situation.
Christmas Shopping December 13th, 2019 Megan gets to know Gwendolyn a bit better and both consider what to do about Christmas gifts.
Leftover Turkey December 3rd, 2019 Things get Frosty as Emma and Lorna spar verbally, with Megan, Vi and Blink listening on.
Why Is It Called The Idiot Box November 26th, 2019 Vi, Pixie, Nathan, and Triage enjoy a documentary and conversation on various topics. Shannon and Jean Grey arrive and hint that other concerns await beyond the rec room.
Relaxing in the Rec Room November 22nd, 2019 Good coffee, good company, good times all around! Featuring Andrea, Illyana, Gwendolyn, Megan, Brad, Nathaniel, and Shannon!
Monster mash-The aftermath November 17th, 2019 Megan discovers that conventional meds wont heal her wounds, and turns to two powerful mutant healers to mend her instead.
Another What Now November 15th, 2019 Emma tries to help some girls live it up, until she fights Rogue. Ends badly for Emma but better for everyone else cause we're seein' double.
Protect Xavier's: Finale November 10th, 2019 After much build up, a protection spell is cast that makes Xavier's School seem like a normal human prep school to anyone spying/scanning from outside.
Who Cut The Cheese November 8th, 2019 Much mac 'n cheese is made, holiday plans are discussed, and a wild Deadpool appears! The mac 'n cheese is highly effective!
Chance Encounters in the front yard November 3rd, 2019 Fans are met and declarations made at the meeting of many in mid-autumn.
Halloween Hangover November 1st, 2019 Megan gets a hangover after a late night Halloween party.
Escaping the Medbay... October 27th, 2019 Shannon escapes the medbay, only to run into minor mayhem in the foyer of the school. Bean, Megan, and Triage finally meet Logan. Interesting times ahead.
Music in the rec room. October 22nd, 2019 An informal gathering of friends turns into an impromptu musical performance. Good food, good company, and good music. A good time was had by all!
On the mend October 20th, 2019 Megan stops at the Wellness Office, where she, the healers, Cannonball discuss her condition and medical needs.
Pixie gets the sniffles October 19th, 2019 Triage and Shannon attempt to cure Pixie of the flu..With interesting results.
Prove It October 18th, 2019 Doug and Kitty use the Danger Room to make a video to replace a Friends of Humanity posted one, with Samuel Bean and Megan helping out.
A scent that beats Pixie's October 15th, 2019 Extra credit was had by all, except Shannon who had extra rainbows
A Royal Coronation Birthday October 14th, 2019 Lorna's birthday party and coronation ends with Magneto's nightmares coming to life and wrecking everything.
Planning for a show. October 9th, 2019 And the Devil went down to bludhaven
Good Food and Good Friends October 8th, 2019 A group effort for a simple meal of fried chicken turns into a candlelit dinner for Bean and Shannon. Awwwwwww! <3
Quiet Morning At Xavier's October 8th, 2019 Shannon, Andrea, Megan, Gwendolyn, Bean, Kurt, and Samuel Guthrie wind up meeting in the library for talk of school, life, love, music, and upcoming theatrical productions for the school!
Quiet In The Medbay At Last October 6th, 2019 A long night in the medbay is lightened by a welcome visit from Megan and Sam, with long talks of family, friends, and plans made for visits to both.
Seriously Shannon, We May Need To Move Your Stuff In Here October 4th, 2019 Shannon is visited by Kitty and Emma in Med Bay, while Megan and Andrea stop in for treatment.
Rasputin Times Two October 2nd, 2019 Piotr has returned to the mansion.
Dance the Night Away October 1st, 2019 Megan meets the enigmatic Fantomex who turns out to be a thief.
Stop playing with the Danger Room Controls, Kurt October 1st, 2019 Kobayashi Maru MOTHA-
Just a walk in the park September 27th, 2019 Megan and Rahne hang out in the park and discuss life.
Snagging some snacks before studies. September 25th, 2019 Andrea bumps into Megan and Remy and plans are made to hang out and jam.
Checking on Shannon, while catching up with Andrea. September 25th, 2019 Shannon lands herself in the medbay from a healing gone pear-shaped. She finally gets to meet Andrea; Megan, Andrea, and Shannon make some music, Sam and Kaydin pay a visit as well.
Let My Healers Go! September 24th, 2019 Summary needed
DR Session Flying through the air with the greatest of ease. September 20th, 2019 Summary needed
A Week of Freedom September 19th, 2019 Samuel and Shannon celebrate his first week at the school with some lasagna. Many friends join in, and Samuel is shown he is not alone.
Balance September 17th, 2019 Warpath and Pixie have it. Cypher does not.
Sam needs to chat with Megan. September 15th, 2019 Sam talks to Pixie and sets up more training.
Zorro's Crusade Begins September 11th, 2019 Zorro begins his crusade against the Freinds of Humanity with the aid of allies.
Magik 101 September 3rd, 2019 Illyana begins teaching the basics of Mystic Arts to Megan.
Sentinels/Genosha Rising: Attack of the Sentinels September 2nd, 2019 A protest against Sentinels turns bloody, The X-Men and Magneto will not be moved.
Intros in Central Park September 1st, 2019 Triage, Darkstar, and Pixie meet, but only one name is revealed, and that without hint of its true nature.
Catch a fish, drink a beer... August 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Last Night of Freedom August 23rd, 2019 Sam, Shannon, and Megan discuss life, cooking, and matters of the heart.
Mallrats August 19th, 2019 Megan and Rahne do a little window shopping and girl bonding
Undercurrents: Cleaning Up August 13th, 2019 Magik has had enough of Hook dealers in Bushwick. Pixie sees Magik at work and meets MD12. A message is sent.
A 2nd date, sorta. August 13th, 2019 Nita gets to know Sam a bit more.
Cleaning out the stalls. August 10th, 2019 =The stalls are cleaned for Dani and Brightwind's return home
Took a wrong turn at Albuquerque August 5th, 2019 Pixie accidentally teleports to Limbo... Illyana arrives to bring her home and make an unrefusable offer.
Sky High July 29th, 2019 Pixie and Shannon go on a quick flying trip/tutorial. Pixie tries to show off and sprains her ankle in the process.
The Chaperone July 29th, 2019 Sam brings Shannon and Megan to Mutant Town, where Rahne gives them a bit of a tour.
Comfort Food July 28th, 2019 Kaydin and Shannon cook together, Megan joins them for taste-testing. A good time was had by all. Megan and Shannon then head outside for flying practice.
Guthrie Fried Chicken July 24th, 2019 People get to know one another over Sam's chicken.
Rumble in the Cocrete Jungle July 23rd, 2019 Hammerhead attempts a hostile takeover of the Dragons' business. Unfortunately, he's picked a very bad time for it.
Thus Sayeth. July 23rd, 2019 Sam Guthrie visits Doug, who is still sort of in a coma.
Bedside Manner July 22nd, 2019 Beast, Emma, Josh, Jubilee, Megan and Kitty gather in the Med Bay around an injured Doug. It is discovered he has a version of the Transmode virus.
Stranger Danger! July 17th, 2019 Pixie and Illyana train in the danger room, but the program gets a bit out of control, and Illyana collapses.
Blackbird 101 July 16th, 2019 Hank McCoy runs a sim of the Blackbird, teaching Jubilee and Pixie how to fly it on autopilot.
Summer By The Lake July 16th, 2019 Kitty, Betsy, Illyana, Josh, Lorna, Megan, Pietro, Sunspot, Samuel and Siryn come by the boathouse, and some go out sailing together on the Lake
Coffee, Cream and Cytosine July 16th, 2019 A little chatting in the kitchen. And pizza. And vodka and cranberry.
Stretching Out The New Wings March 18th, 2019 Rogue takes Pixie, Blink and Andrea through a flying obstacle course
Who Knew Competivite Mario Kart Was a Thing February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Ice Cream - Mutant Style February 21st, 2019 Pixie, Kitty and Cannonball have ice cream sundaes and chat about pranks and Sentinels
The Fluffiest Damn Pancakes February 9th, 2019 Bobby makes pancakes with bacon and Ellie makes coffee. Kitty is back. Doogie gets his first meal in the mansion. #x-Life
This is a fight probably. February 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Firebird from the Future February 5th, 2019 What begins as Rahne meeting Rachel turns into a small gathering of a few more mutants.
Lazy Winter Sundays February 4th, 2019 Summary needed
Peanut Butter Jelly Time. February 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Picking up the Scot. February 3rd, 2019 Rahne returns from Scotland and is met by a few people from Xavier's.
Immortal Visitations February 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
Does this smell funny to you February 1st, 2019 Logan LEADS the X-Men into doing the right thing! For once!
The Fire Bird and Coffee February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Out shooping with the Future girl February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Sitting by the dock of the lake January 31st, 2019 Erika and Pixie talk trauma and recovery by the lake. Interrupted by trouble elsewhere.
Fire from the future. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Cocoa Raiding January 30th, 2019 Summary needed
The Frozen Sleeper January 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Learning. January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Snacking in the Kitchen January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Training with Deadzone November 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Making Friends With Brownies 101 November 7th, 2017 Cindy and Megan meet in the rec room at Xavier's School and have a little chat over brownies.
Power Ranger Lock Down November 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 3056 November 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Mornings in the Mansion Are Busy! November 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
outdoor caffe shennannigans October 31st, 2017 Summary needed
Shock and Awe October 30th, 2017 Megan and Gregory each leave with rattled nerves.
Unscheduled Visit! October 27th, 2017 Summary needed
The Special Balls October 26th, 2017 Summary needed
You got your magic mixed in my ring energy! No, you got your ring energy mixed in my magic! October 25th, 2017 ... Kyle doesn't seem to want to talk about it... But let's just say that GL and Pixie went off-site for an extended adventure. There were cookies, and peasants, and an archery tournament, and then possibly a bunch of soldiers got really high. A good time was had by all. And everybody went home and had a good nap, especially Kyle... who doesn't really want to talk about it.
Pixies and Lanterns and Things that go Bump in the Night October 23rd, 2017 Megan Gwynn takes Kyle Rayner on a whirlwind tour of the Manhattan night life. Cocktails, dinner, dancing, coffee, conversation... Yes, it was definitely conversation... And a beautiful sunrise. A good time to be had by all.
Rooftop Encounters October 20th, 2017 Summary needed
On Tonight's Episode of Logan's Rum October 20th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2893 October 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Beer. Garage. October 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Devil went up to New York. October 14th, 2017 Emma Frost's has been compromised after an attack by Gorilla Grodd! A handful of Xavier-ites and James Proudstar go to help.
A meeting of the X-Men October 12th, 2017 An X-Men meeting about what's to come.
Monkey Business at the DMV October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Gotham Charity Event: PBS Gala October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Kaydin's Pizza: 30 Seconds Or It's Free. October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
X-Force October 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Lunch and the Future October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Oooh, shiny.. October 8th, 2017 Origami and Pixie come across a burning building that shouldn't be able to burn, and a firey pest.
Ladies of Limbo, FIGHT! -- Er, Reunite! October 8th, 2017 Ladies of Limbo, FIGHT! -- Er, Reunite!
Pixies and Monsters October 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Training the girls. October 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Coming Home to New Faces October 4th, 2017 Old student meeting new ones.
Feast Fit For a Faerie October 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
Sparkles in Daylight May 21st, 2017 Magneto is introduced to the more casual life at Xavier's.
Meeting the Students May 10th, 2017 Summary needed


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