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Singer/Songwriter/Little sister
Date of Scene: 19 May 2021
Location: Rec Room - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Nightingale, Warpath

Nightingale has posed:
     In a quiet corner of the rec room, there was a gentle, rhythmic plucking of guitar strings, a simple accompaniment to a simple tune. Shannon was curled up on a beanbag chair dragged off to one side, with her guitar in her arms, and her head bent over the strings. She was in bright robin's-egg blue leggings, a long white t-shirt with Tweety Bird as a hippie emblazoned on the front, and barefoot in deference to the warmer days of late spring. If anybody was trying to reach her on her phone, well, good luck with that. They would be out of luck, as she had the device powered down and put away in the little brown pouch she always carried with her. Instead, she just hummed lightly, then sang softly, almost to herself, oblivious to everything but the music, for the moment.

"What if I told you the world wouldn't end
If you started showing what's under your skin?
What if you let 'em all in on the lie?
Even the homecoming queen cries.

Yeah, what if I told you the sky wouldn't fall
If you lost your composure, said 'To hell with it all'?
Not everything pretty sparkles and shines
And even the homecoming queen cries...."

Warpath has posed:
     He doesn't have any trouble tracking Shannon. Nobdy likes to think about the fact that certain people can track their scent. Couple that with the sound of her voice in the hall and he makes his way into the rec room. He leans on the door to listen to her, not interrupting her song. Her voice always manages to captivate no matter what sort of mood he is in.

Nightingale has posed:
     A few more plucked notes, a repeat of the first verse, and the notes fade away into nothingness. Shannon just smiles a little bit as she lets the notes ring out on the guitar, not bothering to dampen the strings with her palm. As she tucks away a stray wisp of pale gold behind one ear, she glances up, one eyebrow quirking. "Sneaky shik'isn," she teases, her voice bearing a hint of warmth and good humor. "How long have you been there?"

Warpath has posed:
     "Long enough to hear the song and feel the strength in your music." he replies and pushes himself from the doorway to walk into the room. He winks and draws near to take a seat,"You've been busy. I want to take some time to work on your own stealth and perception though. Keep you humble and on your toes." he teases lightly.

Nightingale has posed:
     "Busy is an understatement," Shannon replies, turning to lay her guitar gently back in its case, and snap the little brass latches on the side shut. "There's a third song that's actually been an idea a couple years in the making, but I'd just been having trouble finding the words for." She does allow herself a few moments to just take a deep breath, the corners of her mouth curling slowly upwards.

     "Stealth and perception, huh? Okay, what did you have in mind?"

Warpath has posed:
     There is a smirk as she mentions the busy understatement. He seems curious when she mentions a third song in the making,"The words will find their way to you." He frowns thoughtfully and replies,"I think we'll have to set up some training in the Danger Room and maybe I'll take you to the farm where we can work in the natural world."

Nightingale has posed:
     Nodding slowly, Shannon smiles a bit. "Been a little while since I've been in the Danger Room, outside of archery practice," she remarks. "I've kind of missed the challenge."

     Hugging her knees to her chest, she lets her wings unfurl behind her a little bit, relaxing into the softness of the beanbag chair and letting it cradle her. "It's kind of crazy," she begins, a bit hesitantly. "But for the first time in a while since coming here, I'm starting to think there might actually be some hope for my... other gift."

Warpath has posed:
     He pats her leg once and settles,"So a young warrior comes to a great teacher and tells him, I want to learn how to fight." he starts out,"The wise warrior looks at him and asks him, Do you want to be great? The young warrior says Yes, I want to be great." He lets the story hang for a moment and then he says,"Learn to heal to be great. To harm is easy."

     He lets that sink in for a while,"Every part of you is powerful. Everything about you makes the whole. Never forget that." he explains. Ok, so teaching keeps coming at all times.

Nightingale has posed:
     This gives Shannon pause for a few moments, as she rests her chin upon her knees, peering up at Warpath and listening to his tale. Somehow, he always seemed to have the right story at the right time. "Instead of shutting part of that away, for fear of harming one's self or others..." Shaking her head, she just laughs a little. "So I haven't been entirely wrong, learning more traditional ways of healing. But it's been at the expense of maybe finally finding a way to deal with my healing gift. If it doesn't harm me, it means that practicing it means someone -else- has to be hurt, and to me that's just as bad, if not worse."

     She takes a deep breath, letting it out on a soft whoosh of a sigh, thinking for several long moments. "And yet, Dr. McCoy was willing to take that risk just very recently, to actually try and -understand- my gift, and from there, maybe even shift it to something less harmful and more useful overall. Could there actually be hope for it yet...?"

Warpath has posed:
     Any other person would have to make a comment along the lines of "Dammit Bones.", but that's not really Jimmy's world. Instead he nods and tells her,"All parts of our lives need focus and honing. I really don't like the fact it hurts you when you heal someone, but that is part of it. In time you will hopefully be able to use the ability without hurting yourself."

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon just shakes her head. "That's not the part that bothers me. The part that bothered me is that he put himself in harm's way to trigger my gift to begin with. Yeah, I know. Regenerative abilities. Guess I just have to trust him knowing his own limits." She cracks a bit of a smile, reaching out and lightly poking Warpath on the shoulder. "Very much like I should have done instead of getting blue lips in the pool, trying to keep up with my big brother."

Warpath has posed:
     "We do what we have to do to teach those in our care." he replies and shrugs,"You don't think I put myself at risk when I was teaching the blade handling, particularly at first? Life is a risk." he advises,"Teachers push the limits because that's what it takes to hone the skills of the next generation." He laughs softly,"Sometimes they push themselves to teach you how far to push yourself blue lips. Learn your limits."

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon nods slowly, resting her chin on her knees once more and considering Warpath's words. For a little while, all that can be heard is the sound of her breathing, or occasionally, the gentle ruffle of her wings as they flutter lightly behind her. Idly, she runs her fingers through some of the larger flight feathers, preening them as she thinks a little while longer.

     "Then I suppose the next step is mine to take, and actually ask him when we'll be able to train again. He knows his limits. I have to find mine all over again." Shaking her head, she just smiles, mildly bemused. "He thinks the gift I have as it is now, could be the beginning of something else, that just hasn't been explored because--understandably, I might add--nobody's wanted to take the risk. Should be interesting to see how this shapes up."