14392/Ma'am, I'm going to need you to move along.

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Ma'am, I'm going to need you to move along.
Date of Scene: 16 May 2022
Location: Darlington Park, Sunnydale
Synopsis: Buffy is a vagrant and loiterer and Nightwing has to tell her to get lost!
Cast of Characters: Buffy Summers, Nightwing

Buffy Summers has posed:
After dark, the park was usually empty. Perhaps there might be a homeless person or two sleeping on a bench or having taken up a campsite off in one of the more secluded areas away from people. In the wee hours of the morning, families are safely back in their homes, dates have turned in for the evening, and joggers will return at the break of dawn.

It was during these times, the unsavory were out and about. Robbers hoping to find someone they could relieve of valuables. Those who wanted to commit physical harm to others. This time of night, mostly what would be found out-and-about would be the monsters.

And Buffy.

Sunnydale, a suburb of Bludhaven, is where the Hellmouth was located. Thus it took most of her time. She wasn't naive enough to think that was the only place there would be monsters though. She just focused there. She could go to Cleveland where there was a Hellmouth but her life had brought her here.

Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She was wearing a light blue shirt with a lightweight black jacket over it. Not because it was that cool, though there was a nip to the air, but because it hid her weapons better. Jean on her legs, boots on her feet. She did have her messenger bag slung with the strap across her torso from left shoulder down to right hip where the bag rode.

She had some intel about activity in this park and thus, she was hanging out. Wandering around a bit but mostly staying in the same general area the rumors said was the hotspot.

Nightwing has posed:
    Officer Jablonski was a big man.
    He had gone through life being a big man and was enjoying the benefits of his efforts. Being big. Which at the moment was sitting in the driver's seat of the squad car along Market street in Sunnydale bordering that park that usually was a veritable graveyard of activity. There was little for him to do, the hours were long sure, but they were usually uneventful. Just how he liked it.
    Then they had to stick him with this new partner.
    "You want to take a lap around toward Sikorsky Boulevard? Captain said there was a Jamaican gang making noises around there we should keep an eye out for them." Officer Dick Grayson. He had not spent his sparing little number of years becoming a big man. The dumb ass. He was bright-eyed bushy-tailed, even during the late shift. And he paid attention during briefings. Idiot.
    "Captain says a lot of things." Jablonski muttered as he looked at his phone for the eight time since the start of the shift. Still not 6am.
    A few minutes passed.
    "Could at least take a lap around the park. People see a black and white around they're less likely to do anything. And we'll get a better look at things."
    Which had Jablonski's eyes widening a little as he pulled off his cap, smoothed the brim, then set it back on his head and grimaced. "Can see plenty fine right here. You ever see that Sean Penn movie ways back about being a cop?"
    "What? No."
    "Yeah well it has this really good metaphor in it... s'about... you know. Taking it easy. About how to fuck cows or something. But... just take it easy. We'll fuck more cows that way. Or somethin'."
    Though Jablonski, for all his ways, he did become a cop for a reason. And he was reminded of it when he saw that blond in the jacket again walking past the same point they'd been 'surveilling' for the last few hours.
    "There she is again."
    "Yeah. You think something's up?"
    Then Jablonski leaned over and said, "Go tell her to fuck off home."
    "Well... she's technically loitering. Even if she's moving around the park a little. But I can go see if something's up?"
    "Yeah, you do that. You want IHOP again tonight?"
    "Sure thing."
    That said the door to the squad car opens and Officer Grayson climbs out. In his black suit and badge he looks reasonably well put together, though hard to see at night. Also for some reason Officer Grayson was rather quiet when he moved.
    Until after a few minutes he got close enough to the blond girl to say, "Evening, Miss. Is Everything alright?"

Buffy Summers has posed:
"Holy sh---" She managed not to say it all but the fact she jumped practically out of her skin likely got the sentiment across anyway. Buffy put her hand to her chest. Trying to catch her breath. "You scared me!" Redundant as the body language expressed it well enough.

"You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that," she told him as though he were in the wrong. Nevermind that he was a police officer and she was the weirdo hanging out in a park which was sometimes known for criminal activity. That didn't occur to her.

She then gave him a bright smile. "Everything is great. Perfect. Just a nice night to enjoy the air. And parks are so peaceful, aren't they?" Nothing suspicious here, officer!

Nightwing has posed:
    "Yeah, they're pretty nice, ma'am." Officer Grayson does take a moment to look around their surroundings. No one else is there, or at the least nobody else he could sense. But he was usually up on his 'find sneaky guys' vibe so he was reasonably certain.
    "Although, you've been up and down this way for the last." A pause as he slides his sleeve up to check his watch, then back as he tells her. "Hour and seventeen minutes." Which might have been longer if she'd been doing this longer than when their squad car pulled up.
    "So I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to move it along and head on home. It's pretty, but not always as peaceful as we'd like." Which has him then turning his head to her, letting the concerned smile he gives her reach his eyes. Very pretty blue eyes, to be fair as he turns on that Grayson charm.

Buffy Summers has posed:
"I can take care of myself if that's what you're worried about," Buffy offered, not wanting to give up her watch. If they didn't show up in another 45 minutes, she knew that they weren't going to. They always preferred to strike between specific hours then take their prey back to their nest to savor. This was just the first time she'd heard where one of those hunting grounds was ahead of time!

"I was kind of waiting for someone. I mean, can I just give it a little while longer? I'll sit somewhere on a bench and not cause problems. Scout's honor."

And she tried to hold up the scout symbol. Only to realize she didn't know it. So she ended up with a peace sign. A Vulcan greeting. Rock and Roll forever. And finally, she apparently loved him.

Nightwing has posed:
    "I'm afraid not, ma'am." Officer Grayson says with what seems like true remorse there though he gives a nod. "I can't give you a warning then have you doing what I told you not to do. I'd have to give you a ticket for loitering." A glance is given to her and he holds off in mentioning the other option is for vagrancy too.
    So he looks down the way, "I'd recommend you get home and maybe try and catch your friend you were trying to meet with a text message or a DM if needs be."
    Then his brow furrows, "Though if you tell me to keep an eye out for someone I will. You think they're late and were trying to meet you here for the last hour and some?" Since possibly... something happened to them. Officer Grayson will be on the case!

Buffy Summers has posed:
Buffy made a little face and glanced off to the side. Her mind was spinning as she ran through the possible scenarios running through her head. She needed an excuse. And since he gave her one, she ran with it.

She wasn't a good enough actress to cry or the like. Sadly. But she could look sad and she did when she looked back up at his pretty blue eyes. He really was pretty. For a cop. Not that she'd spent a lot of times with cops.

"He said he'd meet me. I'm sure he'll be here. Just a few minutes more?" But she had the feeling he wasn't going to fall for that at all. Just a gut feeling. "Alright. I'll go. Although I'd really like you to arrest him for being a jerk and standing me up." She adjusted the messenger bag and started to walk down the path away from the spot they occupied, glancing off to the side at the wooded area curiously but then keeping her attention forward after that.

Nightwing has posed:
    "I'm afraid standing someone up isn't an enforceable offense, ma'am." Officer Grayson says as he gives a nod, "But I'll keep an eye out for anyone wandering the park this late at night looking for you." Which, to be fair, isn't too far beyond the pale considering some of the things he's seen.
    Then as she's moseying he calls out after, "Be safe!"
    But he'll stand there for a time, looking after her as he checks his notepad, making a show of taking a few notes. Then twenty seconds later he takes the microphone off his shoulder and speaks into it. "Officer Grayson to Jablonski."
    On the radio he gets back, << Go for Jablonski. >>
    "Talked to subject, she's going to move on. Was looking to meet someone. Will take a look around and come back. Check in five." Grayson then hooks the mike back on the pocket of his shirt and starts to walk down the path away from where Buffy went.
    << Copy that. >>
    Though something about that girl didn't sit entirely right. She was fibbing. A little. We'll see.