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Buffy Summers (Scenesys ID: 328)
"Okay, how many times do I have to kill you? Ballpark figure."
Full Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: Slayer, Occasional Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Summers House (Sunnydale, Avalon, Blüdhaven)
Education: Freshman at Gotham U
Status: Approved
Groups: Scooby Gang
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 19 January 2007 Actor: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Height: 160 cm (5'3") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme


Buffy just graduated from Sunnydale High and is preparing to enter the workforce AND go to College in the fall. She's also, you know, the SLAYER OF EVIL and patrols the streets of Sunnydale most nights. She has a close-knit group of friends (and a few stragglers that think they're friends, but they're really not, they're weirdos that she tolerates). Vampires are the calling of the Slayer, they must be stabbed.. with wood... in their dried up crusty old hearts. And Buffy's here to do just that! 'POOF, YER DUSTED.'

Current Player Approved: March 03, 2023



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Buffy is a young woman with lightly tanned skin and bright golden blonde hair. She has sparkling blue eyes and a charming youthful beauty to her face. She's not a very large person at all, and most who looked at her would assume she was the Lead Cheerleader-type in high school... and they might not be entirely far off with that visual pat-down.

However, Buffy's confidence in how she moves and gets around would signal anyone who was sharp-of-eye to hint that the lithe young blonde has a lot more to her than one might normally judge her to have.

Buffy tends to wear very casual and modern clothing, jeans, sweaters, sneakers or boots... but sometimes she dresses up nicer depending on the occasion.


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"Okay, so here's how it is. I just graduated Sunnyday High and it was the oddest experience it could possibly ever be. Murder, mayhem, blood, guts, screaming, more screaming and death. So much death... And that was just Miss Erickson's Home Ec class!"

"But in all honesty, it was a series of events that have shaped me into the tough-as-nails young woman that sits here before you today! ... Or something. That's what Giles would want to hear me say, I think."

"I moved here, to Sunnydale that is, three years ago with my mother and I soon found out that it was a hellmouth! How about that for surprises?! A whole mouth, that connects to HELL. Yeah, I know, I thought that was Detroit too. But, no, its here... Sunnydale! Yay! ... kill me. WE had to move here because of complications at my last high school.... lets call it that, yeah. My father left when I was little, I don't even know where he is anymore, so screw him anyway."

"I've met some great friends though, in Xander, Tara, sort've Anya and Willow... my sweet sweet little Willowtree. They're totally all my BFFs, well, Anya might not be... but the others are!"

"My mother has had a few jobs here and there but she's finally got one that I think is going to work out well for her. Its in... investing? Or something? I don't know, she throws a lot of words out at my face, but very few of them actually make any sense to me!"

"Giles... oh, stuffy stuffypants Giles. He's, you see he's my Watcher, they watch me. Not like that, that sounds creepy. No, Giles is the smart guy that has taught me how to fight all the evil that slimes its way out of the hellmouth beneath our feet. He's great, but don't tell I told you that... because I plan to have it put on a brightly colored coffee cup and delivered to his house for his birthday! Anyway, he's the man who told me about my legacy, the... Slayer-stuff. Pretty big load to carry on your shoulders, but I've learned to cope with it, fairly well."

"I'm college-bound now, eager to get on to my next phase of living! Well, as much as I can live with Giles constantly hounding me to train more in the ways of the 'Ancient Slayer of Evil'. <Sigh> Look, I'll do all of that, I promise. Don't fog up your glasses with steam! I just want to... live a little first."

"Angel... he and I are in a complicated position in life. He was my first love, and I think about him every day. I look forward to seeing him every chance I get, I don't want to be away from him but right now... we just have to be."

"Anyway, thats about all I feel like sharing, okay? My friends are downstairs and they're telling me that I have to watch this thing about a three headed shark on Netflix. Oh, and... I think Spike is outside my window smoking 'fags' again. I swear to God, if he doesn't stop calling them that, I'm going to dust his pasty white ass. <mutters> probably should do it anyway, he's pretty much pure evil... I'm sure of it..."

"Anyway, if you have any more questions, just text me! Bye bye!"


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Buffy's personality is kind hearted at its nature. She's a giving person who wants to help innocent lives and preserve the people who want nothing but to lead normal, good, existences. Buffy is also troubled though, and this has lead her to have authority issues and be short tempered. She gets quite grumpy if she doesn't get what she wants and has been known to isolate herself. The power of the Slayer weighs on her shoulders a great deal and it often makes her irritable and snippy with people she would otherwise not wish to treat badly. Buffy wants to have fun, and live a normal life for herself, but she knows in heart that its probably never going to happen.


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Prophetic Dreams:
One of her more unusual and less predictable abilities are her prophetic dreams. These seem to come at dramatic moments, usually when something big or important is about to happen. As the destined slayer, these dreams often alert her to something major that is about to happen, such as a new major threat to a city. Although sometimes - more often - these dreams are related to her own personal future. For instance, she was forewarned about a new sister 'arriving', she was connected to Faith in a dream when the rogue slayer was still in a coma and about to wake up; She foresaw her own death by the Master's hands. Things that affect her own personal destiny are more common, but occasionally, larger plot affecting events may be reflected in her dreams. In the case of the latter, these may require staff permission before experiencing these dreams.

Slayer Agility:
Buffy is superhumanly agile. She's capable of some impressive acrobatics easily on par with gold medal Olympians and even some predatory animals, able to land easily on her feet even when falling from several stories. Speaking of, she has been shown to easily leap straight up some 10 feet into the air, effortlessly leaping over fences or across gaps between buildings. If she pushes it, she might make 20 feet, or two stories, but that would be an extreme feat and rare.

Slayer Endurance:
Buffy has the endurance of a gold medal Olympian. Buffy pushes herself on a nearly nightly basis for her patrols through the city of Sunnydale.

Slayer Healing:
Buffy's wounds and injuries can heal up to four / five times faster than a normal human being. The Slayer has been granted many gifts, and Buffy tries to remind herself not to take these for granted.

Slayer Instincts:
Buffy has the ability to sense creatures near her. This includes Vampires / Werewolves / Demons / Ghosts. She can 'sense' them and even 'smell' them depending on how close they are to her (50 feet or so, depending on the environment).

Slayer Memories:
Buffy possesses a psychic link with all previous slayers, dating back to the original slayer some 1000+ years ago. This not only grants her past memories of previous slayers (albeit fragmented), she can also share dreams with other slayers and has gained collective knowledge of such things as past enemies and innate combat training and natural proficiency in numerous weapons and combat styles. In addition to her training with Giles who helped to focus these abilities, her raw, innate potential goes way beyond a mere 3 years of practice, dating back to the first slayer.

Slayer Speed:
She is incredibly fast, moving at speeds four to five times as fast as a normal human, her top running speed nearing 75 mph if she really pushes it, but only for a short time and distance. For instance, she was once shown outrunning a demon that even a car couldn't keep up with. Normally her speed is around 40-50 mph, enough to keep up with a cruising car. Her reaction times are also vastly enhanced, able to dodge the occasional bullet with enough warning, or to catch crossbow bolts from mid-air. Once she even pulled back moments before her foot could get caught in a bear trap with only a second or two warning.

Slayer Strength:

Buffy can lift up to 5,000 kilograms and has been challenging herself to even try to go further.


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Blind Fighting:
She is able to fight multiple opponents without relying on physical sight. While her five senses aren't 'superhuman', they are finely tuned, able to sense a movement in the air, a subtle creak in the floor, subtle things like that. For instance, she fought multiple opponents while blind folded, detected and knocked out an invisible woman and defeated three invisible demons.

Martial Arts:
Buffy has been formally trained for the past five years by her Watcher, Giles, in numerous forms of hand to hand combat, focusing primarily on a blend of tai-chi, kickboxing, aikido and jujitsu. In addition to this, she has the innate memories and skills of hundreds of slayers before her.

This means that her body instinctively knows how to move and react, much like a predatory animal and her instinctive combat knowledge goes far beyond a mere five years. She likes to use her environment to her advantage for this reason, often fighting with a blend of trained martial arts and improvisation. Her skills are equivalent to a black belt martial arts master.

Melee Weapons:
Giles has taught Buffy how to use a variety of western and eastern styles of melee weapons, from basic clubs to bladed weapons and thrown weapons... Buffy is a talented swordswoman and a talented knife thrower. But her weapon of choice, is the wooden stake.... 'Old Stabby' as Buff likes to call it.

Buffy has practiced her parkour skills during the past three years of nightly patrols throughout Sunnydale. Using her speed / endurance / strength / agility to hone her skill at leaping / climbing / tumbling and navigating her environments.

Slayer Skills:

Giles has trained Buffy (with off-and-on amounts of attention) in the ways of the Slayer. This includes how to track the various types of Monsters that a Slayer is tasked with... slaying... (cringe). Buffy may not always look like she's paying attention to what Giles is telling her, but she actually is picking up more than anyone might truly realize and now that Highschool is over, she's learned to do quite a lot in the ways of monster hunting. Or at least, she thinks so.


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Buffy's friends are her lifeblood. She adores her friends and would fight for them to the death. They are her 'brains' and she relies on them to help her figure out the troublesome situations that somehow always seem to fall right into Buffy's lap.

Giles is the 'tome of knowledge' that Buffy can always fall back on. If the Scoobies don't know how to solve a problem, well then old Giles-y can solve it for sure!

Home Sweet Hell:
Buffy's home is her haven, her home is where her beloved Mother is and its where she can go to unwind... unless her mother is upset with her, then she hates it at home, then home is Hell. But USUALLY home is a place of refuge for Buffy, and though she wasn't comfortable in the house at first... after 3 years, its become her favorite place to be to hide away in her room.

Buffy's Mother is her true best friend, she's the 'safe place' that keeps Buffy happy. She cares more for her mother than she does anything else in the world, and to lose her mother would be to lose her sanity and grip on reality. Her mother keeps her grounded (not like that, well, sometimes like that, but not anymore! Buffy is an ADULT now! who... still sometimes lives at home...)


Buffy has access to an assortment of weapons, thanks to her connections with the Watchers Council through Giles. Usually she wields simple wooden stakes, the ultimate vampire slaying weapon. (She even has a stylish chopstick style stake she wears in her hair from time to time!) occasionally when required, she may use a short sword in battle when she has to take down bigger enemies. This weapon is usually concealed and kept locked up somewhere safe, but can be accessed as needed.


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Buffy is quick to anger, she has temper issues and she has ever since her father left.

Buffy's friends are a weakness because if someone threatens them, she may rush headlong into danger to try to stop it. She cares so much about her friends that she may become irrationally motivated to protect them.

Buffy relies too much on Giles and she doesn't even know it. Giles is like a father figure to her and she doesn't even know it. She's never had a real father, she doesn't even know what a father is supposed to provide in her life. Giles sees all of this, but also doesn't know how to broach the subject with her.


Much like her friends, Buffy's mother is a source of potential weakness for her. Should anyone, or anything, threaten her mother it might cause Buffy to lose her ability to think clearly or rationally and cause her to do something reckless to try to save her.


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Steak after a long day June 24th, 2023 Harry and Buffy run into each other at McAnally's Pub. Notes are compared and friedships renewed.
The Librarian: Park Patrol Goes Perfectly June 13th, 2023 A discussion of many things, from memory to presents. Apologies are given for the past.
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Sightings October 8th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas discuss old friends come and gone.
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Early morning workout. July 27th, 2021 Thomas tells Buffy about a strange dream. They fight. they make up.
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Steak and beer July 17th, 2021 Summary needed
Storm of the Century July 6th, 2021 A magical storm is thwarted by various superheroes, and a sinister plot uncovered..
A second family dinner with the Summers July 4th, 2021 Buffy invites Thomas to another family gathering. Things get Weird.
Ominous Warnings June 19th, 2021 Willow and Buffy do research on the vampire lords
The Open Door: House of Illusions June 19th, 2021 The Scoobies search for kids kidnapped by vamps amid a carnival. Deadpool leads them on a wild chase.
Buffy Nightingale June 17th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas are domestic.
Betryals, Daggers, and Readings, Oh My! June 14th, 2021 Summary needed
The Open Door: Sitting Ducks June 13th, 2021 Demons try to kidnap an unconscious Buffy during the shadow casting ritual. Thomas and Deadpool work together to stop them.
Where do you keep the extra blankets June 8th, 2021 People chit chat after all the crazy.
Monthly Check-in June 6th, 2021 Buffy has a chat with the brothers about monsters and leaders.
A Quick Cooldown June 4th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy another relaxing boat trip on the sea
Open Door: Once Upon a Time.. June 2nd, 2021 The Scoobies and allies learn of the first Slayer, Shadow men the M? Scythe and a new threat, even as a mysterious enemy thwarts them every step of the way..
The Open Door: Sealing the Rift May 29th, 2021 The supernatural hunters return to the vampire stronghold to learn about what led to the release of the vampire lords, while sealing a dangerous magical rift of epic proportions.
Waking up in a hospital is never fun May 29th, 2021 Thomas picks up Buffy from the hospital. Liver is served for lunch!
Bedtime for Buffy. May 29th, 2021 visitors come and go, Thomas and buffy have a heart to heart.
Just stopped by to say hello! May 28th, 2021 Buffy and Willow catch up on current issues.
Magic Box Training May 26th, 2021 Buffy and Spike make a bet, and the loser welches.
Meetup at the Magic Box May 25th, 2021 In the end, Buffy and Giles are both stubborn arses, but at least things have been said!
Unfinished Business May 22nd, 2021 Spike returns some laundry, with all the usual drama.
A heartfelt return May 21st, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a heartfelt reunion after a long absence
Morning After May 20th, 2021 After patching up Spike, Buffy leaves with Chinese takeaway, then bumps into others who want a piece of her..Or something.
After action Deadpool puzzle. May 18th, 2021 A nice talk, and no-one injured. Yes it happends.
I am not your caretaker! (part two). May 17th, 2021 Buffy mends Spike's reopened wounds and bickers with him. Chinese food is ordered and the usual awkwardness is had.
Visiting Mr grumpy-pants at the Hospital May 16th, 2021 Buffy and Harry visit Constantine in the Hospital. Things get very weird..
Boss Fight May 16th, 2021 Our Heroes won! Or did they? That stench will take months to get out.
Post Battle Recovery May 15th, 2021 Buffy tends to Spike's wounds, the usual awkwardness ensues.
The Slayer and the Hellequin are on the hunt May 11th, 2021 Buffy and Henri get to plan on investigating some strange events
A pitstop at the graveyard.. May 10th, 2021 Some things never change.....
The Open Door: Phantom Train May 10th, 2021 The Scoobies and allies investigate a train disappearance and uncover a secret vampire cult..The battle is over but the war has just begun!
Post Practice Catchup May 4th, 2021 Post training chatter between Nick and Buffy
Trouble around the corner.. May 1st, 2021 Wade kills vamps to the extreme. Buffy is worried. There are darts involved too!
After the chaos April 30th, 2021 Buffy takes Wil and Angel to a club to celebrate Willow's new job
Catching up about things that matter. April 27th, 2021 Buffy catches up with Willow.
Just another night.. April 27th, 2021 Buffy meets Deadpool. Weirdness ensues.
Meeting with a Coyote April 25th, 2021 Mercy finds a trap in the woods, the hard way. Xiang Zhao comes to investigate and provides rescue services.
Looking for a witch April 23rd, 2021 Austin comes looking for Willow, Buffy promises to pass on a message.
Scoping the competition. April 21st, 2021 Thomas and Buffy are all domestic...
The Open Door: The Neverending Night April 20th, 2021 A rare sighting of a solar eclipse is prelude to an army of vampires attacking the park, in search of something important..
That other club.. April 20th, 2021 Buffy meets Lucifer and tries to figure out his angle.
The Shield and the Box April 20th, 2021 The shield is finally found and brought to the Magic Box.
Club Lux Grand Re-Opening April 18th, 2021 Club Lux's grand re-opening goes off with a rousing success! Despite all the anti-heroes and villains within it's walls!
Welcome to the club! April 17th, 2021 Faith meets Buff at the Box to ask for help in finding a demon. *gasp!*
The Not ex shows up at the current girlfriend's place April 17th, 2021 Buffy Summers and Spike have a chat.
Where some explanations are provided April 13th, 2021 Buffy visits Henri, trying to get some information on the Hellequin
Scoobies, a Hell clown, and a Giant Bug! April 11th, 2021 The Scoobies rescue kids kidnapped by preying Mantis Demons with help from Hellequin, whose secret is finally revealed!
The missing shield April 10th, 2021 Buffy discovers the location of the shield and learns of a new suspicious friend of Willow's.
So.. you know that antique dealer April 3rd, 2021 There is talk of Hellequin and Henri Fontainbleu. And a promise extracted not to hurt him.
Not a Witch hunt April 3rd, 2021 Buffy meets Hellequin again and learns more of Slayer history
Catching up on little things March 31st, 2021 Buffy visits Angel to catch up and give a warning.
Catching up on old times. March 30th, 2021 Faith runs into Buffy at her security job. They talk Slayer business.
A little Scooby Meeting March 28th, 2021 The Scoobies have a meeting and catch up on recent events.
More toys for the Slayer March 26th, 2021 Buffy introduces Thomas to Giles and they spar a bit in the training room.
Searching for Treasure March 25th, 2021 Buffy checks out a new antique store and acquires some new toys.
Look Who's Back!! March 22nd, 2021 Giles is welcomed back.. with the usual problems.
A much needed vacation getaway. March 22nd, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a Bed and Breakfast. A surprise question(!) is popped.
Last minute patrol March 22nd, 2021 Buffy encounters Phobos again and asks much needed questions. A new alliance is formed.
Talk of Clowns, Ghosts and Dreams March 20th, 2021 Buffy catches up with Nick over scones and coffee. a Talk of Killer clowns and Fear gods is had.
After Dark Shenanigans March 19th, 2021 Willow and Buffy stumble upon a 'Hell Clown' intent on destroying all that is evil or supernatural..Including Willow!
Just Another Day in... the Woods March 16th, 2021 Willow brings Buffy to meet Vitali and ends up meeting Xiang Zhao as well, breakfast and tea is shared and conversation is had
A lesson in Greek Mythology March 14th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas get a primer on Greek gods from Princess Diana
Last Minute Clean-up! March 11th, 2021 Buffy gets to know Alex a bit better.
Another friendly Vampire... March 11th, 2021 Buffy bumps into Morrigan, both on their way to visit Harry.
Leaving Sunnydale March 7th, 2021 Willow and Alexander have a discussion about people and relationships, Buffy and Thomas show up as well and share their thoughts.
Who's Who: Sealing the Rift March 5th, 2021 The evil portal is sealed and ghouls are cleared out of the old site of dark rituals..
Hunting Things...after Dancing March 5th, 2021 Alexander visits the Bronze and meets some of the Scoobies.
Just Dropping By! (Again!) February 28th, 2021 Buffy and Willow discuss life over coffee and cookies.
Asking for Help Sucks February 27th, 2021 Faith needs a favor and goes looking for Willow. Buffy arrives and instead discussion of a new butt-kicking opportunity happens. Faith is her usual 'friendly' self.
An awkward dinner at the Summers' house February 27th, 2021 Spike and Buffy catch up over an unexpected family dinner.
Meeting Austin February 25th, 2021 Buffy meets Willows new friend and potential boyfriend?
Picking up some stuff! February 23rd, 2021 Buffy introduces Willow to Zombie Girl. Chocolate is eaten.
Happy Birthday Thomas! February 14th, 2021 The Scoobies celebrate Valentines and Thomas' birthday!
Skating in a Winter Wonderland February 12th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas go skating in the park.
Bringing Dawn Home February 6th, 2021 Spike brings Dawn back to Bludhaven. The usual awkwardness is had.
Home sweet home. January 31st, 2021 Buffy eases back into her old routines with help from Thomas.
No Waffles for Ms. Summers! January 28th, 2021 Buffy retreats to her favorite hunting grounds as she adjusts to returning to her original body.
Look what the cat dragged in January 26th, 2021 Buffy drops by Harry's to talk, and bring belated X-mas gifts
Who's Who: The Bodyswap January 26th, 2021 Buffy is returned to her proper body. Tiffany gets a dusting.
Who's Who: The Summoning January 23rd, 2021 The Scoobies track down the Red Order, defeating another summoned demon. But not without consequences.
Who's Who: The Good, the Bad and the Buffy January 22nd, 2021 Buffy bumps into Spike again, while still body swapped. For once they don't exchange blows.
Happy Freaky Birthday January 20th, 2021 Nolan encounters a body swapped Buffy. Thomas and Nolan have a confrontation.
Who's Who: Battleplan January 15th, 2021 The Scoobies meet to discuss a new looming threat.
A New Slayer in Town January 14th, 2021 Buffy considers things with Faith back in town and has a heart to heart with Thomas about her recent behavior.
Who's Who: Slayer vs Slaypire January 12th, 2021 A still body swapped Buffy runs into Faith. Loaded words are exchanged.
Who's Who: The Prophecy January 9th, 2021 Buffy leaves the Blue Lady following a disturbing vision. Thomas brings her back.
Who's that lurking in the Blue Lady! January 8th, 2021 Buffy encounters Cheetah at the club and touched base with Harry after.
Who's Who: Ghosts and Vampires January 6th, 2021 A Red Order member shows up at the Blue Lady and stirs up trouble.
A Christmas Angel January 3rd, 2021 Buffy meets Angel and gives him a late Christmas present.
Who's Who: Who's that haunting the Blue Lady December 30th, 2020 Buffy gets used to her new body while she and Thomas interrogate Tiffany.
A very late Christmas present! December 29th, 2020 Buffy meets Nick and Nolan as her memories slowly return. Gifts are exchanged.
Who's Who: A safe haven December 28th, 2020 Buffy recovers at the Blue Lady after being attacked by Spawn
Who's Who: Who's the baddest of them all December 27th, 2020 An amnesiac-vampire Buffy encounters Spawn again. Things don't go well.
Who's Who: A lonely Christmas Memory December 26th, 2020 Buffy encounters another familiar face who helps her discover the source of her amnesia.
Who's Who: The Graveyard Before Christmas December 24th, 2020 Mercy runs into a body-swapped Buffy and helps her fend off vampires.
Who's Who: Hunting the Hunter December 22nd, 2020 Thomas encounters Tiffany again and tries to earn her trust, one way or the other.
Brother's keeper December 22nd, 2020 Harry and willow answer the Scooby Signal, and plans are made to find Buffiny and rescue her. Meanwhile Tuffy takes a bath.
Who's Who: The After Party! December 20th, 2020 Buffy and Thomas walk Willow home. Vamps have other plans. A new blonde villain enters the scene.
A Very Scooby Christmas! December 19th, 2020 The Scoobies celebrate christmas at the Blue Lady.
A little R&R before the big Party. December 15th, 2020 Thomas and Buffy enjoy a brief pre-party break after recovering from monsters and sewers.
Buffy meets the (backup) Watcher. December 14th, 2020 Constantine helps Buffy cast a ward around the Magic Box. Nolan drops in for a visit.
Hunting for Fish Monsters: Part 2! December 10th, 2020 The Scoobies brave smelly sewer tunnels to rescue-missing kids and fish monsters/former swim team members.
Scene of the Crime! December 8th, 2020 The scoobies investigate the scene of the robbery at the Magic Box. Buffy and Thomas have a heart to heart.
Matters of Life and Death and In-Between.. December 8th, 2020 Buffy visits Nolan again and seeks advice on Zombie-lore.
The Yule Lads: Scene One December 7th, 2020 Summary needed.
B&E at the Magic Box. December 7th, 2020 Summary needed. Incomplete Scene.
Just an old Post Card.. December 6th, 2020 Buffy reminisces about an old flame and finally finds closure.
Scoobies meet a Zombie-Girl. December 6th, 2020 A demon worshipping cult is interrupted by the Scoobies, and a new potential member.
Fishing for a Cure. December 4th, 2020 Buffy runs into a suspicious Logan. Talk of the mutant cure is had.
A friendly meeting of coffee and dogs December 1st, 2020 Buffy meets Dinah in the park. They have a little chat.
Ghosts and Fishies December 1st, 2020 Buffy meets Nolan to discuss a ghostly problem..
White prince and Black Canary. November 28th, 2020 Buffy, Thomas, Dinah and Willow meet up in the Blue Lady and discuss things
The First Snow (give or take a few inches) November 24th, 2020 Willow brings a coffee and some treats to Bigby, and bumps into Buffy and Mercy to boot.
Relaxing at the Bronze November 24th, 2020 Buffy runs into an old acquaintance and makes a new one too.
A day on the Lake November 14th, 2020 Thomas shows Buffy around his new boat, the Waterbeetle
Let's do lunch. November 12th, 2020 Harry and Thomas talk about life and Karrin's job.
The Big Bad Wolf November 12th, 2020 Buffy meets a new potential Big Bad ally.
Lover's chat November 10th, 2020 Buffy and Thomas sit down and talk about life.
A Quiet Afternoon In Westchester November 8th, 2020 Buffy meets Nick at Harry's to find out what happened at the condo
Fishing for...Fish Monsters November 4th, 2020 Buffy, Thomas and Superboy investigate rumours of Fish Monsters in New York sewers.
A coyote in the kitchen October 29th, 2020 Buffy confronts Mercy and discovers her secret.
Bumping into each other again.. October 25th, 2020 Buffy bumps into Spike one spooky night in Gotham..
Digging Up The Past : Poor Wade October 20th, 2020 Buffy asks Wade what happened at the condo
Sister Problems October 8th, 2020 Buffy checks in on her friends. Willow looks for missing ingredients. Karrin works out.
Small town rumours.. October 3rd, 2020 Buffy and Thomas discuss an old face in town..
Before the Dawn September 27th, 2020 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a quiet picnic in the aftermath of a crazy evening.
Summers' Twilight September 17th, 2020 A summer BBQ turns to chaos when *someone* opens a Pandora's Box!
End of summer ponderings September 10th, 2020 Buffy invites her friends to a bbq and discusses her odd family.
Food fixes everything (maybe September 8th, 2020 Buffy makes up with Thomas (part 2).
I *really* need a drink (Don't we all September 7th, 2020 Buffy runs into Spike again. The usual awkward talk ensues.
Talking and traversing among the tombstones. September 5th, 2020 Buffy blows off some steam in the cemetary
the Postman cometh... or actually the Fed-Ex dude... September 4th, 2020 The Scooby Gang talks about monsters.
Vancouver Slayer August 23rd, 2020 Buffy and Duncan spoke about weapons and such things. Finished with a quick dinner.
Bobbi Moves In August 22nd, 2020 Bobbi moves in with Joan.
Does it even count anymore August 21st, 2020 Buffy and Karrin came by to wish Spike a happy birthday. Karrin left early and Spike and Buffy had...Spike and Buffy moments and issues.
Happy Birthday Karrin! August 20th, 2020 Harry surprises Karrin for her birthday
A trip to the Pub August 18th, 2020 Buff and Karrin chill out at the pub and have much needed discussions.
Welcome to the Magic Box! August 18th, 2020 Jennifer visits the Magic Box and learns more of the Scoobies.
Family Game Night August 17th, 2020 Thomas and Buffy come over for a game night. Karrin and Thomas continue their heart to heart which ends in the most loving rant the Dresden household has seen in a while.
That's not the roof, Zach August 16th, 2020 Zach gets with Buffy and Spike to talk.
Popcorn - Movie Night! August 15th, 2020 Buffy and Wil catch up over movies.
Coyotes Chasing Critters Crazily...Coincidence August 11th, 2020 Mercy gets to crash at the Summers house in Sunnydale and brought home by Buffy. Couch coyote is totally a thing
The aftermath....again. August 9th, 2020 Buffy came by to check on Spike and they did their usual dance of what they need to do to carry on being allies and what is and isn't happening between them anymore.
Musings on a rooftop August 8th, 2020 Buff and Zach hang out.
Party at ground zero August 5th, 2020 Jennifer wanders into Harry's office, and they meet
Spike and the Gnarlettes. August 4th, 2020 Buffy and Spike encounter a nest of paralyzingly demons.
Vampires and Werewolves August 4th, 2020 Buffy meets some wolves (or at least one confirmed one), ata dance club.
Pyjama party! July 30th, 2020 Buffy, Karrin and Willow have a pyjama party and discuss their love lives.
Bucklands auction antics July 28th, 2020 Prue, Thomas, Buffy and Chimp dig around in Bucklands and things get sold
Caught Red-Handed July 28th, 2020 Buffy sneaks into Spike's apartment and searches through his stuff for the Denarian coin. Awkwardness ensues.
She must be bored. July 27th, 2020 Spike and Willow had an interesting evening where he got her to drink a little bourbon and she tried a cigarette.
Witches and Wizards and Highlanders, Oh My! July 25th, 2020 Murphy brings some of the scooby gang over to give the low down on Denarian coins. Prue invites another immortal to the party and Murph begins to wonder just how many strange things there are in this world.
Blood of the Ancients: The last stand July 24th, 2020 The Scoobies rescue the prisoners and shut down Armastus' camp for good.
You have WHAT July 23rd, 2020 Harry tells Karrin about the Denarian coin and decides they should take it to the church that night. They are intercepted by two of the fallen on the way. Buffy comes to help save the day and even Spike gets in the fight, but there may be lasting consequences yet...
Night out with the Girls July 21st, 2020 The Scooby girls and allies decide to have a relaxing night out. Buttons are pressed and sensitive issues are brought up.
A highschool, a gaggle of vamps...And The Slayer. July 19th, 2020 Spike saves Dawn from a gaggle of vamps. They have dinner at the Summers' house after, much to Buff's annoyance.
Watching Witchy Willow, Willinfly July 18th, 2020 Prue seeks out a Willow and runs into a Buffy....and trades jabs with Spike too
'Spooky, she wrote' July 13th, 2020 Thomas reveals the truth about his link to Harry. Harry is not pleased.
Calling in a Debt July 11th, 2020 Buffy bribes Spike with blood to gain his help in rescuing victims of a vampire cult.
The (other) Wiccan Wonder July 11th, 2020 Buff meets Prue again at the Magic Box.
Secrets left unkept July 10th, 2020 Buffy brings Spike up to speed on the current situation, and asks him to keep a secret.
Blood of the Ancients: The Scouting Party July 9th, 2020 Willow and Nick defuse a magic barrier while Buffy and a new ally engage ghouls in a thunderstorm,
A Box full of Surprises. July 7th, 2020 Buffy, Nightwing and Nick talk about mysterious vigilantes
Madripoor Connection: Turf Disputes July 6th, 2020 A gang war is witnessed by Buffy and Spike. They're unfortunate enough to be in the midst of a violent shootout powered by numerous automatic weapons.
Post gang crossfire shenanigans July 6th, 2020 Buffy encounters Captain America after being caught in the middle of a gang war.
Blood of Ancients: A Scooby Meeting July 5th, 2020 The Scoobies plot their next move to rescue unknowing victims from Armastus' clutches.
A Proper Start July 1st, 2020 Katsumi and Buffy meet and get Italian
And all that Jazz June 23rd, 2020 What starts of as an evening of people watching becomes an evening of recruiting
Another walk in another park. June 21st, 2020 Buffy battles werewolves and saves a mysterious cat.
A little quiet time June 19th, 2020 Another late night chat between Buffy and Willow.
Breakfasts and presents. June 18th, 2020 Thomas and Buffy trade gifts and breakfast
The 'yote in the Park. June 13th, 2020 Buffy meets a coyote and gets attacked by vamps.
Post Practice Tea June 11th, 2020 Time to catch up over a hot beverage
More Angel Talk June 4th, 2020 Buffy talks angels with Dean and is introduced to Castiel.
A little Heart to Heart June 3rd, 2020 A much needed discussion is had about a certain 'Fallen' Angel.
Training in the Box June 2nd, 2020 Buffy introduces Duncan to her training room.
A Fallen Angel, a Wizard and a Slayer walk into a Cemetary... June 2nd, 2020 A Wizard encounters a Fallen Angel and things go awry.
Hot Drinks lead to steamy encounters. Because the drinks are hot and creating steam. Get your mind out of the gutter people. June 1st, 2020 A Wiccan, A Slayer, an Immortal, and a Phantasm walk into a coffee bar...
Catching up on Life May 25th, 2020 Buffy and Willow catch up on much needed stuff.
Who Do-Voodoo-Do What - Order Some Gummbo May 24th, 2020 Chatter in the Lounge area of Shaw Studios
Angels, Phantasms and Slayers oh my! May 23rd, 2020 What happens when a Slayer, a Dreamer and a Fallen Angel walk into a bar..?
Blood of the Ancients: Final Rendezvouz May 21st, 2020 Scoobies attempt to stop another recruitment of vamp converts.
Coffee Shenanigans May 17th, 2020 Buffy meets a stranger who is new to town..
Starting to Take Shape May 17th, 2020 The team is coming together! And other people could use a Spyder's help too.
Fishing for Information May 17th, 2020 Buffy contacts the mysterious 'Spiderbyte', seeking information.
Magic 101 May 16th, 2020 A meeting at the Magic Box
Hiking with an Angel May 15th, 2020 Buffy encounters a Fallen Angel while hiking.
Enchanted Armour May 14th, 2020 Buffy meets with Harry to discuss an enchantment spell. Muffins are handed out.
Lessons for Little Sis. May 12th, 2020 Buffy meets with Dawn to teach her self defence skills
Bat Dumplings May 12th, 2020 Girls night out
Peacekeepers: Desperation May 10th, 2020 Thor, Buffy and Phantasm assist Team Luthor in dealing with a combined mercenary and robotic attack on a LexTech facility, with the LexKnight providing support.
Catching up on Things May 8th, 2020 Buffy brings Harry up to speed on things. Dean raids his fridge.
Practice Ponderings May 5th, 2020 A late night sparring session between Buffy and Nick
Nightly Visitor May 5th, 2020 Buffy and Babs kicks punk ass, Harry arrives shortly after.
Footwork=Homework..Or something like that April 30th, 2020 Buffy and Dean wrangle Information out of a shady tattoo artist.
Whitch Witch is it, Anyway April 26th, 2020 Willow and Morgana talk magic and Buffy drops by
Hyperion Hype April 26th, 2020 Buffy introduces some allies to Angel. A mysterious visitor makes another appearance.
Welcome to the Blue Lady! April 23rd, 2020 Buffy invites a Katsumi to a show at the Blue Lady.
Chillaxing at the Blue April 23rd, 2020 Some Scoobies relaxing at The Blue.
Demon Tag Team April 22nd, 2020 Buffy and Dean beat up Ghouls, then meet Nick for drinks after.
Dean plus Magic=Trouble April 21st, 2020 Buffy runs into Dean at the Magic Box. Barbs are traded.
Back in the Blue April 20th, 2020 Buffy meets Barbara again at the Blue Lady.
Trouble at The Club April 19th, 2020 Some vamps jump patrons of the Blue lady. Scoobies to the rescue!
At the Library April 18th, 2020 Alek has gifted Morgana with pain. Morgana regifts
The New Cop in Town April 14th, 2020 Buffy has a chat with a newly transferred Karrin
Harry in the Box April 13th, 2020 Magic talk at the magic shop.
Looking for Leads April 12th, 2020 Buffy and Cordy have a not-so-friendly catchup on stuff.
Checking Up On The Tabloid Fodder April 11th, 2020 Murphy Checks up on Nick. Buffy swings by to introduce Katsumi
Easter Bunny April 10th, 2020 Babs, Natasha, Skye and Buffy meet up in the clocktower for tea and cookies, and Barbara's Easter gifts
Noise Solution April 7th, 2020 Katsumi just wanted to share something nice with Buffy. But it seems nothing ever goes right.
Magical Mystery April 6th, 2020 Giles attempts to figure out the source of Katsumi's mysterious powers.
The hunter and the hunted April 5th, 2020 Buffy teams up with Remy and Logan to fight spider demons.
Let's have a drink April 4th, 2020 Buffy brings Katsumi to meet Cordelia.
Hotel Hyperion...vania April 3rd, 2020 The Scooby Gang meet up for a chat.
How to let off steam..The right way! March 31st, 2020 Buffy invites Katsumi to the magic box to work out and learns more about her.
Battle of the Bronze March 30th, 2020 Trouble is brewing at the Bronze again! But this time, no vampires are involved. And things end nicely?
Barbs and Jabs March 30th, 2020 Kitty drops by Gotham U and reduces poor Peter to a nervous wreck. Then agrees on a date for him.
Kat's outta th4e bag....maybe March 29th, 2020 Summary needed
Medical Marvels in Gotham U March 29th, 2020 Kitty Pride arrives to the Gotham University medical center to see what's going on with students who are getting better far faster than they should be. Buffy Summers needs a refil for her first aid kit, and Phoebe Beacon is delivering cookies and daffodils to brighten the place up.
Willow catches up with Giles. March 27th, 2020 Summary needed
Graves and Robbers March 26th, 2020 Summary needed
Cookie Companions March 26th, 2020 Mercy, Willow and Buffy make cookies
Post Recovery at the Summers' March 25th, 2020 Nick babysits Dawn. Buffy brings pizza, Thomas brings something better.
Working out with The Slayer March 24th, 2020 Buffy gifts Nick with a shiny new weapon.
When Harry met Spike March 24th, 2020 Buffy, Spike and Harry meet in Mac's
Following up with Spike March 23rd, 2020 Did you know Spike lives in the same building as Buffy? Yeah. Just found that out
And the vamps keep on coming.. March 22nd, 2020 Buffy forms an alliance with Spawn
Spring Beach Vacationette March 21st, 2020 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a demon-free vacation on a beach.
Harry's Hideaway March 20th, 2020 Harry fall afoul to a bad potion recipe, and needs to be saved.
Buffy Resigns (Or Tries To) March 19th, 2020 Buffy attempts to quit at the Blue Lady. Thomas convinces her to stay.
Sweet Dreams Aren't Made Of These March 18th, 2020 Buffy comes by to ask Nick to take away her nightmares
Coming Full Circle March 18th, 2020 Buffy is reunited with Spike after a long absence. Spike and Willow walk a severely hung-over Buffy to her house.
Breaking UP is Never Easy March 17th, 2020 Buffy drowns her sorrows in alcohol. Bad decisions are made.
Sleeping Beauty.. March 15th, 2020 As Buffy recovers, a new problem threatens her relationship with Thomas.
The Case of the Missing Slayer March 12th, 2020 Buffy is rescued. Thomas is angry. Nick makes a confession.
Even More Questions March 11th, 2020 Karrin has questions. Buffy gets answers. Nick does a magic trick.
Pizza For Thought March 11th, 2020 Fame stinks.
The Scarlet Lounge March 11th, 2020 The Scoobies race to an exclusive Vampire feeding club to try and rescue Dawn..Unfortunately their victory is not without consequences.
Joining the Hunt March 11th, 2020 The scoobies search for clues as to Dawn's whereabouts, Thomas is forced to make a deal with a vampire.
Training for Trouble March 10th, 2020 Buffy invites friends over for some much needed practice and donuts.
In search of Answers March 10th, 2020 Buffy takes out frustrations on vamps. Selene and Thomas help.
The Summers March 9th, 2020 Angel heads to Buffy's Sunnydale residence to talk to her, and encounters someone from the backyard that, until tonight, he didn't know existed...Dawn, Buffy's sister. And then Buffy came home, and they discuss...heavy stuff.
Waitin' on a woman. March 9th, 2020 Dawn and Thomas work on her homework till buffy returns.
Shopping with the Summers March 8th, 2020 Thomas takes the Summers girls shopping.
Hitting the Books March 3rd, 2020 Willow and Karrin meet. Doilies are discussed.
The afternoon after the morning before ... March 1st, 2020 Dean, Buffy and Nick meet up to chat
The afternoon aftre the morning before... March 1st, 2020 After a drunken text gone wrong, Buffy stumbles in on a hungover Nick and Dean and jumps to the wrong conclusions..
After the Dust Settles.. February 28th, 2020 Buffy checks up on Fred and Angel after Vamps target her friends
Post Recovery Zone February 27th, 2020 Buffy and Karrin recuperate after a big battle and sip more tea.
Two Wars February 26th, 2020 Summary needed
And vamps come out to play February 21st, 2020 The Scoobies use a tracking spell to find Buffy's missing friend..And encounter an army of Vampires in the making.
Reunions and Introductions February 20th, 2020 Dean gets his car back. Scoobies get a Mystery.
Re:reunion February 20th, 2020 Buffy visits Angel again, and they reminisce about old times..
A Meeting at Mac's February 19th, 2020 Buffy meets Amethyst, who is looking for Dresden.
Tea at Murphy's February 17th, 2020 Buffy and Murphy gossip over tea.
Meet the Family February 16th, 2020 Buffy brings Thomas to meet her family..In a hospital.
Digging up Graves February 16th, 2020 Buffy encounters a grave-robbing Dean and suspicious are aroused. Others join the fray and misunderstandings abound.
So...this is awkward... February 15th, 2020 Thomas and the Scoobies have breakfast and invitations to a party are made.
Buffy, Bob, Bstchelors February 14th, 2020 Karrin and Harry's V-day plans change, thanks to Buffy
Just pour me another February 11th, 2020 What starts off as a flirty meeting between a confused dimension hopper and a demon hunter ends up in a fight for their lives against a demon with some added help on their side from The Slayer.
Friend Drama February 8th, 2020 Friends old and new chat
Masticating at Mac's February 7th, 2020 Friends old and new bump into each other at Macs. Drama ensues.
Post Homework Celebration February 7th, 2020 Buffy celebrates getting an A on a difficult term paper.
Bad pennies and Homework Don't Mix! February 6th, 2020 Buffy rushes to turn in a late term paper, and bumps into an old rival..
Deals and Demons I February 5th, 2020 Crowley meets Buffy and helps people fulfil their wildest wishes. Not entirely too wild, but...
One Buffy, One Murph, one Bronze...and a lotta gossip February 4th, 2020 Buffy drinks, Karrin discusses things with her
Midnight BBQ February 4th, 2020 Buffy meets Thomas for Patrol..But ends up going on a date and crashing a goth party in a cemetary.
Welcome to Hellmouth February 2nd, 2020 Buffy welcomes Karrin into the wonders that are Bludhaven.
Birthday Hangover January 31st, 2020 Friends are made, conversations are had, guest rights are extended.
Supernatural Shenanigans January 29th, 2020 Murph looks after Dawn, and they bake cookies
Homework Blues January 26th, 2020 Buffy tries to do homework but ends up celebrating her birthday with surprise cake and lots of liquor..
The pain train January 25th, 2020 Karrin is out walking a dog when she runs into a teenage mad scientist, her friend Buffy and a walking drug lab named Jane.
Beauty and the beast...though no one would call her that to her face. January 24th, 2020 Harry and Karrin leave, Thomas and Buffy take their dinner upstairs awa from the crowd.
Shopping for Magic January 24th, 2020 A special customer comes to the magic shop..
Catch up with Karrin January 24th, 2020 Karrin shows up at Harry's, and then other follow
Karrin and Buffy. BFF (Buffy Friends Forming January 23rd, 2020 Murph and Buffy discuss things
Scoobie Musings January 21st, 2020 Buffy and Fred commiserate about the Scoobies and new career paths in life.
Welcome to the Gang, Piper January 19th, 2020 Summary needed
When Harry met Sall..er, Sarah. January 14th, 2020 The Witchblade meets The Wizard, with a Slayer thrown into the mix just for fun.
The slayer, the cop and the wardrobe January 8th, 2020 Buffy meets a cop in a park and asks her about life in the blue.
Bloodbath! January 7th, 2020 Selene and Buffy turn a vampire club in a slaughterhouse into a vampire slaughterhouse.
A New Year's Hangover January 5th, 2020 Fred warns about the dangers of Wake-Up Juice
And on the 13th day of X-Mas.... December 31st, 2019 Buffy visits Thomas and receives a special Christmas present..
Taking A Break With People That Matter December 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Midnight stakeout December 21st, 2019 Buffy spends Christmas Eve in a cemetary, fighting Vampires alongside Thomas.
Christmas in a Castle December 20th, 2019 Buffy and Brian spend Christmas together, with little sister Dawn..And a random stray dog tagging along.
Might take some convincing December 14th, 2019 Buffy gets to unwrap a very special present
Best of Intentions December 13th, 2019 Buffy and Angel have a 'date' through a strange machine Fred made.
The Greatest Street December 13th, 2019 Buffy and Brian enjoy a walk through, or would that be on, Danny the Street

OOC Note: Zatanna did not appear in the scene. She was present to emit Danny the Street
Just dropped by to say hi December 6th, 2019 Buffy drops by the Hyperion to say 'Hi' to Angel, and runs into a familiar rival..Again..
Its a Mall. In Gotham... November 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Another night in Gotham November 22nd, 2019 Buffy and Selene team up to fight a lycan..Before a stranger delivers an explosive message from the Master.
A mammoth of a time November 20th, 2019 Welcome to Excalibur. Population weird.
What a night! November 20th, 2019 Relaxing after mammoth and dinosaur herding
Sometimes it's not a matter of life or death November 12th, 2019 The rare day where the world isn't about to end
Awkward Debriefing November 9th, 2019 After hustling Buffy away from the scene of the fight with Cheetah and the Joker, Buffy comes to and learns what happened, as well as a bit more context to who the homeless dude is.
Jokers and Cheetahs and Volts, Oh My November 8th, 2019 Joker and Cheetah have a meeting, only to be interrupted by Drake and Buffy.
Autograph by a Star November 5th, 2019 Signatures and rays of sunshine at Rain Day Books
Talking clubs and killers. November 5th, 2019 Buffy and Thomas discuss a mysterious killer over dinner. A job offer is made.
Letting the Dead Rest November 1st, 2019 It's halloween and Buffy runs into an Ex of Spike's while out patrolling. weirdness ensues.
Scene of the Crime October 22nd, 2019 Buffy and Spike talk, and meet Lucifer at Lux.
A Stormy Night At The Magic Box October 16th, 2019 Giles and Brian discuss events and get to know one another.
Searching for Answers October 5th, 2019 Buffy tracks a vampire to a rooftop where she meets Superboy, who's never met vamps before. Oh, and Captain Britain makes an appearance too.
Carousing in Caernarvon October 5th, 2019 Friends, old and new, enjoy an evening under the stars
Morning's Here September 20th, 2019 Summary needed
Tea at Summers' September 15th, 2019 Spike tries to comfort Buffy about the death of a friend, and the usual awkwardness between them ensues.
A Mystical Meeting September 15th, 2019 Buffy meets with Dresden to exchange information about a new vamp gang in town..
A dark and stormy night.. September 13th, 2019 Buffy meets a lonely giant in the middle of the night.
Protect Xavier's: Blood of an Ancient September 13th, 2019 Buffy delivers the vampire blood needed for Wanda's spell, and she and Wanda get to know each other better
A little R&R September 3rd, 2019 Buffy grills Spike for answers after he seemingly kills her friend..Who was recently turned into a vampire.
Catching up on stuff September 3rd, 2019 A quiet evening turns into a gathering, complete with pizza, beer, Chinese, more beer, and a Galoo demon.
Bloodsport September 2nd, 2019 9043
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner August 28th, 2019 Spike shows up unexpectedly for dinner. Awkwardness ensues.
Steak and Taters August 13th, 2019 Buffy meets up with everyones favorite PI Wizard and questions and steak ensue!
Shut your mouth, Leo August 13th, 2019 Robins, Scoobies, and Turtles, oh my
A Spot of Tea August 7th, 2019 Spike meets up with an old
Just stopping by August 5th, 2019 Buffy drops by the Hyperion to catch up with Angel. Bittersweet memories ensue briefly.
Surprise August 5th, 2019 Buffy surprises Brian on his birthday
Magic Hockey August 4th, 2019 Buffy meets Thomas Raith at the Magic Shop and helps him find a birthday gift for his brother.
The Librarian: It Was Gremlins, in the Magic Shop, with a Candlestick August 4th, 2019 Willow, John, and Buffy attempt to scry for another of the missing items, only to find the candlesticks had been right beneath their noses all this time.
Search for The Ancient July 31st, 2019 The Scoobies discuss a search for a powerful, ancient vampire's blood to perform a ritual to protect Xavier's.
Welcome to Braddock Castle July 28th, 2019 Buffy Summers gets to know Brian Braddock in his castle
Celtic Games in Blüdhaven July 23rd, 2019 Brian, Buffy, Kitty, and Willow enjoy the Celtic Games in the Avalon Heights area of Blüdhaven.
A Night Stroll July 23rd, 2019 Buffy runs into Spike during a patrol and they reminisce about how they've both changed.
Protect Xaviers: Planning Continues July 23rd, 2019 Buffy takes on the task of getting elder vampire blood for Wanda's spell. Scott, Hisako and Lorna join in the discussion.
Just Dropped In July 16th, 2019 Dean needs information. Buffy needs a drink. Piper needs customers to pay their damn tab...
Gotham Run July 16th, 2019 Buffy encounters a new breed of vampire while patrolling Gotham Crime alley.
Little Talks July 15th, 2019 Oz, Willow, and Buffy have an important talk. Each learns a bit about the other, and they're all much happier in the end.
Step into my parlor said the spider to the...thing that eats spiders. July 13th, 2019 Summary needed
Slayer vs Shadowcat July 13th, 2019 Buffy and Kitty get together to have a sparring session, after which they each find out a bit about the other's history.
Rom-Coms Make it Look Easy July 12th, 2019 Buffy gives Oz relationship advice while they watch cheesy rom-coms and eat pizza.
Another day in Gotham July 9th, 2019 Buffy fights a vampire gang and comes across an unlikely ally..Later, Oz joins her and they hang out for a bit.
A Hot Day In Harlem July 7th, 2019 A hot summer day in Harlem brings Luke, Oz, Buffy, and Donatello together
A Family Reunion July 7th, 2019 Buffy and Scott catch up. Buffy is full of surprises.
The Hangover Pt.1 July 5th, 2019 Buffy checks up on Oz after he got drunk the previous night. They start talking about relationships.
An Awkward Morning July 3rd, 2019 Breakfast in Breakstone
Fireside Chat July 2nd, 2019 The Slayer and Wolverine have a long chat after the barbecue
One Hot Night July 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
Back at It July 1st, 2019 A day in the life at Xavier's School
Say it with fists June 29th, 2019 Summary needed
Dance Revolution June 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Ultimate Park Fighter: Yoga Pants v Jogging Pants June 25th, 2019 Logan and Buffy train out in Bludhaven
Mortuary Musings June 25th, 2019 Three vampires go in, but none come out
Back to Basics June 24th, 2019 After a short absence and a trip out of town, Buffy touches base with Giles and is introduced to a new training area and hq.
Peacekeepers: Taking Control June 23rd, 2019 Most of the Peacekeepers have their directives overwritten and their controls encrypted by unknown parties. A group of heroes intercepts a group of them before they can attack a major city.
Making Amends June 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Buffy the Vampre Slayer, Spike the Wallpaper Paster June 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Blood Delivery! June 18th, 2019 Buffy feels obligated to drop off some pig's blood at the Crypt to help Spike out. Things get (almost) cozy as they have an awkward discussion about 'things'.
Shopping for trouble November 16th, 2018 Thor and Vintridr apprehend one of Malekith's remaining assassins, with some help from Midgard's lesser known heroes.
A shout in the night... November 7th, 2018 The Slayer meets Kid and mistakes him for the bad guy. Oops!
An Evening in Caernarvon October 16th, 2018 Buffy runs into Brian Braddock on a very strange street
The Librarian: Is it a Date pt. II - The Idiots. October 16th, 2018 A mysterious woman imparts knowledge upon Sam and Buffy about what they're looking for to foil the Librarian. Nothing to be worried about there, right? Just some unknown, unnamed woman from some mysterious Order...
The Librarian: Is It Still a Date if Nobody Dies October 7th, 2018 Sam and Buffy stumble upon graveyard secrets in pursuit of the undead priest, and the Librarian's items. One of those secrets stumbles upon them! Sorry Willow, it's still not a date.
The Librarian: Parchment and Pizza September 26th, 2018 Pizza with Sam and Buffy isn't quite what anyone expected. Sam and Buffy head off to investigate. Willow: still not a demon.
Slayerscira September 12th, 2018 Diana seeks out Buffy Summers for advice and info on Vampires. She also seeks to aide the young Slayer/protector with some Amazonian weaponry to keep the young warrior safer.
If you litter, the ghost will be bitter August 29th, 2018 Erika visits Sunnydale, and is rescued from a ghost by the Slayer.
The Librarian: Spilling the (Coffee) Beans August 9th, 2018 Willow bribes Buffy to help Constantine and some angel with a search for a book. Why didn't they ask Giles? Isn't he the book guy?
I'm a Harry Wizard! July 29th, 2018 Buffy Summers meet the two wizards of Bludhaven..
Mmmmmmm Gelatto! July 2nd, 2018 The girls invade Mercutio's, get adopted by the owner, and plan a sleepover!
Moving Day July 2nd, 2018 Willow wants to sage the apartment, but can't find the sage for the boxes. Oh, and they've already lost their deposit. Oops. The joys of living with a Slayer.
Walking Over My Grave June 24th, 2018 Spawn searches for a ring, finds a Slayer.
Bringing Order to Sunnydale June 7th, 2018 The Scoobies take on the Chaos Demon that's been causing problems
Battle Plans! (Also, Nice To Meet You. Again.) June 6th, 2018 Summary needed
Moondance May 25th, 2018 Another weirdo hits the suburbs.
Just a Little Favour May 23rd, 2018 Giles is back in the UK. Constantine goes looking for Willow to do him a favour and Buffy and Pixie-Dawn show up to bring them both into the gang's current pixie problem.
Tinker Who May 16th, 2018 Don't drink magic potions. Ask Dawn.
Home After Dark May 12th, 2018 Summary needed
Sam's Fang Emporium! January 15th, 2018 Loki, in his guise as a private investigator, leads Velvet Ant and Buffy on the search for a missing girl--which takes them into a nest of vampires.
It's Never Sunny in Sunnydale January 8th, 2018 There is a new private investigator in Sunnydale, one who isn't surprised at the supernatural.
The Talk - Part 1 October 16th, 2017 Angel comes by to Talk. Buffy would prefer avoidance tactics.
Dark Summer September 27th, 2017 Buffy runs into a wizard on a battle moose being chased by a robot.

Welcome to Sunnydale!

Out and About September 6th, 2017 Buffy and Spike, while on patrol, meet up with a group of vampires.
Consulting with a God August 22nd, 2017 Buffy needs to consult with Ares but she doesn't have his phone number. Time for some ancient rituals to try and summon the God of War.
Seeking Comfort August 5th, 2017 After being possessed by a ghost from Spike's past, Buffy needs help dealing with it. Spike to the rescue. Followed by a kiss...
Training Time July 20th, 2017 Giles runs Buffy through some training
Secret of the Silver Locket July 7th, 2017 A spirit held within a locket takes control of Buffy. The spirit has a score to settle with Spike. Secrets are revealed about his past and Buffy comes to understand the Big Bad a bit more.
Of Gods and Men June 30th, 2017 Ares comes back to let Buffy know what happened in his battle with Phobos
Olympus Comes to Sunnydale June 29th, 2017 The villain behind the situation is revealed and an epic battle between gods begins.
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Ares June 25th, 2017 Buffy and Ares consult with Giles on how to solve the situation in Sunnydale
Strife in Sunnydale! June 21st, 2017 Weird things are happening in Sunnydale and they seem to be centered around Ares being in town.
Madness June 19th, 2017 Faith and Ares have teamed up and run into Buffy
This really bites! June 15th, 2017 Damian meets Buffy
In the beginning... June 14th, 2017 The Scoobies meet a stranger who is also a Slayer!
Slayer Surprise June 13th, 2017 Spike and Buffy have a run in
The One With the Greek God June 12th, 2017 Buffy and Ares have a slight misunderstanding. His jacket is ruined in the process.
Trudging through Darlington June 11th, 2017 Summary needed
The Big Bad, Bartender, Buffy, and the Poof June 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Magic in a Box May 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Slayer Patrol May 18th, 2017 Summary needed


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Title Date Scene Summary
Final Rendevous July 4th, 2020 The Scoobies are trying to determine their next steps.
Blood of the Ancients: Final Rendezvous July 4th, 2020 Summary needed


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