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The Fourth Came Early
Date of Scene: 19 June 2022
Location: Andy's Bar
Synopsis: Frank and Tim do some surveilance. Things do not turn out as initially planned. Microchip needs to learn to cook.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago), Punisher, Red Robin

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Welcome to Andy's. This bar, while in a questionable territory is doing pretty ok for itself. Over the years they have gained a reputation for having pretty decent food and had it not been for the location, could have possibly been a very popular place to eat and drink.

With the crime rate in the area, most places would have gone under in a few months. But it keeps on swimming and that might be the reason why Andy's even bothers having Sunday hours.

Sundays are pretty slow at the bar. There's not much in clientelle at the moment with the customer to employee ratio being just around the 2 mark. There's one of everything. One Bartender, One cook, and one server who is also cleaning as he goes. Whatever allows for them to leave the store quicker at closing time.

Three customers have seated themselves at the bar. Two positioned at the eastern most point of the bar with another customer seated at the western most point of the bar nearest the DJ Booth. As for the remaining customers, they have paired off in twos, each taking a rounded table in the corners of the boothed area.

It's pretty quiet with those at the bar drinking their drinks while those at the table are either in the process of eating or waiting for their food.

Punisher has posed:
Questionable means that Frank is comfortable enough there to casually eat... for his definition of casual, anyway. Cash only? No problem.

Of course, casually eating like this is a risk in itself... but Frank has been a master of blending in since Cerberus squad... and The War has only made him better.

As a server comes up to him, he quietly orders a steak and coffee, his eyes on one of the other customers as he pretends to read through a kindle tablet.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Order written down, the server clicks the pen shut. "I'll be back with the coffee." He responds. The unspoken words indicating that the steak will take longer.

Good. They actually COOK the meat here. No wonder they're still in business.

Task in mind the server scoots off, heading over to the bar to get a word in with the tender.

As the bartender turns his back, the server scoots down the hallway to pop into the kitchen briefly. The door swings on its hinge, flapping back and forth a couple times before settling.

While that level of activity goes on, it appears the solitary man at the bar nearest the door seems to be dozing. The pairs of customers seem to be a little more active. The ones at the bar are chatting to each other. The pair to the southwestern corner of the banquette area are talking and eating while the pair to the southeastern side simply chat as they wait.

The kitchen door pops open once more, revealing a server carrying two steaming baskets of food. His path is as direct as one can be with all the tables on the floor and while he does that, the bartender sets Frank's coffee on the bar for the server to take care of next.

Sleepy patron blinks, looking to the mug. There's a murmur of thanks before he takes a sip from it.

The bartender eyes the man before grumbling to prepare a new mug.

Punisher has posed:
If looks could kill, Frank's death glare to the back of the sleepy patron would be enough to turn him to ash, his eyes briefly catch the eyes of the bartender, and he shrugs before going back to his kindle.

At least he pretends to go back to his kindle; in his periperal vision, he keeps an eye on the man at the bar, and one of the pairs in the far end of the bar. Under his breath, Frank mutters into his commlink, "I hate doin' late night tails. Too many drunks..."

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
...Says the guy getting steak while I'm eating a frozen." A bland voice states back over the commlink.

With a CLEAN mug prepared, the bartender keeps an eye out for the server before setting it on the front bartop. When the server comes up he leans closer to speak to him. The server blinks, looking over to the sleepy drunk with the coffee. The pair look back to each other, exchanging a shrug before the new mug is taken over to be set down in front of Frank. "Apologies. We're not charging on the coffee."

The server doesn't linger as a waving hand from one of the corner tables draws him off to the southwestern side of the seating area.

Off to the front door, two more patrons step in. They look like they could be friends of the pair at the corner of the bar.

Punisher has posed:
"We have a kitchen in the Armory. Not my fault you refuse to cook." Frank gripes back, "Got two new inside, give me facial recognition."

The 'kindle' is pointed just slightly, angled to get good views of the newcomers for Microchip.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"How can I take the time to cook if I'm busy watching your ass?" The response is quick. And perhaps the tone betrays a hint of amusement. For what, who knows. Maybe it's just the speed in which he got to the snark. The sound of keys pressing is faint over the line but they are present before silence. "Running now."

The pair at the door glance around, looking to the patrons in the table area and then to the bar area. But they don't seem to find a seat in either place as they look to the empty stand.

Punisher has posed:
"Yeah, that screams bodyguards or retrieval." Frank mutters as the two remain standing.

From his vantage, Frank takes his first serious look at the two, trying to find hidden weapons. Jackets? Coats? Holsters at the belt?

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake has heard there was someone stalking in Gotham, not who but more places he has been. So tonight Tim Drake, or for tonight Alvin Draper has come into the bar. He may not be a regular, but not out of place. He comes in heading to find a seat at the end of the bar, or at a booth where he can see the bar overall if the bar seat is taken.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
It takes a moment for the facial recognition on the new persons to work its way through. It's not TV you know. These things take time. Despite that, the program's algorithm is set to run through the most relevant candidates first. Micro has the decency to shut off the microphone as he slurps in a noodle from his LonelyMan dinner.

The two men eventually make their way over to the seats on the end. Each one taking a seat to the side of one man and essentially filling out that side with their presence. The conversation between the two men start to die down, leaving them to work on their drinks.

The bartender moves over to the two men, who do appear to be concealing something under their loosely fitting jackets.

The server, spotting Tim, rushes over to his table, presenting him with a laminated page detailing the small list of food being offered here.

Punisher has posed:
Another moment and that 'kindle' is pointed at the booth, and Frank turns on the mini-shotgun microphone inside. "Long range comm bug online, let me know if there's anyone relevant."

Franks eyes go to the newcomer then, "Got another newcomer, but can't get the angle for FR."

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake looks over the menu and orders their special, and gives the waiter a nod in a thank you. He asks for a cup of coffee to drink with it. He sits back in the booth relaxing a moment, and taking a moment to look people over since he has to wait for his food. He does pull out his phone and after a moment looks down to it typing something.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
With the exception of Frank, those seated at tables are in in the middle of eating their food and having idle chit chat. The server who just took his order heads up to the bar to put in the drink request before heading down the hallway to the kitchen door. One can presume someone is behind there cooking the food.

The coffee stealing drunkard is starting to look a little more clear headed as the caffiene sets in. Considering how tired he looked earlier, perhaps that mistake was a fortunate one.

The quartet to the end of the bar are looking to have various moods at the moment. The two newcomers seem rather neutral looking. One of them leaning on the bar, resting his chin upon a thumb while the rest of the hand cups over the mouth. Of the ones that were here to begin with, one seems to be growing paler by the minute.

Microchip listens in to the conversation, eyes glancing over to the computer screen as it makes a hit. "Shit." The microphone comes on. "Looks like at least one of them screwed up. The newcomers are enforcers."

One guess to who.

Punisher has posed:
"Are we looking at a hostile extraction by enforcer, you think? I was hoping to tail to a base of operations, but if I need to car bomb someone, I have C4 in the Van." Frank mutters as he listens.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake is trying to stay relaxed more reading body language than anything else. The tenseness in the group does draw his attention. He hmms softly, but also noticing someone else watching them, he decides to wait and watch see whats going down.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Looks like it." Microchip responds, "Car is out front. They only want one of them to come with." The pale man quietly pulls out his wallet, fishing out a few bills to set it down on the counter before he stands up. The newcomer next to him gets up as well. The remaining pair stay at the bill while the companion to the pale man looks straight forward, frowning.

The bartender moves over to the main bartop, setting the coffee down. He gives the drunkard near the door a glance while he waits for the server to collect the drink.

Punisher has posed:
Instead of replying, Frank quietly puts his own bill down on the table and casually walks out...

Out towards the waiting Battle Van. The C4 is in the back, and he only has a minute at max to get it under the car the enforcers came from.

Tim can easily notice the abrupt brisk walk as Frank leaves the bar.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake frowns a bit at the man leaving, but he is prepared for this at least a little. He taps on his phone and a small screen comes up that shows the parking lot from where he has parked his bike. A not to expensive crotch rocket that has been subtly supped up.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As the server grabs the coffee, he starts to head over to Tim's table. The steps slow as eyes set upon the newly vacated table Frank had been sitting at. Seeing the cash there, the pace recovers. The coffee is set down before Tim. He turns around, heading back to Frank's table to start cleaning up the table.

The standing pair quietly make their way to the exit. As for the guy staring straight ahead at the bar, his replacement companion leans near, murmuring something. The other man looks down to his drink, sipping quietly.

Punisher has posed:
Opening the back of the Van, Frank grabs the waiting C4 block -Frank comes prepared for potential assassinations- and puts it under his jacket as he heads back towards the car.

Tim, if he's paying attention, can quickly notice the way Frank tries to quickly and steathily put something from his coat just under a tire frame, near the gas tank, and walk away.

"Package placed, remote it when ready."

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake takes a sip of his coffee and frowns at seeing something placed under the car. It could be a tracker, but what are the chances of that in Gotham. He will stand up and head to the restroom. He will take a side route though and heads out the backdoor, leaving the locked jammed open so he can get back in this way if needed. Once outside he removes the overshirt he was wearing and pulls on the hood of his costume. It might not be the full fledged Red Robin costume but enough and should help him be hidden in the shadows as with a little parkour Red Robin makes for the roof to try to see what can be seen. His phone has a button clicked on it, as he tries scanning for radio signals.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Micro gives a silent nod which no one will see over the commlink. There are a few taps of the keys and eyes focus upon the various camera angles of security cameras in the area.

Explosives planted and Frank moved away in time. The pair exiting the bar are none the wiser. Then again, at least one of them is distracted by other matters.

"Come on. You've got to let him know it won't happen again. This isn't necessary." The pale man begs once the restaurant door is closed shut.

The other man shakes his head, gesturing to the car door, "You can tell him yourself."

Inside the server frowns as they find Tim's table vacant of a patron. And of cash. There's a quick walk to the kitchen.

Punisher has posed:
Instead of drawing attention by sitting on a corner, Frank just keeps on walking, planning to go around the block back to the Battle Van as he waits for the trigger to be pulled...

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake finds a dark shadow to watch the show. He keeps an eye on both the car and Frank. He will frown a bit wishing he had his utility belt, but not having it he looks around on the roof, not finding anything he can use for what he wants, he will find some gravel and tosses it off to one side trying to draw the men's attention away from the car, and Frank, but watching to see if Frank does anything odd when and if they stop heading towards the car.

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The gravel hitting the ground does manage to be heard but effect is a bit different than what Tim may have been planning. The enforcer turns his head in the direction of the sound, frowning before ushering the other into the car. The other man follows soon after, giving a slam of the door.

Despite the presence of the other enforcer in the bar, the car starts to drive off.

Micro's voice becomes audible over the comm again. "In 5-4-3-2-1."

There is a bright flash of light as the back corner of the car flips up and forward, causing for the car to flip on its side. A fire errupts, starting to engulf the vehicle.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake will jump down cursing under his breath, as he moves to see if he can save anyone from the car. He will be blaming himself for this one for a while. He will get the man out of the burning car, and ready for first responders. Once he has the man as safe as he can, he will pull the vanishing act, and head back inside, where Alvin Draper will return from the restroom and asks "What happened? As he missed it all it seems.

Punisher has posed:
In the Battle Van, Frank just watches the commotion while parked. No reason to suspect him after all, and he needed to check out the aftermath for any potential complications...

That is, until some random stranger pulled the still living enforcer out. "Huh... don't know that one. Have to keep an eye on him." Referring to Tim.

Nothing for it right now with the police on the way... and so the Battle Van pulls away slowly...