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Adaptation Finale
Date of Scene: 29 May 2023
Location: Metropolis, Outside of Lexcorp
Synopsis: Summary needed.
Cast of Characters: Superman, Elektra, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl
Tinyplot: Adaptation

Superman has posed:
Right now, it's early morning in Metropolis. Damage can be seen from Lexcorp's building. Peeking inside will reveal guards have died. There are two large holes in the lobby past the dead guards. It's clear something happened here before. And that's before the impending object flies into view. For those with enhanced senses can see it, hear it, before the thing arrives. The sound of small jet engines cut through the silence of the night.

To those without enhanced senses it'll sound like a jet before the object gets closer. Something small and dark green, like Tony Stark finally has jungle camo.

Standing before everyone is another Dark Green robot. However, this entity looks different. First, there's the torso and arms. On the hands, and forearms, are the flared buccaneer gloves that emulate Captain America. The same goes for most of the torso. Scale pieces cover the chest and biceps. Those small armored pieces sprawling all over.

Upon their chest is a circular pattern, similar to the center piece to Iron Man's armor plating. The same goes for most of the entity's head. It holds a sheen like armor, more so than the torso. There are two slits for eyes, a single one for the mouth. Accent lines move over the helmet, it's clearly based upon iron man. From the waist down the Captain America motif continues. Everything in those shades of green.

In one hand is a short-handled hammer and looks like a metallic Mjollnir. The other clenches a circular shield complete with a small array of circles starting at the center of the shield then moving outward and getting bigger. A star is nestled in the center of the smaller circle.

The green entity just scans the group and focuses on something far away. "Three Units. Terminated," the voice robotic. That gaze roams over the group, "Threat identified," the hammer slaps at the shield with a "CLANG!" An old sign of aggression from times past. It's testing those about.
Elektra has posed:
Elektra was here when that last robot tried to upload...Something from the co outer database, when it talked about some higher level boss entity it was working for. She and Wonder Woman had put a stop to its attack at the time, culminating in Elektra even causing some damage to the computer system in an attempt to prevent it from uploading...Whatever it was trying to do however briefly, but now it seems there's a bigger badder enemy..

"Soo...What do they call you?" she smirks as she circles the green robot, eyeing it warily, searching for a weakness. "This round 2? Or are you another distraction?" even as she speaks, Elektra is doing quick calculations, estimating its speed and reaction times, trying to determine its weakness if it has one..
Lex Luthor has posed:
Team Luthor's Third or Fourth Wave has decided to make an appearance. All of this madness happening at LexCorp Tower has put the entire security force at some high level defcon or something. The big guns have been brought out as vehicles and such roll up with armored and heavily armed Team Luthor guards filing out and preparing some sort of military formations.

These are orders likely coming from the CEO in Chief but they are also pissed that their brethren have been killed. They are not about to let this... whatever this thing is... survive.

"Hold." says the Commander on the scene through the Team Luthor frequency that's keeping them all on the same page. Mr. Luthor would want to get some answers out of this thing before they blow it to smithereens. Itchy trigger fingers be damned.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince had been inside LexCorp with Elektra and helped to stop the one robot..android. Thing. But it had still managed to send data to it's, well, Controller.

Looking around, she can here the sound of the newest arrival. Satisifed that there are no further dangers within the tower, she makes her way outside where she quickly looks for her protege. Wonder Girl had remained outside to help with crowd control.

Now that this new robot has arrived with this curiously blended appearance of key Avengers members, it's not hard to associate the appearance with what the drone/clone was capable of when facing herself and Elektra just moments before. She looks to the blonde, "Cassie be careful. The one that we just fought inside was capable of replicating powers."

As Elektra asks the robot what it should be called, Diana moves to position herself where the robot will have to shift its focus.

Taking her lasso in hand she readies to defend against it.
Wonder Girl has posed:
Black sleeveless top, golden =W= emblem across the front, red leather jeans with a black leather belt and wedgeheeled knee high boots. A line of silver stars down each hip. That was the outfit Cassie had selected when she was out with Diana.

Though when the whole mess started Cassie was sent to do crowd control as long as it was needed. Getting people to safety and not riot on the way through isn't easy. But catching flung vehicles or debris kind of makes it easy to follow what the small blonde woman's directions.

Once there's enough space and local first response and police can handle making baricades and boundaries, Wonder Girl zoomes through the air at safe sub sonic speeds to catch up to the fight and help her mentor and older sister. The mecha doing Avengers cosplay gets her looking wide eyed. "I thought I got carried away with the fangirling!" says the girl in an ensemble that has probably been merch at some point in retail outlets.

Power replication? That makes the blonde squint at the robot, then down at herself and then Diana. Then the robot, then herself. "That might suck." she states and hmms.

Hamster wheel turning.
Superman has posed:
The machine sees everyone coming around. Elektra talking about what to call him. The machine's gaze runs over the woman. Assessing danger. A single target. Multiple weapons.

Diana warns Cassie about the machine. An amazon there with a lasso, small bits of armor, and other metal bits. A single target.

Cassie. Another amazon with a lasso and even less armor. Single target.

Lex's security task force. A group of people all with firearms and ammo. Multiple targets, in close proximity of each other.

There are questions the world may ask, but never truly wants to know the answer to. What happens if Batman started to enforce lethal tactics? What if Superman didn't stop being a hero? The list goes on. One question is about to get an approximate answer: What if Thor turned on people?

The green armored entity starts to spin its answer to Mjollnir and throws it with the full force of Captain America -directly- into Lex's forces and restraint is a word not in this things dictionary. There will be casualties. There will be pain. There will be blood. Will it kill all of them? Not in one swing.

The machine will even hold it's hand and what for the Dark Green hammer to return.

"Threat's detected," the machine's soulless voice rumbles. And starts to charge the other soldiers with Hammer and shield in hand.
Elektra has posed:
Elektra nods to Wonder Woman, having worked with her before. Clearly she has already earned her respect..The new girl with another W on her shirt is less known to Elektra and she arches a brow at her. "Wonder..Girl, I presume?" hopefully she won't get in the way. And then there are Lex'a forces and she smirks. Seems everyone is here then but how much of a fight will this new android out up?

"Hmm, seems you are less talkative than your predecessor.." she smirks, still circling the android, still looking for a weakness, "So what, are you just here to clear out the trash or do you possess at least some level of intelligence? Honestly, I have no respect from stupid people.That goes for robots too.."

She could be trying to distract it,not draw its fire, to get it to lower its guard! who knows really..?
Lex Luthor has posed:
Team Luthor might as well be made of paper with the way the majority of them are taken out by the robot thing's display of force. The blood splatters all over each other and more don't even tell the story of what's happening to them. And the horrific sight is something that the Commander and the surviving members have no chance in ever not seeing again. Trauma will be of incredible amounts.

Team Luthor scatters to make themselves less obvious and clumped together targets. "Let 'em have it, boys." The TLC (Team Luthor Commander) gives the order and there's not even the slightest bit of hesitation that comes from the Team Luthor Soldiers that start laying into the robot with energy rifles, plasma cannons, machine guns with incendiary ammo and one soldier is even using a grenade launcher.

All of these weapons are very likely the same weapons sold to the nation's government with all their defense contracts.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince frowns as Not-Mjolnir just as effectively smashes into and through the LexCorp forces with deadly results.

As the hammer begins to make its return toward the robot-still-of-no-name, Diana's countenance hardens. With the speed of a goddess, she throws her lasso and catches the handle of the hammer. Given that it is a bastardized copy of Thor's Hammer, she takes the chance that it lacks the whole 'only to be lifted by those who are worthy' clause. Then again there are those who might argue if anyone were truly worthy, she would be on that short list. Either way, she anticipates she can achieve her goal.

That goal is to capture the hammer and then use it as a weapon for herself, swinging it at the end of her unbreakable lasso to deliver that hammer right back at the robot's torso.
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's a big smile to Elektra, the red clad ninja woman getting a confirmation. "Correct! Wonder Girl, Adopted Amazon, Demigoddess daughter of Zeus, all the hero stuff!"

The amount of damage that hammer can do, even the original Mjolnir could be amazingly catastrophic and gets proven to be so when she's not fast enough to try and block the thrown hammer. But more lives are on the line and while Cassie might get warned off doing something crazy. When it comes to lives she can't help but try a futile and stupid gesture.

The robot might already have Thor's strength. But she's no slouch of her own and any copying of her abilities might just be considered a redundancy. With her own lasso and it's ability to channel lightning more than the truth she tries to fly around those arms and loop it around the mechanoid's wrists so it isn't as easily able to catch the returning hammer. And catch the thing in the chest which hopefully might do as much damage to itself as it just did to Luthor's tactical security forces.
Superman has posed:
Elektra doesn't see anything yet. She may have to wait and bide her time. Ninjas are patient after all.

Team Lex begins to unload. It's an utter sea of light, sound and destruction. Plasma blasts surge into the entity. Grenades give their simple warning, "FFFPPTT!" before the explosive impact. Grounds are going off, and through the enemy. They're slowing the thing down, at minimum.

As the Hammer begins to return toward the entity, a streak of gold flings forward and pulls the Hammer away. While the Hammer -feels- like Mjjonir, it lacks the Godly pull. So when a Goddess actually pulls on it, the thing is easily snagged. She'll have to pull it back a little. But when she readjusts, the lasso of truth now becomes a Kyoketsu-shogez of truth, just trading out a blade for a hammer. The hammer will come down on the entity with -AMAZING- force. The bot lurches downward and that's when the other lasso lances forward. Wrapping around the arm, Cassie is there and she -does- send the electricity through the golden weapon. Everyone can see small details on the robot flicker, like the nanos are having trouble keeping it together.

What the heroes will witness is a disturbing action. It tosses the circular shield into his free hand. Tosses it upward to change the angle thanks to the catch. Then it tosses the circular weapon towards Cassie with full force. So, the new hero may have a choice while a mentor may see what happens to a new ward dealing with a powerful enemy.

And this is where Elektra's patience pays off. In this motion, she spots an opening in the nao bots. A place to drive a blade, a grenade round, anything she has at her disposal and she's working with a small strike team that could make armies jealous.
Elektra has posed:
Elektra flips out of the way of the oncoming attacks, letting Team Luthor and the two wonder femmes take the brunt of the attack..Dark eyes narrow as Cassie attacks it with lightning, causing its connections to light up like a Christmas tree. "Hmm..Interesting.." she murmurs..

And then she's sees an opening, which is exactly what she's been waiting for. While the others keep the robot busy, she slowly moves into position, and..Well, she did not come unprepared, pulling out a decent sized, incediary shuriken this time. Biding her time as she circles the robot, she aims carefully and throws, attempting to lodge the star shaped, bladed item into the s,all crevice between joints. It'll go off and explode in only a few seconds, enough time for her to back away t9 a safer distance.
Lex Luthor has posed:
Team Luthor is working with each other as much as possible. When some of them have to reload, the others step up to cover for them and vice versa. It's a madhouse of artillery and more vehicles roll up with more Team Luthor soldiers lining up to try and get themselves into this madness that's going on right now.

The TLC is watching and shouting commands from beyond his energy riot shield to make sure that Team Luthor is doing their best to chip away at this annoying robot of unbelievable power!

The TLC's body cam might also be streaming this to a particular undisclosed location that may or may not be inhabited by... Lex Luthor.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince watches with grim satisfaction as her suspicions are confirmed. The Hammer is just a cheap copy. Not that it isn't still deadly. The LexCorp casualties would certainly agree there.

As the hammer hits the robot, Diana pulls back, coiling up the Lasso of Truth once again, intending to put the hammer back to ready for her next attack.

As she does, she sees the shield being thrown toward Cassie, sees the blade thrown by Elektra with perfect aim.
Wonder Girl has posed:
There's no mistaking that Cassie is a sidekick. But she's far from a new ward. The channeled lightning from her through the lasso. It zaps really good. Tech based replication can't always compete against the mystical.

The retaliation though might be worrisome. But that is until people find out that she's an Amazon, trained to block, deflect, or even catch projectiles or bullets. And Diana knows this. Cassandra was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Birthplace of the Frisbee flying disc!

While the attempt to catch is made she doesn't try a one hand. More clapping it between her hands and turning to take the momentum out of it. Not quite as elegant as you might see the sentinel of liberty attempt.

The blonde wincing in case she misses and it goes through something it shouldn't, like herself.
Superman has posed:
Nanobots and other micro technology starts to chip away. Bit by bit. First there is the barrage of shots going to the machine. The troops are working in tandem. In the sea of weapon fire, the machine begins to speak. It's words getting cut off by the weapon fire, "-Alone."

Diana's weapon comes down with the righteous fury of an insulted Goddess. The robot lurches downward and there's a sea of sparks and electricity. The robot speaks, "Super Adaptoi-ztztztt."

Cassie catches the shield and she does have a moment to return fire. Or if she's a little show on the uptake, takes a moment to aim, she may wind up with a trophy for later! It all depends on what she does when the next misfortune ushers forward.

Elektra's aim is true and even lands with a "THUNK" And as the damage continues forward, it does take a moment. Then there's a "BOOOM!" and it separates the unit thanks to all of the previous damage. The team working together to break open a large nut. Metal flies everywhere as the lower portion is more intact and not the upper.

Dark green starts to slowly drain out of the unit. Features morphing into something more generic. And in the deafening sound of silence, the threat is over.
Elektra has posed:
Elektra frowns, darting back, back flipping a few times with well timed grace as she observes the explosions and self destruction of the machine in front of them. "Pity.." she murmurs, "I hoped to learn more about this robot..It's purpose, it's goals.." with a sigh she waits a few moments longer to see if the robot has any last words to say..If nit, she will slip into the shadows, hopefully unnoticed by the others..
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince finds the robot, or Super Adaptoid as it tried to state, shutting down before she can unleash its own weapon against it a second time.

Seeing Cassie catch the shield, makes her smile with satisfaction. Being a mentor is a rewarding role but, as with parenting, some times worrying whether or not the necessary training was given is still a thing she worries over.

As the robot shuts down, she takes hold of the Mjolnir copy, removing it from her lasso. With a curious examination, she holds onto it as she approaches Elektra, Cassie and the LexCorp team.

"Let us hope that this is the end of these visitations."
Wonder Girl has posed:
The catch is good and in the spinning process Wonder Girl is almost amout to return the shield back to its sender before the Adaptoid goes inert from the eventual damage.

She's no tech wiz so why it dropped when it could have maybe copied new powers and move on is out of her level of expertise.

That leaves her briefly in a pose that could give the actual Captain America a run for his money in throwing disc imagery. she just never lets go of the shield which is now just as inert but gleaming in it's plain silvery metal.

There's a look around to see if no more people were hurt and killed. That's gonna be considered a screw up. But since she was herding civilians away, the amount of casualties could have been a lot worse.

Once everyone seems to be safe enough her own lasso is collected and neatly coiled and looped against her hips. "I'm like keeping the shield. I knew some folks that can make sure it's gonna stay inert. Spoils of victory. It called itself Adaptoid right? Copies powers. Pretty obvious it's meant to be used against other heroes. 'Just in case of going rogue'." Cassie air quotes.