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Hunting the Black and White
Date of Scene: 29 May 2023
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Batwoman, aided by Batgirl, close in on Domino to discuss matters which are important to at least one of them. Some verbal sparring commences with a deal ultimately being reached.
Cast of Characters: Domino, Batwoman, Batgirl (Cain)

Domino has posed:
Another late night in Gotham City. It would be easy to believe only those who mean ill would be out at this hour and this is mostly true. With stars openly hanging in mostly clear skies the city is well on its way to rest, though for some business continues as usual.

The Birds of Prey had been keeping an eye out for a certain colorless mercenary and at last a ping comes through. Seriously, how did it take this long to find someone so out of place?

An above ground parking structure becomes the target area with a familiar sports bike rolling in and sweeping through rows of parked vehicles. It likewise parks within but the lone rider doesn't head toward any of the exits. She's sticking to the inside. Probably up to no good, at that. But at least the Birds have figured out where Domino is lurking about.
Batwoman has posed:
Batwoman's been doing a lot of favor trading, these days.

It's a favor for a favor that sets her on Domino's trail, prepared to potentially owe yet another favor in turn. It's calling in a favor that drags the Birds of Prey and a certain Colonel Jacob Kane into the situation, to try to track down the frustratingly elusive albino mercenary.

She doesn't even want to think about how many favors she's going to owe before all of this is said and done. Thankfully -- the headache that is tracking Domino is enough to occupy her thoughts.

Maybe it's just all the monochrome, making Domino blend into the grit and grime of Gotham. Either way...

Eventually, the trail leads Batwoman to a large, above-ground parking garage in Gotham. Nestled within the shadows of the garage, Batwoman watches the approach of the pale mercenary as she finds her place to set up shop, so to speak, a thoughtful frown forming on ruby red lips. She's not leaving the parking garage. Business here?

<"Alright,"> transmits the pale vigilante to her partner for the evening. <"This should be peaceful. But be prepared. We need to make sure she can't slip away again, and she's got a gift for complicating things.">

Gloved hands flash wordless hand signals to indicate a pincer for her fellow Bat -- to box Domino in, just in case. And once that message has been delivered...

Batwoman waits until Domino is close enough to emerge from the shadows behind the mercenary, the glinting metal of her own motorcycle parked in the darkness just vaguely as she speaks up from behind the other woman.

"Keeping busy, Oreo?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra only considers it a 'late night' if she's back from patrol after the sun comes up. Because that always makes having to interrupt daytime robberies so much more annoying. Because taking down armed robbers on a few hours of sleep is no one's idea of fun.

Maybe Jason's idea of fun.

Cass is still trying to decide on what she finds fun to the degree she could make a hobby out of it. But she has been assured that she should find a hobby. And so this somewhat absorbs her as she swings, sprints, and otherwise locomotes from roof to roof. But not so much she can't follow Kate's instructions.

Her confirmation she understood the transmission is just a non-verbal little noise. It's not that Cass /can't/ talk. It's just that the more she's grown used to it, the more it's one of those 'Off the clock, get to be less serious' things.

She flashes an acknowledgement gesture to Kate's non-verbal directions, letting Batwoman take the lead and announce her presence.

She's got no doubt the albino merc is going to realize she's standing behind her, silent and stern, visibly tensed but not hostile or aggressive. Just primed and ready to respond if trouble breaks out.

She's really quite friendly.
Domino has posed:
Whether she realizes it or not Batwoman chooses the exact moment to make herself known to catch a certain albino by surprise.

Domino's shoulders tighten as she spins about on the balls of motorcycle boot-covered feet. A quick eye might notice something small falling from around hand-height, which might also happen to explain why her about-face involves some peculiar fancy footwork and leaves her standing in a not wholly normal manner despite the purely nonchalant energy she's projecting.

Although this does falter somewhat upon discovering there are TWO figures of the Bat persuasion here instead of one, the second being even less talkative than usual.


"And here I was starting to worry you forgot about me" she replies to Kate while SOMEhow managing to make those awkward motions turn into what seems to be a simple but perfectly choreographed flourish.

She's holding her back foot a bit strangely. Almost like it's suddenly become glued to the ground.

A glance between the two brings about the observation "I'm guessing this isn't about drinks. If it's about that apartment fire on thirty-ninth I had nothing to do with it" she declares with both hands motioning vaguely off in another direction.
Batwoman has posed:
Bats seem to have a preternatural ability to sneak up on people at the absolute least opportune times.

Maybe it's something in the waters in Gotham that gives them what is clearly a deeply niche superpower.

It has its benefits, however: for example, catching Domino at exactly the right moment to make her betray -something- off that she clearly didn't want to go noticed. Action is the way Kate's engaged the world most of her life -- it's hard -not- to notice the peculiar glimmer of something falling from Domino's hand as she turns with a fancy flourish to face them.

Even her ability to read body language, though, pales in comparison to someone who was born and raised to read and speak it. The alabaster-pale Bat spares a wordless, questioning look Cassandra's way.

A subtle, silent communication between Batwoman and Batgirl. Something's off. Keep an eye on it.

With that, white lenses turn back on Domino. Scarlet lips quirk up in a little smirk made more obvious through contrast... but it doesn't change the unreadable, staunch stoicism of Batwoman's posture otherwise. Like that smirk could mean a thousand things and nothing at once.

"What can I say? You're a hard woman to find. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you just like to make me chase you," Kate ventures, before her masked head cants rightwards, "... or you're trying to avoid being found."

She leaves the matter of Domino's unusual poise to Cassandra for now, though -- instead, Kate does her part by pretending not to notice, bringing scarlet-red gloves out from beneath the shadowy black of her cape to spread palm up. "Still not about drinks," she begins easily, "this time." She doesn't even dignify talk about the apartment fire -- as if to say, 'if they were there for that, Domino would know.' Instead...

"What do you know about deeds, Oreo?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra eases off a bit. Maybe it's Kate having a nickname for this mystery woman. Maybe it's the fact that they're bantering and no one's pulled out a submachine gun yet.

Whatever the reason, Cass untenses the mildest amount, enough to lift one hand in a sketched little wave. It's supposed to be friendly.

It's probably unsettling because of the whole featureless cowl.

Her head tilts slightly, practically telegraphing that she must be raising a skeptical eyebrow at Kate.

This banter is... very banter-y. And she is fully aware none of the Gotham set banter with actual serious for real villains like Riddler or Penguin.

Okay, they do sometimes banter with Poison Ivy. But that is... complicated. Yes. Complicated.

But then Cass's focus is back on Domino at Kate's unease. Okay. Consider Kate's... bantering... later. Serious business time.

She can surely allow a bit of consideration for how to broach the subject with Kate though. Like... 95% serious business.
Domino has posed:
Domino provides a half shrug. "A little from column A, a little from column B." The chase is fun, she won't try to deny it. "You Bats do make it difficult to conduct business, you know. Tends to make people jittery if they think I've been hanging around pointy-eared shadows."

Here she takes a subtle step back with the left foot still holding its ground, at least standing more naturally.

Deeds? "You found me to play games?" she presses with an arched brow. Her expression quickly shifts once more, "Oh wait -- I know this one. 'No good deed shall go unpunished'" she declares with a single nod.

Before Kate can have a chance to fire back any snark or corrections the albino's thumbing toward Cass with the question "Did you bring a Bat Mime?" Then to Cass directly with an all too friendly smile, "I don't bite unless booze is involved. Cute look though, I'm digging the whole ... face ... thing" she motions up and down in front of her own face to imitate Cassandra's full face mask. "Must be hard reading someone their rights if you have a non-speaking role."
Batwoman has posed:
Never say never with serious villain banter. After all --

There's always Nightwing.

Batwoman isn't the monolith of grimness that Batman is -- but there's a certain sharpness to the banter she supplies the conversation, too, that weaves a story her body language simply adds to. The redheaded vigilante seems to take to the back and forth easily enough, but that stance of hers never changes for a moment. She's not at ease, she's at attention. Everything in her body language is carefully cultivated to obfuscate her readiness for things to go sour at a moment's notice. A knife in its sheathe.

Like a soldier always prepared for the moment things go FUBAR.

"I feel for you," is Batwoman's deadpan declaration for Domino's plight trying to conduct business with paranoid Gothamites. She feels the implication of an arched eyebrow affixed to her. There's just the slightest cant of her head, like the smallest nod of acknowledgment for Cass. Her actions say what her words do not:


Domino takes a step backward, even as she tries to play dismissive with Batwoman's question. And yet...

Behind white lenses, Kate's gaze falls on that left foot, thoughtful.

It takes up enough of her attention for those precious few seconds that her only initial reaction to Domino trying to preempt her is a faint frown of annoyance.

She can let Cassandra handle her own introductions, if she wants. As it stands, Kate waits ten seconds, before--

"Third Gotham Bank," the scarlet-haired vigilante states. "There was a heist there, a little over a week ago. It was largely handled, except -someone- managed to get their hands on a certain lockbox held there containing deeds to a few pieces of property in Cosa Nostra territory. We're trying to find where they ended up."

And Batwoman takes a sudden step closer towards Domino here. As if testing just how glued that left foot is to the concrete beneath it.

"And I bet -you- could give us a much more detailed account of what happened there."
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cass for her part shows just how much Steph must be rubbing off on her, because there's a slow roll of her head at Neena's quip about reading her her rights that can /only/ be her entire head rolling with the motion of her rolling her eyes.

But it works to disarm Cass's standoffish nervousness a little more. Her arms actually cross, probably looking stern, but this is the Cass equivalent of swinging her feet off the edge of a rooftop in bored idleness.

Cass lifts the lower portion of her cowl enough to actually speak up. "Was that the... puppet robbery?"

She's pretty sure there's only been one bank robbery led by a puppet. But maybe she's wrong.

It's important to be sure.

It is not just to make the two pale women realize they live in a city where puppets rob banks.

Because puppet bank robbery is very serious.

And then Cass realizes she didn't introduce herself. "I'm..." She frowns slightly and shrugs, "With her." Points a finger at Kate.

Good enough.
Domino has posed:
Domino isn't seeking sympathy and it's perfectly obvious, though it's also a double-edged blade. When Kate mentions a bank heist and some items of interest disappearing and yet to be accounted for, the albino deadpans "That's too bad" right back. "Ugly business, robbing banks." Even she won't do it. ..Usually.

Tensions may be on the rise but Cass suddenly choosing the moment to use her words has Domino mocking shock. "Holy shit, she talks. Welcome to the conversation."

Cass is with Kate. "Yeah, I kinda figured that part out for myself" Dom dryly replies.

Uh oh. Batwoman's coming closer. She's onto Dom's game. Her left foot remains planted but the right one shifts out to widen her stance and everyone here will recognize she's preparing for a scuffle. A subtle glance gives her a better idea of what Cassandra is up to as well, no doubt similarly preparing for escalation.

"Aah..now, let's not go and change the mood. Slinging accusations is also an ugly business. Are you sure you're not looking for Catwoman? I hear we're often mistaken. That lady sure knows how to dress."

There's another game everyone present should be well versed in. A proper mercenary doesn't freely hand out information. This doesn't have the feel of one which can be handled with cash and Dom's conscience isn't about to be triggered over a matter of real estate.

Bringing an extra Bat may have been a good idea.
Batwoman has posed:
"She's a great conversationalist."

This is one of those statements that could easily be misconstrued as a quip. But Batwoman means it entirely.

Words aren't the only - or even always the best - way to convey information, after all.

Take, for example: the way Batwoman advances on Domino, only for Domino to shift her stance in response... while keeping that left foot firmly planted on the ground. Green eyes focus on that foot. She's hiding something. Was it something she meant to drop, or an accident?

Is it a back up plan if things sour, or is it...

Too many variables to say, especially when Kate doesn't even know why Neena's here. Instead, she presses on, answering Cassandra's question: "It was. Some people decided to take advantage to pull off jobs of their own. Maybe they thought it'd just get lost in the shuffle and the chaos. It's good cover, when you don't want to really deal with the ugly business of bank robbery directly."

She offers Domino a small, scarlet smile.


Another step. Her body is braced and ready. Stark red hair spills over her shoulder as her head cants to the left.

"It's all up to you if the mood gets spoiled, Domino. Unless you'd like to tell me what you've got under your left foot?"

That smile grows, just a dangerous fraction of an inch. She phrases her next words very carefully. Less like someone wielding an accusation...

"We need to know who wanted those deeds, and where they are now. Are you willing to help?"

... and more like someone seeking a favor.
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cass offers a low noise. Agreement that she's a great conversationalist? Dismissal of the very possibility? The beginnings of a sneeze?

You'll never know.

The follow up as Kate and Domino close in towards one another, as tension builds, is very much a sigh. Not quite resigned, but so very close.

Her head tilts thoughtfully, and then shakes. Of /course/ she doesn't find Domino and Catwoman to look the same. Body language is entirely different.

Her lips quirk in a slight frown. This is... dangerous? Perhaps. Certainly she has a feeling this mysterious Domino can hold her own. Especially if she's taking part in Gotham bank robberies, even if it sounded more like... an indirect coincidence. Must be bad luck.

"We could pay. For a tip." A long long pause, "Like Crimestoppers."

It seems like an efficient, logical solution. Also, you know, it's certainly not going to be /her/ money.

Oh no. What if it /is/ going to be her money? Oh dear.
Domino has posed:
'She's a great conversationalist.' "I'm sure. Life of the party, that girl."

Batwoman may be puzzling over the situation's unknowns. Domino is in absolutely no rush to reveal any secrets. Besides, it seems like Kate here's already figured out some of the more pertinent ones. She knows enough about the heist that the albino can't deny having had any involvement, it would only be wasting everyone's time.

She asks about what's under the foot.

A lopsided smile emerges. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

'...Willing to help...'


"Give me one good reason why I should. -Good- reason" she repeats with emphasis.

'We could pay.'


Domino shifts, STILL being bullheaded about that left foot but angling herself to try and get a Bat at each shoulder. "No shit" she says at first, tone as flat as a pane of glass. A glance one way, a glance the other. Her next comment is spoken in a much lower voice as if suddenly concerned of being overheard. "Whatever this is about you two must be getting desperate to go for the cash incentive option."

Kate in particular is given a lingering look, gauging if she's willing to go along with Cassandra's idea. Did they work this out before finding Dom, or is this spur of the moment? Did the fully masked Bat -want- to avoid a fight..?

Oooh, now Domino has some underlying details of her own to mull over. Damn these two for changing up the game!
Batwoman has posed:
What's under Domino's foot? To ask her,

'I have no idea what you're talking about.'

"Uh huh."

The simple, scant movements of the scarlet-haired Bat make her cape ripple around her like a waterfall a veil of shadows when she comes to a stop again. Positioned to better put Domino between herself and Cassandra now - just in case - Kate makes her pitch. The initial move is received about as well as she expected: she's not expecting altruism from someone voluntarily doing shady business in Gotham, especially not Domino.

Bright red lips part.

'We could pay.'

And then she pauses.

It's fortunate that lenses hide the way green eyes blink in muted surprise as -Cassandra- takes the initiative to make the offer. Despite herself, she looks sidelong at the other Bat -- but it's a pleased kind of smile that finds its way to her lips.

This makes it much easier for her to tee things up. She's not given towards working with partners all that often. It's just part of her nature. But...

... sometimes the stars align to show her just why comrades are good to have.

Neena's gaze falls on her, lingering. The pale vigilante turns to face the albino mercenary, watching her for a tense, impassive few moments herself, before she cocks her head in Cassandra's direction as if to say 'what she said.'

"Good help deserves reward. Doesn't it?" she asks, in lieu of responding to just why it matters. Domino, after all, must have a good idea of the value of property deeds -- especially when they come to mafia territory.

"The question is -- just what kind of reward is your good help looking for?"

If they can avoid a protracted fight with Domino here, all the better. She imagines Cassandra suspects it just as much as she does:

Right now, force likely isn't their best option here.
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra shrugs as Domino shifts, her own weight shifting slightly, feet spreading for a lower center of gravity, balancing, legs tensing, ready to react in a moment.

"Interrogations get more critique than bribery. Have been told my methods are 'overzealous' sometimes."

Her shoulders shrug in a heelpless little 'Whatchagonnado?' motion.

That shrug might be more for Kate's benefit in a 'Hey, I'm trying not to just punch information out of people these days' resigned admission that sometimes violence is not the answer.

Also, when you run into someone who can move like Domino, who's not immediately offering up information to /two/ Bat-themed vigilantes? Picking a fight can lead to unexpected difficulty in getting to the 'growled interrogation' part.

But, really. It's also not going to be her money.
Domino has posed:
Body language can similarly be read from both parties. 'What she said' Kate projects, then leans into the sell. It all brings a thin smile to the albino's blacked out lips, deciding to hold back any response as Kate pushes what should seem like a solid advantage.

Then the mercenary stabs it dead.

"How gullible do you think I am?"

"Look, ladies, this is all -very- fascinating but I'm not in the market of selling people out. Especially not when it risks directly impacting my profit margins. Nice try though."

The next question on her mind is if these two had worked out a Plan B or if someone's going to take the first swing. None of them WANT a fight... Right? Dom still has other business to tend to here! Which may or may not be totally compromised now because these two are here and probably won't give her a moment of peace. Way to make her all grumpy.
Batwoman has posed:
Cassandra continues to assist bartering with Kate's-not-Cassandra's money. Honestly, it's fair enough.

If she could get away with paying for the information rather than trading a favor for it, Kate would be happy to do that in a heartbeat. Money is money. Favors, though...

... those are a lot harder to quantify the actual value of.

However, it's just like she suspected -- and just like she warned Helena of. Domino rejects the offer of payment, and part of Kate both expected it and is - quietly - impressed for it. She learned a long time ago, training to become this:

A mercenary that doesn't value their contracts isn't a mercenary you can trust. But a mercenary that -does-...

... well, you can absolutely trust them to be a huge pain in your ass, at least.

"That's too bad." Behind white lenses, Kate looks Cassandra's way. The quiet, unseen weight of her attention is as subtle an indicator that she has to warn the other vigilante to be ready. She takes one more, steady step forward, never keeping that left foot from her peripherals.

"You've got business that's brought you to Gotham, right?" Business that brought her into Batwoman's radar, at least. With the Vernells. With whatever they were dealing in. "I'm not going to try to impress upon you how much trouble those deeds could cause in the wrong hands, because you know you're a canny mercenary and you know your business; odds are you knew enough to use that as leverage to get a better price for the job. What I -will- tell you is that it's important enough to me to make sure that doesn't happen, that I'd consider it a favor -- a favor that I'd repay in kind if a canny mercenary decided to cash in on it."

A favor from a Bat. She didn't really -want- to offer this - and she makes sure not to try not to drag Cassandra into it, too - but here she is. If this works... Helena's going to seriously owe her.

So she offers...

"... Or we go with option two."

... and then she lifts two gloved fingers into the air, before nodding towards Cassandra.

"We do this the hard way. We ruin this burgeoning friendship we've been developing, and we spoil the business you've got here in the process." She bluffs on a simple assumption, here -- why -would- Domino be in a secluded parking garage like this? What -is- under her foot? "... and then I dedicate all this time on my hands to making sure -none- of your jobs go the way you want, and we see how your profit margins are doing then. I am very determined and I can be very petty."

Behind white lenses, green eyes narrow.

"So what option are we going with, Oreo?"
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra's lips press into a thin, serious line. Well, a more serious line.

Mercenary morals. It's not that she doesn't think mercenaries don't have morals. Or that they're amoral killing machines ninety percent of hte time. ...Well, okay, she can think of one mercenary that would fit that bill.

But now is not the time for Cassandra to deal with her feelings and her family.

Now is a time for slowly sliding her cowl back down, head rolling side to side, knuckles pressing into palm, fingers flexing and curling.

She's clearly limbering up in a very subtle, entirely not at all 'I will throw down if I have to, lady' way. She's definitely not trying to be intimidating.

Who ever heard of a Bat-themed vigilante doing that?

...That's what the little gesture meant, right? Back up Kate with her threatening aura. For sure. Definitely.

Also... hmm. burgeoning friendship? Note to self. Share this information with Steph later.

It might be important. Tactically.

Not like it's gossip or something.

It's important.
Domino has posed:
They're edging closer and closer to this conversation turning into a brawl. Tension is ebbing back into Domino's shoulders as she regards the two, the energy both in her body language and her tone shifting toward the serious side. Two Bats on one -aren't- great odds, even for this merc. The real rub though: She's been around town long enough to realize there's no shortage of Bats. They're all connected in some fashion. Batwoman in particular is starting to learn Dom's tricks. If she wanted, like -really wanted- to be a constant thorn in the albino's side, she has the time, resources, and devotion to do so.

All cards are on the table and THIS Bat-bitch is doubling down.

Frankly, Domino's impressed. But it also proves just how critical this business is to her. The fully masked Batgirl not so much, she seems indifferent to the whole ordeal. But the redhead? It feels like it has a personal angle.

And she's offering to owe the merc a favor. A favor, or a living hell.

"You... Play hardball" she tells Kate while waggling an index finger in her direction. A thin smirk is right behind, "I'd approve if I didn't want to punch you so much for it."

Cassandra's given another lingering glance with narrowed eyes. Calculating. Ever processing the odds.

Back to Kate. A subtle motion for her to come closer. "Let's do this properly."

All she needs is for Batwoman to get close enough to grab. It won't be a particularly forceful motion but it also won't be soft. Reel her in close. Slip a karambit up against her jugular. Really make it LOOK like she means business and is about to gut the Bat like something other than a bat.

"I. Don't. Work. For Bats."

Eye contact remains rigidly locked as she pitches her voice low between the two, and Cassandra if she's rocking sound amplification in that outfit of hers.

"Deal went through a Fixer named Slip, the documents are long gone. I can lead you to him, rest is up to you."

Dom then 'closes up shop' with a quick wink and another not -too- rough push against Kate's shoulders so they can have their distance again.

With any luck she didn't just sign herself up for a double-team Bat beat-down. Some of them are real good at holding grudges!
Batwoman has posed:
Appearances. They can be more important than actual reality.

Sometimes they align, like in the way Batwoman's ruby red lips curve into a smile of dry amusement as Domino exults in her ever-so-punchable relentlessness.

"The feeling's very mutual, Oreo."

In this case, the appearance reflects the reality perfectly.

On the other hand...

'Let's do this properly.'

Domino beckons Batwoman closer. Behind her cowl, Kate's green gaze narrows in thought. Three seconds pass by.

"Alright. Let's."

Appearances begin to differ from reality the second that Kate brings herself just within Domino's personal space, just close enough to be seized by her cowl. Appearances dictate the exchange, to outside observers, to be swift, simple and violent: Domino -grabs- Batwoman, and -drags- her towards a blade the vigilante is well-acquainted with by now. Batwoman's jugular vein pulses against the edge of Domino's karambit; she grips the front of Domino's outfit within twin vises of crimson gloves as the albino refutes her in no uncertain terms:

'I. Don't. Work. For Bats.'

By all appearances, that is the end of the exchange; Domino shoves Batwoman away just as Batwoman pushes the mercenary back in turn, the way she stumbles making it -appear- more rough and forceful than it is. Red lips are pulled taut; Batwoman's entire, tense body language reads hostility to an observer.

Appearance masks the reality of that brief exchange, where the name of a fixer is offered, along with a guide to his location. Slip. A ghost of a whisper masks those six little words Kate offers Neena:

"Knew I could count on you."

Appearances mask the little, sharp smile Batwoman offers Domino in close quarters seconds before she helps aid and abet the shove to make it look that much more forceful and rough than it is.

And appearances help seal the deal as Batwoman straightens back up with a glare more felt than seen, cape falling around her like a cloak. A second passes.

And Batwoman takes another, single step back.

"... Fine," she begins, as if Domino had called her apparent bluff. "You made your choice."

And here, she indicates to Cassandra with a nod: they're done here.

"Hope it's worth what comes next."

Appearances would construe this as a threat.

Reality is: Kate quietly cursing her fate. She hates owing people favors. She imagines she's going to hate owing Domino one even more.

And she just -knows- Cassandra is going to be -gossiping- about this later.
Batgirl (Cain) has posed:
Cassandra's tensed, that opaque cowl so very unsettling, somehow getting across wide-eyed, alert attention that's locked on Domino like a laser. Her breath is slow, steady, controlled. Not calm, oh no, controlled. She's keeping her heartrate down, pulse steady, entire being focused, tensed and held back to react at a moment's notice.

Which is something of a paradox as the mercenary presses in close against Kate and draws a knife. Head tilts slightly, fingers ball into fists... but she doesn't launch forward. Not immediately. The albino's too close to Batwoman to risk taking the first move. That's up to Kate.

Of course, if Kate does push things further, Cass won't hold back.

But she's _pretty_ sure Kate doesn't want to fight this woman.

Preeeeetty sure.

It's definitely a sound tactical choice on Batwoman's part. She's competent. Confident. Definitely in control of the situation and so Cass falls into her guidance. She's not quite a mentor, but still. She's an authority on rooftop clandestine meetings, surely. Cass is more used to clandestine rooftop martial arts duels.

And so as things teeter, and one hand slowly slides towards utility belt, Cass tenses further... and then Kate's stepping back. And Cass is trying to mask that motion like she was just adjusting her belt.

Kate nods, and Cass's boots hiss across the pavement, the slender young woman spinning, sprinting, and... hurling herself off of the parking garage silently.

As one does.

But Cassandra has work to do, and so she's off to continue her patrol. She has to do at least another hour before she can go gossip with Steph.

If only to work off the ice cream that said gossiping also entails.
Domino has posed:
Batwoman's a quick learner. She plays into Domino's theatrics without a hitch and sells the ultimatum with enough finality that the albino herself is starting to believe it. If Kate -isn't- acting then Dom's just sealed herself in for one hell of a time in this whole damn city.

Cassandra is eyed up next. Did SHE buy it? Is the merc about to get sucker-punched? On the contrary, she also took it all in stride then departed without another word. Their game is still on. Pale fingers flick the ringed blade around a few times as if doing a victory lap in her war against the Bat Family. Such a badass, truly.

As the two dark vigilantes head off into the night Dom is quick to tuck the blade back into hiding and subtly glance about. Then she -finally- moves her left foot and retrieves a small matte black object. Airy, care-free motions lead her to crouch down and neatly stick the tracker beneath a silver Mercedes SUV they had been standing all of a few feet away from the entire time.

With another job finished she cracks a small grin then wanders back to her bike.