15175/Look Into My Eyes

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Look Into My Eyes
Date of Scene: 03 June 2023
Location: The Blue Lady, Fort Joseph
Synopsis: Faith peers into Thomas' past
Cast of Characters: Thomas Raith, Faith Lehane

Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith had done everything he could to make the area as comfortable as possible. He'd settled on the sofa rather then the bed because they could both set on it better. He'd lit a small fire in the fireplace to make sure the evening chill of the night stayed at bay. He had an unopened bottle of Johnny Walker Blue waiting because Faith had always prefered whiskey, and frankly when this was over they were likely going to both need a drink. And finally there was two vials of liquid that seemed to glow blue. A reaction that could only be explained away with magic, radiation or shoddy video editing.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane could never stay in any one place for too long? Tonight is really no different and she is as restless as ever. Did she really want to go down that rabbit hole again after..Everything? But if there us one thing she does enjoy, it's a little danger, a little thrill..Heck maybe he was serious about 'experimenting' and getting 'high'.\<br\>\<br\>Either way she arrives, a bit late but here. Dressed tonight in the usual provocative wear she's known well for, a black crop tank and matching arm warmers that shows a glimpse of midriff, matched with skin tight red leather pants with some weird design along the legs.\<br\>\<br\>She knocks loudly and confidently on the door in that annoying 'shave and a haircut - two bits' pattern. "Yo Thomas, you home?" she asks, not much for appointments or whatever.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith opens the door with that wicked grin of his, "Because I'm someone who is likely to stand up some hot chick he invited back to his place." He says amused, letting her in and smirking. He then walks over to the sofa, patting it casually and saying "Have a seat I'll give you the low down of what I've got planned here." He waits for her to comply, or make it clear she won't before asking "You remember a magic drug that made the rounds oh, three to five years ago called Three eye? Gave muggles the equivilant of a wizard sight. Put some of them in the Cookoo ward.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane smirks back, a smirk to match Thomas' with equal mirth and she winks playfully at him as she steps towards the sofa. "Missed me, did you?" she flops down on the couch, looking like she owns the place as she sprawls out, legs crossed, arms stretched out on either side as she listens.\<br\>\<br\>"Muggles huh? The heck are those? sounds like a lame swear word." clearly *someone* has never read Harry Potter.."Think I've heard something about three eye, gets you super high in a magical way.."\<br\>\<br\>She grins wickedly, suddenly getting an evil look in her eyes, "Woah, ain't that drug kinda illegal? Guess you really are a bad boy..Bring it!"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith seems more stunned then anything that she doesn't know what Muggles are. "Faith, my sweet child. If when this is all over you haven't killed me and or decided you never want to see me again, we /will/ be watching all eight Harry Potter movies, then possibly watching them again with the directors commentary turned on to get the back ground details." He shakes his head slightly and gets back to the matter at hand "Three Eye is highly illegal, and I wouldn't touch the stuff personally. I've seen how the sight can fuck up Harry. Say the phrase 'Shag-nasty' to him and he will immediately go Blue Screen of Death. This is... well it's a derivitive. And it can't be illegal because these two vials are the only ones that have ever or will ever exist in the world."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs, shaking her head, "Harry Potter huh? Ain't that about those three nerdy magic kids? Sounds pretty tame to me..I prefer good old slasher movies with loads of blood and gore Yknow?" but she shrugs at his offer, more interested in this 'Three Eyes' drug..\<br\>\<br\>Her grin only gets-more wicked at his words, shaking her head. "What's wrong, Tommy boy is too much of a goody goody to experiment with illegal drugs? Tch, knew you were a pussy.." she rolls her eyes, maybe looking bored..\<br\>\<br\>Until he mentions a derivative of it. "Huh..You mean like..Something similar but not the same? Soooo how does this stuff work? If I'm not gettin' a high or anything fun outta this, count me out. I've had a long day.."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith chuckles slighlty, "Depends on the drug. I know a guy that will get you some weed that will completely knock your socks off, but this.." He offers one of the vials to her and keeps the other, leaning back. "This doesn't replicate a wizard's sight. It replicates a soul gaze. Do you know what that is?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane grins, "Weed? Really? You gotta hook me up with this guy, an' I hope it ain't overpriced like the last guy, it's a pain trying to find a good reliable dealer that you don't have to knock his teeth out Yknow?"\<br\>\<br\>She frowns a bit, shaking her head slowly, "What the heck, do I look like a wizard?" heck, even Buffy is probably more versed in stuff like that. Afterall she actually HAS a Watcher so Faith can't be blamed for not caring to read up on magic lore. "Sooo this drug lets us see what Wizards see? Sounds pretty lame.."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smirks a little bit, "You spend five minutes alone with Pascal and you /will/ knock his teeth down his throat. And I mean that literally. Slimy little troll. Lives under a bridge about half a mile from here. Spends most of his time online giving people grief. Fantastic bud though. I'll get us some." He sighs "Okay, so no, that is a Wizard's sight. A soul gaze is more personal. It's looking into a person's soul. and in turn letting them look into yours. All the dirty, all the ugly, all the beautiful and all the precious. All laid bare. You can't hide anything from a person who soul gazes you." He pours whiskey, because he knows her first reaction is going to be a flat out refusal, but as soon as he gets an opening he adds, "You've always said that you can't trust anyone. Even me, we've fought together. bled together. Next to the pretty boy blood sucker you said you trust me more then anyone. I'm offering you a look inside me. Something I've only ever given one other person. My Brother. You do this, you will know. Can you trust me? Can you not? You will unequivocally know. "
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane laughs, slapping her hands together, "The hell? You think I'm afraid of a freaking troll under the bridge?! Bring it on! Heck, Might be fun, haven't seen some action in a while.." but as he explains this magical drug, her smile fades a bit. "Wait..You want to see my deepest darkest thoughts? Are you kidding me?"\<br\>\<br\>Now she's just plain frowning, hands clenching and unclenching, digging into the cushions on either side of her. "My thoughts are private Thomas.." she warns.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane does seem a bit curious though, judging by how low and oddly controlled her tone is right now.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith nods slightly, his own tone serious and calm. "So are mine. This isn't something I'd do lightly Faith. I would never have done this with Buffy.I've date Wizards before, and I never did it with them. Normally if someone says that they can't trust me? I'd say it's their problem, not mine. But you? You've had more then enough shit thrown at you, on you, and fed to you that... That I want you to have that look. I want you to have that piece of my psyche. and peace in your own mind. I want you to know in your very soul 'This is where Thomas Raith stands.' If you don't know /anything else in the world, I want Faithe Lehane and Faith Lehane alone to have that."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane slowly, looking a bit surprised at that, specifically when he mentions Buffy. "Really? Why..Don't you trust her more than me? And if this is some kinda sympathy shit, I definitely am not into that...But.." she draws a deep, shaky breath, staring down at her clenched, slightly trembling hands on either side of her, her legs no longer relaxed and crossed but pulled in close, cautious.\<br\>\<br\>Call me crazy but..But I don't think there's anyone I've trusted more than you, for all that it's worth. I mean.."she swallows, shakes her head and laughs. "Forget it, I ain't so good at all that sensitive shit..Sooo, let's just get this over with, heck, maybe I'll enjoy the ride.."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smirks a little bit and nods, "Maybe you will. " He opens the stopper of the potion and takes a breath, "So according to the skull, this should happen quickly. It should only last thirty or so seconds in real time, but may feel like hours. So we drink and look in each other's eyes and... And I guess I'll see you on the other side." He says and drains his vial. "Huh, tastes like Fruity Pebb--"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane swallows and nods, taking the second vial and shrugs, forcing a smile, "Ditto.." closing her eyes she slugs it down, suddenly feeling dizzy like the world is spinning rapidly around her. Or maybe it's just all the lights and co,ours around her that seem suddenly more intense, more..Real..She laughs as she looks around, forgetting for a moment wha5 her goal is.\<br\>\<br\>"Woah, this is insane shit..You weren't kidding...! I just...!" and then she turns to focus on Thomas, locking eyes with him, and gasps, transfixed as she begins the soul gaze without meaning to, staring intently into his eyes..Into his very would like she can't look away..
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>One second she is sitting on his sofa and the next... The next she is in a long hall of paintings. Portraits really. Hundreds of them lining the walls and streaching on.. And there is a boy here, Maybe sixteen. Long black hair that is lank and just a bit too oily and a pimple on his chin. He has an almost Xander level of adorkableness but his smile is sweet and his clear blue eyes... Those eyes haven't changed a single iota. "Hey there Faith, glad to see it worked, Thomas's inner self says with a smile.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane blinks in surprise as she finds herself in a hallway of paintings. But it is Thomas' inner self that catches her the most off-guard. "Woah, Thomas..Is that really you? You look.." she smirks, tilting her head as she gives him the once over, "Well I'd say dorkier than Xander but..Are you kidding me? How'd this dorky little brat grow up to be the killer sex bomb I know you to be today?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith puts something like a Red Keychain/video game in his pocket. A Tamagotchi if Faith is up on such things. The dorky younger version of Thomas shrugs. "I mean it's on the tour, but if you want the spoiler? He killed." He shrugs. "I guess you could say I'm what he was. I'm the guy Thomas was before his Hunger got in. Pretty stupid huh. I mean be honest you wouldn't have even looked at me twice when you were this age would you?" He asks with a smile and a shrug. "So I'm your guide, what do you wanna see first?"
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane eyes the Tamagachi, her smile widening, "Well gee, I'd almost say you're adorable if I didn't know the monster you were about to come.." when he talks of killing she just shrugs, unsurprised, "Figures. So you made your first kill, fed off some pretty hooker I'll bet and right then and there you changed and became a sexy monster..Am I right? I mean come on, at least you're no longer an awkward dork. I mean, not such a bad trade off really.."\<br\>\<br\>His request has her arching a brow, and she shrugs, "I mean it seems pretty cut and dry, you were a goof til you woke up, killed, became a sexy monster..Or is there more to it? Why am I see8ng you like this? Maybe you should show me what you want me to see about you.."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>"You're not far off..." The youth admits and there is a rush as the hall of pictures flies past them and they are both standing in front of one. It animates, like a looping Gif to be a "Private Room" inside what is obviously a strip club. It's worth noting that the sheer curtains over the door are very reminisant of the pillow rooms in Thomas on VIP area. A subconscious nod perhaps to the events that made him. The girl is...Well she was likely very pretty once, but used hard by life. This gawky version of Thomas sitting on a sofa while the woman wearing only red and white striped stockings grinds on him. "I didn't know what I was back then you see," The Thomas beside her says. "My father told me he was taking me to 'make a man' out of me. I'd have rathered stay home and watch X-Files but.." He shrugs. "She told me her name was Kandy Kane. Two K's. Twenty Dollars for a private dance... Dad gave her $500 and told her to make it really good." In the portrait, the young Thomas's eyes go from deep deep blue to silver white almost instantly. "That's how much her life was worth to my dad. $500."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane sits back and watches, grinning, "Woow, that's quite some dad. I mean, he sure showed you the ropes early on..Guess he knew how to have fun huh.." she shakes her head, probably less bothered by the show in front of her than she should be. Clearly she does not have high morals or standards to live by.\<br\>\<br\>"And do you regret this night? Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. I'm sure you could have said 'no' if you wanted, or were you just too weak at the knees at the sight of her?" she licks her lips, "Guess I've been where she is, hardened by life, just trying to get by.."\<br\>\<br\>Why, it's almost like she sympathizes with Kandy Kane..She is ultimately the victim in all of this, and Faith doesn't view her as a shameless slut so much as just a struggling girl trying to get by, probably had a few hard knocks in life.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>The young Thomas shrugs, "It was my first time. Literally in all respects." He doesn't turn away as he watches the painted version of himself feed and feed and feed. ""That Hunger? When it takes full control... You're not even a passenger. You're an observer at best. It had just awakened. It was starving. So it fed until there was nothing left to feed on. It drained her dry." He shakes his head, a silvery tear on his face. "I didn't know I had a monster inside me. My father's edict. None of us are ever told till that first time. Every White Courtier is a murderer, if we wanted to be or not."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane wrinkles her nose as she watches, having never actually watched him feed before..when you're the one being fed on and lost in paradise, it's hard to imagine what's going on from the monster's point of view.\<br\>\<br\>"Wow..You really are a monster, aren't you. I mean, I'm lucky I dont die so easily but..Damn, you're as bad as those vampires." she smirks, folding her arms, unable to look away as if mesmerized by the bestial sight.\<br\>\<br\>"I mean, if I didn't know better, if I didn't know you weren't at least trynig to control yourself, I'd have killed you a long time ago. But I guess you ain't like that anymore. At least, not exactly." She's not exactly trying to comfort him or justify his actions, just stating facts, making observations.\<br\>\<br\>But it does cause her to frown. "So why the hell am I reliving your happy little childhood?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith's Id shrugs. "Because in a lot of ways it's the beginning. I want you to trust me, so I am laying everything open to you." He gestures at the hall, "Every secret. Every double deal. It's all here. But it all starts with this murder. This killing of a woman whose only crime was being too close to me when I valued feeding my Hunger more then I valued her life." He takes out his Tamagotchi and feeds his little dog. Don't think of me as a guide, think of me as the caretaker. You tell me what you want to see, and I show it to you.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane smirks and nods. "Sure, okay. I guess I'm gonna be seeing a lot more of your disturbing side, huh. Reminds me a bit of Angel. I mean, I'm guessing you'll be showing me some kinda path to redemption too, huh?" she grins, shaking her head.\<br\>\<br\>"I'd like to see that, the turning point, the point you decided 'no more' and at least tried to not be quite so much of a monster.." she narrows her eyes at him, "Or, should I believe that you never really changed? Give me a reason why I shouldn't just kill you, aside from the fact that you make me feel 'good' in a disturbingly addictive drug sorta way."
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith nods and puts away the little toy, "Can't say there was a big Eureka moment but I can show you the first Domino dropping easily enough." Another rush of paintings and... it's a year perhaps a year and a half later. Thomas has grown a bit, and he is about three quarters of the way from his gawky Id to the walking sex magnet he is now. There are four of them in the bed, him and three females. All naked except for a blonde who is still wearing a sash that reads "Bride-to-be". Then a forth woman walks in... One who looks actually a striking bit like Faith herself. Not a copy, but of the same mold. Long lustrous black hair, full sensuous curves curves, full lips... A current goes through Thomas... one Faith herself has felt many times... The familiar addiction of being fed on, and wanting another taste... "Tommy, can you leave your friends here for a moment, there is something I want to show you..." Thomas nods slightly at the holder of his addiction.. "Coming Lara..
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane peers at the paintings and laughs, "Woow, talk about total transformation, kinda disturbing but in a good way. Reminds me of when I first became a slayer, but not so dramatic. I guess you'll see all about that later.." she winks at him.\<br\>\<br\>And then she peers back at the images and rolls her eyes. "Wow, so you're not only a monster, but a greedy one. Go figure, can't get enough of one of them, you just had to have all three.." she peers at the one called Lara and licks her lips. "Mmm, I'm pretty damn straight but she's even got ME hot and bothered..Who is she?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith sighs and rolls his eyes slightly, in a very angsty teen way. "That's Lara. She's my half sister on my father's side. You'd never know it but she's actually older then Angel." He sighs a bit as the follow "Memory Thomas" and Lara into another room. "This is about 3 months after she pit her Hunger against mine. It was a smackdown of epic proportions and I was still feeling the after effects of it. Memmory Thomas sits across from his sister as Lara pulls out a small folder. "They found her Tommy." She says softly, "It's not good news..." Still she holds the folder out to her brother.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane frowns, watching memories unfold. "So...You killed her. You became a monster, then what?" she makes a face, "Your sister doesn't sound much better. What a freak!" she seems...Disappointed? "Tell me, why are you any different from her?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith shrugs, "Point of view I suppose. Lara raised me after my mom left, so I guess I have a bit of a blind spot with her. But to her most humans are still kine. Cattle. Good for breeding and feeding. But she's selective. YOu saw the three women in that bed? That wasn't because I wanted to show off my youthful stmina, it was because I didn't have allot of control over my hunger and so it was best to spread it around to mitigate any potential damage. It was for their protection you might say. Lara's idea. Now you want to meet a White Court monster, my cousins are right up there. And of course my father is the cream of the crop."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane rolls her eyes, "Sure, and you were totally bothered by the fact that you were shacked up with a harem of beautiful women..You really expect me to believe that?!"\<br\>\<br\>She snorts, shaking her head, "Not that I mind, I mean..It's not like I have full rights over you or were in live or any thing.." she pauses and frowns at that...What exactly *are* we, anyway?!
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas looks at her confused for a moment. "You mean like right now? We are memories traveling through my broken mind. You mean romantically? I would say you are my best friend and my primary intimate partner, mostly because you've made it clear many times you don't want to be my exclusive intimate partner. Philosophically We are two meaningless specs floating in the vastness of an uncaring universe..." He shrugs slightly.
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane rolls her eyes, and sighs, "Great, that just makes things even more confusing.." she shrugs, looking around, "So you woke up and learned you were a lobster. So what's new? It didn't change how I think about you, but I wonder if you would think differently about me, knowing where I come from..?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smiles a little bit, "Well that's the other side of the coin isn't it? I mean right now there is a version of you giving a pretty simmilar tour to a version of me over in your own head. And if I know you, trying your best to scare him away."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane smirks, folding her arms and nods. "Mist likely but it'll be a wild ride...Shall we take a look? if you're ready for it.." there is a challenging look in her eyes as she says that.
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith smiles a little bit and says, "Well I had hoped to show you something here... to make you tust me, or convince you that you could... but if you have seen everything you want..." He gestures to a door with a simple red exit sign above it...
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane nods, "I get it, I know what you're about..What else is thereto know? You were tricked into awakening to your true, monstrous self..And you regret it, but hey, we all gotta do what we gotta do to survive.." she smirks, peering at him, "AmI right?"
Thomas Raith has posed:\<br\>Thomas Raith shrugs, "Pretty close I'd suppose. I mean I could show you the time I accidentally ate my lover's soul or things like that, but the truth is, I have your back. Unconditionally. I want you to understand what that means to me."
Faith Lehane has posed:\<br\>Faith Lehane pauses, frowning, hesitant. "Thomas Raith...I don't say this lightly. I trust you with my life. I still have no idea what we really are, how the hell I really feel about you, knowing that everything is an illusion, but.."\<br\>\<br\>She shakes her head, gritting her teeth, "Forget it! Who knows how much time we have in this place? let's just get this the helm over with!"\<br\>\<br\>She will attempt to grab his hand, to pull him in to her universe, her memories..