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Faith Lehane (Scenesys ID: 39)
"When are you going to get this, B? Life for a Slayer is very simple -- want... take... have."
Full Name: Faith Lehane
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: Unemployed
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Fort Joseph, Blüdhaven
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Approved
Groups: Street Level-OOC, Birds of Prey, Scooby Gang
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 14 December 2007 Actor: Eliza Dushku
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 54 kg (119 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Control" by Halsey


Faith is an unemployed girl in her late teens who's been given an ancient power that she doesn't fully understand. She spent the past year and a half being trained by a British woman from something called the 'Watchers Council'. Faith is imbued with super powers that give her the ability to take on threats greater than the average purse-snatcher. Sadly, her mentor was murdered by a Vampire Lord and it left the young displaced Bostonian girl to have to now (yet again) fend for herself in the grips of a dangerous world, and a Vampire cult hot on her heels wanting her dead as much as she wants them dead.

Current Player Approved: July 14, 2022



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Faith Lehane is a young Caucasian woman who stands at one hundred and seventy centimetres tall, is lithe and fit in appearance. She doesn't look as though she's any older than twenty-one years of age. She has light brown eyes and wavy brown locks of thick hair surrounding her lovely youthful face. It's arguable that her eyes are her most distinct feature as they're large and expressive, generally looking upon the world with a questioning stare.

Faith wears all sorts of clothing, but generally all dark in shades. Her most common attire is a black tank top with dark grey worn jeans and black leather boots. She often has a black leather jacket on over this that is loaded with pockets on the outside (and several hidden ones sewn into the interior lining).

Faith also often wears fingerless leather gloves and sometimes has a black scarf around her neck that she uses as a face-mask when necessary.


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Faith was born to Pat and Alice Lehane in south Boston, Massachusetts. They were low-income parents and had trouble keeping work due to substance abuse issues. This often left young Faith in bad places, often alone and having to fend for herself.

The one positive adult presence in Faith's childhood was her aunt Stella, who would occasionally have enough time to come and see Faith and it was these rare visits that were the happiest times for the child growing up. Sadly, Stella lived a fairly large distance away and she did not get to see her aunt very often.

Faith attended public school, she hated going home afterward so she often spent time out on the streets of Boston interacting with other kids her age or hanging out at a local community centre. This gave the young woman a wealth of streetwise knowledge, but it also hardened her around the edges even further than a troubled home life would.

She was not a very good student. Her grades rarely went above a C in any given class or subject, not for lack of intelligence, but for lack of being a stable person in life. She had severe authority troubles and was considered a 'burn out' by her classmates and many teachers; the kind of student who gets overlooked and placed into a stereotypical position of being 'worth nothing' or 'having no future'.

Faith dropped out of high school in her senior year when she received the calling of the Slayer after the death of Kendra Young.

This is when a member of the Watcher's Council approached Faith and began to train her (though it wasn't always easy working with the young woman). Faith grew to trust her Watcher and rely upon them, but sadly their relationship only last a little over 13 months.

On her first real 'mission', Faith stopped a pack of Vampires from attacking a bus filled with Baptists. She slayed the Vampires inside of the bus and it actually left Faith in tattered clothing and scandalously exposed. But this didn't stop her from dusting the Vampires and even offering the Preacher leading the Baptists an awkward hug afterward.

Faith would go on to kill several more members of this Vampire Coven over the next many weeks and months. Until eventually the Vampire Lord of the Coven known as 'Kakistos' attacked Faith and her Watcher and murdered Faith's mentor. Faith herself was brutally wounded, but has managed to since recover.

The Vampire Lord and his Coven are continuing to chase after Faith, they desire her death above all else.

Faith ended up on the streets alone... with the powers of the Slayer. She was aware of Buffy Summers being considered the 'True Slayer'. She's heard whispers of the Watchers Council referring to her as the 'Dark Slayer' or 'Rogue Slayer' but Faith just considers herself to be an outcast and an unwanted mistake, on many different levels.

In time she made her way to Sunnydale where she met the other Slayer and her Scooby Gang. While she is not really friends with them, as they have different means to reach their goals, they are on the same team when it comes to fighting evil.


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Faith's personality is... rough around the edges. She's a loner by nature and doesn't like to be included in large groups. She's not interested in the usual things that girls her age are interested in. She's blunt, mean and sarcastic. She is, thankfully, a good person inside her heart, but that doesn't mean she won't do an occasional 'bad thing' for her own personal reasons.


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Faith's agility is far above that of a normal human. She is on par with some of the great martial artist and acrobats of our time. It is used more in the form of gymnastics combined with fighting, though she doesn't resort to that style of fighting as often as the other Slayer does. She can manage to land on her feet from a four-story fall, although this is not always the case. She's good, not infallible.

A gift of the Slayer is being able to some how see the future in their dreams at times. It is not a regular occurrence. Additionally, it is often so steeped in visual clues which can be interpreted in many ways. This can lead to misinterpretation and chasing down rabbit trials that lead to dead ends. Then the event happens, and the dream makes sense. It is rare it will be straight forward and explain things clearly, though it can happen on a rare occasion (such as when Buffy dreamed of her own death). (OOC Note: For anything to be revealed for an actual plot, staff approval would be required.)

One of the greatest Slayer abilities is their durability. They are able to take a beating and still keep going. It requires a lot to take one down, which is the way they were designed by the ancients. After all, they are taking on monsters that are often far stronger than they are. Faith can be thrown through walls, tossed off buildings and beaten mercilessly by and enemy and, like a psychotic Energizer bunny, still manage to find some reserve that allows her to keep trying to fight. Admittedly, the more damaged she is, the less effective she will be in a fight, but it takes a lot to take her down completely.

Faith has extreme endurance as part of her Slayer powers. This allows her to function at peak physical levels for several hours before tiring. She can fight an entire coven of vampires and still have the energy to go out dancing afterwards. For game purposes, she can work at peak levels for up to four hours before needing to rest.

Faith has enhanced senses, honed through years of use. Like other slayers she has a limited ability to sense supernatural, magic, and various evil/demonic entities, like vampires. She tends to react to this on an instinctive level instead of using it actively. While in time it may be honed, more often it is a general sense of 'other' from those entities. This can lead to some awkward moments with non-monsters who might match the criteria. The sense is able to be blocked by high powered beings such as gods, although often they don't try to hide it which can lead to misconceptions and can lead to conflicts. The range on this power is fifty feet.

Shared Memories:
Perhaps the greatest ability of the Slayer is not physical but mental. The memories of all past Slayers are unlocked in the current one. The fact there are two active ones currently does not change that fact. Faith has the memories of every slayer throughout time in her head, dating back over a thousand years. This is not something she can tap into consciously. More it is there to help guide her, give her a sense of things that have happened before to give a hint how to handle it, or to help her fighting by giving her insight into techniques/weapons she has never touched in this lifetime. It is not a catch all but if she finds her hands on an ancient Chinese weapon, she might well know how to use it if she trusts her instincts. If she tries to overthink it, she would fail.

Slayer Speed:
Faith has speed far beyond that of an Olympic athlete. Her normal high speed in a run is around 45-50 mph. She can push her speed up to 75 mph for a short time, like the burst of speed from a cheetah that is extreme but short lived. This allows her to move out of the way of blows in a fight, snatch an arrow from midair, avoid traps and any number of other stunts including dodging a bullet in the right circumstances.

Faith has the ability to lift between five and seven tons. Generally, it is the lower part of that range but it can be pushed to around seven though this is dangerous as she can cause damage to herself in doing so. This sort of strength allows her to jump vertically from a standing position up to ten feet with ease, allowing her to jump over fences or onto balconies/fire escapes with ease. Twenty feet would be pushing her current levels, or approximately two stories. As she grows and works, she may increase this.

Superior Healing:

Faith can heal at a rate faster than the average human, approximately four to five times faster, depending on the injury.


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Martial Arts:
Faith is a fighter and has been long before she became a Slayer. Originally it was street fighting, brawling and boxing techniques. She knew the dirty tricks and moves and was not one to shy away from using them. She did what she needed to in order to survive.

When she became a Slayer, she trained for 13 months with her Watcher, learning to tap into the memories of the Slayer's before her and combining martial arts and acrobatics into a fighting style heavy with aikido, jujitsu, tai-chi and kickboxing. After the death of her Watcher, she was on her own again and relied heavily on her instincts. Upon coming to Sunnydale, she trained with Giles, although she only sticks around for a few months at a time. She would be considered on par with a black belt, though she is not on the level of someone like Batman.

During her training, she learned Blind Fighting. This allows her to use her senses to notice things around her, allowing her to fight just as effectively in a room with no light.

This goes hand in hand with being a Slayer patrolling for monsters at night. After all, most monsters do not want to die so they will do their best to get away. This will lead to pursuits through alleys and over rooftops. Faith has learned the fastest way to move from one place to another, using her speed and acrobatics to free run and help gain on faster opponents by smarts instead of just speed.

Faith has been instructed in the art of killing. She knows the best way to kill all sorts of creatures (including humans). She knows where to strike, and with what weapons to best use. But Faith is not the most skilled when it comes to the Lore of the Slayer. While she did have her original Watcher for 13 months and Giles on and off in more recent years, she tends to be more interested in the physical aspects of her training such as combat instead of reading books.

Faith has lived on the streets in the past and sometimes even in the present. She knows how to hustle (she is one helluva pool player), has street smarts, can figure out where best to get information and resources and any number of things necessary to stay alive. Not all of these things would help in a rural setting, but she might be able to draw on her Slayer instincts more to help here there. She is not above a little thievery when it is needed, knows how to hotwire a car, and she is a skilled pick pocket/lock pick.


Faith has been trained by two Watchers in the use of weapons. When combined with her Slayer memories, there are few things she cannot figure out at least. She is trained with swords, knives, and other blunt weaponry. Additionally, she can use projectile weapons such as bows or crossbows. She has been trained to throw weapons well, particularly knives or the like. She has been trained extensively on the use of a wooden stake for obvious reasons, which ties in well with knife skills. She is always carrying a wooden stake on her person and a few silver spikes.


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Faith has a few allies. She's worked with Buffy and the Scooby Gang. She's trained with Giles as her second Watcher. She has an uneasy truce with Angel and Spike, only at Buffy's insistence. She might be able to call on them in times of need and vice versa. Of course, she'd rather shoot herself in the foot with a crossbow than admit to needing help, so this is problematic.

She does have a few street contacts she can rely on for information and minor equipment/weapons if it came down to it.

Faith doesn't have any. Well, she has a little, but not a lot. She has to work for her dollars and takes odd jobs here and there. Mostly, she hustles people, pool being her favorite method though she has used others. She is not above picking a pocket here or there, but she prefers it to be from the monsters she's about to kill. They won't be needing the money anymore after all! However, if pickings are slim, she'll try to target those who have plenty to spare and rationalizes it to herself that way. She's been known to sniff out Vampires who are causing trouble to locals and offer to handle the trouble for a modest fee, marking her as a Vampire Slayer for Hire though this is more an exception than a rule. After all, most people don't even know vampires are real.


Faith's original Watcher was murdered by a Vampire Lord. After a time on her own, she eventually ended up training under Giles with Buffy. Faith tends to get bored and wander off on her own pursuits from time to time without bothering to tell anyone where she is going, thus her training is sporadic. The Watcher's Council is still observing Faith from afar, though their intentions with her are unclear. She is whispered about as being the Rogue Slayer or Dark Slayer due to her lack of discipline. Or perhaps there are other reasons.


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Both of Faith's parents were alcoholics and though she tries not to be like them, the substance allure does call to her even at her young age. She wants to stay away from it, but her life doesn't make it any easier to accomplish this.

Faith does not work well with others. She needs her alone time and she gets frightfully uncomfortable when around others who aren't like her. She doesn't fit in well in average society and she knows it, it makes her angry and uncontrollable.

Thrill of the Kill:

It's become as much of an addiction as she'd assume alcoholism is... the kill of the Vampire. To dust the undead is to truly live. She desires to kill them, to watch them die at her hand. Killing monsters is a glorious feeling that young Faith wants to experience more of.


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