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Log 15198
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Black Canary, Superboy

Black Canary has posed:
The difference between Black Canary in her vigilante outfit and Black Canary on a date isn't that large. I mean, OK, yes, the fishnets and body suit are gone, replaced by jeans a size too small and a plain babydoll tee two sizes too small. But the leather jacket remains, as do the kerb-stomper boots. The quick change in the alleyway, concealed as much as a motorcycle can conceal, has her stepping out, Canary gear stowed in the saddlebags, looking like she came from a "biker girls of Maine" photo shoot for a calendar maker selling to thirsty auto mechanics.

"OK, let's hit the Chinese joint," she says. "I hope they have spring rolls. I'm feeling like spring rolls today."
Superboy has posed:
The difference between Conner and Superboy is noticeable.

The Red suit is gone. Instead, he's wearing black fatigues, a black t-shirt, a thick belt, and combat boots. A leather jacket over the shoulders, and largely far more street-friendly wear. He walks with Dinah on the side of the street as he smirks at her, his hand resting on the wall as he waits for her to come out. "Hey babe." He winks at her, then immediately dropping the confident douche act.

"You look good. Come on, after you." Purely so he can make a 'I like how you walk' joke. But she gets those a lot, but he offers her an arm anyway. Even if they're not 'official' quite yet, he seems to be quite happy how their immediately previous encounter turned out.

"Think the noodles will be any good?" He asks curiously, before he opens the door to the restaurant.
Black Canary has posed:
"Have noodles ever not been good?"

Dinah asks that as she steps in, taking in the place and waiting for the waitress to seat them, gesturing to the booth she'd most like to be seated at. The waitress grabs a couple of the menus and takes the pair over to the booth where Dinah slips in, positioning herself automatically so she can see the entrance and much of the clientel.

Old habits die hard when you've been in the spy game and survived.

"I mean they are," she continues once they're settled, "objectively the most fun food item ever made. Especially when you eat them with chopsticks."

She starts poring over the menu, eyes pausing here or there to take in possibility. "They have spring rolls!" she says. "The fresh handmade kind, not the packaged kind!" She looks up at Conner, warning him, "I'll be ordering a lot. The job takes a lot out of me, so I'm always buffing up on carbs and proteins."
Superboy has posed:
"There was one restaurant that had the worst noodles I've ever had. I swear, they were still stiff." Conner makes that remark with some measure of disdain. Not for Dinah, but for the food item itself that he clearly, succintly didn't enjoy. Though he watches as Dinah steps in, and he watches her pick their booth and he follows her to said booth.

He considers sliding in on the same side as her, but it's probably wiser not to crowd her immediately, so he takes up the regular spot of the opposite side and he takes a seat. "I can't do chopsticks too well. Started doing them as a strength training exercise, you know, so I didn't break somebody's hand on a handshake. But it's too...delicate, I think." He smiles. "I can still give it a shot, for the pure sake of entertaining you."

He laughs when she finds spring rolls. "Order whatever you like. I'm buying. Wouldn't do if I left my date hungry." He winks at her.

"And, not gonna lie, really trying to earn that second kiss." He winks at her, not being so gentlemanly as to avoid flirting.
Black Canary has posed:
"Just a second kiss?" Dinah puts on a bad feigned Jersey accent. "No ambition. SO disappointin'."

She chuckles and dives back into the menu, rattling off several dishes at the increasingly disbelieving waitress before peeking up and asking, "What are you having?"

This causes the waitress' mouth to drop open a moment before she remembers herself and looks over at Conner.

"I love doing that to them," she chortles after the waitress takes Conner's order and moves off. "Let them think I'm being pushy and ordering for two, then having them find out that's just me!"

She seems a basic woman in entertainment tastes...

"Key is not to be obnoxious or pushy about it. Waitressing's a hard enough job without assholes mixing it in."

Her eyes stray to a table where a bunch of young toughs is holding court, ordering expensive foods and even more expensive liquors, flashing round money that says "I'm rich and didn't earn it honestly". Not that she's pointing fingers. No, it's her eyes that are pointing. At the assholes.

"They'd better tip good..." she mutters to herself. But of course they won't. Assholes never do.
Superboy has posed:
"Well, honestly-" Conner gives his own Jersey accent a college try. "The things I'd /love/ to do I can't do here. We'd get the cops called and we'd ruin this table." Conner winks at her. Plenty of ambition. "Hopefully you, later." Okay, now that's probably pushing it. He clears his throat and he chuckles. "Sorry, sorry. Last one, Promise." and he points at the menu. "I'm thinking the combination lo mein. But the Mongolian Pork sounds good."

He turns to look at the waitress and he freezes. "Ahhh sorry." He rubs the back of his neck, though he smiles and he gives her his order and she moves off. "Yeah. They take a lot of crap and plenty of us would be unhappy without 'em." A good waiter/waitress can really turn a day around.

He follows her eyes to the young toughs. "THey never do. Probably won't even leave one."
Black Canary has posed:
Dinah is clearly deciding to keep an eye on the group as she flicks her gaze over at them one more time before turning them Conner's way again.

"So, who have you talked to about me?" she asks while watching Conner's face like a hawk. "I'm assuming you didn't just approach me out of the blue; I'm always curious what people say."

Who *DID* Conner talk to?

"I'm on good terms with my exes for the most part, but that doesn't mean we see everything the same way and I'm always interested in learning more," she hastily adds, holding up her hands in the 'stop' gesture as if to head off any panic. "Not trying to get you to get someone else in trouble. Just curious. I assume you've talked to ..." She pauses and wrinkles her forehead. "... Dick, I'm going to guess. Maybe Ollie?"
Superboy has posed:
Conner's just happy she didn't outright leave or offer to blow his eardrums out after his sex comment, but she's instead asking who he talked to about her. "As in...who did I talk to to find out you were single? Well, I had a chat with some of the Birds, and yeah, I talked to Dick." Conner smiles a little bit at her. "Didn't say anybody was gonna get in trouble, so I won't assume that was your intention. I think higher of you than you think."

He winks at her playfully.

"I'm on good terms with mine. Least, unless I'm not and they were just being nice..." he clears his throat. "I don't think you'll have a Scott Pilgrim situation. Don't really talk to Ollie that much. The real question is...who have you talked to about me?" He smiles.

"Or was I on the radar after we had to kick ass together first?"
Black Canary has posed:
The drinks get delivered, giving Dinah a chance to be silent and just watch Conner's face as she stalls on answering his question with twinkling eyes. She stalls further by sipping from the drink, making appreciative noises, then sipping again. Adjusting her hair. Throwing a baleful glance in the direction of the toughs acting tough. Then, finally, looks like she's about to answer the question.

Only to pause and take another sip.

"Dick probably told you already," she finally says. "I'm very visual. People get on the radar when I first see them and I'm unattached. I've been watching you a while."

There's a smug look on her face; she knows what she's doing to his ego.

"I don't talk to other people much about these things, though, because they always tell me to take it slower and give it time, but..." She shrugs. "...line of work I'm in, who knows how much actual time I've got, right? Lotsa people gunning for the likes of us and the numbers say that dying old isn't really a thing in our trade. So why hold off? Take it now because there might not be a tomorrow to take it, right?"

It would be a bleak worldview if it weren't delivered with such a chipper voice and body language.
Superboy has posed:
She's playing the long game /very/ well.

She plays with his senses. Eyeballing everything else except for him. Sipping her drink instead of answering. Fixing up her hair. It's only when she gleefully, tactfully informs him she's been watching him for awhile. Course, it makes him puff out his chest and toss his hair a little bit as his ego is stroked.

"See, that'd be a grim outlook if I didn't believe the same thing. It's why I saw you and just decided to take the chance." His fingers brush over his lips as he looks at her. He might be wishing he could let go of restraints enough for X-ray vision to be used, buuut he's having a conversation.

But with that said, he stands up and he actually slides to her side of the booth. "I'm always told I move pretty fast. But I've tried slow before. Wasn't effective. I'm thinking we're just right."
Black Canary has posed:
"And there it goes, the chest pumping out!" Dinah laughs, giggles, almost, as her apparent prediction comes true. "I don't get it. Guys always do that, but ... it's after we say we've been attracted. Shouldn't you be puffing out your chest BEFORE we decide?" Her tone is light and teasing, and as Conner slides to her side she suppresses a triumphant grin.


"But yeah, in our field, it's take the chance. You just got to it first."

She's got a reputation, after all, of being pretty forward herself.

"Of course you have an advantage there. I have to get around the boring way with, you know, my feet on the ground and stuff." Because she totally didn't swoop in on a grapnel when she finally struck. No siree! That's not her style at all. Ignore that grapnel so carefully packed away in her saddlebags.

There's a pregant pause with Dinah's body language hinting she's about to lean across on Conner when ...

... the food starts to get delivered. Which sparks another round of laughter.

She's laughing a lot. Dopamine is a hell of a drug.
Superboy has posed:
Conner manages to get into Dinah's side of the booth JUST as she's making shots about the puffing out his chest thing. "Well, you strike my ego like that and yeah, my chest gets kinda puffy." Conner smirks at her, enjoying how she fails to suppress a victorious smile. "I tend to be pretty lucky about that."

"Well, how about after we eat I get you home The fun way. Feet in the air..or on the ceiling." One more for the road! Though he's looking at her. She smells nice. Her eyes sparkle in the light. He rests a hand on her knee and he starts to lean forward...

And the food arrives.

Wguch makes Conner laugh. "Dammit." He snaps his fingers. "See, I may have found you first, but my timing is still shit." He winks at her. And he's still tempted as he looks at her lips. "Fuck it."

He leans forward to try and kiss her anyway!
Black Canary has posed:
And, in a manoeuvre worthy of the name she's built for herself as someone who thinks about five steps ahead, even as she pretends to be a blonde ditz, earns a mouthful of ... well ... Canary mouth. And spring roll. Which she very slickly already has a bite of in her mouth when she's 'surprised' by Conner's kiss.

Not that she's objecting, given that she's returning it, to the point of even cupping his head in the hand that doesn't have a spring roll in a pair of chopsticks. It's just a very odd one with tastes of some kind of spinach-like green, rice noodles, minced pork, and ginger as well as Canary's own unique flavour profile mixed together in a way that's going to take ages to untaste in the future.

After a few moments she pulls back, swallows, and says...

"If you wanted a bite that badly, you could have just asked."

Back to the giggle. The flushed cheeks. The smouldering eyes. That turn to the food after a moment.
Superboy has posed:
Oh he got his bite alright.

Lips part as Conner kisses Dinah, getting a taste of her, yes, but also tasting her mouthful of food and getting a few pieces for himself. For other people, this would be weird as fuck, but judging by the hand that comes up to cup the side of Dinah's head in the throes of that kiss?

He's good with it.

"Life is short, just wanted to show some initiative." He winks at her playfully, keeping his eyes on her as he forks some of his meal and slides it between his lips. It's clear she's the only thing on his mind right about now, even with those thugs in the corner. He does eventually turn to his food, even as fingertips try and playfully touch her knee.

"Nit half bad. I think this was a good call." Food wise. "And your right, those spring rolls are killer."
Black Canary has posed:
Just to keep sending the right signals, Dinah lifts the leg closest to Conner and just hangs it off of his knee. All while she chows down with brutal efficiency on the mountain of food on the table.

"Initiative is good. And so is the food. Good choice!"

It's weird how something like heavy biker boots can be so gentle as their wearer hooks around a leg and runs them up and down a calf.

"I may have ordered too much, though. I'll probably have to work out to burn off some of this."

Because she's showing no hint of slowing down in the consumption.

"So, since you've talked to some of my exes, you know the drill, right? I only sleep with guys who can beat me in a hand-to-hand fight."

Wait, what!?

"You ready for that?"

Is she joking!? Oh. Yes. The eyes. Dancing in the low light of the restaurant like they're jerking around in a mosh pit.

She's joking.
Superboy has posed:
Conner is enjoying the sight of Dinah and being the perfect admirer of a well-earned figure when a long leg is draped over his own, excitement and electricity running through a hard, muscled form. His hand fully splays out and wraps it in her knee, and slowly slides it up her leg juuust to see how close he can get without actually touching...that, and he gives her a squeeze. Teasing is a two-way street and turnabout is fair play.

"I make 'em most times." Good choices..bad choices..

Feeling her leg running up and down his calf makes his confidence surge as she kindly informs him of her plans. "I know some good cardio I can put to you through." Signal received loud and clear! Wait a second, fight her? "Alright." Wait, what? "But if we fight, and I win, we're going to get arrested. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night." He winks at her playfully, his eyes brimming with humor and hungry in the low light.

He's joking.
Black Canary has posed:
The sign that Conner's teasing is working is that she pauses in eating, flicking her eyes his way a moment before snorting. But she's not as cocksure as she was before. Like she's realized perhaps she's not as much in control of the situation as she thought. Her eyes return to the food along with her attention, though they close briefly and the chewing pauses when Conner does his squeeze.

"Cardio's good," she finally murmurs, turning a little in her seat to fractionally face Conner a bit more, opening her mouth to say something when...

"Hey, I was talking to you bitch!" One of the toughs from the other table is at the booth, standing unsteadily on his feet as he stares at Canary.

"I saw you checkin' me out. Why don't you drop this loser and come join some real men!"

Smart people would see the alarm signs, even without the inside information Conner gets as her leg muscles tighten against him, the foot hooked behind his calf pulling taut. There would be the stiffening at her shoulders. The sudden, brief expulsion of breath. The rapid chill of her eyes as warm, sky blue turns to ice water in a blink.

The face turns away from Conner to the interloper.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. What did you call me?"

Smart people would see all the alarm signs that have started blaring. Unfortunately Lee Kwan-Tok was not a smart person. He was a loud, braying jackass that had the sort of low cunning that let him navigate criminal enterprises.
Superboy has posed:
This isn't Conner's first rodeo. He's putting all of his charm onto Dinah. Not just hungry, not just craving every inch of her, But he's genuinely interested. He's just as interested in tonight as he is the morning after. She's not as cocksure as she was before. Nit so nearly as confident. She's grown...a little bit meeker? She's flicking his eyes to him at his hands gliding, a smile quirking wider when she reacts to that squeeze. It's so close, so easy to just move that extra inch, but he's already earned a mile already.

He has this smoke show as much in his hands as he is in hers. The excitement palpable. Tgd desire fervent-

Then some fucking snot-noses kid has to ruin the moment. He says the forbidden word. Conner feels Dinah's body grow taut against him, her legs pulling against his calf and she's already squaring up.

"Wanna deal with these clowns and I'll give you a victory lap?"

Conner looks at her and moves the table a bit forward, before he looks at the loudmouth. "Kid...I don't need to hit you for that one. Bekieve me when I say she could kick your ass before you could finish saying 'oh shit'. I'm the easy one."
Black Canary has posed:
Dinah glances across at Conner with a wide smile. "You're leaving them for me? What a gentleman!"

And Conner earns his first kiss, not kiss back but actively delivered kiss. Full-on, body-pressing kiss.

It ends too quickly because someone's ass needs a kicking and Canary is all-in for this.

"Remind me?" she says as she gets up ... and stands a full 3/4 of a head shorter than the weaving Mr. Lee. "What was it you called me again?"

Her eyes flick to the table of toughs who are now hooting and cat-calling and generally making enormous asses of themselves.

"I'll come and join you for a drink," she suggests. "With just one rule: anybody tries to grab, they get a snapped wrist for their effort, deal?"

Smart people would back off. Now. Because it's impossible to miss Dinah's muscled form in those too-tight jeans and WAY too-tight tee. Alarm bells should be going off like crazy.

Again, Lee Kwan-Tok is not a smart person. He reaches for Dinah's chest.

In a move so fast that only one person in the joint could follow it, before Mr. Lee's hand even lands, an arm lashes out and Mr. Lee cries out in surprised pain as his wrist is bent at an unnatural angle and he's pulled to the floor, kneeling hard, just from the raw pressure and pain on his wrist.

"What did I JUST SAY!?" Dinah fumes at the man now kneeling before her, crying out in pain.

Then the wrist snaps.

Yes, that order. First he's supplicating. Then she snaps his wrist. Maximum emasculation. A booted foot reaches out and somewhat gently pushes him over as he clutches at his wrist and screams.

Hard eyes turn on the rest of the crowd at the table who are briefly surprised into silence. At this point Conner has two options:

1. Be very, very scared.
2. Be very, very turned on.

Por que no los dos?...
Superboy has posed:
"Well yeah, I gotta treat my gal to /something/ she likes." Conner winks at her and just as he's making sure he's fully out of her way? Dinah's pressing fully against him and giving him some exquisite lip-service. A muffled moan leaves his lips as his hand Cho's her cheek, another holding her lower back before she's pulling away. Conner's looking absolutely star struck! He chuckles, watching her walk away.
f He hates letting her go but *loves* watching her leave. "Conner, man, you must be dead to get that lucky." He stats where Hd is, standing up to lean against the booth itself with his drink in his hand. Nornslly, he'd be concerned that his...girlfriend? kiss buddy? Probably girlfriend - was walking up to the Jack-offs and agreeing to have a drink with them. But he clearly remembers what they called her and Dinah absolutely does. He tries to grab her.

Mr. Lee? You sir are a dumbass. She literally just came here from beating who are MUCH BIGGER and better skilled than Mr. Lee. Conner just couldn't help but whistle.


Scared? Nah, not really. Turned on? He'll yeah. He loves a woman who can kick. He might be a tad scared at how turned on he was after witnessing pure brutality.

"I suggest you run! Or it won't be the hardest lesson you guys are learning tonight. Knock 'em dead, gorgeous!" Conner supports Dinah from where he is. Unbecoming to take a good time from a lady.
Black Canary has posed:
When, ever, in history, has a group of thugs, obviously working together as a gang, ever, when made to lose face in a public way (by a *diminutive* woman, no less!), ever followed advice that goes along the lines of "Sons, don't be jackasses"?


This group is no exception. Startled briefly into silence by the very sudden, very brutal putting down of what amounts to their mascot, what flashes over their face now is not a look of fear. (Nor of wisdom, in case you're asking.) No, what's going across their face now is rage. And it's all focused on the small power-packed blonde who's just so very publicly humiliated them.

"Sit this one out, K?" Dinah asks Conner with a wink. "I need to work off some of that food."

And as she turns back, the first of the stupid toughs is on her, having bum-rushed her while her attention was turned.


She doesn't say it, but she might as well. Dinah side-steps, and redirects the incoming traffic so the guy's face goes straight into the backing of the booth, stunning him and giving her time to kick his feet out from under him before stomping once, twice on his closest knee. A sickening crunch fills the local soundscape near her.

"You're going to make me hurt all of you, aren't you?" she asks with an exasperated sigh, the answer coming forthwith as a pair of thugs with bottles come at her.

There seems to be some problem she's having. By all rights both of them should have been sent flying with booted kicks to the head or punches to the neck or something, but ... this isn't happening. Dinah's bobbing and weaving and ducking, but not striking. Not until the last second when a stunning uppercut to the man on her left leaves him dazed and reeling so that he acts as the target for the spinning back kick that knocks the second tough into him, taking them both down in a tangle of limbs and confusion.

And again the kerb-stompers stomp and again people are taken out of the fight with borked joints.

"Don't want to wreck the joint," she comments to Conner.

Hence the slower, more careful approach. Minimizing collateral damage.

"Can you toss me three of the spring rolls?"
Superboy has posed:
No jackass in the history of jackasses has ever surrendered when they should. They all lack that 'common sense' factor that's shared amongst decent human beings, so even though Dinah may be shorter than them (and considerably hotter), of course they don't listen to her.

Conner starts to sit up. He could handle this in a jiffy but Dinah wants to work off some of the carbs she's eaten and tells him to wait this one out. "You got it babe." Conner smiles at her. "But this is the warm-up, okay? I'll work out your food later." He winks at her in return. Potentially some inspiration!

He winces with every hit, even as he's pulling out money for their food bill and setting it on the table paired with the receipt. These guys are really ALL going to get their asses kicked. He whistles as more joints get busted and ligaments pointed in firmly opposite directions than anatomically intended.

"Course not. I don't think I could afford -too- much property damage."

Three spring rolls? He has them in his hand in a heartbeat and sure enough, he tosses them to her all the same, all while firmly checking her out. He's multi-tasking!
Black Canary has posed:
She catches the spring rolls as they fly toward her, then does the "Hot-hot-hot!" thing and juggles them around in her hands. Why does she do this?

When the next three come at her, pulling out a switchblade and two butterfly knives opened in that showy way that thugs like to use to be intimidating, she illustrates why. Apparently bored with plain, straight-to-the point brutality, here she juggles the spring rolls as they cool down while parrying slashes and stabs only with legwork.

"Notice," she says conversationally as she fights, "that I'm not dropping the spring rolls."

And indeed she isn't. A few exchanges back and forth with just her legs as a weapon ... and it's increasingly clear that part of this is a weapon aimed at the gangster wannabes and part is a weapon aimed at Conner's eyes given some of the gratuitous poses and holds she takes ... she starts to eat the spring rolls, tossing them in the air, employing her arms for the first time to take one down (the one with the switchblade) before catching one of the rolls in her right hand and the remaining two in her left, now starting to take bites.

The remaining two get taken down in a large leap with spread legs that stop being spread at roughly neck height, knocking two heads together with concussing force, their knives dropping from nerveless fingers.

And it turns out that the comic movie "coconut bonk" sound, while a sound effect, is a realistic one. Because it does sound like two coconuts banging together.

"That leaves two," she says, before cramming the last spring roll in her mouth, chewing and swallowing in the least ladylike way imaginable. "You want a crack at them or...?"

The point is moot. The final two are already on their feet and rushing ... to the door, trying to escape.
Superboy has posed:
She has all of Conner's attention. Gratuitous poses included that shows off everywhere she's soft and everywhere that's hard. Conner's eyes show no shame as they give her entire figure a look over. The flexes, the holds, the way she even shows off!

I mean, come on! When does common sense kick in for these punks? She's literally focusing on something COMPLETELY different whilst still shoving her boot heel up your ass and around the corner. She's even eating her snack while handling these clowns.

Conner is extremely turned on.

She asks if he wants a crack at them while they spring out the door for their lives, Conner shrugs. "What's that? Sorry, I've been staring at your ass for the past three minutes." A tease, of course, but an honest one. He shakes his head. "Nah, I think they learned their lesson. Remind me not to make you mad." Because yes, her ferocity is intimidating.

"Already covered the tab and got you some food to go. But, is it my turn to defeat you in hand to hand? I'm quite the grappler." As she's already learned, and a thousand innuendos are present in that single sentence.
Black Canary has posed:
"They're leaving!" Dinah seems offended at this, like they're robbing her. She momentarily eyes a nearby table, visibly weighing the option of throwing plates and such at them to take them out, but deciding against it.

That would be collateral damage and attacking people running away. Both are no-nos.

"Well, at least I got this crowd."

The last two she knocked the heads together of with reverse splits from Hell get brutal limb-rending violence done to them, though they, unlike their predecessors, can't feel it so there's no added cries of pain.

She then turns her attention to the manager.

"Call the police to pick these up. If they ask what happened, just hand them one of these." She roots in her jacket for a pair of business cards. Justice League cards, in an ID holder that has her Justice League ID. "Just tell them the Black Canary happened and they'll know what to do. It will involve a hospital stay."

Her voice is pleasant and friendly as she talks, in stark contrast to her brutality only a few moments before. Some might find the transition jarring.

"If they show any signs of wanting to cause trouble over what happened, the second card is for you. Call me and I'll end them if they try to escalate."

She turns to face Conner then. "Did I hear you say you packed to go?" she asks with a grin. "I may have worked up an appetite again."
Superboy has posed:
"Yeah, well, I don't think they wanted to get their asses kicked anymore by a hot, badass blonde who knows better kung fu." Conner smirks, a grin rising from his features as his to-go order rests in a bag tied around his hand. He whistles as she pulls the Jean-Claude Van Dam (Or the Van Damage, as he's been called) to do a BRUTAL split-kick straight from teh depths of hell. It'd be a wonder if those men ever get their souls back from the grip of the Canary.

The manager is assigned by her to call the police - or Canary direct - if these clowns ever come back causing trouble. "Trust her on that one. She's pretty literal these days."

And he turns to face her again. "Sure hope so. How else am I gonna enjoy dessert?" He smiles at her, offering the woman his arm. "Shall we go? Or do you want to eat here?" Conner asks, tilting his head as if curious to her answer. "Or we can find more scumbags like these to mess with."
Black Canary has posed:
"You know what? I'm so used to eating outdoors on rooftops or the like, let's do that. Pick a place with a nice view of the city and somewhere to sit that isn't covered in pigeon ... ah ... stuff. Look over the city lights and chow down."

She tilts her head and winks. "What did you pick up for dessert? Those red bean cake things?"

She slips her arm around Conners and follows him out the door.
Superboy has posed:

Conner has his arm taken by Dinah and he leads her out of the establishment. "Besides, I'm keen to absolutely not let those little asswhipes ruin a really good date. Least, I would hope it's pretty good. I'm certainly having a good time." Conner tells Dinah, as if uncertain of her own enjoyment of their date.

"Yeah. Got some crab rangoons too, though that's more of an appetizer. Figured you might like the cake." Though now he's forced to consider a nice place with no pidgeon shit. "Pretty specific. Did you go somewhere once where uh...you had a lot of pigeon shit around?"

As soon as they go outside, he starts to float. "Let's go." and he flies at a slow speed towards one of the taller skyscrapers!
Black Canary has posed:
"I'm guessing that you've not spent a lot of time travelling on rooftops," Canary laughs as they float into the sky. "Anything under about ten storeys is practically painted with the stuff. Those flying rats are EVERYWHERE! It's all part of the glamour of the trade!"

Self-deprecating laughter flies through the air alongside the pair as Dinah goes silent and just watches. Obviously no stranger to being flown around, she positions herself so she's most balanced and out of the way.

"If I'd known we'd be going flying, I'd have brought that thing they gave me in Alpha Flight to make it easier to hold. Kind of a sling that goes over your shoulder," she says, still with laughter in her voice even if not flatly laughing. "But I think you can cope fine."
Superboy has posed:
"Did the 'S' give it away?" Conner cheekily answered Dinah. "I'm typically in the air than on the rooftops...But where I go to sit on ledges? Pigeons have trouble getting up that high. A smirk, but he looks up as they see nearer. Big corporate building by the look of it. As the pass through the heavens until they are at the edge, only then dies Conner set her down on her own two feet.

And behind them? They can see the entire city. Illuminated by lights and distant in the true noise of it. Colors brilliant and dull dance and mix across the entire view. If only Conner could paint.

"How's this?" He tilts his head as she informs him about the sling. "I do like carrying you. 'Sides, gives me a chance to tell you I really liked how you beat those fools senseless. And of course, remind you you're a /really/ good kisser."