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Black Canary (Scenesys ID: 276)
"I miss having people watching my back, and not having to figure out everything alone. Call it a family, call it a team, call it whatever you like. I just want to know what it's like to trust somebody again."
Full Name: Dinah Drake
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Vigilante/Singer/Florist
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Mansion Alpha (Tamarind Island, Sunshine Coast and Sherwood Florist (Pennytown, Starling
Education: College Education
Status: Dropped
Groups: Birds of Prey, Outsiders, Team Arrow, Alpha Flight, SHIELD, Justice League, Gotham-OOC, Martial Arts-OOC, Space-OOC, Starling-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 12 March 2001 Actor: Katheryn Winnick
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: The Tea Party - "Soulbreaking"


Originally a street kid from Starling, Dinah has experienced a great deal of sorrow in her young life. Raised by a sensei, she became a proficient martial artist and was formerly in Team 7, and later joined Alpha Flight. She currently tries to balance her life as an vigilante and adventurer with her civilian life as a florist and singer, spending some of her time on the streets of Gotham and Bludhaven, thanks to advances that allow almost instantaneous travel from her home in Starling, who also needs her attention. She is a well-respected member of the hero community, and known to be a natural leader with excellent tactical instincts and training, owing to her mastery of numerous martial arts styles.

This Canary's birdsong can shake your house down!

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While not particularly tall, this young woman exudes confidence and an athletic grace that gives her a strong presence that draws the eye. Thick dark gold hair falls in loose waves, framing her face and brushing against the backs of her shoulders and upper back, her long layers of bangs shading wild blue eyes set in a softly-featured oval face. She has a pert nose and full, sensuous lips brushed with dark red lipstick. Her figure is short, but athletic, with noticeable definition over her arms, midriff, and long toned legs.

She wears what she likes to think as her 'rooftop work' outfit, a matte black one piece bodysuit that hugs the full curves of her chest and firm midriff, with faint lines running up either side of her front curving inwards then back out to the shoulder. It has a high collar to protect her neck, with a zipper that runs from her midriff all the way up to the o-ring dangling at her throat. Her muscular arms are bared from shoulder to wrist, with her hands protected by fingerless black leather fighting gloves and bracers, with burnished steel armored plates protecting the back of her hands and wrists. Her legs are equally bare from hip to ankle, save for black fishnet stockings. She wears black military-style boots, laced to the top and tied securely.


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Dinah was born to Dinah Drake, but never got to meet her father, as her mother passed away when she was still young. With no one to take her in, she grew up on the streets of Starling, until one day she was caught dumpster diving by a kindly martial arts teacher named Desmond Lamar. Lamar took pity on the young girl and offered to let her stay in his dojo in return for her helping out with building maintenance. As the years passed, Dinah came to see Desmond as the father she had never had, as well as becoming his top student. When he passed away from brain cancer, Lamar left his dojo to Dinah, who took over teaching there. Despite her youth, Dinah was able to keep the dojo running and protect it from the local gangs, up to when it was unfortunately burned down.

Luckily, Dinah was not home at the time, having run into a mysterious mortally wounded man who gave her a device and urged her to protect it, touching off a running battle with a group of ninjas attempting to retrieve the device that ended in them overwhelming the young woman. Luckily, a special government operative named John Lynch, whom the mortally wounded man had worked for, arrived with his team and saved Dinah, thanking her for keeping the device safe. When Lynch returned with Dinah to find her dojo destroyed along with everything she owned, Lynch offered her a position on his anti-metahuman squad, Team 7. Dinah agreed to join, and served on Team 7 for years, during which she met her future husband and fellow team officer, Kurt Lance, whom she secretly married while on the team. She also discovered that one purpose of the squad was to put soldiers under stress or unusual chemical or technological effects in order to trigger metahuman abilities. Dinah's metagene did trigger during such testing, manifesting a powerful sonic ability she dubbed the 'Canary Cry'. Tragically, Kurt was lost in a battle with a terrorist organization, where he used his metahuman amplification powers to supercharge Dinah's cry. The resulting sonic explosion collapsed the palace they were in and vaporized a good chunk of the island it was on. Only a few members of Team 7 survived, with the rest disbanding afterwards, including Dinah, who wanted some distance from the loss she had suffered, both of her husband and of many of her closest friends and teammates, including Lynch. She subsequently returned to her maiden name, and was in mourning.

Following her departure from Team 7, Dinah returned home to Starling and became a vigilante, taking the name Black Canary, while investing in a florist shop to give her a sense of normalcy and a civilian identity. Her activity and abilities drew her to the attention of Alpha Flight, who recruited her as one of their members. She continued operating as an independent vigilante, dealing with a variety of threats and investigations, while working with and fighting alongside other heroes. During her tenure she was captured and badly tortured, which rendered her infertile, incapable of using the Canary Cry, and required her taking some time to recover, though she eventually had the opportunity to be dunked in a Lazarus Pit, which restored her to full health, voice, and fertility.

She turned to music as an outlet, joining as the lead singer of a rock band called Ashes on Sunday, which was later renamed to Black Canary after she saved her fellow band members from the deranged singer she had replaced. She has found her new double life as adventurer/vigilante and florist/lead to be difficult to maintain, but has been reluctant to give up either side of her life for the other.


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Dinah is a strong, confident woman, with a disciplined mind that makes her both an effective tactician and a mistress of the martial arts. She displays clear-headed thinking in a crisis, and is one of those people who like many heroes will run towards trouble to see if she can help in an emergency. She has a sense of humor and flirtatiousness that can come out even in the middle of a fight, mostly with wry commentary, jokes, or teasing comments, but these do not detract from her underlying seriousness about doing her job right. She is extremely loyal to friends and teammates, which means that when she is betrayed, it can hit her very hard and undermine her confidence that people have her back. She prefers to work as part of a team over solo when possible, as she likes having people she can depend on when dealing with dangerous situations rather than operating solo.

While she constantly trains to keep herself in top shape, she also enjoys unwinding with more relaxing pursuits, be it training others in the martial arts, singing, or floral arrangement, as she finds it grounds her in 'normal' life and reminds her what she's fighting for. However, she has a strong sense of morality and ethics unusual in a former spec ops soldier, as she lacks some of the ruthlessness and pragmatism that come from a more military mindset. This has caused her to turn down training that might have improved her martial skills further, out of a desire not to become a killer. However, she does prefer to get right to the point, and can seem blunt. She also has a temper that she can struggle to keep under control, especially when fighting opponents who are using innocents as hostages or have hurt them. She tries to avoid using her metahuman abilities unless necessary, preferring to fight hand-to-hand and to outmanuver or outhink opponents when possible, but will use it when confronted with metahumans who cannot be hurt through conventional means or when faced with a mass attack.


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Canary Cry:
Dinah possesses a unique metahuman ability she has dubbed the Canary Cry, an ultrasonic scream whose effects can vary from disorienting or knocking down oponents, to shattering organic and inorganic objects such as metal or bones, at full power. She has an incredible degree of control over her vocal cords, allowing her to mimic sounds and voices to an incredible extent. She can even glide for great distances when directing her Cry downwards, especially with a hang glider or other similar aerodynamic gear. She can generate devastating volumes that can tear a person apart, and can even use ultra-low-frequency sonics to help extinguish fires.

Sonic Immunity:

Part of her metahuman changes is a thick membrane inside her ear canals. They allow her to withstand extremely loud noises, such as her own Canary Cry.


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Along with martial arts, Dinah has trained herself in acrobatics and gymnastics, specifically for use during combat and infiltration as well as for evasion and mobility. This extends to knowing how to fall and roll with hits to lessen an impact and to take less damage from a strike, and has above average flexibility. She is an experienced expert in parkour, alowing her to quickly move over obstacles or to climb in an urban setting.

Dinah is an expert driver, capable of driving a variety of civilian and military vehicles. She is particularly incredible at driving motorcycles, her favorite vehicle of choice, especially her custom Harley. In addition to military grade driving courses in evasive and aggressive driving, she can perform a variety of vehicle stunts that would be impossible for your average driver.

Floral Arranging:
As one of the ways for her to unwind, Dinah has learned to care for and prepare a variety of floral arrangements, from the classic bouquets to more advanced centerpieces for special occasions. She's turned this hobby into a business with her florist shop, and often keeps her hand in by putting together arrangments personally.

Dinah served as the infiltration expert of Team 7 as Operative 'Canary', and has retained her training. This includes casing a site for the best way to get inside without being detected, as well as skills like lockpicking and using high tech intrusion equipment - with reluctance - to bypass locks and alarms.

Dinah is an experienced investigator, able to piece together clues and data to analyze what has happened at a crime scene or other locations and come to a deductive conclusion. While not specifically trained, her experience with Team 7 combined with what she's picked up from more trained teammates and friends allows her to explore strange situations and generally come to a mostly correct conclusion about what has happened or is going on.

Martial Arts:
Dinah is one of the top martial artists in the world, having actively pushed her abilities and trained from the best in the world to learn from every style she encounters. This includes akido, boxing, capoeira, Dragon style kung fu, hapkido, judo, jujitsu, krav maga, muay thai, savate, tae kwon do, and wing chun, though she has picked up a smattering of other styles, even a bit of exotic styles like Themiscyrian martial arts. She is particularly skilled in judo and boxing. She is constantly interested in improving her abilities and adding new moves to her repertoire, and joining dojos to learn new styles is one of her favorite hobbies.

In addition to English, Dinah is fluent in Japanese and Korean (mostly due to martial arts training needs), and has a smattering of bits of other languages she's picked up in her travels around the world. She can only read and write fluently in English and Japanese, however.

Dinah's superhuman control over her vocal cords gives her perfect pitch and a vocal range any professional singer would kill to possess. As part of playing with her band, she's become a accomplished rock and metal singer, as well as mastering the guitar to accompany her voice. In addition, she's an expert harmonica player, which she uses as a way to train herself in vocal modulation and breathing control to better use her Canary Cry.

Peak of Fitness:
Dinah has the strength level of a woman her size and weight who engages in intensive physical training and exercise. She can bench her twice own body weight, and is at the peak of unaugmented human fitness. She conducts regular exercises and drills to maintain her body as the well-honed instrument that it is.

Dinah is an experienced pilot of both military and civilian aircraft, from older prop planes, to modern helicopters, to advanced vehicles like the Alpha Flight Arrows. Given time, she can figure out how to fly most aircraft skillfully. She has her own civilian pilot's license.

In addition to mastering many martial arts, Dinah has the rarer ability to be a good teacher in training others to use those same skills. Much of this is a hold over from when she was running Lamar's judo dojo in Starling, where she often taught students before it burned down. Dinah takes a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in passing on her skills to those who are interested in learning from her.

Tactical Analysis:
Dinah is a trained military operative, with an excellent understanding of small unit tactics and a honed tactical mind for keeping track of changing variables in a fight. These combine with her personal charisma and leadership abilities to make her a very effective leader, who knows the strengths and weaknesses of her team and how best to coordinate everyone to complete a goal.

Team 7 Training:

Dinah served with the anti-metahuman unit Team 7 for years as an officer, and got a good deal of her training while being part of the team. She has expert training in anti-metahuman tactics, small unit tactics, covert operations, and general military tactics and procedure, though she doesn't make use of a lot of it these days.


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When she left Team 7, Dinah was allowed to retain her custom-fitted armor, a black and gold bulletproof bodysuit with armor reinforcing the shoulders, elbows, and gloves. She wears an advanced kevlar carbon-fiber polyer armor mesh over her legs that allows her to take full advantage of her acrobatic and martial arts manuverability. The armor contains self-repairing nanobots that will repair most damage given time. Often she only wears the fighting gloves, as they're easier to conceal than the full set, but will pull out the full armor when she knows she'll be going into a serious situation where it will come in handy. Her normal black one-piece costume is also bullet resistant over her torso and neck, but doesn't protect her arms or legs as well as her full armor.

Ashes On Sunday:
Dinah is the lead singer of the band Ashes on Sunday, which she performs gigs with regularly when she can. While it can be difficult to manage gigs with her vigilante life, she finds it a useful means of blowing off steam through her music, as well as a modest paycheck. She's recently been offered a contract with A&B Records for a full album, and has taken the name D.D. when singing and playing guitar with her band. After having to act in her vigilante role during a tour, she's begun teaching her band mates Lord Byron (drummer), Paloma Terrific (keyboards), and mute guitarist Ditto how to defend themselves - just in case.

While Dinah doesn't lean heavily on equipment, she's collected some useful items over the years. The ones she uses most is the necklace and earring communicators she used as part of Alpha Flight, which are almost always on her person. Most of the rest of her collection consists of a wide variety of martial arts weapons, which she uses primarily for training, and her infiltration equipment: climbing gear, lock picks, burglar tools, etc.. However she also possesses some more esoteric equipment, such equipment she used during the period she was unable to use her Canary Cry, such as high frequency sonic disruptors, gas pellets, sonic screamer grenades, and swing lines. While she doesn't lug most of this equipment around, it's there for her to bring with her if a mission calls for it.

Dinah has a highly-modified custom Harley motorcycle, built from a vintage frame but enhanced with more advanced and durable materials and armored over vulnerable areas. It's her baby, even if it's only barely street legal, and her preferred vehicle of choice. Having driven it for years, and constantly tinkering with it, she can perform stunts on this bike that seem impossible, for she knows its every move.

Sherwood Florist:

Dinah is the owner and proprietor of Sherwood Florist, a modest Starling floral shop that is both a source of income and a means for her to unwind when she's not off adventuring. It includes an apartment upstairs over the shop that serves as her home, as she owns the whole building currently.


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Cry No More:
Canary can emit her Canary Cry for a while, somewhat due to an excellent lung capacity and drawing on her metahuman energies. But there are limits. It's taxing to emit a long Cry. If she has to 'broadcast' a Canary Cry for an extended period, she can run out of breath and energy and can end up dazed and disoriented for a moment. This can make her vulnerable in the kind of dangerous situtation that'd provoke her to use the Cry in the first place.

Go For the Throat:
Dinah's Canary Cry requires that she be able to make use of her vocal cords to make sounds. Anything that would prevent sonics in the area, disables or damages her vocal cords, or gags or muffles her mouth (thoroughly) will prevent her from using her powers. For example, she could not use her ability in vaccum, as there would be no air to carry the sound waves (though that would probably be the least of her worries).

Dinah has a wide stubborn streak, when she's not in a mood to compromise, and will dig in her heels if she disagrees with a course of action. Pushing her at that point can move her from irritation to anger and only make her more resistant to the idea; it's better to try and find a way to change the plan than force her into following it.

While Dinah isn't a complete technophobe, she grew up without the benefits many kids enjoy in terms of experience with modern technology. Thus, she gets easily frustrated at times with things like cellphones or computers when they don't work as they're supposed to, since she doesn't know what's going wrong and is too stubborn to ask for help easily. Luckily, her mission com gear and Alpha Flight communicator are pretty idiot-proof. Give her a tool she doesn't have to finesse and she's fine; give her one she has to program, and she'll get twitchy trying to use it.


While Dinah is usually clearheaded and disciplined, she does have a terrible temper when it's roused. This is usually on a slow burn, as it takes either a sustained aggravation or something very personal to really touch her off. Once she does lose her temper, she tends to blow up and stay angry for a while afterwards, neither accepting apologies or offering her own. This can often lead to the normally disciplined tactician acting irrationally or holding a grudge afterwards.


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